Thursday, 7 November 2013

Picked up this story in several British Press reports..........
After years of recession, growing unemployment and swingeing spending cuts, it is little wonder that some Spaniards are at the end of their tether with their country's fiscal state. And some have found a novel way of venting their frustration - writing angry messages on banknotes. Several hit out at the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy while some are aimed at the country's bankers. One of the messages, written on a 10 Euro note says: 'This money has been laundered, please don't circulate.' One angry Spaniard defaces a five Euro note, writing: 'Politicians and bankers are a disgrace to the nation.'
While another takes his anger out on trade unions, labeling them 'spongers'. In perhaps the shortest outburst, one person has scrawled across a five Euro note 'Justice is rubbish'. Most of the messages are short and concise. But others are more of a rant. One Spaniard chose a 50 Euro note to write a scathing message to bankers. It translates: 'Politicians and bankers, as I know full well this note will end up in your hands, I wanted to take the chance to send you a private message. 'Politicians and bankers are a disgrace to the nation.' Message on a Spanish banknote 'You're a bunch of thieving sons of b******! I invite all of you to leave a private message to them as I'm sure it will reach them.' One Spaniard describes politicians and bankers as 'a disgrace to the nation.' It is little wonder that many Spaniards are uptight about the state of the country's finances. Despite news last month that the country had finally exited recession with a 0.1 per cent economic growth, unemployment is still painfully high. Economists warned that the road to recovery will be long and tough for the Eurozone's fourth biggest economy, with around 26 per cent of the adult population still without a job.
Unemployment is expected to remain exceptionally high for at least another five years. And Christmas is unlikely to be a season of much goodwill in Spain - spending during the holiday season is expected to fall by around 11.5 per cent this year, according to the Spanish Federation of Independent users and consumers. Christmas spending is down a staggering 71 per cent since the market crash in 2008, with Spaniards spending more than a third less on toys for youngsters since. Despite the drop, Christmas spending in Spain can still be seen as relatively high when compared to other countries. Spain had been shelling out around 813 Euros (£696) per person - more than Americans spent.

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