Saturday, 30 April 2016

Boy! Did I get involved at the right time as the Costa Del Sol's property market continues to BOOM!

We continue to read about Brits being frightened to buy property on the Costa Del Sol until after the vote in June , will they stay in or pull out of the EU. It's a load of scare mongering. Bromley Estates has never been busier. The Brits who can afford a retirement home are part time home on our gold coast will buy no matter what, but remember many of our clients are NOT British. I would say the market is well mixed with Scandinavians , Dutch, German, French, Norway and a huge increase of Arabs from the Middle East etc investing millions in return for the Spanish governments promise of the 'Golden Visa' for anyone who invests over 500,000 Euro . Now the Americans are pouring into Marbella with reports from respected Journals Like the Wall Street and Forbes who's headline read 'The Tide Is Turning For Spain's Real Estate Market' They went on to report: 'Spain was the Cinderella of European real estate, but Spain is now poised to have a ball. The Iberian country’s economy is back in full swing and the investors that once shunned it for its toxic mix of high unemployment, troubled banking sector and free-falling real estate values are now staging a return.

According to the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, Spain’s GDP rose at a rate 0.9% in the first quarter of 2015—the seventh quarterly increase in a row. Consumer confidence is following suit and unemployment, though still high, is decreasing. This has lead the Bank of Spain to revise its 2015 growth rate forecast upward to 2.8%—a figure that would make Spain one of Europe’s best performing economies.
Which has lead for one of the US's largest investment company's to announced last month that they will invest over 1 billion on a new hotel and housing development in East Marbella whilst British giant Taylor Wimpy are enjoying huge successes with their developments in Estepona, Marbella and on the Rhonda Road all Sold out, their latest development Jade Beach has only a few left and its not even finished!

Bromley Estates Marbella , now the biggest employer in the Costa Del Sols Real Estae sector with over 52 staff and just about to add many more when we open our fifth development.

Yes, folks this is most certainly the time to buy and I have the property for YOU.

As predictable as night follows day . George Galloway , part of earths scum, has come out in support of his buddy Ken Livingstone and believes he shouldn't have been suspended from the Labour party. For the first time in my life I agree with Galloway, Livingstone shouldn't have been suspended he should have been sacked!!!

Friday, 29 April 2016

Ive always been a huge fan of of author and columnist Richard Littlejohn, His article yesterday's in the British press more or less reflected the feelings of most peoples. His headline read The fascists at the poisoned heart of Labour: on the Jew-baiting lunatic fringe now in charge of Corbyn's party

Have you ever wondered why the conspiracy theorists get it all so wrong and now another one of their heroes bites the dust?

LittleJohn went on to write: The new, virulent strain of anti-semitism is driven by an unholy alliance between militant Islam and the Fascist Left. No, I didn’t write that yesterday, I wrote it in this newspaper nine years ago to accompany a TV documentary I made called The War On Britain’s Jews?
The question mark was at Channel 4’s insistence, but I’m not complaining. Back then it was heresy to suggest that anyone on the Left could be guilty of discriminating against any minority community. If it took a question mark to get the programme broadcast, that was fine by me.
My thesis was that self-styled ‘anti-Zionists’ were using their visceral hatred of Israel to intimidate Jews in this country. Does anybody today, outside of the lunatic fringe which now runs the modern Labour Party, doubt that I got it right?

What a revolting bit of scum Ken Livingstone is, sorry, ALWAYS WAS joining the ranks of low life's like George Galloway etc All losers and all loved by a bunch of losers. Common sense will always win in the end as the world turns and exposes scum like them.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

From the archives April 2016..

Comeback kid keeps his cool on the Costa

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'THINGS fall apart," Yeats wrote in The Second Coming, "The centre cannot hold." And in 1983 things were falling apart for Maurice Boland with distressing abandon . . .

The undisputed king of the radio waves.

The shine had worn off the golden boy of Irish nightlife - and almost every penny he had ever earned was gone too. Even when he talks about it today, you see his Daz-white smile fade.

"I was almost destitute," he says, sitting at a beach-side restaurant in Marbella. Just before leaving his native Ireland for Spain, Boland lost a very costly court case over a property in Rathmichael. Hubris had cost him practically his entire fortune, apart from "a little bit of money" he had left to buy a nightclub from former Formula 1 driver James Hunt - on a whim. And that investment proved disastrous too.

"I was getting worse and worse. I had three kids. I came to Marbella in 1983 and was poor beyond belief until 1988. It was the most terrible five or six years, but I wanted to win. I couldn't go back to Dublin with my tail between my legs.

I couldn't pay my rent. I couldn't pay the school fees. But I couldn't let my face not be seen - when any Irish people came over, we went out."

He remembers New Year's Eve 1985 when he hadn't "even five quid" to take his wife Wendy out. "We were absolutely broke. And my poor wife put up with me," he says with disarming candour.

"I remember that New Year's Eve. We couldn't go out and she was crying. Not that she wanted to spend money, but the fact that we couldn't even afford to go out on New Year's Eve. She's a tremendous person, and didn't deserve that."

It wasn't always like that. Boland met Wendy Gilbertson when she was modelling at a fashion show for Elvery's at the Mansion House in 1968. She came out onstage in a swimsuit and he recalls that he "couldn't breathe" at the apparition he saw on the catwalk. He went backstage and asked to bring her for dinner.

Although born in Scotland and brought up in South Africa, Wendy met Maurice when her family moved to Dublin.

"And with that, who came back but Brian Stafford - whose father was then the Lord Mayor - and she linked his arm and left. He was a rugby player and I felt like a right wet rat."

Maurice laughs, his deep voice rattling with laughter like dustbin lids colliding. "But I pursued her."

He did a good job. They were married in 1971 - in a Registry Office, because Wendy wasn't Jewish, as Boland was. She converted when their kids - Justin, Nicholas and Daniel - were born "but not by my pressure".

Maurice and Wendy were one of the golden couples of Seventies Dublin. They became what is the equivalent of the Posh and Becks of Dublin Society. They lived in a mansion in Killiney (Marino House, now the Greek Embassy) and appeared to have the world at their Gucci-adorned feet. Life was going so well for the 22-year-old owner of Elizabeth's - Ireland's first proper nightclub - that he bought a brand new Rolls Royce.

Driving it home for the first time, he ran out of petrol on the dual carriageway and had to flag a postman down. Maurice - with his long hair, frilly shirt and rich velvet coat - was soon on the back of a Honda 50 motorbike holding two bottles of petrol to get the Roller home. Opening the curtains the next morning, his wife asked what was that monstrosity in the driveway.

"It's my Rolls Royce," he soothed.

"No way," Wendy warned him. "I'm not getting in that. Get rid of it."

He did. That afternoon the car went back to the dealer without a second's thought. Flash Maurice simply swapped it for a top of the range James Bond-style Jag.

He was in a position where he could do things like that, as everything he touched seemed to turn to gold - most notably his nightclub.

In 1969, Maurice saw a 'To Let' sign over a Leeson Street basement and went to investigate. When he told his father, Dr Stanley Boland, the idea of people going down the stairs to a basement and dance to records and drink wine, he told his son he was taking him to see a shrink.

But that basement soon became Ireland's most famous discotheque and a virtual adult playground for the Young Turks of Irish society to sup Dee Pee and other hitherto unknown fine wines. (In those days, the only wine Irish people drank was Blue Nun.)

"Elizabeth's revolutionised Irish nightlife forever," he says. "Before Elizabeth's, people used to go to the ballrooms and drink tea and lemonade." He called his club Elizabeth's because, at that time, he was quite fond of Liz Willoughby - who was then the Cindy Crawford of Ireland.

At the opening of Ireland first Discotheque. Elizabeth Willoughby then Ireland's top model with her sister Barbara. Maurice always denied he was dating the stunning model.

Then in 1971 he opened a club with Louis Murray and called it Barbarellas, after Liz's sister Barbra. He bought a hotel for £100,000 and named it Sachs Hotel, after Gunter Sachs (the Lothario who married Brigitte Bardot).

"That period of my life was amazing," he says. "Anyone famous who came to Ireland came to Elizabeth's." Young Michael Smurfit was a regular, as were Brian Lenihan and Charlie Haughey.

He remembers CJH paying a bill one night in the Seventies with a £25 cheque. "When you consider that, in those days, a bottle of Mateus Rose was ten shillings, a Green Label was 19 shillings and a bottle of Dom Perignon was £3, it puts it into some sort of perspective," Maurice explains, adding that Haughey was a friend of the Boland family. (Maurice's mother Hazel once ran for FF in Dun Laoghaire.)

There were many strange sights seen in Elizabeth's. One night he found one globally famous rock star "screwing" another rock star's wife. "I heard noise coming from one of the alcoves when the lights came on at the end of the night. And there they were. They were half . . . his trousers were around his knees. It was an extraordinary sight."

Other extraordinary apparitions seen in Elizabeth's included the entire French rugby team fighting on the dance floor, a rock star's son looking for ladies to bring back to the hotel for his daddy, and Peter O'Toole and Richard Harris holding court into the wee small hours.

Then there were the wives coming to the front door, demanding to know if their husbands were inside carousing with young wans - while Maurice and his staff were quickly ushering the husbands home by the back exit.

But it was another kind of regular knock that caused Elizabeth's eventual demise - that of the Garda Siochana.

"Elizabeth's was phenomenal, but there was one drawback - I was breaking the law," he recalls with a smile. He explains the system he had in place to deal with police raids. "Can you imagine the police coming in at two in the morning, and the Smurfits at one table and Charlie Haughey at another - and nothing on the tables? Underneath the tables were bottles of wine. We'd have to clear them. This went on for years."

Then one day Ted Kennedy was in Ireland and Maurice was asked to close the club in order to have a private party exclusively for the Senator. Not knowing who was in the club, the guards came down that night to raid the place - "to get me" claims Maurice.

Maurice told them: "I don't think it is a good idea to come in tonight, because Ted Kennedy is here, and Charles Haughey is here."

Unluckily for him, someone ("I suspect I know who it was," he says) told the newspapers that that young pup Boland had told police to "f**k off" and was reported as such. "And the police came after me after that," he says.

And did you?

"I didn't tell the police that at all," he says.

The final move to shut him down was a raid by plain-clothes police on June 13, 1976. He remembers the date clearly, because it was the night his son Justin was born.

There was a ring at the bell as normal. Maurice looked through the peep-hole and saw no uniforms. But on opening the doors, 20 police thundered down the steps and shouted out: "No one move."

Then, as if on cue, the phone rang. No - it wasn't his friend and regular customer Charlie Haughey, ordering the guards off the premises. It was Maurice's mother ringing to tell him his child had been born.

Boland says he was allowed to sell his nightclub. He still had Barbarellas, but also sold Sachs. It was time for a fresh challenge so he quit Ireland for Spain. As it turns out, Maurice had something of a history of leaving Ireland in search of adventures new.

One summer in 1965 his parents went to America on holiday and left their son at home to study for his Inter Cert exams. He hated school and decided to run away to Germany with his band, the King Bees. "They left in the morning for America and I got on a boat in the afternoon for Germany," he smiles.

Maurice at 15 playing Hanover in 1966.

Maurice's grandmother, Fanny Ross, tracked him down via a message he had left in the kitchen before he made his hasty departure. So, one night before a King Bees gig, a man approached Maurice to say: "Herr Boland, your grandmother is on the phone from Dublin."

She told him in the warmest terms not to smoke funny cigarettes or sleep with funny women. Ironically, just as Fanny Ross was telling Herr Boland this, there was this beautiful girl sitting opposite making very deliberate eye contact with the 15-year-old runaway. "You're the drummer," she said, "maybe I could see you after the show."

Maurice never played so fast in his life, because he thought he "might get to touch her breasts". He got more than he bargained for. "I lost my virginity with her."

"Afterwards, I was quite nervous and I asked her to get me a taxi to go back. As I was leaving, this man came into the living room and said: 'That'll be 30DM.' She was a hooker! My first time was with a hooker! So when I went back to the room I was a hero with the band."

On the band's circuitous route back to Dublin, via London, they ended up one night sleeping in Piccadilly Circus, because they had no money.

The young Maurice suddenly remembered something his mother told him: that his godmother owned the Dorchester Hotel.

It was raining when he pitched up at the reception desk of the famous London hotel and repeated what his mother had told him. He added that his parents were in America, he had no money and he wanted a bed, please.The manager bent down and asked the 15-year-old the name of his godmother. "Nan Gluckstein," came the reply. "Mrs Gluckstein died 10 years ago, but come with me," he was told. They booked him into the nearby Regent Palace Hotel, and gave him enough money to get home to Dublin the next morning. "That was my adventure in Germany," he says with a grin.

Cut to more than 25 years later, and Maurice's adventure in Spain, which was looking like it was coming to a head. "It was 1991 and I was at the point where I knew it was time I stopped pissing around in showbusiness. I had to pay school fees, I was 42, and it was time to get a real job."

Maurice was hired to drive a van seven nights a week and also set up the Karaoke system for a local entertainer.

One night, the guy who sang the songs called to say he couldn't come in for the next three nights. It was politely suggested to Maurice that he sing. "Are you f**king joking? I can't sing. I'm dyslexic! How the f**k am I going to do Karaoke?" was Maurice's considered response.

Eventually, a friend of his told him to sing high notes because it's easier. The trick seemed to work as Maurice got away with Sugar Sugar. Though he admits he was in the toilet beforehand "crapping myself".

But the night had much more significance than that. "The first person then got up on the stage to sing," he recalls, "and as he was singing Tutti Frutti I stopped the music and said: 'I don't mean to be rude, but what tune are you singing? Because it's not what I'm playing here!' And the place cracked up."

On stage at Rudy's RoadRunner 1993
In that instant, Maurice's entire life changed.

"So I did that for five years, and was earning over £1,000 an hour. Then someone spotted me and asked me would I be interested in radio . . . "

Even allowing for hyperbole, Maurice Boland is the biggest star of Spain's ex-pat radio. Last year he helped set up a new radio station called REMfm and his talk show on the station is the talk of this side of the island. The grandes fromages of Montrose should give it a listen.

He and Wendy live the life of Riley in a house that boasts its own cinema. Despite his wealth, Maurice - whom some people take an instant dislike to - is not the pompous buffoon I had expected.

He is extremely charming and - quelle horreur -very, very nice. In the early Seventies, he tells me, the fledgling Sunday World publisher Gerry McGuinness sent out a young reporter to interview Boland about his life."I took an instant dislike to the journalist and rang Gerry to ask him to send someone more senior. From that on,the Sunday World refer-red to me as 'Nice Maurice.'"Nice Maurice was born on June 2, 1949, to a Jewish family in Mount Merrion. Growing up, he never knew anti-Semitism, as he went to an "extremely snobby" Protestant boarding school in Dundrum. His parents, Dr Stanley and Dr Hazel Boland, weren't at all religious and didn't encourage him, he says, to hang around exclusively with Jewish people. They always tried to encourage interaction with all races.

He went sailing at one Irish yacht club when he 11 and wanted to join "but they wouldn't let Jews become members" in those days. That was pretty common around the world, he says.

HE tells me the story of when world-famous comedian Groucho Marx brought his kid in for a swim at his local golf club. The manager stopped him, saying: "I'm really sorry, Mr Marx, but you're a non-member and we can't let your kid swim."

"I'll become a member," Groucho countered.

"We don't let Jews join, so therefore you can't."

Marx looked him up and down before answering: "Well, he's half Jewish. Can he swim up to his waist?"

But Maurice never encountered racist behaviour. "I haven't faced anti-Semitism, because I'm very in-your-face; if you were anti-Semitic to me, I'd be very, very angry."

Nice Maurice had come straight from the Marbella synagogue to meet me for lunch on Victor's Beach. He is vice-president of the Jewish community in Malaga. "That's not bad for an Irishman," he says over coffee.

"I am a practising Jew. I spend an hour daily in prayer before I set off to the studios. But I must add that I'm not fanatically religious. Although Marbella is relatively small, we have a very active Jewish community of which I am very proud. Only a few weeks ago we had a visit from the Chief Rabbi of Israel," he says with a depth which is almost joyful. However, a visit from an RTE camera crew in the late Eighties left him far from joyful. He had received a phone call, saying there was an Irish film crew coming down to do a programme about well-known Irish people living on the Costa.

"They came to this very beach to film me," he remembers with a wry chuckle."They told me that the film was in two parts. One week, it's about the Joe Murphys and the Charlie Gunnes, and the second part was about criminals, the people who are wanted in Ireland.

"So I said: 'Jesus, don't put me anywhere near people who are wanted in Ireland.' But none of the people with homes here would co-operate with them - except me - so they had only one programme. So they put me in that show."

He explains that his mother - "a little Jewish woman" - saw it and rang him in Spain to say: "Maurice, my boy, you were wonderful, you were made for TV - but I'm not sure you'll like the show." She sent a video of the programme to her son in Marbella - and sure enough, he didn't like it one bit.

"It showed people beating up cameramen and putting their hands up. And me going: 'Hey! How are you? This ismy club! This is my home!' And it said that I had left Ireland after a dispute with the Inland Revenue!

"It was absolutely incredible. I just sat there with my mouth open," he remembers. He phoned his lawyer who told him that he was just about to serve papers on RTE. Wendy and Maurice flew back for the case and even made the RTE News headlines. The case lasted for three full days in front of a jury.

He says he was fighting the combined might of RTE.

"So my senior counsel got up and told the court: 'I'm representing someone who's trying to keep his good name. He has done nothing wrong. He was duped into this programme. His mum's a doctor in Dun Laoghaire. People have come up to her and said: 'Don't worry, my son's been in prison as well.'

"The jury went out at noon and by six they still hadn't returned. Don't forget I had lost all my money in court before," he tells me. "Then they eventually returned, and the judge read out: 'Did Mr Boland believe that RTE were doing a programme about the ordinary Irish people on the Costa, or did he know it was about criminals? The answer is the jury do not believe [he knew] it was about criminals . . . '"

Maurice remembers that the clock was ticking behind him. "By question three it was all in my favour," he remembers. "And the people in the court were clapping. I burst into tears. I got into the car with Wendy, and asked her did we win any money."

"We won £50,000 plus costs," she told her still-dazed husband.

"RTE had to pay out hundreds of thousands of pounds in costs," Maurice says. "Iwas totally vindicated - and rightly so. And that's why I believe RTE has never ever given me a break. I don't know about nowadays, but certainly then."

The press headlines announces Boland's victory in the high court

Nice Maurice harbours plans to one day return to Ireland - to take over the Late Late Show. "I'm certainly good enough to carry it off, better than Pat Kenny," he says. "And I think I'd be brilliant in that slot."

Who knows? To paraphrase Yeats, maybe the secondcoming of Maurice Boland in Ireland will be upon us one day soon.

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VIP Magazine flew into Marbella to photograph and do a 5 page spread in their famous magazine.

Wendy and myself in our living room and no that is not an escaped tiger from the safari park we overlook.

Its not often I get to serve Wendy. Hope she doesn't get any ideas from this picture!

I think Wendy and the camera crew from VIP threw me in the pool after this shot, but I was happy to go as it was a scorching Marbella day. The crew followed!

The Boland boys popped in for some lunch. I think they could smell the BBQ from a mile away!


Alekzander being the eldest (10!) thinks its okay to insist on a glass of champagne,. Oh how times have changed!

Bradley (7) Thinks its time the garden needs more water!

Whilst Ryan (5) is happy just to eat!

Zak (5) finds something funny whilst helping out in the kitchen!

Jayden (5) joins Zak in the kitchen helping out the cook!


Friday, 22 April 2016

The Golden Days when hundreds would pile into Rudy's Roadrunner on a Wednesday night for dinner and the live Boland show. The cost was 30€ a head in today's money,I don't think there was a venue then or even now that could demand that type of money for a show. Even international stars that come to Marbella to perform were not demanding that type of money for a seat. I don't know how we got away with it!!! I appeared at Rudy's for approx 5 years (not sue exactly) The shows would be booked out weeks in advance and everyone who was anyone who was in town would be seen at the show. Lionel Blair was a regular as was Kenny Lynch, Faith Brown, Peter Stringfellow, Bonnie Langford, Mike McCartney (Paul's Brother). Eric Morcambe and Ernie Wises wives were regulars the list went on and on.

That same day I would have done an auction at my Marbella Auction which I did every Wednesday afternoon and a radio Show 7 to 9pm then straight to Rudy's and on stage at exactly 10pm for two solid hours without a break. Don't know where I got the energy back then but I suppose it was pure adrenaline and the amazing feed back from the crowed.

Here is a photo graph of the right hand stage of the crowed at a Christmas special. Can you spot anyone? If so let me know on my Facebook.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Say hello to UK's biggest fucking hypocrite.

How Ken Livingstone funnelled £238,000 through 'tax-avoidance' scheme
Ken Livingstone channelled earnings of £238,000 through a controversial tax-avoidance scheme last year, according to new documents published on Friday.

Livingstone Labour's candidate for the London mayoralty, has condemned tax avoiders as "rich b*******" who should "not be allowed to vote".
Now this low life has been caught out, he faces accusations of hypocrisy after it was revealed that he has himself channelled his earnings through a personal company, Silveta Ltd, paying corporation tax at 20 or 21 per cent rather than income tax at up to 50 per cent.

Am I surprised? You must be fucking joking!! But I am laughing at all those poor sods that he duped into to believing he's an honest to god, down to earth anti capitalist ordinary bloke. Red Ken? He should be red now like all his followers.

Feel like an Idiot? If not you will by now when I let you know another one of your heroes 'Anti-capitalist' Russell Brand plans pool and cinema for the £3.3million thatched cottage he's bought in Tory heartland. He did what I said he was doing; making millions off the back of his anti-establishment image. But he's bought a cottage on the banks of the Thames in Oxfordshire installing a cinema and swimming pool in the rural home
He has been also accused of hypocrisy over his financial affairs sending millions into dodgy tax avoidance schemes . TUT TUT!!!

Russel and Ken are laughing at you and so am I!!!!

Now let me think who else are you uneducated idiots trying to turn into your heroes.

Monday, 4 April 2016
3/4/2016 18:30


The buffoon is still getting it all wrong he believes that because 15 Israeli solders committed suicide therefore this is something worth posting on his hateful uneducated blog. Well here's something that the circus clown should have published if he had bothered to do any research:
'An investigation by the BBC's Panorama found at least 29 veterans took their own lives last year, bringing the total number of suicides to 50 compared with 40 soldiers who died in action in Afghanistan during the same period'.

If he also bothered to research other armed forces world wide he might, if that's possible, begin to understand that this is very common in the army etc.

Mr G 'your eyes on the world'

Sunday, 3 April 2016


Why is BDS losing? Simple: Israel is just too good

Aside from anything else, investors aren't about to boycott one of the world's most innovative country on the say-so of its enemies.

Its simple really. You yes YOU have boycotted nothing so YOU mean nothing. YOU are reading this on a computer and the only reason you can read it is because of Israel's technology, Intel. YOU use mobile phone , ALL memory in your phone comes from Israel. Some of you might be suffering from some serious medical conditions. It's more than likely the medicine YOU take is thanks to Israel medical science.
(There are some big words ahead of you that you might struggle to understand so just skip them!)

It’s no secret that some of the most innovative creations and technological advances over the last few decades have been dreamed up and created in Israel. From updates to the F-16 fighter jets of the US Military, to Microsoft’s infamous Intel technology and much of the technological prowess behind Apple’s iPhones, there is no shortage of Israeli innovation throughout the modern world.

What’s incredible is that Israel is now adjudged to be up there with Silicon Valley as one of the very best places in the world to ‘start up’ a new business or develop a new piece of software or technology.

Just walk through Tel Aviv and you’ll see the amount of investment going into new office blocks and ventures. Cranes, well-heeled investors in suits and modern day entrepreneurs in jeans; it seems everyone is joining in to get a piece of the success.

Israel was a baron land before '48 look at it now.

Being in the ‘age of the startup’ hasn’t done any harm to the Israeli startup and business markets either. For example, having a new method to do old things, like the technology that powers Waze, a popular ‘community navigation’ app on IOS and Android which seamlessly guides its users around traffic in whichever city they are in, the reach of the innovation provided by Israelis is remarkable. Such is the success of Waze that it was bought by Google for $1.1bn in 2013.

It’s not just high-tech that is benefiting from Israeli success stories. Much of the technology used in the UK by large sites providing financial services like payday loans, mortgages and service comparisons use algorithms and even programmes that were developed, created or manufactured in Israel.

Something else that never fails to amaze the masses is the successes that the Israeli market enjoys around the world. For example, go to any of the networking events in London held throughout the year and you are sure to see countless representatives, CEOs and CMOs of more than a few Israeli companies. Also, the chances are that their stand will be extremely popular with others from all walks of whichever industry is present. The fact is that those involved with Israeli startups are masters of innovation, networking and especially schmoozing.

It’s not just the ‘typical’ young and edgy networking events in East London that see a large proportion of savvy Israeli startup businesses. Even smaller such events in North, South and West London see a great deal of startups coming over from Israel.

Also, with the UK economy becoming stronger, more reliable and far more successful, investors from the UK are more willing to put some of their money into something they see as a sound investment with real potential and this is something the Israeli market thrives off.

Even the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has seen the benefits of investing in the Israeli market. Earlier in 2015 he pledged millions of pounds of additional investment in the Israeli hi-tech, economic and biological ventures. According to the Foreign Trade Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Economy, as of 2014, trade between Israel and the UK was worth more than $5bn, with around $4bn of that being exported from Israel into the UK. The trade between the two nations in 2014 also saw a 10% rise in the value of the trade, compared to that of 2012.

Another clear benefit to the Israeli market is that anti-Israel movements such as the BDS are having less and less effect on visitors and investors alike. From Rihanna and Sir Paul McCartney, to Google and Marks and Spencer, there are more and more well-known names and brands shunning the said movements. After all, why would you simply abandon such a successful and lucrative market on the say so of its enemies?

So, with the combination of a stronger UK economy, continued innovation throughout Israel, stronger ties with the UK and decreases in popularity for groups seeking to damage trade with Israel, it’s looking like more and more of our everyday and luxury items could see yet more improvement coming their way soon.


Is this the way to keep a country safe from terrorist organisations like ISIS, Al Quida, Hezbollah etc ?......Make up your own mind.

Does no one care?

An explosion in the Pakistani city of Lahore has killed at least 70 people and injured dozens more, officials say. The blast was in a large park in the south-west of the city, where many people had gathered late on Sunday. Police told the BBC it appeared to be a suicide bomb. A Pakistan Taliban faction said it carried out the attack.
This should give the anti Israel mob a lot of pleasure. Not the first half of the video but the second half. For those losers who copy and paste from MY blog this is a good one for you!

WATCH: The UN just issued a statement in SUPPORT of Israel that you won't believe!Music by: Scott Holmes & BoxCat Games

Posted by The Israel Project on Friday, 1 April 2016

Saturday, 2 April 2016

I agree with very little, if anything the anti Israeli bloggers post but at least most are committed to what they believe If you look at bloggers like LORA LUCERO etc the one thing I do admire is they are totally truthful in their beliefs, they are brave and not frightened to stand up and be counted, they do NOT hide behind some silly name and are not ashamed to use their own photographers. If anyone one of the so called believers would like me to debate with them as I do with the likes of John Morris I will but not the idiots who live in fear they will be exposed as fakes. So lets see who are real and who are false!! I have NEVER felt it necessary to run and hide behind a made up name. I have always stood up and be counted
Possibly the most upsetting video I have ever seen... Be warned this is very upsetting but necessary to post on my blog and NOT swept under the carpet.

What the fuck is the world waiting for??????

Friday, 1 April 2016

In memory of an ould broadcasting friend Sir Terry Wogan MBE

I've had to wait a few months to get this recording engineered in a format so I could post to here on my blog.

I've had many fond memories of Terry going back many a year. The earliest was my 21st Birthday. The party was a very private affair held in a large marquee in my grandparents garden. Terry and his wife Helen were invited along with 100 or so other guests. It was just at the time he had started on BBC radio and couldn't make it but not only did he wish me Happy Birthday but went onto to announce where the party was to be held to all his listeners!!! Needless to say it wasn't a very private affair anymore!! Added to that those who weren't invited were somewhat upset and more than a few uninvited and unwanted party goers turned up making us add to security.

Years later Terry had gone onto fame and fortune and I had moved to Marbella. I was hosting my Late Late Breakfast show on Onda Cero International Radio, one of the largest independent radio stations in Spain, and was delighted when Terry agreed to be a guest on my show but somewhat nervous as he was by then a huge celebrity back in UK with his nightly BBC television Show and his hugely popular Breakfast radio show drawing millions of listeners. I was determined not to come across nervous and at first all was going swimmingly well. In fact all the way up to the end when I thanked him and trying to be super smooth I added please send my regards to Kathleen which he replied to " I would if I could but I'm married to Helen and It's Gay (Bryne Ireland iconic broadcaster) who is married to Kathleen!!!" What I plonker I felt.

RIP Sir Terry for the wonderful years of pure entertainment. I along with millions miss you.