Sunday, 24 November 2013

There are not many who can claim the name Mr Las Vegas, Elvis, Sinatra and one Wayne Newton, who some of you might ask. But Wayne Newton has been part of the Las Vegas scenery for the past 50 years in fact the main road from Las Vegas international airport is named Wayne Newton Boulevard. Newton is almost as famous for his plastic surgery as he has for his Las Vegas Shows . Wayne owns a magnificent ranch in Vegas known as Casa Shenandoah. Is on the market for 48 million dollars that a saving of 20 million on the original asking price! A bargain when you consider that Wayne has recently invested $15-20 million in improvements at this 40 acre ranch. This property consists of the Main home and 7 additional homes, 37 stall stable with office and tack rooms, 16 stall stable with office, Equestrian pool, acres of corrals and pastures, F28 jet and terminal for entertaining on the ground, Car museum with 7 double doors, gaming room, green room, a Zoo, tennis court, ponds with fountains and too much more to list. Located in the heart of Las Vegas, just minutes from McCarran Airport and the Las Vegas Strip. Yes it comes with its own jet and runway and wait for it. A fully equipped departure lounge!
I first met Wayne in the ‘70’s I was visiting Las Vegas for the first time and Staying in the then Sands Hotel. He was staring there, I had never heard of him but after the show I sure wanted to meet him. I was a fan. It didn’t take me long to arrange a meet and then an invite to his palatial home. We’ve met up a few times since then once in London when he was over on a visit. At one time next to Presley he was the highest paid entertainer in Vegas. The photo of myself and Wayne backstage after one of his sell out concerts. We partied all night!!!!
Have a look around the property:

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