Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Not a word of sympathy from the self named anti Zionists (Jew haters) Why you may ask: ISRAEL IS NOT INVOLVED......YET

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Really bad news day for the Israel hate mob (better known as anti Semites hiding behind the name anti Zionists) You better find some other peoples to hate as the news to today will upset you beyond anything you've read since Sir Cliff Richards has been cleared of all charges and your idol George Galloway has LOST the case which he tried claims his ex aid used dirty tricks against him. Galloway has accepted the verdict and now will pay all legal costs (hahaha) . What a bunch of losers you are. Little tip STOP READING AND BELIEVING CONSPIRACY THEORISTS WEBSITES.

Israel is planning to build a $5billion ARTIFICIAL ISLAND with a port and an airport off the coast of Gaza to reconnect Palestinians with the rest of the world

So far advanced are the plans that they have now got to the planning stage.

A $5billion island could be constructed by Israel to connect Gaza with the rest of the world.
The Israeli government's security cabinet is debating the proposal which is backed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The island would be linked to Gaza by a three mile bridge and could provide an airport and sea port.

Ysrael Katz, a top deputy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said Israel had no objection to easing the Gaza blockade as long as its security needs are met. (Hamas must stop bombing Israel and building tunnels into Israel) Israel would supervise security checks but the island would otherwise be run by Palestinians and the international community.
'I do not think it is right to lock up two million people without any connection to the world,' he said.
'Israel has no interest to make life harder for the population there. But because of security concerns we can't build an airport or seaport in Gaza.'

Monday, 20 June 2016

Most people that spread hatred towards Israel have NEVER been to Israel. They call Gaza a ghetto but they've never been to Gaza. Peace between Israel and the Palestinians is the last thing these hate mongers want. Who would they hate then? Unfortunately they get their facts about how bad the Israelis are by looking for obscure hate sites then copying and pasting them onto their Facebook's and Blogs never asking themselves 'what will this achieve?' Because as much as you don't want to here this: Israel is GOING NOWHERE.
Is this hatred towards Arabs.....

So you have never been to Israel? Let me show you a few facts about the beautiful country and its people the ones you spread hatred about.....

Now think again and stop hatred and try love for a change. Ask yourself this question: 'Could the world do without Israel?'

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sir Cliff Richard: Conspiracy theorists have been left reeling as they continue to be made eat their words as yet another accuser has been arrested 'over a plot to blackmail Cliff Richard.'

Its no wonder that the case against Sir Cliff has been dropped due 'insufficient evidence' when you see who the first two accusers are
1. Was a convicted rapist Is one of Britain's most notorious sex offenders'

2. Another one of Sir Cliff's accusers saw police raid the star's home then contacted his aides threatening to spread false stories unless he was paid! However he was later interviewed by a second police force - which took his abuse claims against Sir Cliff seriously. The police have now apologized to Sir Cliff.

Now ask yourself. Would you trust these men's statements? No, of course not! That is why, after investigating the rest of these money grabbing opportunist the case against Sir Cliff HAS BEEN DROPPED
The sad thing is that its killing the conspiracy theorists who are desperately posting their laughable evidence that Sir Cliff is guilty. How sad are these poor suckers????

My eyes and ears sent me this and informed me he has found it on no less than 8 anti Semitic Facebook sites:

These idiots go from bad to worse when in comes to posting misinformation so as to perpetuate anti Semitic hatred or as they like to call anti Zionism!!!
The imprint below was posted a few days ago by one of the most ridicules conspiracy theorist blogs of all. The big differences that this conspiracy blog has in comparison to others is that they simply lie to keep the ball of hatred against Jews rolling.... The headline attached to the picture is just made up rubbish and on the Jews News Facebook it never read: GREATER ISRAEL: It's coming baby, it's coming
So here is the Lie:

And here is the truth.

Jews News were in fact quoting from the bible and certainly Israel have no intention of attacking Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Egypt!!!! There are over a Half Billion Arabs living in these Middle Eastern countries with only 6 million Israelis. Some fucking battle!!!! I think Israel would last 5 minutes if it was lucky!!!! And yet some morons actually believe this attack is imminent and have posted on their Facebook's as FACT!!! . How fucking sad is that. Okay laughable then?.

Genesis 15:18 reads: "To your descendants I give this land from the River of Egypt to the Great River, the river Euphrates.

Moses announces to the Jews in Deuteronomy 11:24, that “Every place where you set the soles of your feet shall be yours. Your borders shall run from the wilderness to the Lebanon and from the River, the river Euphrates, to the western sea.”

It is also rumored that Moses, Elvis and David Bowie are rebuilding Noah's Ark to use as a battle ship and will arm it with guided missiles and a helicopter landing pad!

This is what this blog BDTN would love you poor uneducated morons to believe. Israel, who find it hard enough fighting off Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda, will all of a sudden attack the whole of the Middle East. You poor poor souls. TThese are quotes from biblical time you fucking idiots ....UNDERSTAND.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

I can't tell how happy I am that Sir Cliff Richard has been found NOT guilty of ANY crime.
Sir Cliff Richard claimed today that he was ‘hung out like live bait’ after being named by police as a suspect before he had even been interviewed over allegations of historical child sexual abuse.
Meanwhile the police force apologised 'wholeheartedly for the additional anxiety caused by our initial handling of the media interest', adding that the case has cost about £800,000 after it investigated nine allegations against him.

Sir Cliff said today: 'After almost two years under police investigation I learnt today that they have finally closed their inquiries. I have always maintained my innocence, co-operated fully with the investigation, and cannot understand why it has taken so long to get to this point.

I've met and interviewed Sir Cliff on a number of occasions. I've always found him polite, charming and was impeccable mannered. There was nothing I can say bad about him and that is how the world saw him the 'Perfect' young man. But, wait a minute did I say 'Perfect???' Impossible! I hear you scream , no one is perfect. So lets make up some stuff about , ah yes, he's gay. Gay? why? Well he's not married and, and he's a millionaire to top it all he's amazing looking anf pop star. Yes, he must be gay. Really? and the proof being?

In the 50 years Cliff was in the public eye not one, no not one boy, man etc has EVER come forward and claimed he's slept with cliff. Look I have a cousin, an airline pilot he's 68 years old, rich and good looking, he's never married ever dated a girl or boy I think they call it A sexual

These historical sex claims on Cliff are nothing more than a bunch of vultures capitalizing on the Jimmy Savill exploits hoping to make some money out of Sir Cliff. If there was someone truly out there who could tell 'The' story how he'd slept with Cliff Richard the tabloids would have paid millions for the story long before all the historical sex witch hunt.

Now what about all the scumbag Bloggers out there, and boy there were hundreds of them, that had PROOF that Cliff Richard was a pedophile, this PROOF even included videos evidence showing without doubt that Sir Cliff was guilty of sex crimes. and the sources were, the London Time, The Guardian etc? No the only proof that they could sleep happy on ALL came from conspiracy theorists websites. Will you see a headline on these low life Blogs that reads: Terrible Mistake Sir Cliff Richard is NOT a Pedophile We are So Sorry.. You must be fucking joking. These type of fairy tale tellers and their brain dead followers only believe in misery. That was Sir Cliff's greatest crime was that he was much to happy for you lot of losers. Come on, as soon as they see the chance to down someone and boy don't I personally know it, they will try to destroy them. So what about those who have now been found NOT guilty of any crimes, Jimmy Tarbuck, Jim Davidson , Freddy Star, Neil Fox, Paul Gambaccini etc Will we see an apology? You must be joking. !

Bit of a reversal roll? ; How happy Cliff Richard must be this evening and how miserable you lot that got all so, so wrong must feel.

Friday, 10 June 2016

I know shes not my queen. But that won't stop me wishing this wonderful lady a Happy 90th Birthday.

Have one on me your majesty ..

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Odd this. The Jews believe Israel is the promised land because 'the bible says so'. Jew haters laugh at this and say forget the bible, Israel belongs to the Muslims. Now what odd is that ....God informs us in the Koran-this is also in the Torah (deuteronomy 30)-that the Jewish people shall gather and live in these lands in thee End of time: "We said to the Children of Israel after that, 'Dwell in the land and when promise of the hereafter comes, We will gather you as a mingled crowed" (Koran 17:104)

Despite these unambiguous Koranic injusctions, no one in the Middle East seems to support or approve Zionism.

So those of you who believe that the Palestinians are the rightful historic owners of the land of Israel going back to biblical times I'm sorry I'm the bearer of bad news your wrong , its the Jews that inherited the land so say's the Koran and the Torah. Remember the Jews and Arabs prior to '46 were referred to all as Palestinians.

So where do we go from here? Will you now have the audacity to say the Koran is wrong? Are you crazy the life of a Palestinian is based on the Koran and I don't think we are qualified to argue with that!

The biased, baseless outlook regarding Zionism in the Islamic world has over time warped into a misplaced phobia of Jewish people.

So if you think this information was given by a Zionist Jew please Please follow this Facebook and learn... Aylin Kocaman she works at Arab New, lives in Istanbul, Turkey she has a following of 56,497 on her Facebook., MORE THAT ALL THE ZIONIST HATERS FACEBOOK'S TOGETHER. ODD DON'T YOU THINK?

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


I was just sent this video from a German who reminded me that he always drove us around when we visited Germany. I remember this show as if it was yesterday. The host Thomas Gottschalk, who was and probably still is Germany's biggest and most famous TV star. The show was "Na sowas!" The year was 1986. Mandy was huge in Germany as it was the first European country I attacked into making her a world wide star and her records where flying up the charts. . As most of her fans know, Mandy did become famous world wide including America when I negotiated a deal for a four page spread in Vanity Fair.

After this show I ended up at a wonderful party thrown by Chris de Burgh at his hotel. Mandy decided to go off to bed as she was tired after a long day of photos, autograph signing in record stores and the TV show in Germany. I was ready to party

After flying back to UK Mandy was invited to be photographed by the world famous photographer Bob Carlos Clark, out of this photo shoot came my favorite photograph of Mandy. Like the video above she was dressed by the amazing Vivian Westwood, who herself went on to become a world famous designer.

Are time together was so intense it was bound to end in unhappiness and it did . We finally broke up.

I went onto launch my on radio Show and TV shows etc in the early '90s. I had a booking agent in London who handled all my UK guests for my weekly TV shows and was surprised when he called to tell me my guest list for the following week, included was Mandy Smith! I was so excited but very apprehensive as are break up wasn't what I would describe as friendly and as we hadn't seen or spoken to each other for years. But that was soon forgotten when she flew in we just hugged and laughed, we were both happy to see each other again, in fact so important did Hello! Magazine feel this meeting up again with myself and Mandy they did a 4 page spread......

We didn't see much of each other after that until I launched Hi! Magazine in Manchester her stunning sister Nicola became my UK PA and handled the amazing launch party for the magazine in one of Manchester celebrity hangouts and who should turn up but Mandy, She looked amazing. We sat and spoke for most of the evening and I ended up giving her a job writing my beauty page. We both were staying in the same hotel.
One of the celebrity guest who turned up was David Beckham and here we are looking like twins joint at the hip. OK! OK!! if your confused that's me on the right....

We haven't spoke now for a few years but Mandy will always have a special part in my memories of years gone by...