Sunday, 10 November 2013

SHOULD WE DO SOMETHING??? Seeing today's headlines : Typhoon Haiyan feared to have killed TEN THOUSAND Filipinos. Should we on the Costa once again rally around and do something?
MY THOUGHTS: There are two posts on my Facebook in reference to the tragedy in the Philippians which made me think, should WE be DOING something to help? One of the post was from Andy Philips who wrote: ‘We cannot heal the world but if we stop caring ,then it's time to give up and die’ My answer to that was: ‘Your correct Andy, we can't heal the world but unlike those who do nothing we can give it a fucking good go! The other posting came in this morning from Jean Shinerock who wrote as part of her Remembrance Day post in reference to the horrors in the Philippians: ‘So that we can feel the sympathy for those poor souls who suffer constantly battling the elements and the hardship of life’. And that got me thinking, IS SYMPATHY ENOUGH????
Will sympathy put shelter over the heads of the hundreds of thousands now made homeless by the devastation of the brutal typhoon? Will it help supplying blankets and clothing to keep those without warm? Will it aid the rescue effort..The answer of course is a big NO!! Over the years I’ve lived on the Costa I have dedicate part of my time to charity 95% was for home grown charities but within my time here there has been two huge international disaster that have devastated the lives of millions and caused the deaths of untold number they were the Sri Lanka Tsunami and the earthquake in Haiti. On both occasion the people on the Costa rallied around to help and send out blankets, clothing shelter and funds. We even helped build a school in Sri Lanka. So should we now once again rally around and try to help the people of the Philippians ? If the answer is yes then let me know and we can start planning IMMEDIATELY. It is coming up to Christmas and a huge concert in aid of the Philippians might be just the answer. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

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