Saturday, 31 December 2016


A Muslim mob stormed the royal palace in Granada, Spain on this date in 1066, crucified Joseph ibn Naghrela, the Jewish vizier to the Berber king, and massacred more than a thousand Jewish families. According to the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, “Arabic chroniclers relate that [the vizier] believed neither in the faith of his fathers nor in any other faith,” and that he “controlled” the King and “surrounded him with spies.” The most bitter of his enemies was Abu Ishaq of Elvira, who wrote a maliciously anti-Semitic poem that helped spark the pogrom. Joseph’s father Samuel was a Talmudic scholar, grammarian, philologist, poet, warrior, and statesman who died ten years before the massacre. Among the Jews who fled the Iberian Peninsula after the massacre were the famed Bible commentators Abraham Ibn Ezra and Rabbi Yosef Karo (author of the Shulchan Aruch)

This article was in today's Costa Del Sol's Sur In English

National Day Remembering Jewish Exodus From Muslim Lands
850,000 Jews were expelled, fled or left their homes in Arab lands around the time of Israel’s founding. For many, Sunday is a belated recognition of their collective trauma, to be reconciled in any future peace agreement with the Palestinians

Never again will Jews be displaced, shipped in mass numbers, with no compensation, with no one to defend them.
Never again will we, Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews be the subject of hatred, oppression and persecution as my family went through in Iraq and North Africa.

We remember the past but also remember that our future with Israel as our homeland is bright, our future is to thrive and we are strong. We are strong

MORE LESSONS FOR THE HATE ISRAEL BRIGADE. Staggering Statistics on Muslims Killing Muslims

Some 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, or 0.3 percent, died during the sixty years of fighting Israel, or just 1 out of every 315 Muslim fatalities. In contrast, over 90 percent of the 11 million who perished were killed by fellow Muslims.”

So if Israel is not involved you bunch of anti Semites motons couldn't give a flying fuck??? Well try this on for size: The Institute for Palestine Studies published a detailed report on Gaza’s Tunnel Phenomenon in the summer of 2012. It reported that tunnel construction in Gaza has resulted in a large number of child deaths.

“At least 160 children have been killed in the tunnels, according to Hamas officials”

Hamas uses child laborers to build their terror tunnels because, “much as in Victorian coal mines, they are prized for their nimble bodies”. Does this matter?


Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Don't you just love this man? Trump sends a message to Israel
Donald Trump tweets that "Israel cannot be treated with such disdain and disrespect. Stay strong Israel, Jan. 20th is fast approaching!"

BBC reports 19:14  28/12/2016: President-elect Donald Trump urged Israel to "stay strong" until he takes office, saying that it cannot be "treated with disdain."
'We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. They used to have a great friend in the U.S., but not anymore. The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (the U.N., ed.)! Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!" Trump tweeted
Netanyahu is hoping for better relations with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, who will take office Jan. 20. Trump has pledged to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and his choice of ambassador to Israel, attorney David Friedman, is a strong supporter of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. On Tuesday, Trump appointed Thomas Bossert, a campaign adviser on Israeli issues, to be his assistant for homeland security and counter terrorism.

We love you Donald.

Funerals of a Jewish victims of the 1929 Hebron Massacre.

Not Israelis but Arabs that are responsible for “altering the demographic composition” of the West Bank by ethnically cleansing the area of Jews in 1948,
“The anti-Israel resolution that just passed in the UN Security Council is based on the argument that Israel is ‘altering the demographic composition’ of Judea and Samaria,”

“The United Nations has consistently ignored the fact that Jews were ethnically cleansed from these territories in 1948, which is why there were no Jews in the area until after 1967.”

In 1929, it was the Arabs who massacred the Jews in Hebron; that in 1948, Jews were expelled and murdered in Gush Etzion, Kalya (near the Dead Sea) and Atarot, north of Jerusalem.

The Arab Legion also ethnically cleansed the Jews who were living in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, and then blew up all of the synagogues there. Not a single Jew remained in any of the territories conquered by the invading Arabs in 1948. The reaction of the United Nations to this reality? Silence.”

Did you idiots not know are possible don't want to face the truth that the League of Nations in 1922 ratified the Balfour Declaration that “awarded national rights to the Jewish people – and only the Jewish people – in the Land of Israel,” This was later adopted by the UN and “is a binding document under international law that defines the international legal status of the Land of Israel.

I know this will come as an embarrassing shock to most of you but it's a fact of life that didn't come out of some obscure website run by an even more obscure conspiracy theorist.

Still find this hard to swallow? Check pout Wikipedia :
The Hebron massacre refers to the killing of sixty-seven or sixty-nine Jews on 24 August 1929 in Hebron, then part of Mandatory Palestine, by Arabs incited to violence by rumors that Jews were planning to seize control of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The event also left scores seriously wounded or maimed. Jewish homes were pillaged and synagogues were ransacked. Many of the 435 Jews who survived were hidden by local Arab families. Soon after, all Hebron's Jews were evacuated by the British authorities.[4] Many returned in 1931, but almost all were evacuated at the outbreak of the 1936–39 Arab revolt in Palestine. The massacre formed part of the 1929 Palestine riots, in which a total of 133 Jews and 110 Arabs were killed, and brought the centuries-old Jewish presence in Hebron to an end.

The Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries or Jewish exodus from Arab countries was the departure, flight, expulsion, evacuation and migration, of 850,000 Jews, primarily of Sephardi and Mizrahi background, from Arab and Muslim countries, mainly from 1948 to the early 1970s. They and their descendants make up the majority of Israeli Jews.[citation needed]
A number of small-scale Jewish exoduses began in many Middle Eastern countries early in the 20th century with the only substantial aliyah coming from Yemen and Syria.[3] Prior to the creation of Israel in 1948, approximately 800,000 Jews were living in lands that now make up the Arab world. Of these, just under two-thirds lived in the French and Italian-controlled North Africa, 15–20% in the Kingdom of Iraq, approximately 10% in the Kingdom of Egypt and approximately 7% in the Kingdom of Yemen. A further 200,000 lived in Pahlavi Iran and the Republic of Turkey.
The first large-scale exoduses took place in the late 1940s and early 1950s, primarily from Iraq, Yemen and Libya. In these cases over 90% of the Jewish population left, despite the necessity of leaving their property behind. Two hundred and sixty thousand Jews from Arab countries immigrated to Israel between 1948 and 1951.

While your doing your maths add 6 million Jews slaughtered by the Nazi's and your coming up with some true figures of the Jews that the world ignored whilst their men, women and children were being butchered. Ask yourself why the Jews hold pressure the strip of land called Israel and will NEVER again be alone as wondering nomads!!!


Monday, 26 December 2016

Great News for ALL you Jew Haters . The hatred you spread feeds the cancer of anti Semitic scum and you should ALL feel fucking guilty when you read this but unfortunately all YOU will feel is joy.

Headline: Neo-Nazi website calls for armed march against Jews in Montana

The man who runs the Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer has announced an armed march by white supremacists in an effort to harass a Montana Jewish community.

The web graphic published Friday announcing the march in Whitefish, Montana, is published over a picture of the entrance to Auschwitz and includes a yellow Star of David with the word “Jude” printed in it.
Whitefish is home to white supremacist leader Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank. Last month, he spoke at a white supremacist event in Washington, D.C. celebrating President-elect Donald Trump’s victory. At the event, Spencer said “Hail Trump!” and was greeted by Nazi salutes.

The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist publication, published a blog post earlier in the month calling for followers to “take action” against Jews in Whitefish by writing and calling them with antisemitic messages. The post claimed that Jewish residents were “threatening” Spencer’s mother’s business in the town.

The post included the names, phone numbers and addresses of Jewish Whitefish residents — in addition to the Twitter handle and photo of a child. The post also included photos of Jewish residents of Whitefish emblazoned with yellow stars. Along with using a number of antisemitic slurs, the post warned readers against using “violence or threats of violence or anything close to that.”

A local rabbi last week encouraged people to send notes of sympathy to the Jewish harassment victims in Whitefish and asked people to put a menorah in their window to show solidarity with the Jews of Whitefish, the ADL said in a statement issued on Friday.

In response, Anglin told his followers to put Nazi flags in their windows and to put Nazi swastikas on their cars, homes and businesses, he also called on his followers to send hateful messages to two anti-hate organizations targeted by Anglin’s campaign, according to the ADL.

The local government of Whitefish, which has 6,000 full-time residents, has rejected Spencer’s ideas.

Not only is Anglin harassing the Jewish community of Whitefish, he is at the same time exploiting the situation there to promote antisemitic conspiracy theories about Jewish power and control. He alleges that Jews have targeted white supremacists and antisemites but now he is somehow turning the tables on them,” the ADL said.

The ADL said it has been in regular contact with the Whitefish Jews singled out by Anglin as well as law enforcement.

Sunday, 25 December 2016


Ted Cruz: Cut US funding to UN until reversal of Israel vote.

Republican Senator from Texas takes to Twitter, saying he spoke to Netanyahu to send him Hanukka greetings along with the assurance of "strong support in Congress."
The vote was able to pass the 15-member council on Friday because the United States broke with a long-standing approach of diplomatically shielding Israel and did not wield its veto power as it had on many previous occasions - a decision that Netanyahu called "shameful."

Cruz's remarks came as an apparent endorsement of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina's plan to campaign for a bipartisan consensus in Congress that would punish those who pushed for the resolution with a cut in US aid— as well as the UN itself, which relies on generous congressional appropriations.

"I anticipate this vote will create a backlash in Congress against the United Nations," Graham said. "The organization is increasingly viewed as antisemitic and seems to have lost all sense of proportionality. I will do everything in my power, working with the new administration and Congress."
As I posted yesterday Jews and countries around the world celebrate the first day of Hanukkah but today is a dark day for Israel and Jews around the world. Shame on the fucking UN but all of you who are rubbing your dirty hands together believing, as you always do, that a step towards peace in the Middle East has been achieved think again.

"At a time when the Security Council does nothing to stop the slaughter of half-a-million people in Syria, it disgracefully gangs up on the one true democracy in the Middle East, Israel, and calls the Western Wall 'occupied territory'."


Saturday, 24 December 2016

Tonight Jews around the world celebrate the beautiful festival of Hanukkah. Why not join countries around the world to celebrate with us .


Friday, 23 December 2016

Today headline reads: NOT GUILTY Police who raided Sir Cliff's home were looking for child porn: Magistrate granted warrant to look for 'items related to abuse' and 'media storage devices' with indecent images
Detectives convinced a magistrate to grant the warrant to bolster their case
Raid was filmed in a sweetheart deal with South Yorkshire Police, papers show
Force claims it feared evidence may be lost if BBC tipped off singer with story
Sir Cliff is now suing force for millions but it chief has now said BBC should pay.

So do we see the scum of the earth apologizing to Sir Cliff ? You must be fucking joking!!! One must remember these morons get their FACTS from, conspiracy theorists websites, blogs and Facebook's etc. And who were the accusers? . It emerged that among those making spurious claims against him were known fantasists, a rapist and a blackmailer. The revelation that police asked for a warrant to search for child abuse images will heap further humiliation on the singer, 76.

These losers have a lot in common; 99% are agnostic with a hatred of all religion. They are mostly anti Semites many support extremists groups like the neo Nazi's and the National Front, They are in most part holocaust deniers, They are reeked with jealousy of anyone who's successful, a reflection of their own failures in life. But one of the most outstanding features they are PERVERTS!!! They love looking at pornography. Thanks to my spy on the web he sent me a set of disgusting photographs that one of these perverts posted on their social media of Princess Kate where they have placed her head on naked women's bodies, using these photos to fantasies with. Can you just imagine what her children might think when they grow up if they ever got to see these pictures, mind you that just might have been the purpose because hate and jealousy is their backbone.

In short they live a sad lonely life most without family or family they hate and are comforted by the bottle.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

OPINION: Is it not incredible that a country the size of Israel that is barely 60 years old is blamed for EVERY atrocity that the world has seen over the last 30 years. From JFK to 9/11 . It's true there are still people in this world that, like Hitler, have so much hate for Jews and Israel that they honestly believe that Israel is responsible for some of the worst crimes the world has witnessed since WW2. This blame has risen to new heights when some of these anti Semites actually believe Israel supports ISIS!!! Their proof: ISIS has never attacked Israel! Have they ever thought that ISIS are fearful of Israels military power and they know through past experience if you touch just ONE Israeli your life will never be worth living. In short they fear Israel.

I wonder, have they ever asked themselves WHY? Or what is the point? Israel has enough on its hands surviving as tiny as it is surrounded by some of the most powerful Arab countries in the world like Iran and Saudi Arabia with terrorist organisation like Hamas and Al Qaeda who's sole purpose is to 'Wipe Israel Off the Face of the Earth'

EXAMPLE: I have been checking out some of the Facebook's and Blogs owned by these uneducated morons , who have many things in common including hatred and more to the point NONE have EVER actually visited Israel or anywhere in the Middle East, who still believe by spreading hatred towards Israel they just might achieve something. They are still feeling the pain that BDS is now band in most countries, and yet not one of their Blogs have yet to blame Israel for the massacre in Berlin or the shooting of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey. I'm amazed perhaps a few have come to their senses.

Just one example I'd like to share. Jackie posted a video pertaining that The Israeli Prime Mister Netanyahu admitted on camera that the twin towers was actually blown up by a 350 Ton bomb meaning he knew something we didn't! This is a prime example of hate propaganda against Israel. The TRUTH is that he was referring to the weight of the Boeing 767-200ER that flew into the Twin Towers as 395,000 pounds
and this is a prime example is ACTUALLY how these scum spread hatred and blame onto Israel.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Maurice Boland Makes History. PRS 2:29 AM 17/12/2016.

Maurice Boland won the  coveted award of Salesman Of The Year 2016 for the second year running at glittering gala evening held by Bromley Estates Marbella. This is the first time in the company's history that this top award has been won two years running by the same person.
Maurice left tonight's festivities a very happy man! 

Waking up this morning I still can't believe this latest award. Thinking back just a few years ago when my world caved in and I felt that there was no way back here I am a double recipient of this most coveted award. It was only a few months ago I was awarded a trip to Paris London and Milan (I'm off to London next month) and now this ward.

Over the years I have received many awards and accolades including the special award for my contribution to the business community of Marbella by the Junta de Andalusia, Cudeca's highest award, The Gold and Diamond Pin, Presenter Of The Year from Banner Murdoch. But alongside the Bronze Medal from the Red Cross these two top sales person of the year awards are the most important they have given me back so much confident I thought that I had lost. I have at last left so many of my critics behind and in some cases won them over.

Although I have left my life of radio, television etc 6 years ago it seems I have as many followers as ever for this I'm eternally grateful and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all.

All this has given me a renewed confidence to perhaps return to my charity work in 2017. The work I so enjoyed and have continued to be invited to host.

Meanwhile I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to support me over the last few very difficult years and wish you a very Happy Christmas.

Saturday, 17 December 2016


How to spot a anti Semite:

Firstly they are very cowardly and normally will NEVER use their real name. Secondly they will pretend that they are caring humanitarians but will scan all the discredited websites looking for hatred against Jews. You will never see a posting on their Facebook's about atrocities carried out by Islamic fundamentalists only the propaganda against Jews. They are normally extremely jealous of anyone who has succeeded in their lives and ALL have a sexual perversion towards women. They believe ALL that conspiracy theorists write without question. They always back the losers believing they are supporting the underdog. They are full of hatred to the point of it being an obsession. They NEVER write about their family simply because that might show a weakness on their behalf. Love is something they crave for but have never had. They confuse love with sexual obsession. You will often find naked men or women posted on the social media websites. They spend hours looking at pornography on the internet.

Here is an example of how they behave. As the world sees and writes about some of the worst atrocities against mankind since the World War 2. they will chose to ignore it and continue their rant against Jews. So here is something they can post on their Facebooks or Blogs.

Watch this and feel ashamed of your anti Semite hatred and start showing compassion against the people of Syria.....

As Aleppo falls to the Syrian Army - and its innocent people are being slaughtered in the streets - the world continues to watch on.
Where are the thousands taking to the streets, voicing their outrage in defiant protest?
Where is the pathetic BDS movement - and its advocating disciples - always ready and eager to blindly jump behind some scurrilous placard that they have been duped into carrying and displaying, or murmuring some generic verse that they have learned to chant?
Yes - where ARE the concerned voices of the BDS movement in their quest to strive for humanitarianism?
And why is this?
This is because BDS is an unfair, discriminatory movement based on a camouflaged moral double standard, which is as disreputable as are its advocates.
DON'T FORGET ALEPPO - don't turn a blind eye.

Finally the anti Israeli scum use words like genocide when referring about the treatment of Palestinians by Israelis. Here's a question this scum can never answer: WHAT GENOCIDE??? Genocide is when 600,000 Syrians men women and children have been slaughters over the last 4 years!!! Now lets hear your feeble answer to something comparable by the Israelis towards the Palestinians. Muslims have killed far more Muslims than Israelis ever have. End of!

Talking about killing, lets finish on some good news......

Hamas operative known as 'The Engineer' assassinated by Mossad in Tunisia

The target, Mohhamed Alzoari, known to Israel's security echelon as "The Engineer," was found shot to death inside his vehicle in the city of Sfax,.

Remember Hamas are the leaders of the Palestinians living in Gaza.

Sunday, 11 December 2016


Our prayers go out to the people of Turkey as the news unfolds that Kurdish militants may be responsible for soccer match bombing that killed 38 people - PM. At least 155 also wounded in 'coordinated attack on police'
The Attacks came two hours after end of soccer match . Most of those killed were police officers.

The bombings come five months after Turkey was shaken by a failed military coup, in which more than 240 people were killed, many of them in Istanbul, as rogue soldiers commandeered tanks and fighter jets in a bid to seize power.

Istanbul has seen several other attacks this year, including in June, when around 45 people were killed and hundreds wounded as three suspected Islamic State militants carried out a gun and bomb attack on its main Ataturk airport.

The scum anti Semites/conspiracy theorists haven't crawled out yet to blame Israel for this nor, I am sure, they haven't even mentioned it because Israel is NOT involved!!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

I'm happy to report that BDS is now illegal in 95% of western world including America.

Malaga announces weekly flights to Israel-

Donald Trump a true friend of Israel. Don't believe me have a look.

Notice the questionnaire gets NO response but the general public applaud Trump as you should.

Friday, 9 December 2016

A new Mother's Little Helper! Sir Mick Jagger becomes a father for the EIGHTH time at 73 as his ballerina girlfriend, 29, gives birth to a boy (who's younger than the singer's great-grand-daughter)
Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger has become a father again, aged 73. He welcomed son, his eighth child, with 29-year-old ballerina Melanie Hamrick.

Imagine that 44 years age difference and they both found happiness. Good luck to them. Ignore the begrudgers as they crawl out of their rat holes pretending that if only they had half a chance to find a young beautiful partner they would refuse them.

Jealousy is a terrible thing and don't I know it. All my life I've suffered from the wrath of Jealous hypocrites. But in many ways I take it as a compliment.

Remember: Age is only a number.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Retired Marine General James Mattis, who President-elect Donald Trump has unofficially announced will be appointed to serve as America’s next secretary of defense, is a “true friend” of the Jewish state, a pro-Israel advocacy group said on Thursday.

Mattis, the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) tweeted, “embodies the meaning of ‘tikkun olam.’ He’ll be a terrific Sec Def.”

In a statement published on Friday, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) called Trump’s choice of Mattis “smart and important.”

Friday, 2 December 2016


It is important to look at the picture and you'll understand me.
This Palestinian is not dressed in Arabic Muslims extremist.
It is simply a reflection of a Palestinian who's hatred towards Israel, towards Jews and Israelis.
Whether the outcome or the quality of life. He simply wanted to destroy everything.

On the other hand Palestinian firefighters worked side by side with their Israeli counterparts to distinguish the fires that were engulfing the beautiful country.
Celebrity status is something I embraced most of my life. but as most of you know that the world of celebrity has taken a back seat for the time being as I carve out new and exciting targets in life. Never to be board or unchallenged could be my golden rule in life. It's a rule I've followed to the letter, some time pushing to extremes and sometimes going over the edge. I've had amazing support in what ever I do the highs and the very lows. One thing notable throughout my journey through life is the trail of jealous people who follow me as if I'm the Pied Piper and they are the rats. Many have fallen by the wayside as I suppose they too got fed up or simply faded away. But thanks to my good friend Gary, who through the good and bad times has stayed very loyal to me, he has kept me informed of things around me that I don't necessarily know or care about. We chatted last night when he told me that almost EVERY day I'm mentioned in at least three social media outlets. He told me to relax as NO ONE EVERY COMMENTS on their blogs to the point that some copy and paste articles with comments on them making them feel great when they read their stats but like them he said it's artificial. One Boland fan he said begs me to comment on his blog almost daily.

I find it very pleasing that I'm still treated with celebrity status by these people who find time to write about me every day. Why they think I'm important enough to STILL follow not only my every word but as Gary informed me copy and paste things that I write about not only on their blogs etc but find what I'm saying that important that one blogger even pasted my words on someone else's Facebook, now that did make me giggle!

Keep it up my ego needs a boost now and again!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

6 million Jews perish at the hands of the Nazi's and as if that wasn't enough more than a million Jews were expelled from Arab and Muslim countries between 1948 and 1974, without asking for compensation or the right to return.

Here is what one Muslim widow wrote: Dear fellow Jewish people. I am a Muslim and it is saddening to hear this, especially the torture of the valiant Shlomo Swed who endured those 4 years of Torture, I wish him well and long fruitful years of life. I just want you to know that all Muslims are not bad. I want you to know that I want Muslims and Jews and Christians to all live together peacefully in our holy lands. You are are brothers and sisters, how have we come to such a state. We must learn to forgive each other and realise it is the Powerful that are keeping things as they are. It is the Powerful that profit from the conflict between us. Muslims and Jews must come together and form an alliance, a common brotherhood, united by the same land, and the same Monotheism. We must join together, and fight the powerful, and live together Peacefully. Shalom.

I am so glad that the story is finally coming and is being told to the world. When I did my Master's thesis on Jewish women who immigrated to Montreal there wee so few articles, books, photos or movies available. Now any researcher can have access to proper documentation first hand testimonies and primary sources. The story must be told please write books, poetry be remembered.

More people need to see this before they criticize Israel and the Jews, especially the libtard leftists and the fascists neo-nutzis! But then again, there's no educating stupidity, is there?

You'll NEVER read or see this on any Anti Semites social media that I promise.