Sunday, 17 November 2013

The brilliant Bel Mooney posted this today on my Facebook and I'd like to share it with you as I have always been a huge fan of Prince Charles and totaly agree with her sentiments
This is for those people who say that the Prince of Wales is 'a waste of space' - that being one of the more polite descriptions I've read on FB. (I know they won't read it - much easier to call him names.) He's a thoughtful man who argued for recycling and caring for the environment while still in his teens, when nobody else was talking about such things. Anyway, any person with soul who attracts mockery from the ignorant hordes for talking to plants has my loyalty. Plants rock! And so does the Prince. Here what The Mail On Sunday wrote: 'I'm going to recruit an army of two million to save our lost generation': Charles' revolutionary initiative announced in Mail on Sunday. Prince in radical attempt to stop young people drifting into crime. Will work with three main party leaders to recruit a 'community army' . Young people to be encourage to take part in a range of activities including helping the elderly and disabled to joining the Scouts and Guides. His Step Up 2 Serve campaign will cost £4 million over seven years I HOPE THIS SILENCES HIS DETRACTORS, MAINLY A GROUP OF NO GOODS WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO BUT BAD MOUTH AND COMPLAIN. I SAY GOOD ON YOU SIR

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