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After reading this headline today: 'Now Men Join Fake Tan Craze: A quarter of British males use body bronzing products'

I think its time for me to own up! I wear bronzing products and have done since I was a young teenager. I started after reading a autobiography by Arastotal Onassis where he said an all year round tan makes feel better and look healthier.
I never liked the pasty wax look!
'Quick Tans, as they were called, used to stink, streak and turned orange. They are a lot more sophisticated now a days. I my favorite is Fake Bake and have just tried a new product called Vita Liberata which claims that the tan will last up to 2 - 3 weeks!!! I will have to wait and see. Another excellent brand is St Tropez

Ahhh I feel better now I've come out.

Want to continue filling your hart with hate? Let me help you.

Know our enemy's. they are preachers of hate, expose them, let the world know this is not a religion of peace and love this is pure evil. : Extremist preacher linked to Lee Rigby killers justifies murder of women and children who oppose ISIS in chilling Facebook message
Omar Bakri Muhammad used Facebook to speak out against ISIS' enemies
Said it is sometimes necessary to kill women and children seeking shelter
He wrote that even though this was not usually permitted, he added: 'One must distinguish between killing women and children and the Mujahideen fighting the Kuffar (non-believers) wherever they find them, whether that be in a school or hospital or elsewhere.' KILL THEM, KILL THEM ALL!
He also added that the Mujahideen must kill people who do not believe in the extreme version of Islam, 'wherever they find them'.

NOTE I made a mistake yesterday in my posting that Egypt have destroyed 800 homes in Gaza they have , in fact, demolished over one thousand Palestinian homes driving a wedge between them and Egypt.

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Well, well well how do you lot of Israeli critics who spend your time knocking Israel handle this headline?...I suppose with silence as usual


This photograph shows the Egyptian army destroying 800 Palestinian homes

This report more or less hammers home my earlier posting that If, as the story goes, anti-Zionists are not anti-Semites and are only critical of the Israeli government, where is your outrage over Egypt’s expulsion of Gazans and destruction of their homes? So far, no foaming at the mouth from the same people who shed tears over the deaths of Palestinian terrorists. No condemnations, criticisms, UN investigations, emergency meetings of world leaders, speeches or statements of “concern” from Obama, Kerry or Psaki, no sad photos with pitiful looking children from major media outlets in the West. Granted, the BBC did cover the story, but the tone is far different than it would have been had the culprit been Israel, and the language more forgiving as it explains why Egypt needs a buffer zone from Hamas.

The New York Times demonstrated some sympathy to the Gazans, but not to the same degree as usual. In the very first sentence, an explanation is provided as to why people are being displaced with Egypt’s “…panicked effort to establish a buffer zone that officials hope will stop the influx of militants and weapons across the frontier.”

The BBC also has another article entitled, “Egypt ‘plans buffer’ in Sinai against Gaza smugglers,” pointing the finger at the smugglers right in the title, with the article providing the background of the 30 Egyptian soldiers recently killed and the numerous smuggling tunnels found. There are even some headlines expressing concern over Egyptian soldiers who were hurt due to explosives going off in the Gaza-Sinai buffer zone.

The world does not make a fuss over Palestinians dying in Syria either: Palestinian Death Toll in Syria Provokes- Nothing. Sure, Gazans are upset, but world outrage only comes when the Arab terrorists fighting against Israel and their own people they use as human shields are killed in the process of Israel defending itself, as any other nation would. Funny how that works.

This is the damage carried out by the Egyptian army in Gaza

More on the Egyptian demolition of homes on the Gazan side of the border:

Arutz Sheva:

The Egyptian army continues expelling Arab residents and detonating buildings in its destruction of the Gazan side of the Egyptian border as the world is notably silent, even as Egypt reveals it will not refrain from taking action against Muslim clerics as well.

The Egyptian Waqf (Islamic trust) announced it will dismiss and expel Muslim clerics if smuggling tunnels are found below the mosques in which they serve, reports the Egyptian news agency Aswat Masriya…

In short the Arabs hate the Palestinians a lot more than Israel who continue to deliver tons of food, medical and building supplies even after Hamas admitted concrete that was to be used to build new Palestinian homes was stolen to build their murderess tunnels.
It seems to me more people are interested in David Mellor's rant at a taxi driver than the slaughter of 81 people yesterday. He has been accused of a disgraceful outburst against a taxi driver after he was caught on tape calling him a 'sweaty, stupid little git' when he became furious at the route taken by the driver !!!

So why is this news only on page 10 of the British press? Gunmen set off three bombs and opened fire on worshipers at the central mosque in north Nigeria's biggest city Kano, killing dozens of people on Friday, witnesses and police said, in an attack that bore the hallmarks of Islamist Boko Haram militants.

At least 81 people were killed in the attack, sources from two hospitals visited by Reuters said.

Yet not a word from any social media. Which proves my point if Israel is not involved then these story's aren't worth telling. a SICK WORLD WE LIVE IN. I realise now this is not about caring about humans been killed these so called anti Israel brigade are hiding behind the real truth: They are pure and simple ANTI SEMITES.

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I hope that they are condemned by every honest living black person in America. It’s justifiable for a protest against the judgment that the cop who shot black 19 year old Michael Brown should not stand trial. The headlines read today said: 'Protests broke out across NINETY cities as thousands march in anger'. I think it should have read: 'Protests broke out across NINETY cities as thousands are filmed looting burning buildings and setting cars alight!' For those who believe that the verdict was unjust have every right to protest, but to protest peacefully and in a law abiding manner. For those of you have seen the disgraceful behaviour of these so called ‘protesters’ and agree with them I ask you one simple question “ What the fuck has looting and setting buildings on fire got to do with an honest to g-d protest?". I believe that the looters are just a mob of opportunists jumping on the bandwagon to rob and destroy everything they can lay their hands on; most of them couldn’t even name the black man shot by or the police officer’s!

What if it was a black policeman who shot a white kid? Read on: While national news media continue to focus on race in Ferguson, Missouri, where a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, they apparently don’t think a similar case in Utah with the races reversed is that newsworthy.
Police in Salt Lake City are continuing their probe into an Aug. 11 shooting outside a 7-Eleven convenience store, when a black police officer, whom local media are referring to as “not white,” shot and killed 20-year-old Dillon Taylor, who was unarmed at the time, according to his supporters.

BREAKING NEWS: A man has died during the Ferguson riots just yards from where Michael Brown was shot dead.
Residents on Canfield Drive said that DeAndre Joshua, 20, was shot whilst in his car though police at the scene refused to confirm any details.
DeAndre's grandmother Renita Towns said that 'somebody killed him' during the carnage.

I hope these ‘rioters’ are happy now and feel they’ve achieved something. In fact you know they have, another black kid will be buried tomorrow!


Whenever America finds itself in turmoil, Ted Nugent usually feels inclined to share his opinions with the world.

Here’s the lessons from Ferguson America- Don’t let your kids growup to be thugs who think they can steal, assault & attack cops as a way of life & badge of black (dis)honor. Don’t preach your racist bullsh*t “no justice no peace” as blabbered by Obama’s racist Czar Al Not So Sharpton & their black klansmen. When a cop tells you to get out of the middle of the street, obey him & don’t attack him as brainwashed by the gangsta a$sholes you hang with & look up to. It’s that simple unless you have no brains, no soul, no sense of decency whatsoever. And dont claim that “black lives matter” when you ignore the millions you abort & slaughter each & every day by other blacks. Those of us with a soul do indeed believe black lives matter, as all lives matter. So quit killin each other you f*ckin idiots. Drive safely.

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I've just been informed that someone has launched the Boland Fan Club. I want the T Shirt!

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WELL, WELL, WELL: So those who don't believe Jews has a historic right to Israel, I suppose you don't believe that the Muslims have a historic right to Spain?

Well I have a rude awakening to you home grown historians! Read on...

Muslim groups are demanding Spanish citizenship for potentially millions of descendants of Muslims who were expelled from Spain during the Middle Ages.
The growing clamor for “historical justice” comes after the recent approval of a law that would grant Spanish citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain in 1492.
Muslim supporters say they are entitled to the same rights and privileges as Jews because both groups were expelled from Spain under similar historical circumstances.But Jews are not blowing up trains in Madrid!

Muslims pray in Madrid

But historians point out that the Jewish presence in Spain predates the arrival of Christianity in the country and that their expulsion was a matter of bigotry. By contrast, the Muslims in Spain were colonial occupiers who called the territory Al-Andalus and imposed Arabic as the official language. Historians say their expulsion was a matter of decolonization.
In any event, the descendants of Muslims expelled from Spain are believed to number in the millions—possibly tens of millions—and most of them now live in North Africa. Observers say that by granting citizenship to all of them, Spain, virtually overnight, would end up with the largest Muslim population in the European Union.
Much of the Iberian Peninsula was occupied by Muslim conquerors known as the Moors from 711 until 1492, when the Moorish Kingdom of Granada surrendered to the Catholic Monarchs of Spain (Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon), in what is known as the Christian Reconquest.
But the final Muslim expulsion from Granada did not take place until over a century later, beginning in 1609, when King Philip III decreed the expulsion of the Moriscos.

The Association for the Historical Legacy of Al-Andalus, a group dedicated to reviving the memory of the Muslim presence in Spain, says the Spanish government should treat Muslims and Jews the same way. By failing to offer Spanish citizenship to both groups, Muslims would become victims of “selective racism,” said the president of the association, Bayib Loubaris.
Spain is unlikely to concede to these demands anytime soon. While few deny there are potentially millions of descendants of Moriscos living in North Africa today, the challenge lies in reconstructing reliable genealogies to determine legitimate heirs.

So there you have it. Lets pray the Islamic fundamentalists i.e ISIS etc dont see it that way. But do YOU see the real danger. Maybe not because it doesn't include Israel.


World Silent as Gazans Suffer Egyptian Expulsion! Gaza residents complain of constant explosions ‘worse than IDF op.’ as their homes are demolished, and local economy collapses. Not one word will be written or march organised in protest against this act by the Egyptian against innocent Palestinians. Why? Because its nothing to do with Israel!!!

Egyptians demolishing Palestinian homes

Residents in Gaza’s south, and particularly the Sinai border town of Rafah, are being expelled from their homes and having them demolished by dynamite and bulldozers – an expulsion world media has largely shied away from because it is being conducted by the Egyptian army.
The Egyptian expulsion to create a buffer zone follows lethal terrorist attacks on Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai last month, and the ensuing crackdown on smuggling tunnels from Gaza by which Hamas reportedly armed the attackers has already seen hundreds of homes destroyed.
“We are not psychologically ready for this,” 22-year-old university study Ahmed al-Afifi of Rafah told Al Jazeera. His home is 400 meters from theborder, meaning it is slated for demolition.
Egypt initially said it would wipe out all homes to a depth of 500 meters (over 1,640 feet) all along the 13 kilometer (over eight mile) border. On Tuesday, itdoubled that depth to 1 kilometer (0.62 miles).
Al-Afifi told the news site that the explosions of the demolition are greater than those heard in the IDF’s Operation Protective Edge to counter Hamas’s terror war, because the Egyptian explosions “are unexpected.”
The expulsion and destruction has also brought a heavy toll on the local economy, with Salah al-Manyarawi who works in Rafah’s al-Zahraa cosmetic shop complaining “people stopped buying our products.

"So why not support the Palestinians in Egypt or do we need Israel involved to get your support?"


Reuters Report: Nearly 10,000 terror attacks in 2013 around the world…guess how many were committed by that peaceful religion we all know and love

Terrorist killings have risen almost five fold since 9/11, despite US-led global efforts to control the scourge, according to a report published on Tuesday.
The number of deaths from terrorism increased by 61% between 2012 and 2013. In all, there were nearly 10,000 terrorist attacks in 2013, a 44% increase from the previous year, the Global Terrorism Index 2014 report said. This is a jump of about 60% over the previous year. Four groups were responsible for most of them: Islamic State (Isis) in Iraq and Syria; Boko Haram in Nigeria; the Taliban in Afghanistan; and al-Qaida in various parts of the world.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Four worshippers killed in a 'cowardly terrorist attack' on Jerusalem synagogue by two men armed with knives, axes and guns

The scum cowards are at it again trying to egg on Israel to respond and this time I fear they will succeed

Hamas are continuing to invite Israel to respond and this time I believe they will succeed. What else are they hoping to achieve? Two Palestinian terrorists, armed with a gun and axes, attacked worshipers after entering a synagogue on Agasi Street in the capital's Har Nof neighborhood. Two police officers quickly arrived to the scene and exchanged fire with the suspects, killing them. At least four Israelis died in this cowardly act. The attack marks the latest incident in a flare of violence that has surged over the past few weeks in Jerusalem. This follows last week stabbing attack by a Palestinian in Tel Aviv and and the murder of a young child by a Palestinian driver who like the coward he was drove into a crowd of innocent Israelis killing and injuring as was his only intention.


Egypt have just announced that not only will it keep all boarders into Gaza closed and that they are going to extend the depth of a security buffer zone it is clearing on its border with the Gaza Strip after some of the worst anti-state violence since President Mohamed Morsi was overthrown last year. The only entrance into Gaza is through Israel were tons of food and
medical supplies (250 tons) are delivered weekly. Israel hospitals continue to treat Palestinians free of charge Egypt as ALL other middle eastern countries refuse to treat Palestinians.

So the anti Israeli brigade can dust down their banners and get ready to march again blaming Israel for this latest attack and why is going to be the inevitable response.

Latest news: It was suicide. Reuters:

It's been reported that the family of the hanged bus driver have given their consent and cooperation for the man's body was set to undergo an autopsy at the Abu Kabir forensics lab in Tel Aviv. The family now agree that the drive did in fact commit suicide

"The family is with police and is being updated on all the details," police said.

The police called on the Palestinian and Arab leadership to show responsibility and only listen to official updates on the case.

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The running total so far (and still counting) for tonight's Cudeca Gala has reached 23,000 Euro. This is an amazing amount and the most raised for Cudeca in a single 4 hour period since the last time I hosted the Telethone 4 years ago. A big thank you to all you gave so generously....

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sitting at home this Sunday afternoon at 13:42 approx 6 hour before I take to the stage, yet again, to host a charity gala wondering will this really be my last, will I really hang up the mic once and for all. Mind you I’ve thought that a few times over the last few years after spending almost 20 years raising money for one charity or another it’s perhaps time to bring down the curtain on my charity career for a final time? I have turned down many invitations this year to host various events but as most of you know I’ve changed the course of my life and seem to be working harder than ever leaving little or no time for charity work. I still feel selfish for turning down these offers and humbled that I’m still invited after all these years but I have to prioritise and unfortunately charity work must take second place. So again I’m thinking will this be my last? Perhaps. So I’ve been reflecting and looking back over the years remembering some of the highs and thankfully very few lows during the course of my charity work.

It all happened back in late 1999 when I received a call from Joan Hunt the founder of Cudeca she was forthright and straight to the point saying she was desperately in need of funds to pay the builder before he would start putting the roof on the hospice (the first in Spain) At the time my radio show on Onda Cero International was drawing in huge audiences and she wanted me to come up with an idea to help her raise this much needed finance and quickly!!! ‘How much do you need I asked?
Without taking a breath she replied: ‘10 million (60,000 Euro)!
10 million!’ I screamed, ‘How in the name of bejesus can I raise that?’ One must remember back in the ‘90’s the average amount of many raised at charity events would possibly be tops 500,000 PTS and her is this woman I had never met asking me to find 10 million!
You said it was urgent, when do you need this by?
A month!’ she exclaimed.

This was impossible I thought but I said I’d get back to her. So I set about planning a campaign to see if there was any possibility to get even close to that amount. I named the campaign ‘Raise The Roof for Cudeca’. I then put on my Sir Bob Gildof hat and called my good friend and genius music producer Paul Sadowski asking him to write and produce a song encumbering the title Raise The Roof For Cudeca’. This took a little convincing at the time because as always Paul was up to his eyes, he eventually agreed and said who should be able to start after Christmas (about two months away!)
'But, Paul I need it within the next 4 weeks written, recorded and pressed ready to go to market!’ I tentatively requested. Reviving him after he fainted he told me I was out of my fucking mind. ‘Impossible!’ he yelled. But four weeks later and with the stunning voice of San Pedro born and good friend Maite joined by the children from Stagecoach school this is what he produced...Amazing

I then started to plan the running of the campaign. Firstly I planed a grand Gala evening to end the 4 weeks . I persuaded the late Max Bygraves, who I casually met in a Puerto Banus restaurant, to star at the fund raising Gala which I planned to stage at Marbella’s 5 star Guadlamina hotel.

Among a host of other artists, who had offered their time for free, were Mr Lonnie Donegan and Jackie Travis.

Thankfully things were beginning to gather momentum at a pace and it seemed that the whole Costa del Sol was talking about and getting into the spirit of helping to Raise The Roof. Various radio stations also put aside any differences that they might have had as competitors by agreeing throughout the day to announce various ways that their listeners could get involved and help. I had roped in many golf clubs, tennis clubs bowels clubs to have tournaments throughout the Raise The Roof 4 week period. Restaurants and bars were also getting into the spirit and promised various fund raising events.

I then did something that I was criticized innately for; I called Joan with what some might think a very odd request, I asked her could she get me a terminally ill patient to record a radio advertisement as a promotion for the Raise the Roof campaign. Joan being Joan didn’t even question my request and within 24 hours I had what I wanted down on tape. I know it upset some of the listeners and maybe I can understand how some people listening to a dying woman making a plea for funds etc was distasteful but personally I didn’t care all I was focused on was raising as close to the 10 million as possible!

At the time of the Raise the Roof campaign my radio show was sponsored by the Club La Costa Resort. The owner Roy Peires was also a personal friend of mine, so I decided that I would go along to his headquarters to see if he might make a generous donation towards the building fund . Driving there I was trying to work out how much I would ask him for, because if I asked for too much he might say no and if I asked for too little I might be missing out on an opportunity to get more. So I settled in my mind for 1 million PTS (6,000 Euro). I know it’s a lot but CLC was doing phenomenally well and I knew Roy to be extremely generous when it came to charity.
We settled down to lunch at one of the many restaurants on the resort. As we were chatting about various things happening on the Costa etc, all I could think of was should I ask him now, no maybe wait another 5 mins Throughout lunch it was hard to concentrate on our conversation because all that was going through my mind was; ‘will or will I not, is the time right now, no wait not now?’ Time was running out as we were already on coffee and Roy started to look at his watch, so I brought up the subject of Cudeca and the challenge before me to raise the money for the roof. Roy asked casually: “How much do you want?” It’s now or never I thought; “10 MILLION!” SHIT! I thought, why did I say that? I was meant to say 1 million, now he’ll think I’m being ridicules or worse greedy! Before I could correct my stupid slip of the tongue Roy looked me straight in the eye and said:“Okay, you can have it. I’ll send you a fax in a day or two confirming, if that’s okay?” He then excused himself as he was late for a meeting and left me sitting there speechless. ‘The Man from Club La Costa said YES!’

I decided that I was going to tell no one about Roy’s phenomenal donation not even Joan Hunt as I wanted to keep people motivated to continue raising funds . I planned not to announce the 10 million donation until the end of the Gala evening.

The 4 weeks were now up and the gala evening was underway, I knew that I had achieved my goal of raising the 10 million
So how much more did the Raise the Roof campaign finally make? Part of my master plan was that we would call around all the clubs, restaurants, bars etc who were fund raising throughout the 4 weeks so that they could report their final totals, as these were handed to me i read them out (a bit like children in need)

The Gala was a total sell out. every table was taken. Lonnie Donegan brought his young son Peter along to join him on stage singing ‘My Old Man’s A Dustman.’ Jacky Travis appearance took the house down with her rendition of Hello Dolly and Max Bygraves had the crowed, that numbered over 350, singing along with Tulips From Amsterdam. All and all the entertainment was first class that night. The auction went extremely well and saw my wife Wendy modelling a stunning fur coat that was part of the auction items (See photo of Wendy modelling). As I said throughout the evening reports of great fund raising success were being telephoned in and then passed to me on stage for me to announce each amount was greeted by enthusiastic applause.
Eventually, as the spectacular evening was drawing to a close, the time had arrived for the raising of a giant cheque waiting back stage for the final amount to be written on it. I hadn’t a clue what the total was but I was hoping that it would be around 5 million. Remember I still hadn’t told anyone about the fax for 10 million from Club La Costa burning a hole in my pocket. As the giant check was hoisted slowly above the stage accompanied by Mayte and the children from Stagecoach each caring a burning candle singing Raise The Roof For Cudeca. I was astonished to see it didn’t have 5 million written on it but a grand total of 20 million pesetas in big bold letters on it. The ballroom in unison jumped to their feet yelling, cheering and applauding Id never heard anything like it the noise was deafening! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Eventually when the applause subsided and I called Joan Hunt on stage to allow one of the children to present her with a bouquet of flours and allow her to address the tear-filled room. My big moment had finally arrived for me to read the fax from CLC letting Joan and the audience know about Roy Peries’s donation of 10 million PTS and that the total NOW in fact reached 30 MILLION!(180,000 Euros). At that point the place went insane; tears flowed freely as the audience started to hug each other all joining in on the chorus of Raise The Roof For Cudeca.

This Photo of Joan shows the actual moment of her holding THE 10 million peseta fax I had just read and then handed it to her

That evening 'WE..... Raised the Roof for Cudeca'. We had done it!

A total of 30 million was raised during that unbelievable 4 weeks thanks to the people of our beautiful Costa Del Sol. Even to this day every time I think back to what happened I still believe it to have been nothing short of a miracle!

So that’s how my road to charity work began and continued over the years allowing me to raise in excess of 2 million Euros for various charities by introducing
celebratory charity golf events including John Lodge from the Moody Blues to put his name to the golf tournaments who was joined by a host of stars from UK including the likes of Jasper Carrot, Robert Powel (Jesus himself!) Dennis Waterman, Rick Wakeman and Many international sports stars including Sir Henry Cooper, Alan Ball etc I introduced The WOW Factor (similar to the UK's X Factor) again for charity and The Radio Telethon, I staged shows by bringing bands like Kool and the Gang, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, The Bootleg Beatles and Bjorn Again( Abba tribute Band ) All culminating in me being awarded the Bronze medal from The Spanish Red Cross in recognition for my charity work over the years.
So here I am about to leave for a rehearsal for tonight’s show wondering will this be the last time I put on one of my infamous stage jackets (see photo). We will just have to wait and see.

And what about the critics? What about the critics! 'They are just a sad lot of losers the same the world over who are eaten up by
jealousy so all they can they do to justify their reasoning is try to bad mouth you hoping to pull you down to their level...It never works. Forget them as I did


The International statistic Bureau have released the staggering figures: “Some 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, or 0.3 percent, died during the sixty years of fighting Israel, or just 1 out of every 315 Muslim fatalities. In contrast, over 90 percent of the 11 million who perished were killed by fellow Muslims.”

Have you opened your eyes to this extraordinary statistic that's 11 million Muslims murdered and Israel is accountable for just 0.3 percent and that only comes about after Israel is attacked. That equates to approx 10.700 millions of innocent Muslims that are violently killed are simply murdered, beheaded, stoned to death or hanged simply because they broke some prehistoric Islamic rule. But yet the world shows no interest in these figures it's only when a Muslim is killed by an Israeli that the hate squad start whinging. INCREDIBLE!!! Case example: Well over 100,000 Muslims have perished in Syria over the laast year or two and those are the ones we know about and all you see is 'Oh dear an Israeli has locked up a stone throwing Palestinian' or 'Israeli solder shoots a Palestinian driving a car into a crowed murdering a child' or very important 'Israeli solders bulldoze poor Palestinian homes forgetting of course to mention that Israeli has warned any terrorist caught in that act of sabotage against Israel will have his family house destroyed!'

Warning after warnings have been issued apropos the lies and miss reporting which comes out of Iranian owned Press TV which has been banned from almost every non Muslim country including UK, most of Europe and the USA and yet there still are those poor blinded idiots that believe the statements that are put out. Remember Press TV is owned by Iran.

On April 3rd, 2012, Munich-based media regulator Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien (BLM), announced it was removing Press TV from the SES Astra satellite, as they did not have a licence to broadcast in Europe. However, the channel's legal team submitted documents to the court that proved Press TV could broadcast under German law. An administrative court in Germany accepted Press TV's argument and the legal procedures began. Munich's Administrative Court announced on Friday 15 June that the ban was legal therefore removing the channel. Recently (September 2012), the channel has again been unavailable on Astra 19.2E. An information screen is displayed.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Times London November 15th. 14:25 BREAKING NEWS

"Findings show that Israel went to extraordinary lengths to avoid collateral damage and civilian casualties and loss of life." Gen Martin Dempsey

After the discovery that Hamas had inn fact killed many children and used video of children killed in Syria convincing the world that it was Israel who were to blame for the deaths and last weeks disclosure that Hamas were now attacking Palestinian leaders (Fata) homes on the Left Bank blaming ISIS this latest report released by the United Nations Fact Finding Discovery Team from U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey participating in a discussion at the Carnegie Council for Ethics was asked to assess “the ethical conduct” of the IDF during Operation Protective Edge. he gave the IDF very good grades. This is what hew had to report .....

I look forward to hearing what the Israel hate crew have to say about thinks report but I suppose I can almost preempt what this lot of uneducated idiots will say: 'Ah but he's American so what do you expect etc etc...'.This of course is the usual fail safe tactic these idiots use, never giving answers just excuses.
So proud of me ould Irish mate Sir Bob (The Irish do it again)

Bob Geldof and Midge Ure have announced that some of today s biggest chart stars will help raise money to fight the spread of Ebola in West Africa, by recording a new version of Do They Know It s Christmas?
Bob Geldof and Midge Ure have announced that some of today s biggest chart stars will help raise money

When the song was originally released 30 years ago, a number of today's biggest pop acts weren't even born. But Bob Geldolf openly welcomed in the likes of Rita Ora (top right) and pop heart-throbs One Direction (Harry Styles, top centre) as he re-recorded his classic charity track Do They Know It's Christmas? in London on Saturday. Geldof (pictured main with co-writer Midge Ure) was among the first to arrive, looking upbeat as he made his way into Notting Hill's Sarm Studios ahead of Ellie Goulding (bottom centre) and Coldplay's Chris Martin (bottom right). Starbucks drinks that were delivered to the studio in crates (inset top) kept the stars energise as they record the track, set to be released on Monday.



An Israeli bio pharmaceutical company said that it has the resources to produce ZMapp – the drug that can potentially cure Ebola.

The death toll from the Ebola epidemic has climbed above 2,000, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said Friday, as it voiced hopes a vaccine could be available in November.

However, supplies of experimental medicines — including the prototype drug ZMapp — are limited, and “will not be sufficient for several months to come,” the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned Friday.

Protalix, an Israeli bio pharmaceutical company, said that it has the resources to produce the coveted ZMapp, which has recently run out, Israeli site The Times of Israel, citing Channel 2 TV‘s report, said Sunday.

Thank you Israel for the following.....

Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation – a notation system for recording movement on paper that has been used in many fields, including dance, physical therapy, animal behavior and early diagnosis of autism.

Development of Azilect, a drug for Parkinson's disease, by Moussa Youdim and John Finberg from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, and commercialized by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

Development of the Copaxone immunomodulator drug for treating multiple sclerosis. It was developed in the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel by Michael Sela, Ruth Arnon and Deborah Teitelbaum.[16][17]

Development of the Interferon proteins by Michel Revel from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.[

Development of taliglucerase alfa (Elelyso), a recombinant glucocerebrosidase enzyme produced from transgenic carrot cell cultures.[19] Taliglucerase alfa won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2012 as an orphan drug for the treatment of Type 1 Gaucher's disease.

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Tomorrow at 3:00, Jews and Arabs in Wadi Ara will join together in solidarity at a peace vigil organized by Awareness 4 U - Min Ajliki..
Demonstrations like this pave a path towards a future marked by equality instead of hatred.
"In light of the recent deterioration, we feel that we have to do something. We will continue to join hands – Jews and Arabs: together we can maintain the fabric of our lives, together we can strengthen the way of dialogue and partnership, together we can protect our democracy. All of us – Jews and Arabs, equal citizens before the law – condemn the killing, and support a return to optimism and hope."

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Cudeca's Gala this Sunday the 16th at the stunning setting of Villa Tiberio. A big thank you to my great friend Peter Stringfellow for donating dinner for four and two bottles of Moet Chandon at his club in London. Also, as always, a huge thanks to Paul Yaffe for donating a private sitting for his highly acclaimed Fusion Art photo shoot worth 1,625,00 Euro! So now it's your turn to help Cudeca. For just 75 Euro you will get a sumptuous 3 course dinner and be entertained by some of the coasts top entertainers, including Mel Williams, Ricky Lavazza, Zoe Hughes and Helena Paul among the artists appearing. Book your place for this important gala as Cudeca desperately need your help by calling 952 771799. Do it now and make this your Christmas charity contribution.

Thank you Maurice

Arafat's widow says armed struggle will lead nowhere | The Times of Israel

Well Well, Well!!! What next?

Arafat's widow says armed struggle will lead nowhere | The Times of Israel

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THIS EVENINGS BREAKING NEWS: Israel sending Ebola field hospital and staff to Africa

The delivery, which is expected to be shipped from Israel to Sierra Leon, Liberia and Guinea, includes six cargo containers of specialist equipment to set up the hospital

Final preparations are underway in the Israeli city of Ashdod on Tuesday as authorities prepared to send equipment and medical supplies to West African nations worst-affected by Ebola.

The delivery, which is expected to be shipped from Israel on Friday to Sierra Leon, Liberia and Guinea, includes six cargo containers of specialist equipment to set up portable field hospitals.

"Each clinic consists of 20 beds and it's a fully equipped clinic with beds, and with carts and treatment carts and oxygen and certain medications and protection gear," Gil Heskel, the head of Mashav, Israel's Agency for International Aid and Development in the Foreign Ministry told Reuters.

He added that Israel would send staff to constructs the clinics.

"We are donating these clinics to the three governments. In addition we are putting in touch Israeli NGO's with the local governments in order for them to send Israeli volunteers, medical staff, doctors, paramedics and nurses from Israel," he said.
Heskel said it could take up to 40 days for the containers to reach West Africa.

Each country will receive two containers of equipment.

Further aid will also be distributed to Cameroon and the Ivory Coast in an attempt to stop the disease spreading further.
The cost of the operation totals 1.2 million NIS ($314,466 USD) the Israeli Minister said.

Ebola has killed more than 4,950 people since it broke out in West Africa earlier this year, according to the World Health Organization. The bulk of the cases and deaths have come in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.


Its incredible that such a tiny country a country that If you wanted to run Israel’s width , you could do it in under two hours and yet this tiny country is sending aid again to help a country struck down by tragedy while oil rich Arab countries yet again refuse to help ,...



1. Israel knows she is surrounded by enemies who outnumber her by 50:1 and who have much more resources including oil. So the only way not to be defeated and annihilated is to maintain the tecnological gap . This is exactly what Israel is doing.
Israel spends about 5% of its GDP on R&D, the highest among OECD countries including Japan, and more than double the OECD average of 2.3%.
2. Israel concetrates the efforts on those types of military equipment and arms where she is very strong, like UAV, tanks, electonic military devices, light arms. Exporting them, Israel gets the money to buy those items where she is not at the best- world level, like military jets, artillery and some kinds of munitions.
3. Israeli soldiers get a very good training, and they are constantly in action, which gives them an ample combat experience.
4. Israel has a very flexible and modern military tactic, and also the necessary instuments to apply all the necessary components of this tactic on the battle field.
5. Israel has one of the strongest Intelligence in the world, and the constant and fierce competition between Mossad, Shabak and Aman makes the Israeli Intelligence as a whole even stronger.

Well, there are also many other reasons( it would take about 10 pages more on my blog to describe them all), but these five points are the most important


Sunday, 9 November 2014

During a heated discussion the other day someone asked me did I see what that silly lady wrote about Israel on her Facebook the other day? I told him I haven't read her Facebook for the last 6 months as she just takes any Arab or Israel hating propaganda as fact then copies and pastes it on her Facebook without checking the facts. So annoying and wound up did I get I made a promise to myself to stop reading any Facebook or Blog that was anti Semitic, anti Zionist and Anti Israel because 90% had no bases on fact but just copied from journalists that themselves have all been shown up in time as idiots.

One of the group then asked me did Israel have a right to even be a country and had they not stole the land from the Palestinians? This was a normal question which I have fielded many times.

"Who are the Palestinians?" I asked (As your reading this you should answer these questions)
"Who led the Palestinians before Arafat?" He didn't reply (could you)
" What was the Palestinian currency before '67?" He just hunched his shoulders he nor anyone else could answer (certainly you couldn't)
"Is there any such language as Palestinian, like Egyptian, Iranian, Syrian etc?" Still no answer. (did you have one? No I thought not because there is no answer to these questions)
One of the women asked: “Do the Jews even have a right to be in the Middle East at all? Wasn’t there a group of indigenous people called the Palestinians, living there since the beginning of measured history? Didn’t Jews arrive after World War Two and conquer land that did not belong to them?

So I proceeded to tell the group the facts about the 'Palestinians' and the land Israel was meant to have stolen.
Early settlers begin to toil the barren land.

The Jews lived in that land since the time of Moses and despite some upsets from the Assyrians and Babylonians, remained in the land for many centuries until the Romans displaced them. Prince Titus destroyed the temple in 70 AD. Then in the second century, Emperor Hadrian crushed a new Jewish rebellion. This time, many of the Jews were banished and others were made slaves of the Romans.

A small number of Jews did stay in the land and remained there right up through the twentieth century. However, the name of the land at this time was changed because Hadrian wanted to destroy Jewish identity. He renamed the land “Syria-Palestinia.” Palestinia was a Latin version of the word Philistine, an ancient enemy of the Jews who were now extinct as a people.

Hadrian was deliberately insulting the Jews.

There has never been a country called Palestine. This was a nickname for the Holy Land under the Romans. The people who today call themselves Palestinians are Arabs and they referred to themselves as Arabs for centuries until they were dubbed “Palestinians” as a publicity ploy by the terrorist and founder of the PLO, Yassir Arafat, who himself did not use the title “Palestinian” until after the year 1964

Even if this is true, well then, OK. These Arabs lived in the land for centuries.” She said

"In ancient times Arabs could be found in many places but they did not occupy the Holy Land in any significant number until after the time of Mohammad and the spread of Islam. Muslims conquered the land from the Byzantine Church (remnants of the converted, Roman Empire.)

Through the years, with Crusades and other wars, the land switched ownership back and forth between the Catholic Church and the Muslims. Eventually it fell into the hands of another Muslim empire, the Ottomans. After defeating the Ottomans in World War One, the Middle East found itself under the domain of Great Britain. Even though the Middle East became a prize of the British Empire, England had neither the desire nor ability to run that region of the world forever.

For this reason, they began working to create a series of new states in which the Arabs (who had helped them defeat the Ottoman Empire) could administer their own affairs. Although the term “Arabia” was already a general description for a large part of this area, many of the Middle East countries we know of today did not officially become independent nations until the British occupation and subsequent withdrawal from this turbulent region of the world.

While working to create new, multiple states, Great Britain (with the cooperation of the League of Nations, an early prototype of the United Nations) decided they would also offer an opportunity for Jews all over the world to return to their homeland. This invitation was called the Balfour Declaration. Needless to say, grateful Jews responded with terrific enthusiasm.

Indeed, many children of Abraham did migrate from Russia, Western Europe, and other corners of the globe where they had lived for some two thousand years in ghettos at the mercy of pogroms or harsh policies of Ant-Semitic governments. A homeland of their own had been a hopeful vision to the Jews for two millennia. The most familiar Jewish toast (common at Passover celebrations) said “Next year in Jerusalem.

Ironically, it was after Jewish business created a surplus of jobs that Arabs flooded into the territory in mass, creating a situation where the Arabs greatly outnumbered the Jews. In paradoxical fashion, the British, after inviting the Jews to return, sold over 75 percent of Palestine to the Arabs, creating a new country called Trans-Jordan.

This is an extremely important and seldom taught fact.
Please catch this: 75 percent of what had been offered to the Jews was sold behind their backs to the Arabs instead!

Not only were the Arabs offered a “separate Palestinian state,” long ago, but they have been living in one since the early part of the Twentieth Century. It’s called Jordan, a country three times the size of what remained for the Jews. The Jews accepted this betrayal, only because they had no choice.

But the Arabs didn’t want the Jews to have even a sliver and fresh controversy broke out over what to do with the remaining 25 percent. To appease the Arabs, the United Nations voted to divvy up the remaining 25 percent between the Jews and the Arabs. The Jews accepted this partition. The Arabs did not.

After the partition vote from the United Nations, Israel declared its Independence on May 14, 1948. One day later, five Arab armies invaded Israel from Egypt, Tran Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. Important Note: This war had nothing to do with allowing a two state solution. Indeed, the Arabs waged war because they were rejecting a two state solution. Their stated goal was the complete extermination of Israel!

From Abid Saud King of Saudi Arabia 1947:

There are fifty million Arabs. What does it matter if we lose ten million people to kill all of the Jews. The price is worth it.”

From Azam Pasha, Secretary General of the Arabs League 1947:

This will be a war of extermination and momentous massacre, which will be spoken of like the Mongolian Massacres.”

From Haj Amin El Hussein Mufti of Jerusalem 1947

I declare a holy war my Moslem brothers. Murder the Jews! Murder them all!”

Jews pleaded with Palestinian Arabs to remain in their homes. Although many of the Arabs did flee or join the invading armies, a considerable portion of Arabs remained in Israel. This interesting fact is seldom discussed. About 300,000 Arabs fled Israel and about 160,000 remained. Today Israel still contains a vital Arab population and these Arabs have more rights in Israel than any other Arab in any Arab country. In fact, shortly before Yassir Arafat’s death, when there was talk (once again) under the Bush administration, of a “separate Palestinian state” the Arab citizens in Israel were asked if they wanted to move, renouncing their Israeli citizenship, and live in the Palestine sector.

Guess what they decided!

Some of them probably fell on the floor laughing before saying to the Israeli government, “Oh, I’m sorry. You were serious.”

Moshe Dyan (eith his famouse eye patch) marching victories after defeating the Arabs during the Six Day War, a
miracle in it's self, a war Israel on paper could never win, out numbered by multi millions of Arabs but they not only won but won in SIX DAYS!!!

In 1948, when Israel beat the odds and defeated five invading nations, the problem of refugees came up. We always hear about the Arab refugees from Israel. But they were not the only refugees. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were kicked out of Arab lands too. All of the Jewish refugees were welcomed into Israel where as Arabs who wanted to resettle in Arab countries were (for the most part) denied admission. Jordan was an exception but even in Jordan most of the refugees were confined to camps.

They lived in that condition all the way up to 1967, when Israel annexed Jordan’s West Bank.

Prior to 1967 there was no significant ongoing discussion amongst the countries of the world regarding Jordan’s treatment of the “poor Palestinians.”

On December 11, 1948, the United Nations drafted and ratified Resolution 194. This was a call for the Arab states and Israel to resolve the refugee/resettlement issues but the condition was that all returning citizens would agree to live in peace. Receiving no such guarantee from the Arabs, Israel decided to postpone repatriation until her neighbors would recognize her right to exist.

In 1967, nine different nations (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq), declared war on Israel and promised to exterminate every Jew.

Egypt is ready to plunge into a total war that will be the end of Israel” (Radio Cairo, May 17, 1967).

Surprising the world with a preemptive strike, Israel defeated the Arabs in just six days. At that time, their territory was expanded to the West Bank, the Golan Heights, the Gaza strip, the Sinai, and the remainder of Jerusalem (half of which had been taken over by Jordan after the 1947 war.) This territory is frequently referred to as a part of Israel’s “illegal occupation.

"I hate that term and argue against it for the following reasons: When we think of occupying countries, what usually comes to mind is an aggressive empire seeking to conquer and expand, not a tiny little nation that expanded its borders only as a means of survival, to prevent her untrustworthy neighbors from attacking again. Most of this land had been legally offered to Israel in the Balfour Declaration anyway, before Great Britain sold it behind Israel’s back"

So ask me again "Who are the Palestinians and where did they come from?, Rockets have been firing into Israel since 2005, as a gesture of thanks when Israel abandoned the Gaza strip turning it entirely over to the Palestinians. Those who feel that all hostilities will cease if Israel simply gives back “all occupied territory” should keep the example of Gaza in mind. Hamas does not recognize Israel’s right to exist. Neither does the Palestinian charter. The return of land makes no difference whatsoever. Very few people today seem to understand this strange phenomenon between the Israelis and Palestinians.

the name of the land at this time was changed because Hadrian wanted to destroy Jewish identity. He renamed the land “Syria-Palestinia.” Palestinia was a Latin version of the word Philistine, an ancient enemy of the Jews who were now extinct as a people.
The bare basics:
There is no Palestinian culture, language, nor cuisine. There has never been a land called "Palestine" ruled by "Palestinians." (FYI, Philistines were Greek and they ate pork. Delilah and Goliath were Philistines. Philistines died out.) There has never been a Palestinian president or Prime Minister or government or military. This whole notion of there being a Palestine is a recent and false invention, based on lies and violence, with NO intention for peaceful co-existence with Israel, or any other nation who won't kowtow to them. Since the 1880's, it was the Jewish pioneers who began to redeem the land, Israel, from wilderness. Only thereafter, did the Arabs come from other lands to benefit from what the Jews built and try to take it away from them. If anyone really wants peace with Israel, they MUST recognize Israel's existence, and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which it is. The fact that foreign governments, INCLUDING THE U.S., do not do so, ensures continued war by the Arabs and the destruction of Israel.

So there you have it..I know some of you are now going to be highly disappointed and are beginning to realise how wrong you've got it. But live with it, it's a fact!! Israel and it's economy continues to grow from strength to strength. Its armed forces and air force continue to be one of the best in the world. Israel will never stop defending itself from their enemy and I should think you must by now agree with that.

FROM THIS........