Friday, 31 January 2014

'The brain dead anti Israeli lobby have yet again got it so wrong and yet again have been suckered in by tabloid sensationalism!'
Fox announced it pulled Scarlett's SodaStream ad because: 'It takes a direct jab at Coke and Pepsi.' At the end of the commercial, Scarlett says "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi." Both companies are major sponsors for the Super Bowl and Fox.
Scarlett has also come under fire for her association with the company. However, she has defended her endorsement deal and plans to continue to work with SodaStream despite criticism and boycott.
SodaStream is a company that is not only committed to the environment but to building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine, supporting neighbours working alongside each other, receiving equal pay, equal benefits and equal rights. That is what is happening in their Ma’ale Adumim factory every working day.”
One Palestinian worker said: “This is bad news both for the Palestinians and my Israeli colleagues working in the Sodastream factory. The world never seems to take into account Palestinians who happily work and live in Israel with actions like these”
The sad thing is that those that are so blinkered towards Israel will still continue to ignore the truth. I look forward to seeing how they will deal with this in the press. My guess is that they will just drop the story and move on.

Thursday, 30 January 2014


Since posting the below article on the missing Amy Fitzpatrick yesterday, this blog has been visited 2,370 times!! This has come about since the article has been shared over 40 times from my Facebook generating huge traffic. It is so important that Amy's name should be kept alive until answers not speculation are found. Thank you and please keep sharing. Maurice

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


I have always believed in a healthy breakfast to set you on your way for a healthy day. In fact for years I followed the Hay diet which has been around for a long time and is well known for improving the lifestyle of individuals who follow the food combining rules of not mixing your carbs with protean. i.e if you’re eating a meat course don’t have potatoes, so mince bolognaise with pasta is out etc. It’s a brilliant diet and it is said that the queen and other members of the Royal family are fans. Hay diet states that after waking up in the morning your stomach is empty and the last thing it needs is to fill with greasy foods such as sausages, eggs and beacon and that all you should have is freshly squeezed fruit juice. The first solid food meal should be taken after midday. I lived successfully on the Hay diet for years. As I got to the age that us males start worrying about our prostate etc I was recommend that porridge should be taken for breakfast. So I was surprised to read this in the UK press today: A health magazine has named pub chain Weatherspoon the prime spot for the most important meal of the day. The lower fat sausages and poppy-seed toast has been hailed the best Big Breakfast at the Men's Health magazine Restaurant Awards 2014. The food development manager for Wetherspoon, said that they use award-winning Lincolnshire sausages, 100 per cent Danish back bacon and bread made to a bespoke recipe which includes poppy seeds.
Men’s Health editor said: "The best-laid healthy eating plans can be sabotaged by bad decisions when eating out, but Britain’s most popular restaurant chains actually offer a wealth of high-quality and tasty options".

My late father Dr Stanley Boland used to tell me and his patients that to simply eat less, so instead of 4 sausages, 4 slices of bacon, 4 slices of toast, have 1 sausage, I slice of beacon and 1 slice of toast etc and if you must snack between meals always make it fruit. He went to say that going on fad diets you will end up pilling on the pounds once you come off the diet.

So like my father advised: 'Set a sensible food regime and stick to it, your body will return to its natural weight.'

I was watching a woman yesterday on TV who gave an excellent simple tip to losing weight. 'If you’re having fish and chips with mushy peas for dinner, eat all the fish and peas first, by the time you come to the chips you should be full'.
Simple but Brilliant.
Since Amy Fitzpatrick disappearance in January 2008 I have made an effort on my radio shows and network media to keep her name alive. Her mother Audrey and her partner Dave Mahone have been regular guests on my radio show as has Amy's aunt Christine Kenny.
I awoke this morning to the news that British detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have flown to Portugal to discuss potential leads with local officers, it is reported.
The team from Scotland Yard officers travelled to the Algarve after a letter was sent to police in the country asking for help to trace three burglars spotted in the area where Madeleine vanished almost seven years ago. The team, headed by Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, who is leading the Met's investigation, reportedly met members of Portugal's Policia Judiciaria and prosecutors to request help and discuss leads identified by teams in the UK. There has hardly been a month since Madeleine McCann disappeared seven years ago and rightly so.
Six years ago a young Irish teenager Amy Fitzpatrick ,who was living with her family in Mijas Costa Del Sol, disappeared without trace on New Year's Day 2008. At 10pm on that day, the 15 year old said goodbye to her friend, with whom she had been babysitting her brother at her friend’s house in Mijas. Amy should have arrived at her home on the urbanisation Riviera del Sol near Fuengirola, at about 10:10pm, as it was only a short walk away. She never arrived home and has not been heard from or seen since that night. After it was established she was missing there was a concerted search set up by the Guardia Civil but after having no success this search was eventually called off and simply has been no sign of her ever since. Amy’s mother Audrey has spent years in pursuit of answers to her young daughters disappearance being invited on radio and television shows both here and in Ireland but all seems to have all be stopped and Audrey and the Fitzpatrick family have more or less been left to carry on with little or no support help find Amy. A very different story than the high profile disappearance and search for Madeleine McCann. Where are the Irish police? Where are the Spanish police’ Why aren’t they continuing their search for Amy’ Think about it if this was your daughter or granddaughter how helpless you would feel especially as you watch the enormous effort going on at the moment in the search for Madeline. Come on the Irish police get your fingers out and continue searching. Amy is an Irish citizen and deserves your full support until you find the answers!!!


I see my ould mate Eddie Jordan has just spent £32 MILLION on a new 155ft super yacht with its own nightclub!!!

For those of you who don’t know who Eddie Jordan is, he one of the most recognised names in Formula1 racing. But myself and Eddie go back along way before he could afford the multimillion life style he lives now in fact when we first met he could hardly afford a bottle of wine!
Eddie Jordan grew up in Bray, County Wicklow, not far from where I was brought up . He set out on his life to become a dentist, but had a change of heart and ended up working for the Bank of Ireland as a clerk (as did Sir Terry Wogan). During Ireland famous bank strike, he went on holiday to the island of Jersey, where he watched and took part in kart racing for the first time. It was around this same time a young Eddie Jordan descended down the steps of my discotheque Club Elizabeth, having had one look at his scruffy appearance I had my door men turn him away. Club Elizabeth’s a the time boasted a who’s who of Dublin society and young Jordan certainly didn’t have the appearance of one I wanted in my club (I was such a bloody snob at the time) EDDIE JORDAN WAS TO REMINDED ME OF THE OCCURRENCE MANY YEARS LATER AND NEVER LET ME FORGET IT!!!!
Obviously bitten by the racing bug after his stint go carting Jordan moved on to Formula Ford, where he competed for two years, but was forced to sit out the 1976 season when he broke both his legs in a crash. After his injuries had healed, he switched to Formula Atlantic, won three races in 1977, and won the Irish Formula Atlantic Championship in 1978. Jordan and Stefan Johansson raced in British Formula Three in 1979, under the name "Team Ireland". The same year, Jordan drove in one Formula Two race and did a small amount of testing for McLaren. Deciding he was better off out of the car than behind the wheel and launched his management company Eddie Jordan Racing . Eddie, a hugely talented racing man, started to make his fortune by spotting young unknown talent and signing them up to his team including a host of drivers owe their breaks to Eddie. Drivers who have won Grands Prix who have driven for Eddie include world champions Damon Hill, Nigel Mansell, Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna, Johnny Herbert, Eddie Irvine, Ralf Schumacher, and John Watson all drove in Jordan cars. From what I understand Eddie would renegotiate their contracts with some of the biggest names in Formula1 for many of millions of dollars, he also had great skills at persuading leading brands to sponsor Jordan cars. Eddie sold his team then named Jordan Grand Prix and now is one of BBC’s top F1 pundits. Jordan keeps his personal helicopter, and has homes in Wentworth, South Kensington, London and Monaco, where he keeps his yacht. In March 2012, it was announced that Jordan had received an honorary OBE for services to charity and motor racing.

The first time Eddie appeared on my show I remember phoning him to make the invite, I was hoping he would remembered me and remembered me he certainly did!!! “You can F**K off Boland!” He shouted down the phone “ The last time we met you told me to F**K off and wouldn’t let me into your poxy Club Elizabeth, not thinking I was wealthy enough to mix with your snotty punters!!” needless to say we had a great laugh and thankfully Eddie was a guest and many times after.
Eddie also loves rock music and he himself is an accomplished drummer (see photo)who often gigs with his band after F1 races in fact the last time I was with Eddie was at a charity gala hosted by Harlet Davidson where he was playing with his brilliant band.
I congratulate Eddie Jordan on all his successes and look for to my invitation to join him on his new 32 million pound yacht!!!! NOTE. Eddie my number is still the same!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014



Israeli aid workers are working around the clock to save a Muslim Kurdish child fleeing a war between the Syrian Alawite regime and Sunni jihadist groups, in the pro-Western autonomous Kurdish region of the Iraqi Republic increasingly dominated by Shiite Iran.
The Israeli volunteers mission is to bring sick children from the Muslim world into Israel for heart surgery; the group’s mission today is to locate Syrian Kurdish refugee children who need urgent medical attention in the camps of northern Iraq in order to arrange access for them to Israel’s pediatric heart surgeons

Where are all the oil rich Arab countries??? No help from them then? Yet there are still idiots who spend their time condemning Israel on their social networking sites rather than praising them. SAD


The High Court of Justice on Tuesday night, by a split 5-2 vote, ordered the state to recognize the gay adoption of a child born through surrogacy, including registering both the biological father and his partner as fathers of the child.
n May 2013, Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein announced a game-changing progressive policy shift for how the state addresses homosexual parenthood of a child born through surrogate motherhood.

IDF allows first peek into secret field hospital in Golan Heights
Facility has treated 700 Syrians, from children to old men, breaking down stereotypes about ‘the Zionists’ as clashes continue across the fence

I still find it amazing that Israel who are arched enemy's of Syria go without question to help in a time of great need. Could you begin to imagine if the was in reverse? In fact it is known that a death of an
Israeli solder is cause for celebration and dancing in the streets!!!
The hospital, staffed by soldiers in uniform, includes an emergency room, an intensive care unit, an operating theater, a mobile laboratory, a pharmacy and an x-ray facility. It treats Syrian patients who cross the border regardless of creed – or of where their loyalties lie.
The once-sporadic treatment of Syrian nationals in Israel has, by now, become routine, the report made clear: the wounded cross the border, and IDF medical teams deployed in the Golan Heights give them preliminary treatment. Those who are well enough are sent back across the border, and those who require further treatment are evacuated to the military hospital, a field commander at the facility told Channel 2. In this way, the hospital treats about a hundred Syrians per month.

The world should stand up and applaud the Israeli military medics for setting aside any political views they may hold and carry out their work as set out in their medical oath.

I have been studying little known facts about the darkest days in history, the reign of the Nazis and the horror of their death camps. This is what i came up with: There were more than 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe from 1933 to 1945.

There were 30,000 slave labor camps; 1,150 Jewish ghettos; 980 concentration camps; 1000 prisoner of war camps; 500 brothels filled with sex slaves; and thousands of other camps used for euthanizing the elderly and infirm, performing forced abortions, "Germanizing" prisoners or transporting victims to killing centers.

The best estimate using current information available is 15 to 20 million people who died or were imprisoned in sites controlled by the Germans throughout the European continent."
Rows of bodies fill the yard of the Boelcke-Kaserne (Boelcke Barr acks) located in the south-east of the town of Nordhausen. The barracks was a subcamp of the en:Mittelbau-Dora Nazi concentration camp.

Simply put, in the words of Hartmut Berghoff, Director of the German Historical Institute in Washington, "The numbers are so much higher than what we originally thought; we knew before how horrible life in the camps and ghettos was, but the actual numbers are unbelievable."

And what makes this revelation so important is that it forces us to acknowledge a crucial truth about the Holocaust that many people have tried to ignore or to minimize - a truth that has profound contemporary significance: The unspeakable crime of the 20th century, more than the triumph of evil, was the sin of the "innocent" bystander.

For years our efforts to understand the Holocaust focused on the perpetrators. We looked for explanations for the madness of Mengele, the obsessive hatred of Hitler, the impassive cruelty of Eichmann. We sought answers to how it was possible for the criminal elements, the sadists and the mentally unbalanced to achieve the kind of power that made the mass killings feasible.

That was because we had no idea of the real extent of the horror. With more than 42,000 ghettos and concentration camps scattered throughout the length and breadth of a supposedly civilized continent, there's no longer any way to avoid the obvious conclusion. The cultured, the educated, the enlightened, the liberal, the refined, the sophisticated, the urbane - all of them share in the shame of a world that lost its moral compass and willingly acceded to the victory of evil.

These are the facts and for those holocaust deniers who still believe in their sick minds that these atrocities never happened may they rot in hell!! Remember what I've always said both on radio and print: If we can't learn from our past we don't have a future

Monday, 27 January 2014

I received this post this morning:

KATHERINE CROWE: Dreadful night with pain that morphine just could not help. Not fun in any way at all. Lung is full up again so will have to have it drained today. Please send some vibes my way today. I need some extra strength from somewhere. Pain is at least under control now and just hope it stays that way. Big love k

I was extremely upset when I read that. Katherine Crowe one of the bravest persons I have ever had the privilege to interview on my radio show. She was diagnosed with Terminal Inflammatory breast cancer and has run out of treatment options in her eyes. She states that: "I'm now walking a road less travelled, although others have walked in my shoes before me. I choose to grab life, to love life and have a quality of life that is as good as it can be for as long as I can. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Choosing to dream like I'll live forever and live like I'll die today!
Katherine wrote after her first interview with me: “One beautiful interview with Maurice Boland lifted my spirits because the man GOT ME, understood me and talked like a friend to me and new about by life because he had bothered to find out. Well done Maurice you helped me through a rough day and with a bit of shiny light and chit chat about the GOOD stuff all my sadness was gone”

Please send your prayers and love to Katherine at this time. if you haven’t already please listen to her beautiful rendition of Smile

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Holocaust Memorial Day 27TH January 2014

LESS WE FORGET: Holocaust Memorial Day takes place on 27 January each year. It’s a time for everyone to pause to remember the millions of people who have been murdered or whose lives have been changed beyond recognition during the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. On HMD we can honour the survivors of these regimes and challenge ourselves to use the lessons of their experience to inform our lives today. 27 January marks the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp.
HMD is a time when we seek to learn the lessons of the past and to recognise that genocide does not just take place on its own, it’s a steady process which can begin if discrimination, racism and hatred are not checked and prevented. We’re fortunate here in the Spain; we are not at risk of genocide. However, discrimination has not ended, nor has the use of the language of hatred or exclusion. There is still much to do to create a safer future and HMD is an opportunity to start this process.

England Team Visit Auschwitz Memorial

The Jewish community of Marbella will be leaving early today by coach to attend services in Seville.
Be disgusted

The anti Israel lobby will say 'They are only kids throwing stones' Kids??? Stop for a moment and imagine you, your wife and children are out for a drive when this happens, how would you react. Imagine if this was happening on streets of London, Liverpool, Manchester etc, how do you thing the authorities would react. Think about it. Israeli's, not
Palestinians face this barbaric behavior daily and that's the good news because add to that the thousands of rockets that arrive into Israel from Gaza and the world seems to think again that's acceptable. Would you accept this???

An excellent video on human rights abuses throughout 2013 thanks from my friend Julian Lennon for bringing it to my attention:

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Now that I've come out I spent lunch showing off my new dress!!!!

Friday, 24 January 2014


Last week Pope Francis said that he favours the right of gays to marry. The leader of the Catholic Church explains that since gays are part of God's creation, they deserve the same rights and respect as all human beings.
"We have learned much about homosexuality in recent years," he told a reporter aboard the papal jet. "We now know that being gay isn't a choice, but something one is born with. If our Lord decides that someone should come into this world a certain way, who are we to judge his choice?"

On the other hand it was announced that Dr Christian Jessen, the British TV doctor who presents Embarrassing Bodies, is to test a series of controversial therapies for 'curing' homosexuality, as part of a new Channel 4 documentary series, Cure Me, I'm Gay.

A bill banning the use of controversial therapy aimed at 'curing' homosexuality in gay teenagers has been stamped into law by California, making it the first state to outlaw the practice.

I have always believed that you ARE born either heterosexual are gay. A book Born Gay by Glenn Wilson is a Reader at the Institute of Psychiatry in London and Qazi Rahman is a lecturer in psychobiology at the University of East London. Says that Sexual orientation is largely or entirely determined by our genes and hormonal influences in the womb. It is an innate given, fixed at birth. Forget Freudian theory and all the other psycho babble. Biology is destiny. Social or family influences have little or no impact. Blaming parents and childhood upbringing for a child's gayness is mistaken and unfair. The idea that people become gay by seduction or choice is, they say, not supported by scientific research.
A guest on my radio show over the years is gay activist Peter Tatchell
He doesn’t agree in all that is written in the book !!! Now this surprised me. He explains: “I agree with their observation that no one sits down one day and decides to be gay - or straight. Most queers say they felt "different" from a very young age, long before any awareness of sexual desire. While this suggests that sexuality is formed unconsciously by early childhood at the latest, it does not necessarily mean we are born with a pre-fixed sexual orientation." He goes on to say: "The authors are correct biological factors do play a role. Studies of identical twin brothers show that in 52% of cases where one twin is gay the other twin is also gay. This is a much higher concordance than the 2% to 10% distribution of gay people in the general population, as recorded by various sex surveys. It suggests a significant genetic component in the causality of homosexuality, but if genes determine our sexual orientation we would expect that in cases of identical twins where one was gay the other would be gay too - in every case. But, in fact, in only just over half the cases are both twins gay”
Tatchell concludes: “While genes and hormones predispose a person to a particular sexual orientation, they do not determine it. They are significant influences, not the sole cause. Other factors are also at work. Social expectation, cultural values and peer pressure, for instance, push us towards heterosexuality. Without these pro-straight influences, more people might be lesbian, gay or bisexual.”

Now we come to Dr Christian Jessen
The British TV doctor who presents Embarrassing Bodies who is to test a series of controversial therapies for 'curing' homosexuality, as part of a new Channel 4 documentary series, Cure Me, I'm Gay. Jessen, who is openly in a long-term gay relationship, will be assessing the medical credibility of several 'conversion' or 'reparative' therapies by undergoing them himself, and then taking tests to measures his sexual arousal afterwards.
Historically, treatments for 'curing' homosexuality - advocated predominantly by right-wing fundamentalist American religious organisations have included electric shock therapy, inducing nausea while being exposed to homoerotic material, praying, exorcism, trips to brothels to have sex with women, and hypnosis. In Cure Me, I'm Gay, Jessen will talk about homosexual patients who visit doctors asking to be 'cured' from being gay, and people who claim they have genuinely been 'cured',

A bill banning the use of controversial therapy aimed at 'curing' homosexuality in gay teenagers has been stamped into law by California, making it the first state to outlaw the practice.

'Governor Brown of California today reaffirmed what medical and mental health organizations have made clear: Efforts to change minors' sexual orientation are not therapy, they are the relics of prejudice and abuse that have inflicted untold harm on young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Californians.' Conversion therapy is an attempt to change the sexual orientation of a subject from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual. An entire house of medicine has rejected gay conversion therapy. Not only does it not work but it is harmful. Patients who go through this have gone through guilt and shame, and some have committed suicide.

So as I said, I believe our sexuality is determent in the womb and I feel sure there is no ‘cure’ . I look foreword to viewing Channel 4’s Cure Me, I’m Gay.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Back in the early 90’s I launched my first television series Boland Live produced by Martin Woods of Smithwood productions. This one hour show went out live every Wednesday at 1pm. An array of guests were flown in from UK to star in the show including royal ballet star Wayne Sleep, Beatle John Lennon’s wife Cynthia, Paul McCartney’s Brother Scaffold star Mike McGear , comedians Faith Brown, Nina Mishcove, Chris Heany the man who invented Trivial Pursuit and Lind Nolan to name but a few I'ts Linda who I would like to pay tribute to this morning: The Nolan family moved from Dublin to Blackpool in 1962 and launched a family singing group, The Singing Nolans, The original line-up comprised of her singing parents, brothers Tommy and Brian and sisters Anne, Denise, Maureen and Bernie. The family performed even as the five girls all went to school by day and performed at local clubs at night. In 1974, the daughters began performing as The Nolan Sisters and made their television debut on Cliff Richard's TV show. The line-up by then included youngest sister Coleen. They began regular appearances on variety and comedy shows, including Summertime Special, The Morecambe & Wise Show and The Two Ronnies. In 1975, the five elder sisters supported Frank Sinatra on a European tour. Huge success followed The Nolan Sisters including their biggest No1 hit ‘I’m In The Mood For Dancing’
I met Linda when she appeared on my TV show. Normally my guest are flown over on a Tuesdays they have dinner with me as a sort of get to know each other and If you watch the clip from my show below you will hear Linda’s not so complimentary feelings about ME when we first met!!! In liked Linda and we got on very well. She has since appeared on my radio show a number of times. Linda came with her husband Brian Hudson who struck me as a bit of an odd ball but pleasant enough. He drank a lot (whisky) and I mean a lot which must have been difficult for Linda to cope with. He was involved with an incident a few years after they were with me in Spain. Linda by then a solo act was starring with her very close friend comedian Frank Carson at Blackpool, money kept disappearing from Franks dressing room, so security set up a hidden camera which filmed Linda’s husband Brian stealing the money. He was arrested and charged. All highly embarrassing for Linda. Brian died in 2007.
Linda soldered on with her solo career performing in the role of Maggie May at Blackpool's Central Pier for 10 years, clocking up more than 1,000 performances and toured with Prisoner Cell Block H – The Musical. The Nolans announced in June 2009 that they were reforming for a UK and Ireland tour. Four members – Coleen, Bernie, Linda and Maureen – undertook the tour, in October and November 2009. The two other sisters, Anne and Denise, were not involved. Ann appeared on my radio show after writing her biography Anne’s Song which caused further upset for the family when she claimed she was sexually abused by her father from the age of 11 to 15.
The reunion however sparked a split in the family as Anne has appeared in the press stating that she has been excluded from the tour despite being a long-serving member of the group. She has also issued a statement on her official website, which includes the comment: "they are not my sisters anymore". Denise also issued a statement in support of Anne, claiming that the real reason for the reunion was due to some of the sisters being in financial difficulty. Although the tour was a huge success this split in the family brought a lot of unhappiness to the sisters. On 28 October it was announced that the 2013 Farewell Tour had been postponed as a result of Bernie's breast cancer resurgence. Early in 2013, the tour was cancelled completely. Bernie died 4th July 2013 leaving the sisters devastated.
Linda in now a contestant in channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother and hit the headlines again when Jim Davidson (also a contestant) took a cryptic jibe at Linda referring to the incident of her late husband’s criminal charge for stealing money from Frank Carson this left Linda in tears prompting her sister Colleen to say she wanted Linda out of the Big Brother house after Jims bribes pushed her over the edge. I feel sorry for Linda, as I said sher’s a lovely person who has gone through a lot of heartache and stress in her life ( She was also diagnosed in 2006 with breast cancer As part of her treatment, had a breast removed)
I have met Jim Davidson and found his utterly rude and obnoxious. In my point of view his treatment of Linda was nothing more than bulling and I hope he shortly gets what he deserves!!! I wish Linda love a happiness in the future.

Last night’s ITV's National Television Awards saw Ant and Dec again picking up top honours and well deserved. Everybody's favourite Geordie duo Ant and Dec were presented the Landmark award for their service to British television entertainment at the National Television Awards. The Geordie pair were honoured by Prince Charles and also Newcastle royalty Alan Shearer on their 25-year career in show business. Dec was visibly touched by the award as he was seen getting a bit teary on stage. Earlier the same evening, the two stars received the best entertainment presenter prize - making it the 13th time they have picked up the award.
These two best pals have been together both off and on television for 25 years and still on top of their game. Both still in their mid 30’s, young enough to continue for many years bringing us fun and laughter to Saturday night viewing. I know some of you will think their trivial and keep comparing them to Morecambe and Wise and I feel that’s unfair. The only things they have in common is that they are both hugely successful double acts who draw millions into their TV shows. Morecambe and Wise are comedians, not so Ant and Dec who started together as 12 year olds starring in the successful TV children’s show Biker Grove as PJ and Duncan the characters they launched their successful music careers going on to have a string of hit records including Let’s Get Ready To Rumble ( See the new live version on video below)and to host a string of hugely successful TV shows including Pop Idol, Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, PokerFace, Push the Button, Britain's Got Talent, Red or Black? In 2013 they signed a new 3 year deal with ITV said to be worth 8 million each!!! They are both outstanding entertainers and their model behaviour on and off screen is a perfect example to are young and is a credit to them both. The video below shows Ant & Dec donning their PJ & Duncan outfits once again on their Saturday Night Takeaway Show 23rd March 2013. Although this was just done for a bit of fun it "Let's Get Ready To Rumble” was rereleased and powered by the TV show immediately shot up to number one on the UKiTunes chart and on Sunday 31 March 2013 the track was revealed as the Official UK Number 1 single on the The Official Chart on BBC Radio 1. All money made from the re-release was donated to charity. I believe that British television would be a poorer place without them.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Received an email this morning from The British Embassy's Simon Montague requesting me to post the following information:

Got a question about life in Spain? Follow “Brits living in Spain” on Facebook, says British Embassy
Unsure how to report a crime to the Spanish Policía Nacional in English? What are your healthcare rights? Know how to renew your passport or get one in an emergency?
The answers to these and many other important issues can be found on the Brits living in Spain Facebook page.
Since its launch in November, more than 3000** people have already “liked” Brits living in Spain on Facebook – and the number is growing fast. The secret to Brits living in Spain’s popularity is that it offers both factual information and a lively forum for sharing experiences and reliable information about life in Spain.
“Brilliant… keep up the good work.”
“Great page…excellent idea and comments for ex-pats here in Spain.”
“It’s an interesting way to get in touch with other Brits in Spain – and the passport and legal info is good.”
These are just a few of the comments posted by followers and contributors to the page.
Will Middleton, Consular Director for Spain, says, “We are really pleased with the response so far and with how British residents are sharing the information they find useful with others.”
“If you are not yet following us and want to benefit from independent advice and others’ experiences, then please do search for Brits living in Spain on Facebook and “like” our page.”
Brits living in Spain is run and moderated by the British Consular network. It is a sister channel to the British Embassy’s UKinSpain Facebook channel, which focuses on institutional and political information.
Residents who are Twitter fans and want to keep up with the latest news from the Consular network can also follow @BritsliveSpain, and read news and comments from the British Ambassador on @SimonManleyFCO.
How to follow Brits living in Spain: Go to and “like” us. If you don’t already have an account you will be prompted to create one. If you are already on Facebook, then search for the “Brits living in Spain” page and once on it, click on “like”.

Interesting statistics: I’ve just looked at the statistics that show where those who are reading my blog come from: The greatest majority are from Spain, I would expect that, followed by UK and then the USA. Ireland is in 4rd place, I thought that would be higher, then in 5th place is Gibraltar and in 6th is Australia followed by Belgium and finally France. Not really sure what it all means and how accurate it is but I found it interesting. Last week the stats showed me I had 5,432 page views!!!. Almost 100% are driven from my Facebook.

Monday, 20 January 2014

It seems that some of my Facebook friends found the photographs I posted of the atrocities taking place in Syria both upsetting and unnecessary. I disagreed and stated that I make NO apology for posting these photographs admitting they were shocking and that’s exactly why I posted them to shock the readers into the reality in to what’s going on in Syria NOW! Diluting the truth will do nothing into shaming us to wake up to these unacceptable acts of savagery against humanity. . As I said I have no apology for posting these photographs and I hope that now it just might get others to do the same. The world needs to wake up before it's too late and these type of brutality end up on our doorsteps! But rather than continue to upset my FB friends I have decided to move the debate in its entirety onto my blog which as you will see includes all the comments for and against my actions that where placed on my Facebook earlier today.
This is the photograph that upset so many of you

This is my statement and the comments that followed:
When I ever post anything bordering on support for Israel I get the anti Israeli mob out in force pointing out what savages the Israelis are and yet the slaughter in Syria continues unabated...does anyone out there find it odd that Israeli building announcements get more exposure than pictures like this?

Diana Jefferson I think Facebook will take this pic down!
Yesterday at 10:24am · Like · 3

Michael Nordahl Wallem Not sure if it's a good idea to post such barbaric pictures Maurice! In my humble opinion
Yesterday at 10:25am · Like · 3

Johanna Surgenor images like these when aired in the media give a warning before you's a bit much on F.B news feed!!
Yesterday at 10:33am · Like · 4

Mamapaula Blues Not good Mo!
Yesterday at 10:39am · Like · 2

Bob James Well done Maurice .. the reality of the world is often ugly .. before anyone says they don't want to see it .. just imagine you were one of those beaten .. abused .. tortured .. would you not want someone to at least know what was happening.
Yesterday at 11:13am · Like · 1

Mamapaula Blues There are 12 year olds on here,,, do you want to let your kids see these pictures?
Yesterday at 11:14am · Like

Bob James Yes . .it's the sad world we've handed on to the future generations . .maybe .. just maybe they will do something about
Yesterday at 11:15am · Like

Mamapaula Blues Kids need to learn the difference between whats right and what isn't. Do you seriously think seeing pictures like this will help that? We need to raise a generation that have respect Belfast in the 70s taught us that!
Yesterday at 11:18am · Like · 1

Bob James Hiding wrong is not going to achieve that is it .. sweeping hatred .. greed .. corruption under a veil of 'Only good news allowed' just exacerbates the problems
Yesterday at 11:21am · Like

Mamapaula Blues To 12 year old kids……we now know where you stand!
Yesterday at 11:25am · Like

Bob James Yep .. on tje side of truth
Yesterday at 11:26am · Like

Bob James But surely .. would 12 year old kids be following people like Maurice .. or me ?
Yesterday at 11:30am · Like

Johanna Surgenor We are all well aware of the horror's in this world we live in!! just not sure shock tactics wanted or not! are the way to go, does start a good debate on an otherwise peaceful sunday morning so well done for that Maurice...
Yesterday at 11:54am · Like · 2

Bob James Just a thought .. age restricions on Face Book .. if you're say under 16 .. you only get to see posts from others under 16 .. ?
Yesterday at 12:04pm · Like · 2

Maurice Boland I have absolutely no apology for the pictures.
Yesterday at 12:10pm · Like · 1

Barbie Weeks No apologies necessary hun. The truth is out there x
Yesterday at 12:14pm · Like

Dave Syms My god that is sickening.I am and always will support Israel and defend Israel till the day I die.I dread to think what the middle east would be like without her.The cruelty in the world caused by misinterpred Islam is truly awful.
Yesterday at 12:29pm · Like

Carole Wayne Can't agree more Maurice - it seems there are so many anti-Israel people out there. However I feel that this is through ignorance and the excellent PR of the Palestinians !!
22 hours ago · Like

Emilio Ibrahim All of you MUST see those barbaric pictures and videos, we are getting killed and slaughtered by terrorists that YOUR governments fund
Syrian kids are getting killed on their way to school and bombed on their way home and raped, and you are complaining about posting (barbaric) picture on Facebook, if I were you I would hold my son's hand and bring him to the screen, and give him a real education by telling him that OUR GOVERNMENT is funding this
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David Ronnen Maurice my friend, as an israeli I can only say if you do good you're havewrong and you do wrong you will always be other words you can't win.lets start a debate as to how to make peace between Israel and the Palestinien.any ideas please to put forward?
20 hours ago · Like

Maurice Boland Thanks David, But my post is NOT about opening a debate about the Israeli/Palestinian problem. It is to bring to the public attention the slaughter of innocent men , women and children in Syria and it deserves much more coverage than its getting.
19 hours ago · Like

David Ronnen True!!
19 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Shirley Botchin And Israel is sending Doctors to Syria to help but that is never in the news
18 hours ago · Like · 1

David Ronnen Hi Shirley, just a small correction. Israel has treated so far 625 wounded syrian casualties in a Northenden hospital in Naharia. But no israeli doctors could enter Syria.
18 hours ago · Like

Louisa Boardman Maybe keep the text but save the pics for yr blog?
18 hours ago · Like

Pippa Jones You post these pictures as a platform to defend Israel and it´s human rights abuses? Whilst I feel there is a need for such images to be seen, I think that this context is way out of line and your text motivated by your own concern at criticism aimed at your beloved Israel, rather than an altruism based on atrocities within Syria. Love you Mobo, but I do think this a cheap shot!x
10 hours ago · Like

David Ronnen The world is jealous of israelie records and achievements that's why its a target for such unabated criticisms. One day Israel will be fully vindicated not vilified miss PIPPA JONES.
9 hours ago · Like · 1

Pippa Jones Err....missing the point, David Ronnen. This is supposed to be about SYRIA.....!
9 hours ago · Like

David Ronnen Pippa Jones. From your previous comment s I fail to understand me missing the point..
9 hours ago · Like

Maurice Boland Pippa, The point is, agree or not agree with my personal views on Israel I'm pointing out that those whom are so quick to criticise Israel seem to be blinded to the atrocities in Syria, Egypt and the human rights abuses and atrocities in many Middle Eastern countries. Almost daily we read about a car bombs slaughtering innocent men, women and children and not a word of criticism. . .But a mention of Israel draws out the mobs. Pippa as I have pointed out this is not going to be turned into a political debate it's simply trying to bring attention to whats going on in Syria right NOW and needs to be continually brought to the public domain.
8 hours ago · Like · 2

Spain Linked ok i dont think you need to post so many graphic pics
6 hours ago · Like

Maurice Boland Shocking aren't they? That's why I posted them to shock you and others into the reality in to whats going on in Syria NOW! Diluting the truth will do nothing into shaming us to wake up to this savagery against humanity. As I said I have no apology for ...See More
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Spain Linked errm dont agree with you. i think all you need to do is write some text, create a petition in causes with a less graphic photo and people will sign up
6 hours ago · Like

Maurice Boland You mean soften the blow don't make it so horrendous. Sorry can't agree with you. But thankfully WE live in this part of the world that we are allowed to express out own points of view without intimidation, imprisonment and torture. I will never join the silent majority.
5 hours ago · Like

Maurice Boland I have always believed that we have a moral duty to expose these acts of terrorism to bring to the attention of our readers and listeners in the most hard hitting way possible.
5 hours ago · Like

Louisa Boardman Totally support you bringing attention of yr blog readers and radio listeners to causes you feel passionate about. But FB is a lighthearted social networking site- BBQ head and dead children pics could come with a warning maybe?
4 hours ago · Like

You might have noticed that the first comment suggested that Facebook might remove these photographs. I had notification from Facebook yesterday evening that they were considering certain complaints about the gravity of these photographs. They still remain on my Facebook 24 hour later until I decided to remove them and place them on my blog

The posting also included 10 likes.
My brother criticises me for calling Irish journalist and broadcaster Vicente Browne ‘Brilliant’ and ‘I’m a fan’ on my Facebook after posting a video of Browne’s attack on a EU banker for side stepping his questions (see video below )
Gary wrote: Ireland has benefited greatly by being a member of The EU over the past 30+ years having received vast amounts of money from 'the community' and having to conform with fair laws regarding human rights (and finally escaping or being beholden to the other organization, namely The RC Church). Also, if I am not mistaken the current crisis in Ireland was largely brought about by the greed and speculators of its own making, not by its membership in the Union. Ireland's debt is in the region of 80 billion dollars. Now that there is a community problem does Vincent Browne prefer Ireland turn its back on it. My understanding of Browne is that he is basically a loud mouthed anti Zionist who espouses utopian nonsense which unfortunately he does in a very articulate, and for the uninitiated, convincing manner. He would make a good friend of George Galloway in my opinion.
For those who know little about Vincent Brown here is a short synopsis of the highly controversial Irish journalist: He is a columnist with The Irish Times and The Sunday Business Post and a non-practising barrister. From 1996 until 2007, he presented a nightly talk-show on RTÉ Radio, Tonight with Vincent Browne, which focused on politics, the proceedings of tribunals on political corruption and police misconduct. He now presents Tonight with Vincent Browne on TV3. The Guardian newspaper has described him as an "acerbic host...Ireland's Jeremy Paxman."

Irish Independent journalist Fionnan Sheahan wrote of Browne: ‘He displays all the traits of the archetypal bully who can dole out abuse and insults, but when they are directed at him it is a different story’
Irelands President, Michael D Higgens said of Browne: ‘That man can just ruin your reputation!’ This was in reference to President Higgens appearance on Vincent Browne’s radio show where he was mischievously harassed by the presenter.
A complaint was made to TV3 about the treatment of journalist Fiach Kelly, when on his first appearance on Browne’s show he was stitched up and subjected to one of his tirades for 20 minutes.
TV3's head of news Andrew Hanlon admitted that the behaviour of Browne was unacceptable but said he had no control over the host – an astonishing admission from the man who was supposed to be Browne's boss!

On October 2010, Browne was forced to make a public apology to Ireland’s Taoiseach (prime minister) Enda Kenny after jokingly asking whether Fine Gael was requesting that he go into a dark room with a gun and bottle of whiskey. This was in reference to Fine Gael's position in the polls, where they were in second place to Labour, and a previous leadership challenge to Kenny by Richard Bruton. Kenny refused to appear on the leaders' debate hosted by Browne on TV3 during the 2011 general election campaign.

My brother Gary was correct in his post when he said of Browne that he was basically a loud mouthed anti Zionist. On 23 October 2012, while presenting Tonight with Vincent Browne, he referred to Israel as "the cancer in foreign affairs", and said Israel "polarises the Islamic community of the world against the rest of the world" and that the Jews "stole the land from the Arabs" with the creation of Israel. Israel's deputy ambassador to Ireland considered Browne's comments to be "racist, anti-Semitic remarks". Browne responded that he was not anti-Semitic, but a critic of Israel. He admitted that his choice of language could have been better but said his criticism was justified.

Mark McFly wrote on my Facebook re Browne: ‘I love this man's tenacity. He's like a little terrier; once he has hold, he won't let go. He pays attention and does not get distracted or confused. I wish there were more journalists like him, able to stay on purpose, and holding those criminals accountable’.

Here is the video that caused this debate.

NOTE: My Brother Gary Boland is not the same Gary who is a regular contributor on my blog.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

IMPORTANT. You might have noticed that the style and format of my blog posts have changed since last week. That is because I sought advice from a well known UK journalist and blogger re my blog site. I asked him would he look at it and give advice on how I could improve it. After looking over my blog, he came back to me saying the most important piece of advice he could give me is BE ORIGINAL. He continued saying that my blog should be frequently updated, it is should be my online personal journal or diary. It is a place to express myself to the world. A place to share my thoughts and my passions. Really, it’s anything you want it to be. What it should NEVER be is simply a place to copy and pace stories and reports stolen from newspapers. Remember now days everyone has accesses to those stories on line so what’s the point in just repeating them to fill up your blog? Better post nothing than copy and paste.
Following his advice that is exactly what I have been doing over the past week and will continue to do so. I hope you enjoy.
Most of you will know I love TV having enjoyed during 2013 Broadchurch Downton Abbey, Hostages, Silent Witness etc so I'm
looking forward to the return of Mr Selfridge this evening. Most of the shows Ive mentioned are, of course, are fictitious accept for Mr Selfridge and Selfridges and my late mother Dr Hazel Boland (see photo) have a significant connection.

Let me explain. It was 1961 a young Canadian called Galen Weston came to Dublin to set up a grocery store with his own money. A second location followed and the outlets evolved into the “Powers” chain of supermarkets. Whilst living in Dublin he met and fell in love with a beautiful Irish model Hillary Frayne (see photo). In 1966 they married in London and as my father, Dr Stanley Boland, was her family doctor and her father was dead she asked my father to give her away. It was whilst in London for the wedding that my father discovered that the Weston’s were no ordinary family, in fact they are one of Canada’s wealthiest families and owners of one of Great Britain’s most successful companies Associated Foods operating in 47 countries. Among 100’s of household brands, they own Twinings Tea, Sunblest and Kingsmill Bread, Ryvita and Ovaltine, Silverspoon Sugar, Mazola cooking oil, and Jordans breakfast cereals to name but a few. They also own Fortnum and Masons, London’s most fashionable store. In fact the Weston family, with an estimated net worth of $US 7.6 billion, are listed as the wealthiest in Canada and 133rd in the world by Forbes magazine. In 2003 they bought Selfrideges , the press reports quoted a purchase price £598 million.
Galen and Hilary’s daughter Alannah Weston is now deputy chairman of Selfridges and this is where my mother’s link with the Weston’s lie. My mother was Hilary Weston’s gynaecologist when the family lived in Dublin and played a very important role in the birth of Alannah. The Daily Telegraph ran a headline 'Alannah Weston: daddy's girl who makes Selfridges sparkle' . Under Alannah’s leadership The Selfridges Group now consists of Brown Thomas in Ireland, De Bijenkorf in the Netherlands and Holt Renfrew in Canada, as well as of course Selfridges in the UK.
I know it’s not much of a claim but whilst watching Mr Selfridge I always think of my late mum who I miss terribly.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Just watched an amazing film, Rush about the 1976 Formula One season and the rivalry between drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda climaxing with Hunt becoming world champion in 1976. Hunt was brilliantly portrayed by Chris Hemsworth and Lauda by Daniel Brühl directed by Ron Howard .
I remembered James for his aggressive tail-happy driving style, but one prone to spectacular accidents, hence his nickname of Hunt The Shunt. Hunt's lifestyle was as controversial as some of the events on track: he was associated with a succession of beautiful women; he preferred to turn up to formal functions in bare feet and jeans; he liked a drink, and also used cocaine and marijuana; and he lived an informal life near the beach in Marbella and this is where I first met James. I had decided in the early 80’s I needed a life changing redirection and after years of owning discotheques is my birth town Dublin I decided to take up an offer to take over Hunts club Oscars in Marbella. James like most hugely successful sports stars at the time who opened disco, bars, restaurant and boutique, George Best was a prime example, after a while simply got board and that’s how I came to acquire Oscars. During the that time I spent time with Hunt a fond memory was the day I spent on his yacht and ended up water skiing behind a boat that was simply just to big and to powerful to sky behind, but because James did it I did it (my muscles ached for a month!!).
Oscars (named after James beloved Alsatian dog) was a standalone building just 10 minutes from Puerto Banus it was formally a Japanese restaurant (I’m led to believe) hence the stunning gardens. I believe the inauguration of the club was a spectacular with the a who’s who of Marbella’s VIP guest list including James Bond Sean Connery, Rod Stewart among the glitterati (see photo of James on that opening night with Princess Gunilla Von Bismarck and the late Dai Llewellyn) I took over Oscars in ’83 but it wasn’t the success I was hoping for. In 1983 Disco Bars started to become fashionable notably Joes in Puerto Banus so rather than the punters leaving the port to make their way to the cubs they stayed drinking and dancing in the bars. So it was down to simply bad timing on my side. Thankfully my next club Cuba was a much bigger success but that’s another story.
Sadly James died in 1993 at the age of 45, of a heart attack at his home in Wimbledon, only hours after proposing marriage to his then partner Helen. Two days previously, Hunt cycled from his home to Television Centre to commentate on the 1993 Canadian Grand Prix.
Hunt's helmet featured his name in bold letters along with blue, yellow and red stripes on both sides and room for the sponsor Goodyear, all placed onto a black background. Additionally, the blue, yellow and red bands resemble his Wellington College school colours. During his comeback year to Formula One in 2012, 2007 World Champion Kimi Räikkönen sported a James Hunt painted helmet during the Monaco Grand Prix. Räikkönen repeated the tribute at the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix.

Friday, 17 January 2014

The Story behind Rudy's Roadrunner and The Boland All Star Show.

In 1991 I was invited to join Jimi Howson for a coffee in Estepona Port. I had never met him but he explained that he was playing a round of golf when he inquired if any of his mates knew someone in entertainment. My name came up and hence the coffee date. He asked if I had ever heard of Karaoke and I told him I hadn't and asked was it some kind of martial arts? He explained that someone would get up and sing to a backing track with the words on a TV screen and that it was becoming huge in UK. I hated the idea and told him so, a load of drunks singing 'My Way.' I thought, do me a favor! How wrong I was! In the end I agreed to give it a go.
The first job in hand was to find someone who could present and sing. I was a great fan of
Laurie Scott's then a well know DJ on Onda Cero radio. He loved the idea and was a hell of a good singer to boot. Jimi had brought over a large Karaoke rig from UK all we needed now was a venue. I persuaded a gentleman called Graham to give it a go in his bar Christoper Columbus Bar in Estepona Port. From the very first night it was packed it seemed everyone else in Spain had heard of the Karaoke phenomenon but me! We agreed that we would return every Tuesday and soon people were traveling from as far as way as Torremolinos and Gibraltar to join in the fun.
One Tuesday morning I got a call that was to make a great change in my life, it was from Laurie to say that he couldn't host the shows anymore as he was tied up with the moving the Onda Cero studios and helping to relaunch the station. He had left it until today Tuesday to let us know. Tuesday as you remember is our Christopher Columbus gig in which Laurie had built up a large following. What to do? Jimi suggested I do it. "ME! are you crazy I cant sing, can't read!" I exclaimed, not a good thing when presenting Karaoke show. I made a few phone calls looking for someone else to host the show but to know avail. 'It's you or nothing' exclaimed Jimi. I would have loved to have been the lead singer when I was in the band but I had no voice so I took up drumming instead because I thought it was sexy. Faced with the fact it was now lunch time and the show was scheduled for that evening, myself,Jimi and Jimi's wife carol started trying to get me at least to sing one song somewhat in tune so I could get the show underway,
by 7pm and after many, many disastrous attempts lot we eventually settled for Sugar Sugar by the Archie's to open the show. When we arrived at the venue (the equipment set up in the afternoon by the roadies) we explained to Graham that Laurie couldn't do it but I would try for FREE. He wasn't very happy but it was to late to cancel, the place was already heaving, I spent at least 10 minutes in the toilet to nervous to come out. Eventually I took to the stage and what ever happened during that evening the crowds loved it (I covered up my tuneless performance with comedy) Graham insisted in paying and wanting ME every Tuesday!!!
As word got out about the success of the Christopher Columbus shows and the mad presenter more venues along the Costa started to book us. One day whilst driving passed a large stand alone chines restaurant called Dragon D'Ora that had a small bar attached to it called the Roadrunner I decided to call in to see if I could sell them Wednesday night, now the only night we had free during the week. Luckily the owner a bigger than life Belgian with his handlebar mustache and huge cigar was working in the office. I introduced myself and tried to sell him the idea of putting me on on Wednesdays, he had never heard of Karaoke but said he would give it a go but said he would only pay me 25% of what ever drink we sell. the first Wednesday I earned 6 Euros!! Rudy added a Chines Buffet and the Wednesday night shows started to take off and so did the money. Within a few months there was queues waiting to get into the show. One day Rudy called me and asked me how I felt about him closing the large restaurant and knocking through from the Roadrunner bar to make one large 100+ seater show restaurant. I told him he was mad. Firstly it was the end of September secondly filling the Roadrunner was one thing but to try and fill the much bigger venue on a Wednesday night in winter with no tourists around would be all but impossible. Driving by the roadrunner a few days later I spotted a builders rubbish skip and a few vans outside, I called in and there was big Rudy and a load of builders with Kango hammers battling their way through the walls into the restaurant intending to make it one huge venue!!!! I nearly collapsed, Rudy had a big smile on his face. " Don't worry" he said " all will be ready by next Wednesday" All I did was shake my head as I walked away worrying how we could get enough people in to make it look at least half busy!!! I hardly slept all that week. Finally Wednesday arrived and I made my way towards the now very large Rudy Roadrunner Show Restaurant. First thing I noticed were queues of cars parked all the way down the road leading to the Roadrunner ,
I remember thinking someone must be having a very large party in one of the large neighboring houses, not for a moment did I believe it was for my show. As I arrived in the car park I noticed the newly erected a large lit up sign with my photo on it announcing the show and throngs of people making their way into the venue!! I simply couldn't believe it! I quickly realised that Rudy had actually pulled it off, perhaps a couple of hundred packed into the restaurant and knee deep around the bar!!. I couldn't believe it. By 10 O'Clock I was back stage changed, ready and extremely nervous, all I could think was, 'what if they don't like my show, we will be empty every Wednesday from now on!!!. I always opened my show with Achy Break Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. The lighting and sound were outstanding. The crowed loved it. The atmosphere was electric. I loved it, it was like a dream come true. Rudy's Roadrunner became THE place to be on a Wednesday night for that day on. So popular was the show that I added my own dancers for the opening. Many celebrates began to turn up whilst visiting Marbella to get up on stage and join me like Lionel Blare (see photo), Faith Brown, Bonnie Langford (see photo), Mike McCartney, Peter Stringfellow even Eric Morcambe's widow and many famous footballers and show biz celebs would turn up on a Wednesday at Rudy's.
What the audience didn't know was that we used to rehearse every Wednesday afternoon. Each performance from Vaz (from Morocco, see photo) singing his comical version of Wild 'TING' which turned him into somewhat of a personality around Marbella as did the more mature Alma performing her off key operatic version of I Could Have Danced All Night (see photo) All was met with raptures applause. By this time I realised that I just didn't have the time or energy to do these type of shows 7 days per week as I was also on Radio Onda Cero every day, live on Malaga TV every Wednesday afternoon (no Sky in those days) and had Marbella Auctions on Sundays, so I stopped all Karaoke Shows only leaving the the hugely successful Wednesday night Show at Rudys Roadrunner.. I was to say the least a busy young man!!!! The show ran for many years (not sure how many I'm sure Rudy will ,let me know) But what a great time we all had with it.

Next week The Mandy Smith Story
Israel continues to contribute to our daily life whether it's through medicine, science or technology, in fact as your reading this YOU ARE using Israeli developed technology. Isn't sad that those of you out there who are not educated enough on the facts rather than fiction to know what Israel really contributes to our daily lives and sad to note those of you who spread such hatred towards Israel ignoring my posting on the real issues that threaten us in today's world, the action of Islamic Fundamentalists (see the posting immediately below)So if you are passion in really helping the word of hatred being spread against Israel stop for just one moment and consider what you are asking: You will need to stop using Israel developed Microsoft Windows operating system or just look at your computer now and you will see Intel Pentium Inside sign which tells you that it was developed in Israel.
Did you know that the miracle of instant messaging software was also developed in Israel along with PC anti-virus software or on Israel developments within your mobile phone or iPad. I would admire anyone who truly believes that Israel should be boycotted and did so properly instead of the usual boycotting by boycotting items you don't use anyway.Close your computer now and your mobile phone to show you are not some armchair bullshitter. Remember Facebook and Blogger are also developed by Israeli supporting Jews. Did you know that Israel has developed radiation free breast cancer diagnostic test? So if your wife,daughter or any member of your family need an urgent breast cancer scan are you going to be stupid enough to say NO if its developed in Israeli? I don't think so! One of their latest successes is the Gut-Cam this amazing pill that is a camera that shows the doctor where your problem is rather than having to use surgery!!! or the Israel developed Drip
Irrigation technology now being used to help feed the third world. Now ask your self this. Do you
really feel passionate enough to truly boycott Israel or do you think by bringing Israel to its knees could destroy is hugely important development in medicine, science and technology? Just this about it that's all I ask.

Israel has just announced this new piece of mobile phone technology: One does not usually associate high-tech with the alleviation of anxiety, but PowerMat Technologies co-founder Israeli Ran Poliakine claims that his venture does just that.
“Imagine a world in which you didn’t have to worry about how and where to charge your mobile phones, laptops and tablets every time you left home,”

Now that you decided that you truly want to boycott Israel rather than bullshitting. I am willing to help you. Start of by reading this list GOOD LUCK

Thursday, 16 January 2014

This Is The Result Of Islam In Nigeria…Don’t Shrug This Off, Your Country Might Be Next

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


In my wildest imagination I could never have believed this report to be true but it’s a fact: King David, in Birmingham, is a state primary where the children learn Hebrew, recite Jewish prayers, eat kosher food and wave Israeli flags. So how come the majority of pupils are followers of Islam? Have a read that correctly??
At King David School there's a twist that gives it a claim to be one of the most extraordinary schools in the country: King David is a strictly Jewish school. Judaism is the only religion taught. There's a synagogue on site. The children learn modern Hebrew - Ivrit - the language of Israel. And they celebrate Israeli independence day.
But half the 247 pupils at the 40-year-old local authority-supported school are Muslim, and apparently the Muslim parents go through all sorts of hoops, including moving into the school's catchment area, to get their children into King David to learn Hebrew, wave Israeli flags on independence day and hang out with the people some would have us believe that they hate more than anyone in the world.
The Muslim parents, mostly devout and many of the women wearing the hijab, say they love the ethos of the school, and even the kosher school lunches, which are suitable because halal and kosher dietary rules are virtually identical. The school is also respectful to Islam, setting aside a prayer room for the children and supplying Muslim teachers during Ramadan. At Eid, the Muslim children are wished Eid Mubarak in assembly, and all year round, if they wish, can wear a kufi (hat). Amazingly, dozens of the Muslim children choose instead to wear the Jewish kipah.
Times being as they are, King David doesn't advertise its presence in a city where its pioneering multiculturalism could raise all kinds of unwelcome attention. There's a discreet signboard outside that reveals little about the school's unique nature. There are watchful video cameras high up on the walls, plus two electronic gates to pass through. Sadly, it is, to a significant extent, says Laurence Sharman, the (Christian) chairman of the PTA, "an undercover school".
The Muslim parents, however, are only too keen to talk in the playground about what might be seen by some in their communities as a controversial schooling decision.
"We actually bought a flat in the catchment area for the children to come here," says Nahid Shafiq, the mother of Zainah, four, and Hamza, nine, and wife of Mohammed, a taxi driver. "We were attracted by the high moral values of the school, and that's what we wanted our kids to have. None of us has any problem with it being a Jewish school. Why on earth should we? Our similarities as religions and cultures are far greater and more important than our differences. It's not even an issue.

Read the full story here

Monday, 13 January 2014

I was both horrified and sadden by the BBC3 program Orangutan Diary
Orangutan conservation is in crisis. The world’s forests are disappearing at the rate of one football-pitch per second to full fill the demand for Palm Oil and the UK is the second biggest importer of palm oil in Europe!!!

The population of Asia’s only great ape is in steep decline. Already facing a multitude of severe threats from illegal logging to the pet trade, the Orangutan is now facing a new enemy – one that may drive it to extinction. The enemy is palm oil and the corporations linked to the palm oil trade, which include over 500 UK companies.
Palm oil is one of the world’s most popular vegetable oils. It is used in thousands of everyday products, from margarine and bread to lipstick and soap, and is consumed by over a billion people around the world. In the UK it can be found in one in 10 supermarket products.
90 per cent of the world’s palm oil exports come from the oil palm plantations of Malaysia and Indonesia. Most of these plantations are on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. The very lowland forest that the oil palm industry favours for conversion is the only remaining
UK corporate irresponsibility
UK supermarkets all boast about their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes but not a single one can guarantee that its palm oil is not linked to the destruction of orang-utan
The failure by hundreds of UK companies to stop buying palm oil from destructive sources provides a powerful example of UK corporate irresponsibility. The Company Law Reform Bill is a unique opportunity that must not be missed to help stop UK corporations acting so destructively.
Research by Friends of the Earth and the world’s leading orang-utan conservation groups has found that: • Oil palm plantations have played a significant role in accelerating deforestation in Indonesia. • In Malaysia, the development of oil palm plantations was responsible for 87 per cent of deforestation between 1985 and 2000. • The palm oil industry has set up 6.5 million hectares of oil palm plantations across Sumatra and Borneo but is responsible for the destruction of 10 million hectares in total of rainforest, an area five times the size of Wales. • Oil palm plantations could be responsible for at least half of the observed reduction in orang-utan habitat in the decade between 1992 and 2003. • Almost 90 per cent of orang-utan habitat has now disappeared. Some orang-utan populations have been halved in the past 15 years and from a total remaining population of less than 60,000, up to 5,000 may be lost each year. If this rate of decline continues the orang-utan could be extinct within 12 year.
We must do all we can do to help the threat to this wonderful animal. I’ve looked up Google to see who we might get in touch with if we want to help and found Please do all you can. Thank you.

Above is a 2 minute video of Steve Leonard and the team at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation help Mama Abut and her baby, found starving in an oil palm plantation. With help from the foundation, both mother and baby are nursed back to health with the aim to release them back into their natural habitat. Great clip from series two of BBC natural history series Orangutan Diary.


Please read the little cartoon carefully, it's
powerful. Then read the comments at the end.

It is now 68 years after the Second World War in Europe ended..
IT'S IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER HOLOCAUST DAY IS NOT ONLY IN MEMORY SIX MILLION JEWS. It also is in memory 20 million Russians, the 10 million Christians and the 1,900 Catholic priests and the those that were gay who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated with the rest of the world looking the other way,,,,
Now, more than ever, with Iraq , Iran , and others, claiming the Holocaust to be "a myth," it's imperative to make sure the world never forgets, because there are others who would like to do it again.


Sunday, 12 January 2014

I've just run this quiz on my Facebook. Here are the answers

Something for seniors to do to keep those "aging" grey cells active!

1. Johnny 's mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was named May. What was the third child's name?
Answer: Johnny of course.

2. There is a clerk at the butcher shop, he is five feet ten inches tall, and he wears size 13 sneakers. What does he weigh?
Answer: Meat.

3. Before Mt. Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world?
Answer: Mt. Everest; it just wasn't discovered yet. [ You're not very good at this are you?]

4. How much dirt is there in a hole that measures two feet by three feet by four feet?
Answer: There is no dirt in a hole.

5. What word in the English Language is always spelled incorrectly?

6. Billy was born on December 28th, yet his birthday is always in the summer. How is this possible?
Answer: Billy lives in the Southern Hemisphere.

7. In California, you cannot take a picture of a man with a wooden leg. Why not?
Answer: You can't take pictures with a wooden leg. You need a camera to take pictures.

8. What was the President's Name in 1975?
Answer: Same as is it now - Barack Obama [Oh, come on ...]

9. If you were running a race, and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in now?
Answer: You would be in 2nd. Well, you passed the person in second place, not first.

10. Which is correct to say, "The yolk of the egg are white" or "The yolk of the egg is white"?
Answer: Neither, the yolk of the egg is yellow [Duh]

11. If a farmer has 5 haystacks in one field and 4 haystacks in the other field, how many haystacks would he have if he combined them all in another field?
Answer: One. If he combines all of his haystacks, they all become one big one.

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1) You can't count your hair.
2) You can't wash your eyes with soap.
3) You can't breathe through your nose when your tongue is out.
Put your tongue back in your mouth, you silly person.

Ten (10) Things I know about you.
1) You are reading this.
2) You are human.
3) You can't say the letter ''P'' without separating your lips.
4) You just attempted to do it.
6) You are laughing at yourself.
7) You have a smile on your face and you skipped No. 5.
8) You just checked to see if there is a No. 5.
9) You laugh at this because you are a fun loving person & everyone does it too.
10) You are probably going to send this to see who else falls for it.
You have received this e-mail because I didn't want to be alone in the idiot category

Who’s guiltier here?

I know the vast majority who know about this case and actually know who Tulisa Contostavlos (see photo) is will feel she’s just getting what she deserves. I’m not sure. I certainly agree that anyone caught selling drugs or any illegal substance should be arrested but I believe this case to be different. Tulisa first found fame with her group N-Dubz with her cousin Dappy (who is currently one of the Big Brother celebrity housemates) She became better known on main stream television where she was a judge in X Factor. She was officially dropped as a judge from the ITV show days before her arrest, with Sharon Osbourne returning to the show in her place. I believed taking out the young element on the judging panel and replacing it with a musically unintelligent 60+ year old grandmother was a huge mistake. Between Louis Walsh and herself they’re pushing 100 and it seems Simon Cowell doesn’t see it. But that is a whole different subject.
Contostavlos allegedly set up the transaction after telling Mr Mahmood, better known as ‘The fake sheik’ for his undercover work for the Sun Newspaper, that she could help provide him with ‘white sweets’, which is claimed to have been code for cocaine. Here’s the way I see it. Did the reporter not lie, is this not deception? Now let me give you an example. Lets say someone in the entertainment business was approached by a representative very famous singer who asked him if he could get her some drugs? Most of you will know, unless you’ve been living on the moon, that within the entertainment world this is as easy as requesting a cup of tea. Now if that representative happened to be an undercover reporter they will be caught like a fly in a spiders web and that folks is exactly what happened to Tulisa Contostavlos. So do you agree with this type entrapment where the Sun Newspaper is hoping for sensationalism at any cost.? I DON’T!!!!. Would Tulisa have agreed to introduce the person requesting drugs to her contact (who happens to also be in the entertainment world) if it was some kids who live on the street? I doubt it. Tulisa is a very wealthy young girl who was simply asked did she know anyone who could get him some drugs? I’m sure this is not an unusual request within the entertainment industry . My feeling is let these undercover reports keep up their good work in entrapping the evil within our society and stop wasting tax payers money. Personally I hope Tulisa is found not guilty and she gets the opportunity then go about getting back her career. This is my personal view agree or not agree with me that’s up to you. I want also to make it clear that I am anti drugs in any form.