Saturday, 9 November 2013

..... I've always been a big fan of Victoria Beckham whilst the majority, especially in the early years, made her out to be unintelligent and rather dull. Well, were they all so wrong? Victoria Beckham built the ‘brand’ Beckham into a billion dollar business. I know most of you will argue that she couldn’t have done it without David, true, in the same way that Mark couldn't have done it without Spencer? She negotiated a million pound deal for OK Magazine to have the exclusive rights to their wedding which she staged down to the very last detail, no other footballer at that time was paid the vast some from the magazine.
Her next business decision was daring as it was dangerous and it was to convince David to sever his contract with one of the world’s largest sports agents and sign to her friend Simon Fuller a brave move when you consider that Fuller’s company 19 Management biggest success was the Spice Girls and other music acts like Paul Hardcastle! This in fact turned out to be a brilliant move and was to send the brand Beckham into the stratosphere starting with negotiating a multimillion dollar deal with the American football club the LA Galaxy. The deal turned out to be a 5-year contract worth US$32.5 million in total or $6.5 million per year.. This was solely down to Victoria foresight. Under the guidance of Fuller working closely with Victoria they decided to turn David into a fashion Icon signing millions of dollars of deals with fashion houses around the world (Something she’s just done for her young son Romeo with Burberry. see photo) Not content with banking millions as a Spice Girl, young Victoria had her eye in contributing to the Brand Beckham through her ambition to become a fashion designer. Her first attempt, VB Jeans, had a limited success but Victoria known to be a woman who never to gives up continued to persevere and in between having 3 children at the time, she turned the Victoria Beckham fashion brand into a million dollar business in its own right been worn by some of the worlds the rich , famous and fashionable women.
Today it was announced that Victoria Beckham Fashion House will open 4,500 Sq Ft office in fashionable New York Manhattan district also offices in London followed by Paris. It is said that Victoria could become even richer than David.!!! Meanwhile She has spent the last year picking up awards including Harper Bazaar Woman of the Year, also she was presented with a top honour at the British Fashion Awards for her 'Special Contribution to British Fashion'. This is the exact way to answer your critics. That is why I love Victoria Beckham.

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