Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pure joy....
SO YOU THINK HAMAS WANT PEACE? You poor sad lot. Read on and you might just understand why Israel will continue to send the IDF into Gaza to sort these savages out...
A member of the al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas' military wing, was killed on Saturday after an accident occurred in one of the Islamist organization's tunnels in the Gaza Strip.

According to Maan news, the group confirmed the identity of the man as Anwar Faraj al-Ghalban, 23, from Khan Younis, but refrained from revealing the circumstances of the accident, stating only that their members were doing their best to build more tunnels and make preparations for the group's next confrontation with Israel.

Hamas' tunnels, which serves both as smuggling routes of non-lethal contraband as well as weapons and weapon materials, have been vital to the Islamist organization's nearly decade long rule of the coastal Palestinian enclave, from which it ousted rivals Fatah in a bloody civil war after winning elections in 2006.

There have been numerous reports of tunnel collapses as well as other accidents, with an estimated 160 children dead from tunnel-building activity since 2012, according to a report published by the Journal of Palestine Studies, whose figures were provided directly by Hamas personnel.

According to a 2014 film, "Gaza Tunnels," the total figure is much higher. The documentary, which follows the lives and work of some 7,000 of Hamas subterranean workers, the body count is as high as 400.

Israel maintains that the blockade it holds over Gaza is a preventative measure meant to deprive Hamas of means and materials to launch new attacks against Israeli civilians.

Egypt, which during the rule of ousted Islamist President Muhammad Morsi eased its own blockade on Gaza's southern flank, has since 2013 reimposed a sealed border policy meant to thwart the movement of fighters and weapons from the Strip to the Sinai peninsula, where Cairo is now fighting a bloody insurgency against Islamic State associated militants.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Most of those in media will know of Google Alerts. Is a proses that will alert you every time your name comes up on the Internet.
Yesterday I posted a piece about an anti Israeli blogger called Lora A Lucero (see yesterday's post below) you will see I posted many questions about the Israel/Palastinian crises and to date she hasn't replied.

Lora, I look forward to hearing from you and possibly been educated on your views etc.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thanks again to Mr G for the information on a very active anti Israel blogger called Lora A Lucero. To tell you truth I had never heard of her until today and started to read some of her blogs.

For a person who try's to come across as a humanitarian hoping peace should prevail on behalf of the Palistians her blog does nothing more than insite hatred. Not content that the war of last year, in fact it's over a year since the last bomb was dropped or the last rocket fired and with much to write she decides to run a day by day dairy of last years war. Why? What does she hope to achieve by this? Is she simply frustrated because Hamas and the IDF are not at war prompted her to dig up last years war instead!

Whilst Israel is surrounded by countries where daily hanging, stoning to death, beheading and beating for crimes as little of being gay seems to escape her blog. The starvation of 25,000 Palistnians in Syria seems of little concern of hers! She passes on Israels extraordanery humantarian record of helping thousands of Syrian refugees, the 250 tons of food and medicine delivered weekly by Israel Into Gaza whilest Egypt keeps its border into Gaza firmly locked, in fact only a few months ago the Egptian army destroyed hundreds of Palastnian home in Gaza as they felt they were a security risk as they were built to near the Gaza Egypt boarder! Why did she decide this wasn't worth a mention.

So if you are passionate about seeing peace for the Palastinians why not post some positive events in your blog I.e the Palastnian/ Israeli orchestra or the joint education program.

The war is over, for the time being lady, please start reporting on positivity and not your reports that are so full hatred . Thank you. Maurice

Sunday, 9 August 2015

This is possibly the most awe inspiring documentaries I have ever watch. I Am Jazz made me smile at times and more than ones brought tears to my eyes. It's a story about a little girl called Jazz who was borne a boy, it follows her path through to the start of puberty. I love this girls family and the unconditional love and support they have show her. She is so very special... 

I promise you will be moved by it. Please watch when you have time.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

To all the scumbags out there who hate Israel and boycott their products…let this message sink in real clear you hypocritical dregs.....

Now here's the delema; if you answer this on your computer YOU are a hypocritical scum bag! Why? Because you idiot the computer your typing on has is been fitted with Intel and that was developed in Israel. It sort of a telltale sign that your not anything but a loser and have no real convictions, Israel to you is just an easy target - You are like a puppy dog following the pack.
I never would have believed this if a psychic told me it a year and a half ago. but in the last two weeks I've turned down (yet again) a return to radio, an invitation to appear on UK's Channel 4's hugely popular TV show Come Dine with Me and finally an investigation show on the Missing Amy Fitzpatrick (I think for ITV).

I'm amazed after all this time out of the spotlight that I still continue to be ask to step back in.

The two TV shows were a lot easier to turn down than the return to radio but you know I'm enjoying my life so much now doing what I'm doing. I love being with people , I enjoy meeting clients from very different back grounds , in fact in the last two weeks I've sold to a Syrian doctor, an Iranian banker from Goldman Sachs and a TV director from Abu Dhabi. Yesterday it was a stunning young family from Belgium but living in Switzerland also in banking.

Marbella property market is booming and it seems I stepped into it at the correct time.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Speaking the truth is hard to swallow but the truth it is...

So what have the Arabs got to say? ....This is from the leading Arabic TV station......

Crime and Punishment in the Gaza Strip:

Instead of inciting hatred between Jews and Arabs by posting and pasting rubbish you read from a small group of anti Semites, why not try copying and pasting these true story's. 1.6 million Arabs live and work peacefully in Israelis and for some reason you chose to ignore this, by trying to muster up enough people to boycott Israeli goods that many Arabs livings are made from manufacturing the goods you think should be boycotted! , Why? Yet all the anti Semites want to do is stir up hatred between both cultures. Why? I believe that their own lives are full of hatred, jealousy and insecurities. Now watch this video and ask your selves: Perhaps this is the kind of messages I should be spreading.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

A big thank you to Mr G for sending me a video link called: The Most Banned Video on YouTube by A Alan Sabrosky and it left me wondering just how fucking gulable some idiots are. I called Mr G and asked him where he saw it and he refused to tell me. So here is the link... Be prepared to have a good laugh and I'll tell you why after you've listen to as much of this rubbish as possible..


Alan Sabrosky bills himself as the former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College. He has made quite a name for himself in recent months by first declaring himself a military expert with high-level connections in the U.S. military hierarchy, then by outrageously claiming that Israel was responsible for 9/11 and that the U.S. military knows this and is concealing it. While he offers no evidence for this, he claims that he should be trusted because of his "expertise".

The truth of the matter -- with respect to both his background and his claims -- is quite different, of course.

Sabrosky was working at the US Army War College as an administrator.
WHOOPS LIE 1 COMING UP...He never was the director or dean of the college. Far from it. According to the Press Office of the Army War College, in the mid-1980s, Sabrosky served as a civilian administrator at a research department of the college, supervising the publication of papers written within that department.
Putting it simple, he was something like a librarian, a mid-level civilian manager at a military college, without access to the sort of highly classified material of the sort he now fraudulently claims to have.

WHOOPS MORE LIES COMING .... Moreover, he worked there 28 years ago. How on earth could someone who worked on the level of a college librarian in the 1980s be privy to top secret information about the 9/11? And how on earth could he be the only person to know about it or think it worth revealing?


Exposing the Lies of Dr. Alan Sabrosky
It is time once again to expose the lies of “truthers.” Fellow Debunker 1 from one of my earlier articles, provided me with an interview Dr. Alan Sabrosky gave claiming Israel was behind 9/11in this Youtube video. “Truthers” A and B, also from another article
provided the same link. I can tell you one blatantly obvious problem right off the bat- the interview comes from Press TV, which as you see here, is an IRANIAN television station. It seems to me that an Iranian tv station pointing the finger at Israel is hardly an unbiased source- or a credible one, for that matter. Of course, “Truthers” A and B take anything from Iran ( or the media from any other country known to be hostile to the United States and Israel) as gospel truth.
At about 3 minutes and 57 seconds, Sabrosky cites a Dutch demolitions expert, Danny Jowenko, who is indeed a demolitions expert cited by AE911Truth. However, what Sabrosky does NOT mention is that AE911Truth cherry-picked Jowenko’s statements regarding the Twin Towers and WTC 7, and in the case of the latter, AE911Truth was very selective about the information they gave Jowenko. They also will not quote him on the collapse of the towers because Jowenko clearly states that the collapse of WTC 1 & 2 were NOT controlled demolition ( reference ).
Here are a few other things that AE911Truth did not mention to Jowenko, as we see from this site: 1: They only gave him a simple drawing of the column placement, 2: They did not mention “ cantilevered section to the north, or the crucial transfer trusses in the area of column 79,” and 3: Jowenko is not told about the severe fires in WTC 7 ( which was confirmed by NUMEROUS firefighters who were working the WTC on 9/11) or the SEVERE damage to the south side of WTC 7 ( any picture conspiracy theorists use to show an undamaged WTC 7 are showing the NORTH side). Oh, and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page here, you will see that Jowenko himself states that he is GUESSING.
At 4 minutes and 33 seconds, Sabrosky repeats the “ buildings fell into their own footprint” lie. Brent Blanchard of Protec, who has TWENTY YEARS of experience in the controlled demolition field ( how many years of experience does Sabrosky have in that field? Oh, that’s right- ZERO) states in his 8/8/06 article that the size of those buildings made it PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for the buildings to fall into their own footprint.
Around 6 minutes, Sabrosky claims that there were Israeli’s in the area with vans of explosives in the area and that they were celebrating the attacks as well as taking pcitures before hand- implying that they were Israeli spies. There’s just one tiny problem: Why would spies purposely do anything to draw attention to themselves. Last time I checked, spies generally try to AVOID drawing attention to themselves. Refer to and this link for further details on why that claim is a lie.
At 10 minutes 36 seconds, he claims that the WTC security was an Israeli owned company. This is a LIE. Zim, Odigo and Clearforest were indeed Israeli companies, but Zim is a SHIPPING company (source ), Odigo is an INSTANT MESSAGING company ( reference ), and Clearforest is a business and information services company ( source ). In point of fact, WTC security was provided by Securacom/Stratasec and the Port Authority ( source ).
There is also this statement by Sabrosky that Fellow Debunker 1 gave me found here: “ We are now, almost ten years down the road from the worst case of mass murder in U.S. History. There has been no investigation, (the crime scene was destroyed), no arrests, no grand juries impaneled, no indictments, and no convictions. And few seem to notice and even fewer seem to care as the nation clings to this idiotic fable that nineteen Arab cavemen pulled off the most sophisticated air attack on the USA since Pearl Harbor. “
I can spot at least THREE lies there.
Lie 1: There was no investigation. Like hell there wasn’t- we had the 9/11 Commission report, and we also have Protec, which as we see from Brent Blanchard’s article, was actually there on 9/11/01, as well as many other outside experts, such as the one found here for example.
Lie 2: No arrests. What was Khalid Shaikh Mohammed- chopped liver? He was the mastermind and was arrested in 2003 ( source ). As for why the 19 hijackers weren’t arrested, that should be rather obvious- they were killed when they crashed the planes. It’s kind of difficult- not to mention pointless- to arrest dead people.
Lie 3: The crime scene was destroyed. First of all, there were actually THREE crime scenes: The WTC, the Pentagon, and the field in Shanksville, Pa. There really wasn’t anything to damage in Shanksville, considering Flight 93 crashed pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Now, as for the WTC, it consisted of seven buildings ( source ). There were a total of THREE buildings destroyed- the Twin Towers and WTC 7. Since the ENTIRE WTC complex, meaning ALL SEVEN buildings would logically be the crime scene, then that crime scene was only PARTIALLY destroyed. As for the Pentagon, there was a hole in the wall on one side. In other words, the Pentagon was NOT destroyed- it was DAMAGED. There is a difference.
As you can clearly see, Sabrosky’s research and fact checking skills leave much to be desired. Suffice it to say, if readers will excuse my language, I’ve seen less bullshit from a bull with a case of the runs.

The way I see it:  Conspiracy Theories Debunked..... 

Most of you will know my feelings about conspiracy theorists, I don't believe a word nor their ridicules 'so called proof of facts' they come up with! They are never satisfied with the facts but find it necessary to continue sensationalizing what are mostly appalling tragedies from the death of Marilyn Munro, the assassination of JFK, the tragic death of Princess Diana and of course 9/11 and I have for years spoken out and interviewed many people directly or indirectly on many of these tragedies on my radio shows. Those who benefit from these tragedies are the TV stations, Movies and the millions of books trying to convince us of one conspiracy or another. Big bucks is what its all about.

So Im going to rune a series of blogs debunking as many of these so called conspiracies as possible.

Up first is the 9/11 conspiracy theories debunked.

The twin towers were destroyed by controlled explosion

The Truthers say:
video footage of the buildings falling points to demolition due to the way the towers bend before collapsing. Also, there appear to be explosions as the windows blow out, floor by floor, from the top downwards. One US academic claims to have tested samples from the wrecked towers which show the presence of chemical residue, suggesting explosives had been used.

The Facts:
But in controlled explosion demolition experts collapse a building from the bottom not the top. Experts say the windows were blown out as each floor collapsed on to the one below, sending debris and office equipment flying out.

Think about this:
It would also have taken considerable work, which would not have gone unnoticed, to plant sufficient explosives the length of the buildings to bring them down.

The Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a plane....

The evidence for this, say sceptics claim:
Is that the major damage to the building comprised a roundish blast hole, not the more extended destruction some say would be caused by aeroplane wings. Truthers claim parts of a scrapped plane, including the tail, were moved to the Pentagon as part of the fabrication.

The Facts:
This theory ignores the considerable evidence of the bodies of passengers and crew at the site which were photographed. Thousands of people saw the plane circle then fly into the Pentagon. Some quickly photographed the scene.

Think about it:
Approximately 23,000 military and civilian employees and about 3,000 non-defense support personnel work in the Pentagon, Surely anyone planting plane debris at the site afterwards would surely have been seen.

The hijacked planes were packed with explosives and flown by remote control:

Some conspiracy theorists believe:

That thehe passengers supposedly on board were either killed elsewhere and their bodies dumped at sea, or were part of the conspiracy and are now in hiding with new identities.

The facts:

A key piece of evidence claimed for this theory is that the mobile phone calls the victims are recorded as having made to loved ones from the doomed planes were not possible because of the altitude of the aircraft and therefore faked using "voice morphing technology".
However, phone records show the calls were made from satellite phones fitted to the back of the aircraft seats.

Israel was behind the attacks in order to draw America into a conflict with Arab nations:

The evidence claimed for this theory is:

4,000 Jews who supposedly worked at the WTC failed to report for work on 11 September because they had been forewarned by the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad.

The facts:

However, the figure appears to be based on a statement made by the Israeli foreign minister that about 4,000 Israelis were in the cities under attack at the time. More than one in ten of those who died on 9/11 were Jewish.
This partially confirms the information provided by the United States Department of State.
“A total of 2,071 occupants of the World Trade Center died on September 11, among the 2,749 victims of the WTC attacks. According to an article in the October 11, 2001, Wall Street Journal, roughly 1,700 people had listed the religion of a person missing in the WTC attacks; approximately 10% were Jewish. A later article, in the September 5, 2002, Jewish Week, states, “based on the list of names, biographical information compiled by The New York Times, and information from records at the Medical Examiner’s Office, there were at least 400 victims either confirmed or strongly believed to be Jewish.” This would be approximately 15% of the total victims of the WTC attacks. A partial list of 390 Cantor Fitzgerald employees who died (out of 658 in the company) lists 49 Jewish memorial services, which is between 12% and 13%.”

So there you have it. Of cource The Truthers as thy're called will never belive any of this.

Next up: The Debunking the 'assassination' of President John F Kennedy