Thursday, 7 November 2013

For those of you old enough to remember my Club Elizabeth's (Irelands first discotheque) This photo was taken at the bar (notice my mascara that I always wore in those days) with my manager Paddy Warren and Pat Clark with Robbie Norton and one of the Stylistics who were in Dublin as part of their European tour. Anyone else remember Elizabeth's and have any stories to tell ??
And here is another historic photo. It's myself with Liz Willoughby left and her sister Barbara center. This photo was a press shot taken in Elizabeth's before the grand opening 1969. As a matter of Interest I was to open another much bigger discotheque in '72 Barbarellas which I named after Barbara Willoughby.
My first car a bright red Spitfire, boy as I spoilt??
On stage in Germany with The Kingbees, I was only 15
My First TV game show Boland's Big Deal
My First ever appearance in a newspaper
I loved rugby as a kid and still do. I was captain of my boarding school's St Stephens team. I was a true 'Prepe'

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