Friday, 8 November 2013

Today is my gorgeous wife Wendy's Birthday Day. Here is a few of my favorite photographs of my special wife....
This is the latest taken by her good friend Joan Boardman...
Wendy always has a very beautiful smile
I love this photo of Wendy. I had seen her on a fashion show and so fancied her (would you blame me??) I booked her and her sister linda (on the right) to do a modeling shot for my mobile disco just so I could meet her!!!
Wendy modelling ...
Another modeling shot
One year after meeting Wendy we got engaged and this photo was the official press photograph
Boyfriend and Girlfriend
The year before I met Wendy, her first ever test shot


  1. What a stunning wife you have Maurice. Lucky Boy

  2. The Papworth Family (sunny Glasgow)8 November 2013 at 12:37

    Happy Birthday to the lovely Birthday girl. What a stunning looking woman you are. Do you have some of your beauty tips to share????

  3. Happy Birthday Wendy, I know we have never met but I'm a big fan of your husband, we are known as Boland Groupies, no worries their Wendy looking at you you none of us would stand a chance. Anyway have a great Birthday and get your husband back on radio

  4. Many Happy returns Wendy. I don't know how Maurice nabbed you? Perhaps you need to visit Specsavers? Only joking. Have a wonderful day and like the other comments get that old man of yours back on radio. Best wishes

  5. Wendy Boland is without doubt one of the worlds classical beauties. Happy Birthday from the Dublin lot xxx