Sunday, 26 March 2017

Marbella the jet set capital of Europe and to prove it have a read below and see who else believes it!

Great news yet again for the Costa Del Sol especial the Marbella area. As property prices continue to rise this amazing news hits the press:

W hotel chain to open luxury resort on the beach in Marbella.

The company, which is part of the Starwood group, made the official announcement about the new project in Hong Kong on Thursday

A leading luxury hotel chain is to open an establishment in Marbella. On Thursday, the W chain signed an agreement with the Platinum Estates investment group, which is developing a project in the area of the sand dunes at Real de Zaragoza, to manage the hotel, which is expected to open in 2021.

There had been rumours that the investment group, based in Singapore, and the hotel chain, one of the most important in the world’s luxury sector, were planning to join forces on an important project, but due to a confidentiality clause, neither party to the agreement wanted to give any details until the deal was signed and the official announcement was made in Hong Kong.

The mayor of Marbella, José Bernal Gutiérrez, was at the former British colony for the presentation of this major investment by one of the world’s most exclusive tourism firms.

The hotel chain is part of the Starwood-Marriott conglomerate, the two giants of the American hotel industry who merged in September last year. In total W, which is Starwood’s luxury brand, has more than 60 hotels on the five continents.

At present the W chain has just one hotel in Spain, the famous ‘candle hotel’ in Barcelona port, and according to its website it will be opening another of the same group in Madrid in June 2019. The new luxury hotel in Marbella will therefore be the chain’s third in this country.

W originally planned to announce the plans for this new hotel during the World Travel Market last November, but decided to wait because some delays in planning permission needed to be resolved.

Although the hotel will not be in operation until 2021 its beach club will almost undoubtedly open much earlier. The company needs to start its marketing at least two years beforehand, so it has asked Marbella town hall for a guarantee regarding the timescale for granting the works licence, so the construction can begin according to schedule.

In recent weeks there has been significant progress in the town planning processes which were still pending at that time, and the developers believe the works licence could be issued by May of next year. This would mean that the first phase of the project could be inaugurated in 2019.

Work on the architectural design for this luxury project has already begun. The group paid approximately 50 million euros for the site and the 600-bed hotel and resort is expected to cost a further 300 million.

The resort will cover a surface area of 151,000 square metres on a frontline site on the Real de Zaragoza beach. According to the plans, the buildings will occupy about 35 per cent of this land, and will be no more than three storeys high. The dunes will be protected to a depth of 150 metres along the 400 metres of coast which is included in the land acquired for the hotel.

A statement issued by Marbella council this week said this investment is of major importance for the town, and is part of the authority’s efforts to make Marbella a preferential destination in the tourism sector “to attract investment which improves the well-being of our citizens and creates wealth and employment.”


Leading American company to invest 200 million in real estate projects on the Costa
A Colorado-based company that focuses its interests on acquiring residential assets in the hands of the banks, has set its sights on Marbella for the birthplace of its European expansion.

The Costa del Sol continues to attract big investors and real estate companies that consider the region for their expansion plans. It is not, however, a game played exclusively between the euro and the pound; American dollars have started to make their impact too.
Real Capital Solutions (RCS) is one of the leading American private capital investment companies specialising in property and the re-capitalisation of investment portfolios of developments that are ‘in difficulty’.
Based in Colorado, this extremely successful business is now moving in on Marbella as it begins its expansion into Europe.
The plans for the company, now on Malaga soil, are to invest an estimated 200 million euros into property development in the area within the next four years. The firm has already paid out 15 million euros in the purchase of two housing developments that were in the hands of Spanish banks. The new division of the company, RCS Spain, has acquired Cosmo Beach (between San Pedro and Estepona) and Valley Heights (on the outskirts of Benahavís). This area is better known to investors as the ‘Golden Triangle” (Marbella - Estepona - Benahavís).
Taylor Cox, Partner at RCS, reveals how 14.95 million euros will be invested into both projects (consisting of around 100 properties), which includes the maintenance costs and the down payments.


Another record year expected for Malaga airport and tourism on the Costa del Sol

The 52 airlines have made 15.5 million seats available from this Sunday to October, 13 per cent more than last year, and are flying to 126 destinations

Flight schedules are always a good way of measuring tourism prospects for the Costa del Sol, and 2017 looks like being another record year as the airlines which operate to and from Malaga have put 15.5 million seats on sale for flights from this weekend until the end of October. This is two million more than last year.

Salvador Moreno, the director of Malaga Airport, says the forecasts are excellent. He also points out that the number of seats available last year were already 15 per cent more than in 2015.

A total of 52 airlines operate to and from Malaga, and by the end of last year 16.6 million passengers had used the airport. In 2015 there were 13.7 million, which gives an indication of the growth in activity. This summer there will be 89,500 flights, 11.5 per cent more than last year, linking the province with 126 destinations worldwide. This year four more destinations have been added, including Tel Aviv, and in total the companies are operating 242 routes.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

I'm so grateful for all the awards of recognition I've received over the years no more so than this very valuable clock that adorns my mantelpiece . Can you spot the mistake can you spot it ?

Yep you got it.....Cudeca is spelt wrong. But no big deal its the sentiment that maters and my appreciate the amount of work that went into making this stunning masterpiece.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Delighted to say for the first time no one has lower themselves to blame Israel for the atrocities carried out in Westminster by a crazed Islamic fundamentalist.

So what drove this Muslim lunatic to drive a car into innocent people....I wonder. Surely NOT a Palestinian ?
Palestinian man rams car into bus stop, then attacks pedestrians with machete-like weapon

Perhaps this Palestinian inspired the slaughter at Westminster?

Palestinian rams his truck into Israeli soldiers

No harm done then after all they're only Jews say the anti Semites who blame Israel for every terrorist attack in the world so therefore it must be their fault.

Now let me think, didn't the Westminster scum barbaric murderer then knife an unarmed policeman to death? Yep! I believe he did. Now, I wonder what gave him that idea? Couldn't have been a Palestinian? Surely not?

Palestinian Woman Attempts To Stab Security Guard Caught On Camera!

Maybe it was this video that made the crazed Islamic murder stab an unarmed policeman to death. Surely this knife manic couldn't be a Palestinian?

Palestinian" terrorist try to murder IDF soldier with a knife

So now you fucking anti Semites know exactly what inspired the Westminster Islamic murderer and that's why not one of you dares to even attempt to blame Israel!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Here's a question for the anti Israel brigade who believe they will save themselves from prosecution by hiding , as they always do, from being simply anti Semites calling themselves anti Zionists. I'm sure they don't even know what a Zionist is!!!!

Okay these morons claim the care about the treatment by Israel towards Palestinians. As most know this is total bullshit but the claim is based on Israel building a wall around Gaza to keep terrorists out. This wall has been 99% effective as there has been very few suicide bombing in Israel since the building of the wall. Never the less the morons keep bringing up the subject.

I know they know very little about the Israel, Palestinian crisis only what they read and paste from obscure websites. If these people are not spending all day looking for anything they can copy and paste thats full of hatted they spend their days looking at pornography!

So if they are so against the security wall between Israel and Gaza why do they not care about the same wall between Egypt and Gaza.

A wall from Gaza to Egypt I hear you say? Yes, the wall is there the same as the Israeli boarder, but its much worse: Egypt has demolished more than 3,255 homes and other buildings in the Sinai peninsula in violation of international law, Human Rights Watch says.
Troops began razing homes along the Gaza border in 2013 to create a "buffer zone" and eliminate smuggling tunnels, after a surge in attacks by militants.
But those evicted poor Palestinians are given little or no warning, no temporary housing and inadequate compensation, HRW alleges.

But does that simply prove that LORA LUCERO, GEORGE GALLOWAY and their small band of uneducated morons show that they care fuck all about Palestinians because if they did they would be posting pleading for help for the thousands trapped and starving to death in Syria, for the thousands left homles in Gaza by Egypt's demolishing program of their homes.

No they dont give a fuck . The bottom line is they are a bunch of anti Semites barred in most countries. End of.

Friday, 17 March 2017


United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has asked the UN regional commission that represents most Arab countries to remove a report from its website accusing Israel of practicing an "apartheid regime" against Palestinians, a UN official said on
The report for the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, which comprises 18 Arab states, concluded that "Israel has established an apartheid regime that dominates the Palestinian people as a whole."

The accusation—often directed against Israel by its critics—has never before been made by a United Nations body.

Rima Khalaf, UN Under-Secretary General and ESCWA Executive Secretary, resigned Friday, after what she described as pressure from the secretary general to withdraw the report. Khalaf announced her resignation at a news conference in Beirut.

In her remarks, Khalaf said, "It was expected that Israel and its allies would put enormous pressure on the United Nations secretary general to renounce the report."

Despite pressure, Khalaf stands by the report, calling it the "first of its kind" from a UN agency that sheds light on "the crimes that Israel continues to commit against the Palestinian people, which amount to war crimes against humanity."

Following the initial publication of the report, Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, approached Guterres and US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, to see it shelved.

Danon responded to Khalaf's resignation, saying, "The Secretary-General's decision is an important step in stopping the discrimination against Israel. The place for anti-Israel activists is outside the UN and it is time to put an end to this phenomenon of UN officials taking advantage of their positions for anti-Israel activities. For years Khalaf worked to harm the State of Israel, promote BDS regularly and should have left her job a long time ago."

Israel had been calling for Khalaf's resignation for years due to her anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiments.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said on Wednesday the report was published without prior consultation with the UN secretariat.

Israel's foreign ministry spokesman likened the report to a Nazi propaganda publication that was strongly anti-Semitic and described it as "despicable and a blatant lie."

The United States, Israel's main ally, said it was outraged by the report.

Nikki Haley issued a response to Khalaf's resignation, saying, "When someone issues a false and defamatory report in the name of the UN, it is appropriate that the person resign. UN agencies must do a better job of eliminating false and biased work, and I applaud the Secretary General's decision to distance his good office from it."

Following news of Khalaf's resignation—which was accepted by Guterres—a UN spokesman clarified that "this is not about content, this is about unjust voting.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Israel Controls the world so say the appalling Jacky C !!!

Firstly look at this map

Israel have a population of 8 million. London has a population of 8.5 million!!! But Israel controls the world. But how? Pretty smart people for a country that's only 60 years old to be able to take over the world.

USA population 320 million Israel 8 million. Israel controls America. Now that's really smart.

The Jewish population makes up 6,450,000 (74.8%); 1,796,000 (20.8%) are Arabs; and, those identified as "others" (non-Arab Christians, Baha'i, etc) make up 4.4% of the population (384,000 people)

Half the population is under 25 years old and a part are over 60 years old that leaves an active population of just 2.5 million and yet some dick heads believe that they control America and the world.

How much aid did the Palestinians receive from Israel 2016, yes ISRAEL. Read this

Now lets look at the world Jewish population which is just over 13 million. Lets look how that sits among other popular religions: Muslim 1.7 billion. Christianity 2.2 billion. There would, of course be more Jews if the Nazis hadn't murderer 6 million.
So 13 million Jews , half under 25 years old and lets say 3 million over 60 that leaves about 4 million active Jews in the world of the age of both academically and in business. it is said by the know all's that they control banking, cinema and television, the media, technology, medicine . Now surely if this is so the Jews should be looked on as a very clever people , they should be applauded .But this is where jealousy sets in by the few. Try to think of the cleverest boy in your class, or the most popular guy at work, How about the best looking teenager in your neighbourhood. If you are and always have had a jealous personality you will try everything to belittle him and that is more or less what happens to Jews. I've suffered this in a small way myself with the successes I've had on radio, in the media and in business, with my family etc so I know whats it's like. Luckily it's a tiny majority that suffers such uncontrollable jealousy and they see the only way to cope they need to put it to print to make themselves feel better!

Now you know why no one ever corresponds with their Facebook's etc except themselves. In short they are simply talking to themselves.

A sick new low for foreign aid: Palestinian boys and girls pretend to execute an Israeli soldier – as teachers at schools funded by YOU tell their pupils that terrorists are heroes
Palestinian schools funded by British foreign aid are named after terrorists
Pictures of 'martyrs' and revolutionary slogans are posted all over the walls
Despite this millions of pounds of aid continues to pour into the region
The Mail on Sunday is calling on the government to end foreign aid madness
By Ian Birrell In Hebron For The Mail On Sunday
PUBLISHED: 22:01 GMT, 11 March 2017 | UPDATED: 03:19 GMT, 12 March 2017

THIS MAKES ME SICK! Published today in the Mail On Sunday
In a sick classroom play children at the Al-Surra School surround a classmate dressed as an Israeli soldier to play out a mock 'execution'

Head teachers openly admit flouting attempts by British and European donors to control the curriculum at schools. They print overtly political study aids for pupils, some even denying the existence of Israel, and teachers boast of encouraging pupils to emulate teenage attackers killed in the most recent wave of terrorist attacks in the region.
One senior teacher from a prominent West Bank school, asked what he would say to a pupil threatening to attack Israelis, told this newspaper: ‘I would tell them go in the name of God.’

This is all despite a review of the hundreds of millions of pounds in donations poured into Palestinian public services last year, which came after Western donors raised concerns about the indoctrination of children.
The changes to aid handouts followed a furore sparked by a previous Mail on Sunday investigation exposing how British taxpayers’ cash supported monthly payments to convicted terrorist killers and the families of suicide bombers.

Joan Ryan, chair of Labour Friends of Israel and MP for Enfield North, said she supported sending aid to Palestine but urged Ministers to make the Palestinians stick to funding agreements. She said: ‘We cannot stand idly by while the Palestinian Authority sanctions anti-Semitic incitement which poisons young minds and makes a two-state solution ever more difficult to achieve.’

Twenty-four schools named after prominent Palestinian terrorists, including four named after the man who planned the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, one after the founder of militant Islamist group Hamas and one after Amin al-Husseini, the infamous Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who backed Hitler and helped recruit for the SS.

Plays put on at schools and summer camps have pupils staging ‘executions’, such as one in Hebron featuring a child draped in Palestinian colours ‘shooting’ another dressed as an Israeli soldier. The images were posted on the school’s Facebook page.
The Palestinian ministry of education planted trees to commemorate terrorists killed in ‘the ongoing popular uprising’. It was a means of ‘honouring the martyrs, among them school students, and to strengthen the sense of belonging to the land.’

palestinian kids in gaza and the west bank taught to kill and stab and shoot jewish people from a very early age. the indoctrination of palestinian children through social media, speeches, cartoons, images, films and television creates terrorists that the palestinian government approves of this incitement against jews

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Trump: There will be zero tolerance against anti Semantism under my watch'

US President Donald Trump has condemned bomb threats against US Jewish community centres in recent weeks.
"We have to fight bigotry, intolerance and hatred in all of its very ugly forms," he said while visiting an African-American museum in Washington.
The FBI is investigating the most recent spate of threats on Monday.

He went on to say: "The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centres are horrible and painful,"

Trump has pledged his support to the Jews of America. "I have a Jewish son in Law, a Jewish daughter and Jewish grandchildren I will protect them and Jews throughout America with my life!"

Friday, 10 March 2017

BREAKING NEWS Reuters 10/03/2017 14:00

They have been close friends for years.

Its been revealed that the Russian president has been working closely with Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. It was reported that Putin and the Israeli Prime Minster have been close friends for years and of course Trump with his Jewish family, his closes advisor, his son in law, who orchestrated his hugely successful campaign to put his father in law into the White House. not only is he an observant Orthodox Jew (wont work on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath) but the woman that the US looks towards as the first lady, his daughter Ivanka has followed her billionaire husband Orthodox teachings also wants to be part of the Putin/Netanyahu club!!

Most of Putin's close friends and advisers are all Jewish. The plan is to wipe out ISIS and all terror organisations.

Ivanka loves Israel!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Let The Truth Be Heard...At LAST!!!!   


WATCH this five-and-a-half minute clip from Al-Jazeera of an Arab psychologist (Wafa Sultan) delivering a devastating critique of Muslims and defense of Jews. Sounds like partisan bickering, but try to find a single comment she makes that you can disagree with. She does this within the framework of a debate with a Muslim cleric, whose only argument is: "You're a heretic, so we don't have to listen to you.