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THE BIGGEST LIE OF THEM ALL The question that keep raising it's ugly head by the conspiracy theorists is: 'Does America and Israel support ISIS the Islamic State? They say there is no smoke without fire. So today I'm going to make a thorough investigation so I can finally answer the question NO or YES

The Palestinian Authority insisted that the Islamic State is a Zionist plot by the United States and Israel. The United States, though, has been bombing the Islamic State in Iraq for more than a week; not quite ally behavior.

It would have been easy for me to dismiss this theory off-hand as another hoax emerging from the general lack of information, something 'Truthers' seem to by pass,about the Islamic State -- An example is the allegations that President Barack Obama released Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in 2009, which as we found out later was totally FALSE.

But I felt compelled to trace this conspiracy theory to its source to see whether or not it has legs.

So how did this hoax start or better still where? I'll give you two guesses. Well of course it was Iran. Please tell me your not surprised? In fact I can trace it to the very person who started the ball rolling, it was the Iranian Fars News Agency quoted Iran’s top commander, Hassan Firouzabadi, blaming the founding of the Islamic State on America and Israel. This was a huge smoke screen to cover their support for ISIS, ask your self where did these savages learn to throw gays off roofs, behead men women and children and burn people alive? I can assure you not in the US or Israel!

He went on to say: "The (Islamic State) is a move by Israel and the U.S. to create a safe margin for the Zionists against the resistance forces in the region," Firouzabadi said. The U.S. and Israel, he continued, are reacting to "the recent victories of President Bashar Al-Assad in Syria" and "in Iraq."

That’s not to say America is completely blameless when it comes to the Islamic State -- the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the weapons deals it struck to try to bring down Assad may have all played a part in ISIS’s rise. But there’s no evidence of an American, British and Israeli plot to create ISIS. The only evidence to debunk this as a lie comes from...Yep you guessed it conspiracy theorists. Well it would wouldn't it???

So how did these lies perpetuate? The only lucid defense of the idea that Western intelligence agencies including the US and Israel created the Islamic State intentionally comes from the Center for Research on Globalization (CRG), a Canadian website that bills itself as an alternative news source, but has advanced specious conspiracy theories on topics like 9/11, vaccines and global warming. YES folks, i believe we just might of hit on the answer CRG one of the biggest conspiracy theorist sites in the world!!! With a record of NEVER proving any of their claims but yet idiots keep getting suckered into their outlandish theories an example being CRG quotes an Islamic State member who claims that all current al-Qaida affiliates "work for the CIA," with no evidence besides his word.that

So so far what have we found out? That the only claim that says the US and Israel are behind ISIS comes from Fars News Agency who quoted Iran’s top commander, Hassan Firouzabadi, blaming the founding of the Islamic State on America and Israel. And you fucking idiots all believe this one man. Are you all out of your fucking tree????

So now we know where this hoax start and spread like wild fire? 'Truthers' Anti Semites and Anti Zionist couldn't wait to get behind their computers to make sure that they could incite as many people as they could to vocally show their hatred towards America, Israel and Jews in general and all this based on a hoax.

In conclusion: Middle Eastern publications have been circulating rumors that Edward Snowden’s NSA leak reveals "Operation Hornet’s Nest," an American, British and Israeli plot to create the Islamic State to destabilize the Middle East.

This isn’t the first time Iranian publications have characterized the Islamic State as an American creation, but it is the first time Edward Snowden’s name has also been linked to this hoax . Sources with access to Snowden’s documents have directly distant themselves from the hoax. Saying Islamic State WAS started as an al-Qaida offshoot, and NO ONE ELSE and there’s no reason to believe otherwise. END OFF.

Saturday, 27 August 2016



So how do the scum anti Semites, sorry again anti Zionists, work? It's simple, they just Google anything that they can find (and thats easy) which is full of hatred against Jews and Israel. They normally find what they are looking for on some obscure website and of course the easy root on they will fibd all the hatred they are looking for on conspiracy theorists ridicules Facebook's, blogs etc. The golden rule for these morons is to NEVER copy anything good or positive about Jews or Israel and ALWAYS blame them for EVERYTHING.

So let me give you an example how this works. You will never read this on any of their dirty media outlets... This type of reporting really hurts them. So here i go.......

Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has sent a thank you to Israel's Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for sending in their Search and Rescue team.

One of the first countries to come to the aid of Italy's worst ever Earthquake is Israel.

Israel's world famous Search and Rescue teams made it to the the epicenter hours after the earthquake hit Italy. Italy's Jewish communities immediately mobilized putting together fund raising for the victims and their families.

IsraelAID and Israel relief organization, was hard at work giving vital assistance following the devastating earthquake that struck Italy on Wednesday.

Thanks to the support of the Ted Arison Family Foundation, IsraAid has dispatched a 20-member staff of search and rescue, relief and trauma specialists, and is currently the only foreign humanitarian non-profit, non-governmental aid organization on the ground. The team, wearing blue and orange, is working alongside their local Italian counterparts.

n Rome, Italy’s largest Jewish community began a blood drive and vowed to raise money to help the victims of the quake, according to Adam Smulevich from the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI).

“Our hearts are heavy with concern for our brothers in the area impacted by the earthquake,” Shalom Bahbout, chief rabbi of Venice, told The Jerusalem Post.

At least 281 people died and hundreds more remain missing.

Mr G 08.54 27/08/2016

Good morning . Let me start off by saying I am being accused of being you! So if you don't mind I will move into your mansion and I will need the keys of your new Mercedes.

Enough said. You will love this again report by the clown.

This photo is a lie, this is not Brazil! It is in fact Japan!

THE LIE: Tsunami Hits Brazil !!! Mainstream Media Totally Ignoring !! Huge Tsunami Hits Brazils Coastline – YouTube. why no media coverage , ask yourself this, is it our fault .


THE TRUTH: Two days ago, a YouTube Channel called That is Impossible published a video with images suggesting that a tsunami hit Brazil – and that the international media deliberately ignored it. The video’s narrator, as well as thousands of commenters, discussed how large media corporations chose not to relay news that unequivocally shows the effects of climate change. The tsunami has gone onto become the most searched term for Brazil in the last 24 hours.

The thing is, the huge wave is not a tsunami.

This is a phenomenon quite common along the Brazilian coast and even has a funny name: Ressaca De Mar (literally “sea hangover”). Instead of a tsunami, it’s a dangerous undertow. This is characteristic of winters in Southern and Southeastern Brazil, and it happens due to atmospheric changes and the arrival of cold spells. Although it’s far from a real tsunami, it does indeed frequently leave a trail of destruction.

Of course, the real explanation is not nearly as much fun as a global media conspiracy to hide a Brazilian tsunami. But hey, at least you learned a new word in Portuguese, Ressaca. Yet again these idiots not only believe these lies but spread the 'truth' to those morons who want to read their rubbish!!!!


Monday, 22 August 2016

Here is a very difficult question that might be hard to answer from a group of morons who can hardly string two words together..

QUESTION: Why is Israel Bombing Gaza none stop at this moment?

ANSWER: To stop the rockets that are been fired into Israel all day yesterday.

NEXT MORE DIFFICULT QUESTION: Name one country that wouldn't do the same to protect their people. Answer: YOU CAN'T!

Do Hamas give a fuck about their people? Do they? Don't they know that Israel will retaliate  and retaliate hard possibly killing innocent Palestinians. Hamas then in turn will hold up some dead child and say 'Look what Israel has done boo hoo hoo'. Sorry, this just doesn't wash. You started it now ask yourself : who is to blame?  If you hadn't attacked Israel that child would still be alive you fucking savage!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Muslims Take Christian Pastor, His Wife, And His Daughter, And Hack Them With A Machete, Then While They Are Still Living, They Bind All Of Them With Rope, And Burn Them Alive.

And some how the sickos will find a way of blaming the Jews for this Islamic savagery!!!

More bad news for the Anti Semite brigade their hero George Galloway's party RESPECT has collapsed...ooops no followers.


You lot really all got it wrong Sally . YET AGAIN !!!!

The Headline reads: Celtic fans show their support for Palestinians. But do they? Now look again, there is a tell tale sign right under your noses or should I say under the small group of imported protesters (couple of hundred out of 30,000 that leaves 29.800 not protesting!) Do you see the word RESPECT ? Sure you do! Is the penny dropping you morons. Yes, of course GEORGE GALLOWAY'S RESPECT PARTY. has shipped in a load of thugs distributed the Palestinian flags and the rest I'm sure you can work out.

A footnote They were booed by the real fans.

It really gets me why you lot do not do any research. Is it not embarrassing that you keep getting it so wrong ? Here's a tip: Google the subject that your trying to post before posting it. .

You lot are so blinded with hatred towards Jews that the real threat to the worlds future you are blind to preferring to run a posting on a pack of idiots waving a flag supporting a country they have never been to. So for those of you who want to know whats going on outside your world of hatred try this for size:

CIVIL WAR IN SWEDEN: Muslim ‘refugees’ are wreaking havoc in Sweden, setting cars ablaze for the 8th night in row

Just before midnight police were alerted of nine car fires in the city. Several cars were set ablaze, but exactly how many cars that have been consumed by fire, is still unclear. At one of the places also a garage and a waste disposal room had been set ablaze.

– It goes without saying that when you get so many reports of fires in several places at the same time, one can not arrive as quickly as one would otherwise, said police spokesperson, Anna Göransson.

Monday was the eighth night.

Muslims riot in Germany.



Israel is not involved in terrorizing Europe so the Israel hate mob couldn't give a shit and that folks is the long and short of it I'm afraid to say.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

PURE EVIL 1943. I received this photograph this morning of a Jewish mother and child about to be shot by a Nazi. Always remember this, never forget, never again...I know there are millions of photographer of the savagery of the Nazis but for some reason this upset me more than most..

Have we learnt anything by this type of barbaric behavior?



Wednesday, 17 August 2016

More great news from wonderful Israel as it scores success against skin cancer. Israel is approaching the fight against skin cancer head on and succeeding with lowered mortality levels in the last five years.

A three pronged approach to fighting skin cancer in Israel appears to be showing success. Over the past five years, an aggressive campaign predicated upon awareness, identification and research has apparently been responsible for significantly lower skin cancer rates in the Jewish state.

Under the direction of the Israel Cancer Association, newly created skin care apps such as “DermaCompare” and the development of immunotherapy drugs like Keytruda, the campaign appears to have made noticeable headway in fighting the disease.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer. About 5.4 million basal and squamous cell skin cancers are diagnosed each year. (These are found in about 3.3 million Americans; some people have more than one.) Melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer, will account for about 76,380 cases of skin cancer in 2016.

Here's a question to the so called BDS mob: If you or your children should get skin cancer will you refuse too save their lives using drugs developed in Israel? In fact would you refuse any life saving drugs developed in Israel? No I thought not. Which makes you a load of hypocritical morons.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

08:09. 16/08/2016 Mr G

Good Morning. I'm not sure you will allow me open access if I keep bringing the Clown up but you can delete this if you want but here goes: Last week this moron made up a ridicules lie of getting avocados removed from the shelves of a supermarket because they were Israeli imports we all know that's bullshit as Spain is one of the biggest exporters of avocados. I challenged him to name the supermarket I also predicted correctly that he wouldn't because he couldn't.

Now for the second lie: This anti Semitic bit of scum has now admitted that he is mentally unstable and why a 'JEW DID IT': Yes as is his way blaming Jews for every atrocity the world has known from the assassination of JFK, 9/11, Princess Diana's Death etc etc but now he's surpassed himself saying the reason for his mental state is all because a Jewish doctor persuaded his mother to get him circumcised . A total lie: Circumcision is a religious or cultural ritual for many Jewish and Islamic families, as well as certain aboriginal tribes in Africa and Australia. Circumcision can also be a matter of family tradition, personal hygiene or preventive health care. Sometimes there's a medical need for circumcision, such as when the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back (retracted) over the glans. In other cases, particularly in certain parts of Africa. So what part does this clown fall into. Please don't tell us now he's Jewish. No, he simply an anti Semitic liar. FACT!!

So what is gentile mutilation? It is the ritual removal of some or all of the external female genitalia. UNICEF estimated in 2016 that 200 million women had undergone the procedures in 27 countries in Africa, as well as in Indonesia, Iraqi Kurdistan and Yemen, with a rate of 80–98 percent within the 15–49 age group in Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Guinea, Mali, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Sudan.The practice is also found elsewhere in Asia, the Middle East, and among communities from these areas around the world.

Typically carried out by a traditional circumcise using a blade, FGM is conducted from days after birth to puberty and beyond; in half the countries for which national figures are available, most girls are cut before the age of five. It is a barbaric act and if you had ever heard Waris Deary on my show you would have known many of these young girls die of shock. It is illegal in most civilized countries. Removing a tiny bit of foreskin the size of a pinhead is not mutilation! In fact ALL the British royal family males are circumcised using a Rabbi Mohel

Jewish circumcision is NOT as this anti Semite continues to lie carried out with any old man in a bearded these are medically trained Rabbis known as Mohels. 'Sucking the penis' ONLY ever happens with a tiny Ultra orthodox Jewish sect somewhere in the outback of Israel. This NEVER happens in Europe and is condemned by Rabbis all over the world, It just doesn't happen.

A message for the clown: I'm neither Jewish or Christian I'm an Agnostic. Glad I cleared that up.

Just to add it's against law for a rabbi to suck the baby's penis after circumcision as it could spread herpes which is fatal to a baby of 7 days. This ritual has been band for hundreds of years but carried out possibly in some remote areas by ultra orthodox Mohels.

Sunday, 14 August 2016


"I, the Prime Minister of Israel, care more about Palestinians than their own leaders do.
Israel cares more about Palestinians than their own leaders do."

16:11   14/08/2016  Mr G 

Here's a simple Question Maurice:

As you pointed out that since 2015 Palestinian terror attacks by the numbers:
147 Stabbings
51 Shootings
30 Car Rammings
1 Suicide Bombing

37 Israelis dead.      Now the Clown talks about the slaughter of Palestinians by Israelis. Really? NAME THEM When and where this slaughter happened over the same period.

This Maurice is where I become a Physic (I know you don't believe in this) but I will now predict the future. This Clown will not be able to answer the question. IMPOSSIBLE!. . Oh I forgot to mention . When a Palestinian attacks an Israeli with a knife, a gun a car etc shooting this scum does not count as the IDF do what you would do if someone attacked you and attempted to murder you . So name a dates and places that Israeli savagery by the IDF is carried out please. Don't hold you breath M.

Yours G


Israel could wipe out Gaza within a few hours. Israel have never cared for public opinion. There are those who called them savages, there are those who believe they shoot and kill Palestinians as target practice. So why don't they just bomb Gaza and end the whole situation. I'll tell you why, because they care, they care to the point that when they go on a bombing mission into Gaza pinpointing exactly where Hamas are firing their rockets from, they ALWAYS drop leaflets well in advance warning the Palestinians who live in the area to evacuate until the IDF have done their job . As an English army general pointed out NO other country would do that and NO other country ever has.

Israel has for many years held nuclear weaponry and have never used it, you need to ask yourself why? The world trusts Israel that's why. There has NEVER been questions ask of Israel. Israel and Russia, United States, China, North Korea, India Pakistan, France, United Kingdom. All are capable of a Nuclear attack. If I were you it would be North Korea and China I would fear most.

The latest cycle of Palestinian violence against Israeli civilians began in fall 2015, and has been ongoing. 39 Israelis and 2 Americans have been killed. This violence includes unruly riots, shootings, stabbings, car rammings, hurled IED’s and rock attacks that are taking place throughout the country.

The IDF and its troops continue to work tirelessly with its partners in the Defense Establishment to protect themselves and ensure security for Israel’s civilians, in accordance with government directives.

Terror attacks by the numbers:

147 Stabbings
51 Shootings
30 Car Rammings
1 Suicide Bombing

How many unprovoked attacks have Israel made into Gaza in that same period. Answer ZERO! How many countries would tolerate this behavior by Hamas?

Here's an interesting question: If Hamas had the same fire power of Israel would they not obliterate the country as its part of their mandate to do?

A question is often asked: Why does ISIS not attack Israel? One ridiculous answer that keeps reoccurring that they along with the US support those savages.
Read this and maybe there is a clue. Israel through their advanced satellite systems could pinpoint every ISIS savage and evaporate them is seconds.

Finally remember this: If Israel ever lost a war there would be NO Israel!! End of

Saturday, 13 August 2016

13/08/2016 Mr G your eyes on the web....

Rio Olympics 2016: 'They Don't Want You There Israel'
Your going to love this. You know how The Clown gets almost everything wrong and needs to go back years to dig up any shit he can, well this will make you laugh: After reading your reports on how well Israel is doing in the Olympics and the disgusting behavior of some Muslims countries against Israel at the games, he was obviously desperate to find a report on the continuation of the Arabs boycott against the Israelis at Rio Olympics and BINGO he found one.

He headed it 'They Don't Want You There Israel' The report reads: 'Tunisia's Malek Jaziri has given a walkover against Israel's Amir Weinstraub by refusing to play against the Israeli as he was asked to do by the Tunisian Tennis Federation. The news was confirmed by Tunisia's state agency'

Fair enough I though. But then I researched the report (This is something he and a few other bloggers on my radar don't know how to do!) and saw This was NOT the Rio Olympics 2016 but the Quarterfinal of ATP Challenger Tennis tournament in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Whoops got it sort of wrong there CoCo, big difference in playing a small tournament in Uzbekistan than the enormity of the Olympics!!! !!!

Some more of the report: The Muslim player was sent an email by his country's federation, which barred him from playing.

Tunisia's state news agency says the national federation sent an email to Jaziri that stated "you are ordered not to play against the Israeli player." A people of peace springs to mind.

So there you have it! The self proclaimed Circus act got it all wrong again bless him. Keep searching boy, your sure to find some real dirt to feed your apatite of hatred and if you don't there's always those naked women you love to copy and paste. Yours Mr G. .

13.51 13/08/2016 Mr G

Sorry me again. The Clown gets it so wrong again!!! This idiots rhetoric of hatred knows no bounds!

He published this headline about Israel's Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked:

Israeli lawmaker calls for genocide of Palestinians:

Again if he did a little research he would have seen that last June, when a posting appeared on HER Facebook by a settler activist. It described the entire Palestinian people as “the enemy,” called youths who become “martyrs” while attacking Israelis “snakes” and said their mothers should “go to hell” with them.

Bloggers accused her of promoting genocide. She deleted the post as soon as she hd seen it but unfortunately it was on all day as she was at work. She followed it up by writing an open article attacking the attackers.

It was a mistake I should never have allowed an 'open' Facebook forum and have now changed the status ,” Ms. Shaked said in the interview, a day before her swearing-in. “I’m doing a lot of mistakes, like every human being.”

Ms. Shaked was the asked about Arab citizens. She said they “should be an integrated part of the Israeli society,” denied they face discrimination and said more spots should be created for them to do national service in lieu of the military.

OOOPS they've got it wrong again! Do they ever do any research???

The Lie: Ibiza: The council agreement essentially declares the area of Santa Eulalia a “Space Free of Israeli Apartheid” and calls on the municipal government to execute the boycott agreement.

The Truth: Samuel Parra, the city council Santa Eulalia  spokesman, denied that the municipality had voted to boycott Israel. He said that the city council did NOT vote to support a boycott against Israel.

He iterated that it is the council’s policy NOT to discriminate based on faith and religion.

Time for more truth's and lets cut out the lie's

Friday, 12 August 2016

The poor anti Israel mop are having a terrible time, with the collapse of BDS worldwide, being outlawed in most countries, with the Israeli economy booming. and now sour grapes by the Arabs because yet again the Israelis are winning medals in Rio.

Rio: Crowd boos Egyptian Judoka for refusing to shake Israeli's hand following defeat

Judo star Or Sasson defeated Egyptian opponent Islam el-Shehaby in the +100 kg division Friday afternoon at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Following his defeat, however, el-Shehaby refused to shake hands with the Israeli which led to booing from the crowd.

As he attempted to leave the mat the referee called him back where he gave a half hearty bow and yet again was booed as he left the arena.

How disregardful is this and how it has backfired: The Lebanese Olympic delegation was reprimanded by the International Olympic Committee following a shocking incident in which they refused to let the Israeli delegation board their bus to the opening ceremonies. How sad is that???
Hamas made video. Yes you have all been suckered in by Palestinian propaganda. Say hello to hell on earth or is it?


For years, these Middle East dispatches have highlighted lies told about Gaza by everyone from European government funded NGOs and British politicians, to some anti-Israel reporters at the New York Times and BBC. These lies have included allegations that life in Gaza is like life in the Warsaw Ghetto under the Nazis.

I have questioned the accuracy of statements such as Time magazine reporting “Please spare a thought for the starving Palestinians of Gaza. There are 1.5 million of them, most of them living hand to mouth” – or when former U.S. President and Nobel peace prize laureate Jimmy Carter says “the people in Gaza are literally starving”. (See, for example: Fancy restaurants and Olympic-size swim pools: what the media won’t report about Gaza.)

Now Hamas itself – in a video released as part of its campaign against Fatah for October’s municipal Palestinian elections – has produced this video showing the Gaza Strip under its rule, with Gazans holding up signs saying “Thank you Hamas.

One of many swimming pools in Gaza. In the forground you will see one of the many 5 star hotels that have been opened over the last few years.

The Roots Club, one of many up-scale entertainment and dining venues which have opened in Gaza


Here's a question: How come Israel haven't bombed all these areas and only attack Gaza boarder towns:
Answer: Because Hamas dare not fire their murderess rockets from there. Proving that Israel ONLY attacks where rockets are fired from or tunnels are built.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

16:14 11/08/2016
Joy for the Boland Family as Maurice and Wendy Boland welcome their 6th Grandson Nikolia taking place next to Alexzander, Bradley, Ryan, Zac and Jayden making it an even half dozen of stunning Boland grandsons. Well done to Nicholas and Sabina.
Great news for Israel as Yarden Gerbi wins a medal for Israel!

Judo master Yarden Gerbi wins the bronze! She delivered a brutal takedown of her Japanese opponent and won! What a move!

Hows the idiots from Lebanon who refused to get on the Israeli coach doing in the medals, I think the answer might be a BIG zero!!!!

Israelis remembered at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The attack at the Olympic Village stands as one of sports’ most horrifying episodes. The eight terrorists, representing a branch of the Palestine Liberation Organization, breached the apartments where the Israeli athletes were staying before dawn on Sept. 5, 1972. That began an international nightmare that lasted more than 20 hours and ended with a disastrous failed rescue attempt.

Among the most jarring details are these: The Israeli Olympic team members were beaten and, in at least one case, castrated.

Among the most jarring details are these: The Israeli Olympic team members were beaten and, in at least one case, castrated.

“What they did is that they cut off his genitals through his underwear and abused him, Can you imagine the nine others sitting around tied up as they watched this happen knowing it was their turn next.This is what you call savagery! ”.

The world is waking up!!!!!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Many times I tried to point out that the poor poor Gaza strip is in fact a lot richer than you might think in fact I quoted that 300 millionaires live and work there. I WAS WRONG, SORRY. the truth is far from that in fact the number tops 1,500 millionaires!!! the majority happen to be Hamas members. Well, Well Well!!! This reported has infuriated the Palestinians especially Abbas the Palestinian leader. We all know where the money is coming from and its not from hard work!

The Palestinian Authority, the world's welfare state, is having another internecine feud between the Hamas militias which control Gaza and the Fatah militias which control the West Bank.

One of Gaza's 5 star luxury hotels where I'm sure the Mother Theresa of Gaza hangs out. Bless her.

BIG MISTAKE: Fatah, which controls the official Palestinian Authority apparatus has let slip a little fact about life in horribly oppressed and besieged Gaza. It's full of welfare millionaires.

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction went on the offensive Thursday, claiming that Hamas in Gaza is corrupt and "doesn't represent the Palestinian people." WOW! Are you reading what I'm reading???

The Fatah spokesman claimed that 1,700 millionaires among Hamas members, hinting that the terror group imposes steep taxes on its citizens for goods entering from Egypt and Israel, and that this money finds its way into Hamas officials' pockets!!! add to that 600 multi million airs that live among the poor citizens and we come up with a figure of around 200,000! and those are the ones we know about. We also know that millions are made out of smuggling which for obvious reasons is not declared income!! So a conservative figure for the super rich in Gaza tops 200,000!

I hope LORA LUCERO is reading this and if she is she's possibly packing her bags after reading that Hamas, her friends as she told me, are lining their pockets with charity money meant for the poor children of Gaza!

That's the number of millionaires in Hamas, not the total number of millionaires in Gaza. We still don't know what the total number is.

A report in 2012 claimed that there were 600. There clearly are a lot more than that based on a statement from Fatah. It's conceivable that the Fatah spokesman was including Hamas leaders living abroad, but that's still too big a discrepancy. An unknown PA diplomat claimed that there were 1,200 millionaires in Gaza last year.

Considering that much of the economy in the West Bank and Gaza consists of foreign aid, black marketeering and corruption, there's probably no way to be sure. Getting the picture you morons?

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, whose son lost his monopoly on imported cigarettes when Hamas took over Gaza, charged that, “800 millionaires and 1,600 near-millionaires control the tunnels at the expense of both Egyptian and Palestinian national interests."

The Palestine Pulse claimed that the tunnels had created over 1,000 new millionaires. And that's the tunnels alone, it doesn't account for Gaza's extensive construction industry, its luxury hotels and all the rest of it.

Meanwhile anti-Israel activists claim that Gaza is a concentration camp. Apparently it's a concentration camp with luxury five-star hotels.

Lets do a little Jewlery shopping after all living in Gaza its nice to wear gold.

Dear Dear me the poor Anti Israel mob are having an awful day. But I'm sure they will be desperately hunting around some conspiracy theorists sites desperately looking for some sort of Anti Israeli hate propaganda. How about this. Israelis eat children or Israelis remove body parts from little Palestinian children to use for them selves. Come on surely you can find this somewhere. I promise you will feel a lot better than you feel just now after reading the report above. Have a good day...

Time for a trip to a Gaza Gym. Need a work out after suffering all day...

Finally time for dinner in Gaza.

Now it's time to Jump in my Audi R8 for the ride home. Did I just say Audi R8? Yes i did, this car rents for $895.00 a day in Gaza!!!. Hamas wants you to think they have no roads or decent cars, just camels and old clunkers, but that is not true. In fact, there are plenty of websites, in English, where you can book a car and driver so you never have to get lost while in Gaza. Oh, and by the way, “hiring a driver” is what is known in the rest of the world as a Chauffeur. There are more than 120.000 thousand luxury cars in Gaza today with that number set triple in the next few months.

Here s a picture of the docks in Gaza. Try counting how many new Audi's R8 you can spot each one costing between $165,000 for the basic to over $200,000 for the convertible model!!!!

Imagine what the next flotilla would think if this sight greeted then when they land in Gaza

Living in this concentration camp is so hard on us poor Palestinians.

Come and join me on a trip around Gaza . The poor suffering Gazians who live there... Tut Tut is their more lies coming out on Hamas propaganda videos that the Hate Israel mob are been suckered in by?

Are we sure this is Gaza? Maybe its Marbella????

Mr G 07/08/2016 10:02: Need a Sunday morning laugh Maurice? The Circus Clown has been caught out telling a big whopper on his ridiculous copy and paste blog. Not only does he continue to get his facts wrong but now he's taking to lying and I believe I have caught him out. Wait for this your going to love it. The clown claims he single handedly got a supermarket to remove unlabeled Israel goods from it shelves and then some how they found the labels stuck them back on a returned the goods!!!! Firstly , how did he know the goods were from Israel? He says they were avocados, as I write this in the fridge are 4 large avocados with no labels, there is a bag of tomatoes with NO labels and a cucumber again with NO labels they ere all bought in Mercadona. Secondly; Spain grows some of the best avocados in Europe so why would they import them? and Thirdly; Surprise Surprise: He refuses to name the supermarket.
Now this clowns pretends he is a supporter of BDS so why not name the supermarket and make sure ALL his 'followers' (me) will check the produce they buy there is properly labelled so they can refuse to buy Israeli goods?

So here is a challenge: Name the supermarket so I can check out your story. My prediction of the day: HE WON'T, YOU KNOW HE WON'T BECAUSE HE CAN'T!
Breaking News: Wonderful news for Israel and yet again terrible news for the Israeli haters:World Vision announced that they will not receive funds from Germany and Australia who have now joined a growing number of countries throughout the world.stopping funding after finding out its been stolen by Hamas to buy arms and build their tunnels of evil.

World Vision announced on Friday that it will not receive funds from the German government because Hamas are misusing the funds to buy arms. Hamas have been caught red handed siphoning off 7.2.million dollars a year that was meant to be for the welfare of children in need in Gaza. One Palestinian told our reporter: " Hamas is our real enemy who would rather buy arms and build tunnels than feed are children, the world should know this!"

Meanwhile a number of tunnels of evil collapsed in Gaza killing all who were part of the construction team.

Now some great news for Gaza: For over six years Transportation Minister Israel Katz has been telling everyone prepared to listen that the Gaza Strip needs its own seaport, and that the territory’s two million people need a trading outlet to the rest of the world.

Driven by the idea that a port would be a strategic game-changer that would improve life for Gazans and significantly improve Israel’s diplomatic and security situation, Katz has, since 2010, been promoting the idea of building an island to host the port.

Now, it seems, his proposal is advancing closer to reality than at any point in the past, as the cabinet prepares to resume discussions of the proposal, which also has the support of the Israeli defense establishment.

Katz recalled how, after the late prime minister Ariel Sharon withdrew every Israeli soldier and civilian from Gaza in 2005, he asked him what was next for the Strip’s residents. Successive prime ministers after Sharon have struggled to come up with an answer.

The result, Katz said, is that the Hamas regime has been able to exercise absolute control over their lives, North Korea-style. Israel, meanwhile, has been accused of choking the Strip’s economy, despite its many efforts to truck in goods, and irrespective of the fact that Israel left the Strip more than a decade ago. To top it all off, Israel and Hamas have waged three wars since the disengagement, and Jerusalem has thus far been forced to fight one round after another against Gaza’s terrorist factions.

A port for Gaza could solve all of those problems, though it would not make Hamas change its spots, Katz argued. It would relieve international diplomatic pressure over Gaza, provide a restraining factor for Hamas’s military wing, which would be forced to think twice before risking an improving Gazan economy and risk infuriating Gazans with another military adventure against Israel, and it would provide Gaza’s civilians with much needed humanitarian and economic relief.
Dear Maurice more rubbish spotted on the small group of small minded anti Semitics, sorry they liked to be called anti Zionists. who continue to report anything that happens to be anti Jewish without researching the facts.

Let me start off with this inaccurate headline:

A huge blow to Israel, Netherlands declares BDS ‘free speech’

So I researched this only to find there is a follow up headline which the morons refused to publish simply because it was GOOD news:

Lawmakers in the Netherlands pass a motion urging the government to end direct or indirect funding of organisations aligned with the Israel boycott movement. The Dutch government passed a motion calling on the government to deny funding to organizations calling for a boycott against Israel.

The motion, co-signed by three lawmakers, including a prominent politician for the ruling People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, was passed Thursday in the Tweede Kamer, the Dutch parliament’s lower house.

What a blow to the Netherlands BDS. Netherlands like Spain, France Italy, UK , Ireland etc have all made it illegal to set up anti Israel boycott groups. This is yet more great news for Israel as the BDS continues to collapse world wide.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Time the anti Israel lobby face up to facts instead of reading obscure reports about the success of the BDS, boycotting Israel. It might come as a surprise to them as they have NEVER read a proper recognized financial report on the state of the economy but the economy in Israel is booming.

I know there are big words in this report. But I'll give you a little test: Ask yourself what has been boycotted from Israel that will effect the economy in anyway...Look forward to reading your answers and NO its not oranges or toothpaste!

Physicist Stephen Hawking shunned a Jerusalem conference hosted by Israel’s president, singer Lauryn Hill canceled a Tel Aviv concert and a giant Dutch pension fund blacklisted five Israeli banks. All are signs that an international movement to isolate Israel is gaining ground.
Yet an examination of foreign capital flow into the country shows the opposite trend -- a steep increase. Foreign investments in Israeli assets hit a record high last year of $285.12 billion, a near-tripling from 2005 when the so-called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement was started by a group of Palestinians.

The boycott movement is comprised of those who reject the Jewish state’s existence as well as those who want it to change its policies toward Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But even the more limited focus on the occupation and the companies that benefit from it has had little discernible impact. The stake of non-Israeli shareholders in nine such publicly-traded companies and banks has risen steadily over the past three years.
We don’t have a problem with foreign investment in Israel -- on the contrary,” Yoel Naveh, chief economist at Israel’s finance ministry, said in an interview.

Money managers, economists and government officials say Israeli assets are an attractive alternative to weak performers elsewhere. The country’s economy is slowing but growing faster than those of the U.S. and Europe and its interest rate is higher. Plus, many reject the notions driving the boycott -- that investing in Israeli innovation and natural gas violates Palestinian rights, and that Israel’s misdeeds are so exceptional that they justify singling it out for censure. This is totally without foundation and obviously plays no part in effecting Israel's growing economy.

Israel’s economy is expected to grow 2.8 percent this year compared with 1.8 percent for the U.S. and the European Union. In 2015 its industrial high-tech exports rose 13 percent from a year earlier to $23.7 billion, according to the Israeli Export and International Cooperation Institute. The BlueStar Israel Global Index, a gauge of globally-listed Israeli companies, has doubled over the past decade, outperforming the 21 percent gain in the benchmark MSCI ACWI Index of emerging and developed world markets.

So how will the BDS movement respond to this report, it simply can not be denied. So please don't tell me that North Korea has stopped buying Shampoo from Israel or any other country that say's they are part of the BDS movement. Let me tell you these countries who claim they support the BDS movement import billions of dollars a year from Israeli technology, from computers to mobile phones from life saving medical science to scientific discovery. In short Israel's economy is one of the strongest in the world if not the strongest per capita.

Sorry for being the messenger of such bad news.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Breaking news that has sent shock waves throughout the civilized world. Hamas has stolen over 50 million dollars kindly donated to a charity to give a better life to the children in Gaza. This money has been used to buy weapons and build tunnels.

I think its extremely important that LORA LUCERO, should watch this carefully then ask herself, what the hell am I doing in Gaza.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Massacre in London's Russel Squire:
Israeli hero: Yovel Lewkowki, 18, pictured posing by the Thames before the attack, thought the killer needed help - but was stabbed herself and saw his victim die

Retired teacher Darlene Horton, 64 died in the mass stabbing at about 10.30pm in Russell Square last night when the Somali-born attacker walked up to his unsuspecting victims and slashed them with a kitchen knife. Ms Horton's last words were 'he's still here' as she tried to warn others of the attacker. Witnesses said her shocked husband sobbed nearby as her body lay sprawled on the pavement. It emerged that the man accused of stabbing Ms Horton to death and injuring five others was a was Zakaria Bulhan, 19, moved to the UK from Norway in 2002, and was said to be suffering possible 'mental health issues'.

Onlookers said the hero of this evening attack was an 18 year old Israeli holiday maker Yovel Levkoki (above) who herself was slashed across the hand as she approached him to offer help after believing he was a victim. She immedately turned her attention to comfort the dying women leaving herself open to great danger. She said today she was 'lucky to be alive
If only the world would learn how to deal with terrorist the same way as the experts, Israel!

IDF troops make Tel Aviv terrorists home go BOOM !!!!!

The only way to deal with this scum. IDF forces demolished the homes the terrorist responsible for the deadly attack in Sarona Market in Tel Aviv early Thursday morning, in a joint operation between Border Police and units of the Civil Administration’s enforcement division. In June, the two terrorists, Khalid and Mahmoud Mehamara, opened fire in the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv, killing four and wounding six. Operating early Thursday morning, Israeli security forces destroyed Khalid Mehmara’s home in Yatta, south of Hevron, along with the home of his cousin, Mahmoud Mehamara in Khirbet Raka'a, also in the Hevron area.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Yet more depressing news for the anti Zionest morons. It keeps getting worse and worse for them as the real truth about Israel rises to the surface the boycott against Israel continues to collapse around the world Spain now joins the growing support for Israel as The Spanish Israel Lobby deal a triple blow to the failing BDS movement in Spain.

Spain shows its love for Israel as the ACOM presents its lawsuits against ever single city council or public institute that has declared a boycott against Israel. The ACOM working to combat BDS in Spain, has dealt a triple blow to the boycott movement this past week, garnering three legal victories throughout the country.

The group claimed its first victory after a court ruling suspended the effects of a local boycott against Israel in the Olesa municipality on the outskirts of Barcelona.

The sheer existence of a local agreement of this nature implies the possibility of denying participation to any entity or person of Israeli nationality or origin in any contract or activity sponsored by the City Council”, the judge stated.

A few days later, a Madrid Court suspended boycott agreements against Israel adopted by the Rivas Vaciamadrid City Council.

The agreements were incorporated into a motion of adherence to the BDS movement, proposed by Izquierda Unida, the Communist Party and the extreme left-wing party Podemos, a rising political party in the country.

The motion had called to "not establish any political, trading, agricultural, educational, cultural, sporting or security deal, contract or agreement with Israeli institutions, companies or organizations."

The City Council had further committed not to establish any ties with organizations "deriving economic benefit from violations of international law and human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory or the Golan."

In addition, a boycott motion against Israel was defeated in a plenary session in La Guardia, a town of 11,000 inhabitants in northern Spain this past week.

Once again the proposal for the boycott was proposed by the extreme left-wing party Podemos and BNG, a separatist far-left group and failed yet again!

Earlier I posted the lies coming out of Gaza Pallywood I belive its called and then this evening this. What next George Galloway to marry an Israel? Please G-d no.

The poor Palestinians, held in a concentration camp, no water., brutalized everyday by Israelis . Must be terrible to live in Gaza with nothing to do.

Come with me lets look around this terrible concentration camp.... By the way Hamas has continued to apply to YouTube to take this off. I wonder why. Egg over face comes to mind!!!

Do you morons want to know what a real concentration looks like....????

How these people would love to live here in  Gaza ...

How about this,  a Mumbai Slum..How these people would love to live in Gaza and not live in a  rat infested slum where the open sewers run past their home , even some times in them!

Hard to believe this FRANCE! Yes. this is what a concentration camp really looks like.

How these children that live in European slums would love Gaza ...

And the parents of the European slums would love the life in Gaza .....

So isnt it time you ask yourselves: 'Is someone taking the piss here?'

Monday, 1 August 2016

More bad news for the small group of morons who bravely call themselves anti Zionists, sad I know. A few days ago I showed how Isreal is laughing all the way to the bank at the Boycott Israel campaign. Israel is one of the largest exporters of technology in the world today. The world could not function without this technology. Add to that It's outstanding medical science discoverys. You can only stand in awe of this tiny speck of a country and its amazing achievements.

Not being able to get anywhere with their orange boycott they tried to get music celebrity stars to refuse to play in Israel. What an unmitigated disaster that was.
Sir Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna, One Direction...Is there any more bigger than that! Yesterday Carlos Santan
a gave his point a view and why he didn't back off Israel after the pressure was laid on him

Santana tells the BDS movement to shut the heck up!
In an interview with Ynet ahead of his Israeli concert, Carlos Santana had this to say when asked about those pressuring him to boycott Israel

Failure, Failure, Failure!!!

WOW! Like most countries in the world Ireland has now also changed it's mind about glories Israel and has even launched a newspaper supporting the Jewish State....

Copy and past this link. Am I so proud to be an Irish Jew.....