Friday, 27 January 2017

Israel Does it again....Try to boycott this LOSERS!!!

Israel, you're amazing!!!! Considering the way the world has condemned and turned it's back on Israel, l, I hope Israel keeps this vaccine to themselves. That's not Israel's way, though, and I'm sure they will be quick to let the world have it. Greedy Western corporations will price it so outrageously that only the rich will have access to it

Say hello to a loser.


The extent of the challenge facing Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has been laid bare by a detailed study showing broad negative views of him among working-class voters.

Exclusive BMG Research polling for The Independent reveals almost half of the unskilled workers and manual labourers that Mr Corbyn needs in order to become Prime Minister believe him to be “out of touch” and an “election loser”.

More than a third thought him “incompetent” and “naive”, with middle-class voters sometimes holding slightly more positive views of the Labour leader.

He's as 'out of touch' of those that follow him.

Today we must remember the 6 million men, women and children who perished by the hands of the Nazis. Why did the die? Where they at war with Germany? Where they shooting and bombing Germans? No! They were slaughtered simply because they were Jewish. We also must remember on this day those who also died by the hands of the Nazis, the gays, the gypsy's , the mentally handicapped etc. Why? Were they such a threat to Germany? No! They also were slaughtered simply because Hitler didn't want them! May we, on this day, remember all those who perished and pray it should never happen again.


For those of you sick enough to try to make comparisons with what the Nazis did to innocent people just because they were Jews and to what Jews of Israel are doing to protect themselves from another Holocaust it's time you learnt a sharp lesson. The Jews that were marched to the death camps that were gassed, burnt alive or simply starved to death there only sin was because they were Jews . They weren't lobbying rockets at Germans, They weren't sending in young Jews into Cafe's onto buses and blowing themselves up slaughtering women and children. No! they were murdered simply because they were Jews. A vast difference to the Palestinians and there chosen leaders Hamas a terror organisation that have lobed thousands of rockets into Israel, they have set off bombs in places crowded with women and children , they have knifed innocent Jews on the streets of Israel simply because they are Jewish. Even you lot of anti Semites must see the difference????



Tuesday, 24 January 2017

I'm tired. I've just flown in from London but before I rest this evening I thought I might make a comment on all the rubbish on Trump I've been reading in the press, both British and International, over my weekend away and feel compelled to put on record my point of view.

Firstly, what the fuck are all these marches and violent demonstration hoping to achieve??? The same question may I ask to those putting such nonsense on their Facebook's and insane blogs? The answer is nothing all you are is a bunch of fucking losers. End Of. Donald Trump IS the President of The United States Of America whether you like it or not ,LIVE WITH IT. HE IS A WINNER.

I love all these conspiracy theorists who inform us hes going to be investigated for this illegally or that. BULLSHIT.

The bottom line you lot HATE SUCCESS something I've suffered in a small way all my life.

A little tip: stop trolling webpages for hatred all the time you find subjects that not only make you look stupid but are backed by a bunch of losers!! Hail to the chief and lets see at least if he can do a good job. If not criticize him , if he does applaud him as I will.

Sunday, 15 January 2017


A message for the anti Israeli mob who follow each other like puppies follow their mothers and they do this without question and without the brains to ask the question. So my question to you lot: 'what have you ever done to help the Palestinians? So who helps the Palestinians? the Arab nations? No BDS a ridiculous idea that can never work as Israeli largest export is technology which the world cant live without. I'll tell you who's helping the Palestinians-The Israelis!
How you might ask? Well let me quote a Israeli doctor that might help you begin to understated: “Is it not time that the world recognized the humanitarian work carried out here, in spite of the continued incitement, stabbings, vehicle rammings and rockets activated against us?”

Tasmin from Gaza, together with her mother and Nagah Zad, the chief nurse of the pediatric cardiac intensive care department of Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer..

With the devastation and genocide continuing in Syria, while the world looks on and appears impotent in bringing humanitarian aid to this war-torn country, we in Israel are endeavoring to find additional ways of taking the wounded into our hospitals.

This is not something new, as some 2,000 victims of the Syrian bloodbath – including many children – have been treated in Israeli hospitals since 2013.


Now back to reality: In the midst of the intifada of 2000, when Palestinian suicide bombers were blowing up Israelis, claiming the lives of over 1,000 civilians, Israeli hospitals continued to treat Palestinians.

These are facts not made up theories by some obscure website that is based on Israeli hatred (their are many the worst I believe is Michael Aydinian's conspiracy blog) Currently, 40% of patients come from Gaza and the West Bank. The doctors say: "I looked around at the parents with their children waiting to be seen – many of the youngsters’ faces were bloated by the necessity of steroids given following a bone marrow transplant – children without hair in the midst of treatment yet still able to smile.

For those requiring hospitalization, 24 beds are available in the pediatric malignant oncology unit. On average, 50% of the inpatients are from Gaza and the disputed territories."

Surely you knew about this Lora? If you did why aren't you publicizing it? after all doesn't the care of Palestinian children paramount to you. I look forward to reading your blog later to see your reaction.

A mother from Gaza whose eight-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with an abdominal tumor at the age of one year and three months. The child was operated on at Sheba some three months ago and has remained hospitalized ever since for follow-on treatment. Her mother has been with her for the entire period. Hostel accommodation – at a minimal cost – is provided for the accompanying parents or grandparents. Could you imagine reversed roles where Hamas would offer this service to Israeli's????

While Palestinian patients from Judea and Samaria come for treatment and then return home, this is not the case with those from Gaza, which is why it becomes necessary to provide accommodation. Children from Gaza arrive in special ambulances, which are obligated to pass through three checkpoints – Fatah, Hamas and finally Israeli.

Unfortunately, Palestinian children arrive in a far worse condition than those from Israel, primarily because they are not sent here at an early stage of diagnosis...

“Is it not time that the world recognized the humanitarian work carried out here, in spite of the continued incitement, stabbings, vehicle rammings and rockets activated against Israel, what other country in the world suffer these kind of atrocities and yet still employ, house, educate and medically treat the very people who are their enemy's and Israel is called an apartheid state. Want to know what apartheid is? Abbas, the Palestinian leader, says he wants a two state agreement but he will not allow Jews to live among his people.!!! Now, that's what apartheid is. end of story.”

Read this whole article here and then denounce it as Israeli propaganda(your only line of defense, to ease your fucking filthy conscience!!!) But before you jump the gun let me tell you this information comes from someone who should be one of your heroes. She is active in public affairs and is public relations chairwoman of ESRA, which promotes integration into Israeli society.

Friday, 13 January 2017

The Anti Israeli Scum will Hate this. Sorry but its time for you to realize that the world loves Israel. Okay it's possible one or two countries might not but they may also hate England or perhaps Ireland or France.

You hate mob close your ears NOW......


Lora you claimed you were friends with Hamas, I suppose you support this disgusting behavior? You and your followers sicken me! How could anyone support this kind of cowardly savagery?
Thousands of Hamas activists and supporters took to the streets of Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza on Sunday night to rally against Israel and praise the terrorist ramming attack in Jerusalem which killed four Israelis.

Last week a Palestinian savage rammed his truck into a group of Israeli soldiers on a popular promenade in Jerusalem, killing four of them , 3 of them young girls, in an attack which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said had likely been inspired by Islamic State.

Not one anti Israel blog that I still look at followed or even reported this tragedy.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Israel delivers great news to all those who advocated the legal use of cannabis for the use on medical groundsas they announce that Israel's Ariel University opens first academic course on medical cannabis...

Medical first is being achieved yet again in Israel as they announce the first-ever academic course in the use of medical cannabis, recognized by the Council for Higher Education, has been launched by Ariel University. It was initiated by Dr. Michael Dor, a senior lecturer in health systems at the university’s Faculty of Health Sciences, chief adviser of the Health Ministry, a family medicine specialist and a former senior ministry official.

The course is designed for students in the field of medical administration, after they have completed one year of study at least; priority was given top those who have experienced in in the health sector.

Today, cannabis use in Israel for recreational and other non-medical uses are illegal, like heroin and cocaine. But tens of thousands of patients with pain, lack of appetite, nausea and other problems have been licensed by the Health Ministry to use it. As patients benefited, more began to began to demand a change in the status of cannabis as illegal.

Israeli researchers have had a major impact in the field, as the Hebrew University’s Prof. Raphael Mechoulam was the first to identify the active ingredient of cannabis and made more discoveries that aroused interest around the world.

While it does not treat cancer, cannabis can reduce side effects and make them bearable. It can also ease epilepsy in children. There is evidence that it can also ease the effects of fibromyalgia. Each month, a committee of senior doctors present evidence of its effects in their field.

I like millions of others will be delighted with this news from Israel, no, not for me but for those of you who remembers my interview with a police woman who suffers from cancer. She said that the daily pain she suffered from the top of her head to the balls of her feet made life unbearable and the only thing that would help her through the day was cannabis. The story takes an extraordanery twist when she told me she was in the narcotics branch of the police force yet she was made to break the law because the only way she could get a supply of the plant was by sending her husband out to buy from ill angle street dealers not knowing how pure the cannabis was and what was mixed in with it. This is a fucking disgrace and thankfully Israel, yet again, has risen to the task.

I really hope that one of these BDS morons needs Israel developed cannabis for cancer pain relief and let's see him or her refuse to take it. No chance.

I'd like to wish all my blogger friends a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, 2017.

It seems to me that not a lot of you enjoyed 2016. The world was and still is in turmoil. Islamic terrorism seemed to have increased and on a more superficial note it seems we lost more well know celebrates than ever with names like Sir Terry Wogan, Ronnie Corbett, Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, Prince, Gene Wilder Lenard Cohen, George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. to name but a few. Some thought it was like an epidemic of the famous.

So what sort of year did I have? Well I cant really complain. A sixth grandchild joined the Boland Clan, my medical tests which I have every year, man things like prostate showed 'All Clear'. I bought a new car which I love and to wind it up I was awarded Sales Man of the Year 2016. This is the first time that anyone had actually won this prestigious award two years running.

So what am I looking forward to in 2017? Well, My families health and safety tops my list. healthy and happiness for all my friends and of course peace in this world we live in.

As many of you know I still have this small band of critics who are still hanging onto any mistakes made in my past choosing to by pass any achievements I might have made.

So let me try to bury the hatchet especially with you Steve and Jackie, yes we have had our differences especially over Israel, yes we have been very vocal at times but surely that it would be so much better if we could agree to disagree rather than you fill your blogs and Facebook's with so much hatred.

Jackie I know about the difficult financial times you are facing and if I can be of any help please let me know my email address in and Steve you know how much time I've spend raising money for cancer causes so of coarse I sympathize with you and will do what ever I can to help you with your struggles. It seems both of you are taking out your frustrations on me and for that I'm truly sorry.

We must move on with life. As you know I saw my life collapse around me a few years ago, I practically lost everything including my family. I had two choices to either simply sit down and give up or brush myself down , pick myself up and move on. No, it wasn't easy and at times I felt I was walking into brick walls most of my friends had walked away and didn't want to know me, but I am a fighter and I needed to prove to myself and my family I can rise above it all and succeed.

As you know, because you were among them them , my critics continued to try to batter me down during this fight to survive. It continued to feel I was taking one step forward and six step backwards! No one and I mean no one wanted to know me never mind having me associated with them and to make this whole episode more difficult all this was made public through various press reports that seemed to be following my every move and gloating in them. .

So you see, life is not easy, whoever said it was? Yes Ive made huge mistakes and have paid dearly for the and will continue to do so, I've hurt many people that I didn't want to. But I needed to move on as both of you should. If people are upsetting you block them out of your life. You have know idea how many people are on my block file both on Facebook and Blogger thee are , trust me this really helps not to read what you believe should be happening to you. Jealousy is a terrible thing and can hurt you daily, I know you believe life has dealt you an awful blow but believe me you are not the only ones. In fact if it helps I will block you both off my blog , just let me know.

Meanwhile be safe, be well and if you need a chat email me and I'll email you back my telephone number. But lets start liking and leave the hating in 2016. Maurice