Wednesday, 13 November 2013

ITV newsreader who suffered racist abuse for refusing to wear a poppy on air.
Charlene White of ITV News London says she supports Poppy Appeal but does not want to show bias to any one charity in public. She received a torrent of online abuse following Armistice Day broadcast. Hit back at her critics saying freedom of speech is important British value. Charlene says she wears a poppy privately but feels it would be unfair to promote the cause ahead of other charitable groups in public. But she was shocked to be subjected to a huge amount of online abuse, with social media users calling her a 'black c***' and a 'fat slag'. Some people told her to 'go back to where you came from' - even though she was born in London and her father served in the Royal Air Force. 'I support, and am patron of, a number of charities and I am uncomfortable with giving one of those charities more on-screen time than others. 'I prefer to be neutral and impartial on-screen so that one of those charities doesn't feel less favoured than another. Do I agree with her´' Well, I suppose in a way I do. I mean would we expect her to wear a Red Nose on Red Nose Day or other symbols for other charity causes on their particular day? I'm still not 100% sure

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