Sunday, 17 November 2013

Local Costa del Sol resident Brett Rosandic posted this , this morning and I have to totally agree with him. I would like to add that as the world seems so mindset on calling for a boycott on Israeli goods sighting human rights abuses against Palestinians, it seems that China is OK!! After all can't we benefit by buying cheap goods in the Chinese supermarkets that have sprung up all over the costas? So, we might as well keep our mouths shut and wear blinkers so as not to be reminded to the human rights atrocities carried out daily in China!!
Here what Brett has to say: something that many people are not aware of is that Chinese owned and run businesses in many European countries including Spain are not paying any taxes or social security at the enormous cost to these governments . Unfair competition to many businesses has closed many small and larger companies creating an army of an employed people. Spain alone has lost billions of euros in potential taxes for the last 10 years. VENICE the major tourist attraction of the past that was filled with beautiful shops , boutiques and charming restaurants is now turned in to an awful Chinese junk goods filled streets and stinky Chinese restaurants. Just en example of how they operate. I originally come from Belgrade in Serbia. Few years back a large shopping mall opened and one of the shops was let to Chinese . They offered the same or similar goods sold by other shops in the mall. Consequently one by one shops started closing down only to be replaced by another Chinese shop. Ultimately it become a Chinese shopping mall. Now many shops within the radius of good few kilometres suffered the same and finally. a great many had to close down. With no competition our lovely Chinese friends have more doubled their prices for the junk they make and sell. People were left with no choice and quality products to buy government without revenue and hundreds of unemployed people and empty shop premises . Now how about that ?Absolute disaster. Christine Mayell posted: In France they bought up à local tomato factory where local growers used to take their produce to be turned into cannes tomatoes, sauces etc. Now the tomatoes are coming from China in container ships, how can this be economy ? Human rights defenders in China regularly face police harassment, house arrest, short-term detention, “reeducation through labor,” forcible commitment to psychiatric facilities, or imprisonment on criminal charges, often on state security or public order grounds. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo is serving an 11-year sentence in Heilongjiang province for incitement to subvert state power. His wife, Liu Xia, has been missing since December 2010. She is believed to be under house arrest in the capital Beijing to prevent her from campaigning on her husband’s behalf. Li Tie, a writer and dissident from Wuhan in Hubei province, was sentenced on January 18 to 10 years in prison for subversion. Li’s especially harsh sentence was the last of several given to several long-standing democracy activists in the wake of the Arab Spring. After a year in detention, veteran activists Ni Yulan and Dong Jiqin were sentenced on April 10 to two years and eight months, and two years respectively for “creating a disturbance.” An appeal court shortened Ni’s sentence by two months in July. STILL WANT TO BUY CHINESE GOODS???? YOU MIGHT ASK 'WHAT CAN YOU DO' ANSWER: DON'T BUY CHINESE GOODS

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