Monday, 11 November 2013



  1. Maurice this idiot is at it again if he’s now coping and pasting from your Blog trying to give his ‘expert’ responses to anything you’ve posted but yesterday he went one step beyond, in fact it’s farcical and shows he does no research on any subject. He copied your wonderful moving video of little Megan Adams at the Remembrance Day Celebration evening at the Royal Albert Hall when her dad Lieutenant Commander Billy Adams, who is serving overseas surprised her by returning early. Tearful and very moving not only did he copy but he used your words No Need For Words. But this idiot wrote it was a disgrace to bring Megan’s father back before his term of duty was complete, he ranted on about other military men left behind (not sure what he was on about, I’m not sure he knew what he was on about) He went on to complain that it was a huge expense to the tax payer to bring him back and funniest of all he accused you of putting this video on your Blog, why? Wait for this, ‘It wasn’t your concern because you’re Irish’. Need I say more?
    Now the facts: Lieutenant Commander Billy Adams the highly decorated naval officer was given short-term leave for Megan's special treat and returned 3 DAYS LATER back to the Seychelles where he has been part of Operation Atlanta since June. This underlined just how hard it is for the families left behind whilst their husbands and fathers are posted overseas. Rear Admiral Robert Tarrant, who allowed Lt Cdr Adams to attend the event said the "real hardship" of soldier's on duty is with their loved ones.
    He said: "Obviously you miss your family. You miss lots of special, key events and dates, and this was going to be one of them.
    As far as the expense is concerned (not sure where this expert picked up this information from) RAF aircraft fly almost daily back and forth to navy, arm and military bases to UK to transport men and supplies to overseas troops, Lt Cdr Adams arrived and returned on one of these RAF planes at NO expense. Since promising not to mention your name now all he’s doing is coping and pasting straight from your blog so he can give his ‘expert advice’ What a pathetic idiot he is, this morning he’s even condemning you because you said our prayers should be with the people of the Philippians!!!. Sorry Maurice for going up but to belittle this event without knowing the facts just made me so angry but in a funny way his drunken uneducated rants amuses me he even asked me to post on HIS blog so I could join the only other poster, 63,000 followers but only one person spends anytime responding to his nonsense and that is only to condemn you!!! Knowing he and his mate spends all day reading your Blog here is a message, No, I won’t be commenting on your blog I will leave that up to both of you.

  2. Sorry me again. Sorry Maurice, but I just couldn’t let that liar Brian get away with this, he’s now even lying to his partner TJ I quote: I am not on his Facebook but have friends who are. It's not true. He had max a dozen congratulate him on his medal. So I went onto your Facebook and scrolled down to 3 posting re your Red Cross Medal and copied and pasted the names and numbers of those who sent their congratulations now unless I’m missing something that’s over 200, little bit more than the 12 people that Brian is telling him! He also says he can’t see your Facebook, but your Facebook is public unless you block a specific name and If this Brian can’t see it and you want to know who he is go to your block list and you will be able to trace him, but I imagin he’s lying about this as well. Unlike Brian the facts on how many are out there on the Facebook and can be checked by anyone. Keep up the lies you two.
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