Thursday, 28 November 2013

My friend Geoff Harding posted this on my Facebook. Makes a lot of sense. So I thought I'd post it on my Blog for you bloggers to read.
What is this obsession with speed traps at the moment !! the speed limits enforced generally around europe were based on vehicles in the 60/70s. I think its fair to say that all vehicles nowadays are more efficient and able to travel at higher
speeds, and they brake probably 50% of the distance of a vehicle in the 70s if not less.. Everyone is being given a carrot to travel quicker,, name a car that does not make 160kmh? cars are getting quicker,faster, safer and stop quicker and more economical than ever before and yet all we do nowadays is work against this fact...there is absolutely no reason why the speed limit on the autopista should not be 140 or more, yes around town enforce 60 & 80 limits. You get the feeling that the Guardia are being devious with their unmarked cars and hidden locations,, get the feeling its more to raise money than safety.!

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