Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Blog amazes and the stats it returns. Amazed should really read confused. Let me give you an example, yesterday it showed I had 2,8002 pageviews!!! TWO THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWO IN JUST ONE DAY.Got to be a mistake me thinks. then I went to Audience Stats and they showed that most of those reading, or looking I should say, or from Spain, UK and Ireland but then it goes ridiculous it says I have over 100 people looking at my blog from ...Wait for it...Ukrain, followed by 85 Turkey..You love this 153 from Russia!!!! Its all a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest voting panel. Something very wrong here as I have only 2,011 friends on my Facebook. I'm very confused but good for the ego even if it is nonsense.

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