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Reuters: . After it has been revealed that Hamas are causing more misery for the Palestinians in Gaza than Israel ever did. There are daily beatings and imprisonment to innocent Palestinians in Gaza that refuse to show support for their terrorist leaders. They continue to lobby Hamas NOT to attack Israel as they know they are the ones that will ultimately suffer in the end.

Hamas have been responsible for the deaths of many Gazians including children.

Hamas and the Palestinian residence of Gaza continue to become more isolated as an Egyptian court on Saturday banned the armed wing of the Palestinian group Hamas and listed it as a terrorist organization supporting Israels struggle against terror.

The ruling came days after the country faced some of the bloodiest attacks on security forces in years.

Hamas is an offshoot of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood which the authorities have also declared a terrorist group and have repressed systematically since the army ousted one of its leaders, Mohamed Morsi, from the presidency in 2013.

"The court ruled to ban the Qassam Brigades and to list it as a terrorist group," said judge Mohamed al-Sayid of the special Cairo court which deals with urgent cases.

The case was based on allegations that the Qassam Brigades, staged terrorist attacks to support the Brotherhood, and carried out a bombing and shooting operation which killed 33 security personnel in the Sinai Peninsula in October of 2014.

"We reject the Egyptian court's decision against the Qassam Brigades. It is a political, dangerous decision that serves only the Zionist occupation," said Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri.

Egyptian officials say weapons are smuggled from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip into Egypt, where they end up with militant groups fighting to topple the Western-backed Cairo government.

Islamist militants based in Egypt's Sinai region, which has a border with Gaza, have killed hundreds of police and soldiers since Mursi's political demise. The insurgency has spread to other parts of Egypt, the most populous Arab country.

On Thursday night, four separate attacks on security forces in North Sinai were among the worst in years. Islamic State's Egyptian wing, Sinai Province, claimed the killing of at least 30 soldiers and police officers.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi brought a degree of stability to Egypt and the economy had started to recover from frequent political violence since a popular uprising four years ago that overthrew veteran autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

Then signs of discontent emerged in the past week. More than 25 people were killed last weekend when security forces fired at protesters angered by what many perceive as a police state re-established by Sisi since Mursi's fall.

Egyptian officials say the Brotherhood, Islamic State, Al Qaeda and Sinai Province, previously called Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, share the same ideology and make no major distinctions between them.

The Brotherhood says it is committed to peaceful activism despite facing one of the toughest crackdowns in its history.

Militant attacks in Sinai, while far from Cairo and tourist attractions, have hurt government efforts to project an image of stability to win back foreign investors and tourists.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

What the fuck??? Another unprovoked attack on Israel! At least 5 Kornet missiles fired in Hezbollah ambush of IDF soldiers

The officers and solders killed in the Hezbollah attack on the Lebanese border were named on Wednesday as Cap. Yohai Kalangel, 25 from Har Gilo, a company commander in the Tsavar Battalion and Sgt. Dor Haim Nini of the same battalion, a 20 year old from Shtulim who will be posthumously promoted to the rank of Staff-Sergeant.

Kalangel will be posthumously promoted to major.

Both lost their lives after an anti-tank missiles struck the IDF vehicle they were riding in and another in the same patrol.

All this has now achieved will be open war again when innocent men women and children will die and at the end of the day who will be blamed. Not the terrorists of course but Israel as always. Sad.

Yes its happened yet again and not a word from the Israel hate mob, but as soon as Israel retaliates, and they will!! they will be all over their social media crying murder. The incredible thing is that the idiots who call themselves anti Zionists, disguising the true facts that they are anti Semitic, expect Israel NOT to retaliate!!! As if. you'll hear them clearly whinging as they always do. How many terror attacks must Israel endure before you lot of idiots realise that the same terrorists that are attacking Israel are the same bunch of scum that are threatening are very future??? You truly are a sad uneducated dangerous lot. STOP SUPPORTING TERROR.


After reading this headline in today's British press: Tucked away in the corner of a tiny Oxfordshire churchyard, the modest final resting place one of Britain's greatest men: How Churchill's grave looks today - as unseen pictures emerge of his private burial. Winston Churchill was buried in the graveyard of St Martin's, Bladon after his state funeral on January 30, 1965. I decided to do it little research on Churchill's relation ship with Jews and this is what I came up with.......

Churchill and The Jews:

What did Churchill know about Auschwitz? When did he know it? And why didn't he do something about it? They are not specifically posed by the author, but about a third of the way into the book they begin to swell in the mind of the reader, blotting out other thoughts.
As Churchill's official biographer, Sir Martin Gilbert has had unique access to his subject. But he has written many books over the years, more than 75, and most have been on Churchill - so you might wonder what he has left to say. Actually, there is new material here. Churchill, it seems, was a passionate Zionist - one of the most ardent behind-the-scenes champions of the Balfour declaration - and Gilbert unearths previously unpublished evidence to this effect, secret testimony that Churchill gave to a commission on the future of Palestine in 1937.

The Balfour declaration is covered in great depth, taking up the first third of the book. Then come the three questions, if not the definitive answers. The systematic mass murder of Jews in the Soviet Union was known to Churchill in 1941, thanks to the code-breakers at Bletchley Park. That summer he stated that 'whole districts are being exterminated. We are in the presence of a crime without a name.'
The crime continued and, in the summer of 1942, Churchill did give it a name: 'a bestial policy of cold-blooded extermination'. He knew by then that a train containing 4,000 Jewish children, unaccompanied and without identification papers, left Lyon for 'somewhere in Poland'.
But according to Gilbert it wasn't until 4 July 1944 that Churchill knew for certain that the 'somewhere in Poland' was Auschwitz. He also learned that the Jews of Hungary were arriving daily by train and being gassed at a rate of 12,000 a day.
Churchill immediately put into place plans to bomb the railway from Hungary. But why that strategy did not extend to bombing the rail tracks at Auschwitz remains unclear - they may have been out of range for British bombers, but not American.

One thing is certain Churchill was a committed Zionist,

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Memorial services were held today throughout the world. There wasn't a television channel throughout this day that didn't show at least an hour long program on Holocaust Memorial Day. Not a news channel that didn't run a special edition in memory of those that perished through the years under Nazi rule. The world didn't forget and nor will they.
World leaders, kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers stood in silence in memory of the 6 million, Jews, Christians, gypsy's and gay's, murdered simply because the Nazis decided that they didn't want them to live. One of the opening sequences on the BBC news this evening showed a beach in Israel full of young and old, children and their parents. with the reporting saying that if the Nazi regeam had survived everyone of these innocent people would have been slaughtered!!!!

Our past must not become the future for our children: A deeply moving plea from one survivor as victims return to Auschwitz 70 years after they were liberated
Around 300 people who survived Auschwitz paid their respects at the former Nazi death camp yesterday
It came on the 70th anniversary of the camp's liberation by the Soviet Army near the end of the Second World War
Hollywood director Steven Spielberg also joined world leaders at the camp to condemn rise in anti-Semitism
Survivors and their families gathered to lay wreaths at the camp's 'wall of death' and lit candles
Heads of state and European royalty attended the service at the camp in Poland for poignant commemorations

The Netherlands' King Wilem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and Prime Minister Mark Rutte stand before a memorial plaque

'The darkest hour of human history': David Cameron honours Auschwitz victims as he and Prince Charles meet Holocaust survivors and call on Britain to stand together against anti-Semitism

IMPORTANT: My contribution in memory of those that were murdered is to now begin to report anti Semitic abuse on social networks including Facebook's Twitter and Blogs. The police in Spain taking this type of abuse very seriously in the light of what happened in Paris and the continuing growth of Antisemitism in Europe. I have made copies over the past year or two of anti Semitic comments that will now be handed to the police. I urge others to do the same.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015


Shocking moment female socialist activist is gunned down by police on Friday during demonstrations on fourth anniversary of Arab Spring that ousted Hosni Mubarak

And it continues Arab killing Arab. Egyptians killing Egyptian, Syrians killing Syrians, Iranians killing Iranians, Palestinians executing Palestinians. The only democracy in the Middle East is Israel where you would NEVER see this kind of barbaric behavior.

Shaima al-Sabbagh, 34, was shot in the head by police in Cairo. The mother-of-one hit by shots fired to disperse protest march. Protest held on anniversary of the 2011 uprising against Mubarak. Al-Sabbagh's death follows that of an 18-year-old protester on Friday.

Please remember that Egypt also destroyed over one thousand Palestinians home near the boarder between Gaza and Egypt and has kept it boarder tightly closed. Now think about this Egypt and the surrounding Arab states refuse work to Palestinians the only country that allows Palestinians to work in Israel. 1-5 Israelis are Arabs that approx 1.6 million Arabs live and work in Israel enjoying the same advantages as all Israelis , free school, free medical care etc Can you name one Arab state that offers the same to Israelis. NO the only thing they offer is murder and execution.

So here's what Israel delivered into Gaza during 2014 despite Hamas inciting war against Israel and ask yourself what other country that is constantly been attacked would do this certainly no other Arab state.
Over one million tons of humanitarian supplies were delivered by Israel to the people of Gaza in the past 18 months – that’s equal to nearly one ton of aid for every man, woman and child in Gaza.

In the first quarter of 2014 alone (January-March), Israel delivered 94,500 tons of supplies to Gaza. It’s very easy to miss what that actually means for the people of Gaza. The breakdown includes:
40,000 tons of wheat – which is equal to 53 million loaves of bread;
2,760 tons of rice – which equals 69 million servings;
1,987 tons of clothes and footwear – the equivalent weight of 3.6 million pairs of jeans; and
553 tons of milk powder and baby food – equivalent to over 3.1 million days of formula for an average six-month-old baby.
This reflects a long-term effort on the part of Israel to deliver a massive and comprehensive supply of aid to Gaza’s civilians, while restricting the ability of Hamas to import missiles that have been launched at the cities of southern Israel. In 2009 alone:
During the Muslim holy days of Ramadan and Eid al-Adha, Israel shipped some 11,000 head of cattle into Gaza – enough to provide 8.8 million meals of beef;
More than 3,000 tons of hypochlorite were delivered by Israel to Gaza for water purification purposes – that’s 60 billion gallons of purified water; and Israel brought some 4,883 tons of medical equipment and medicine into Gaza – a weight equivalent to over 360,000 260-piece mobile trauma first aid kits.

Now judge for yourself. Humanitarian crisis in Gaza? Not according to the facts.

Most of the produce on sale in Gaza Markets are delivered from Israel.

So whats it like to live in Israel for an Arab this video is a Bedouin speaking from the hart. This video is not what the Arab world wants you to see. Mind you the cynics will say that he's a Jewish actor something Israel has never indulged in unlike like in Palestinian propaganda I showed in my last post.
Spreading hatred of Israel only supplies terror groups like Hezbollah, Al Qaeda. ISIS and Hamas all the ammunition to attack the western world. So wake up please.
There simply no words to describe this young smiling Palestinian woman except sick........

Friday, 23 January 2015

If you had read my post below and prior posts on Arab anti Israel propaganda you will have begone to realise how some of you still believe 'Pallywood' on face value. i.e the video on my last post of so called dead bodies suddenly coming to life or fathers holding dead children that they claim were 'murdered' by Israeli's war with Hamas and yet that same photograph appeared weeks earlier on Syria after an ISIS attack on a village. There was the famous funeral cortege in Gaza that the dead body that was been carried through the streets suddenly jumped out of the stretcher as soon as it went around a corner all filmed by a Palestinian police drone overhead.
So this morning I wasn't surprised to read this head in the Telegraph.

How true is it that Israel deceitfully gave Ethiopian Jews birth control injections?

The article goes on to point out that none suspecting Ethiopian Jews were given birth control injections without them knowing??? It was after reading this I began to laugh 'Pallywood' were at it again. Just a little research would show that birth control injections only last 3 months!! So you have thousands of Ethiopian Jews queuing every three months for their 'injection'. What the fuck do you think they thought they were getting ? anti flue jabs!!!! Never mind the cost. I'm baffled that a simple bit of research would have destroyed this ridicules anti Israel propaganda.

Here what a small bit the Telegraphs article said:

When it was reported earlier this week that Israeli officials had been giving birth control to arriving Ethiopian Jews "without their consent", the international media had a field day. Twitter lapped it up, too. Here was hard evidence, observers said, of Israeli racism. Some even used the word "sterilisation" and haughtily reminded Israelis that the Holocaust, that thing they go on about all the time, also started with the sterilisation of "undesirables". Echoing Lib Dem MP David Ward's recent chastisement of "the Jews" for failing to learn anything from their experiences during the Holocaust, bloggers and observers accused Israel's sterilisers of repeating the very history that Israel's founders sought to escape from.

But how true is it that Israel "forced" or "coerced" Ethiopian Jews into taking birth control, without even telling them it was birth control? An interesting piece in Haaretz says IT ISN'T VERY TRUE, and "the more the story is repeated, the more warped and distorted it becomes". Haaretz says it is certainly the case, as revealed in an Israeli TV documentary in December, that Israel's immigration authorities are guilty of "insensitivity" and "cultural condescension" towards Ethiopian Jews, and perhaps a "certain level of racism" (as happens in most western countries you needn't look much further than UK) ). The article says these African Jews were indeed given Depo-Provera, a birth-control injection that lasts for three months, both in Addis Ababa, as they waited to go to Israel, and also in the absorption centers they first stayed in upon arrival in Israel. But this is not the case – or it certainly has not been proven by anyone – that they were given these injections deceitfully, without their consent, being misled into believing they were just inoculations is total nonsence.
Haaretz says the Ethiopian women were "coaxed" or "strongly convinced" to have the Depo-Provera shot, not forced. The idea that they were given it without their knowledge springs from the testimony of a few women who simply said "they weren't aware the shots were birth control"; that could be down to these individual women's lack of understanding or confusion, says Haaretz, since "the vast majority of the Ethiopian women who received Depo-Provera were aware it was birth control and received it willingly".

As for the claims that Israel is "sterilising" immigrants it doesn't like very much, Haaretz points out that, by definition, an injection whose birth-controlling power lasts only three months is not sterilisation. It also points out that some Ethiopian women continued voluntarily to receive Depo-Provera even once they were settled in Israel, because they "preferred being injected at a clinic rather than having to take pills daily in the presence of other family members who might disapprove of that decision". As many English women do.

The mistreatment of this story, the exaggeration of it, the warped repeating of it by observers and tweeters around the world, reveals something ugly too: a thirst for treating Israel as a uniquely racist, wicked, barbaric outpost. When it comes to pointing a big, white Western finger at Israel and accusing it of carrying out the kind crimes of racism and colonialism that the rest of us grew out of years ago – a favoured pastime of so many liberal campaigners today – it seems facts count for little.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

So here we go again:

ARGENTINA: Ten Israeli suffered horrific wounds in an anti-Semitic attack at a hostel in a small Argentine village.

Three assailants burned, robbed and beat the tourists at the Onda Azul hostel in Lago Puelo, in southern Argentina, between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. Monday, the Argentine media reported. Police in the Chubut province are investigating.

“It was a terrifying moment, several hours of fear,” hostel owner Sergio Polak told the local media. “They shouted, ‘Go, f***ing Jews, you f***ing Jews are robbing us’ in the Patagonia region.”

ISRAEL: A knife-wielding Palestinian stabbed 11 morning commuters on and near a bus Wednesday, striking in the heart of Tel Aviv and reigniting fears of continued violence ahead of Israeli elections in March.
The attack was the latest in a spate of Palestinian attacks against Israelis over recent months, which has been largely reserved to Jerusalem but also has spilled over to the West Bank and Tel Aviv.

In Gaza the Palestinians celebrated giving out sweets to the children.

While the Jewish world has been asked to report any anti Semitic behavior both in social media or verbal these atrocities are carried out.

How to spot anti Semitic behavior: Non of the above will be found on any of the anti Semites Facebooks blogs etc. Now, stop and think, if a Jew had carried this out against Palestinians there Facebooks and Blogs would be screaming hatred toward Jews.

Cowardly anti Semites hide behind these famous words:'I'm not an Anti Semite I'm Anti Zionist'

Again I ask you pack of morons: Listen and learn.......Most of you blame America, England France, Israel etc for the savagery that's going on in the world today? So look at these two pictures which are two of thousands of similar grotesque photographs and ask yourself this simple question: what the fuck have Israel and America got to do with well over a thousand barbaric murders carried out against Muslims by Muslims in the last 12 months? Then when you answer that then and only then might you just wake up to the threat of whats happening around you.

Still not convinced? No, I thought not. So most of you pick up anti Israeli , American etc propaganda from so called self styled peace activists (I exposed one the other day on this blog) but you lot are succored in by the rhetoric they spewed out without researching any of it. You take it at face value! Well here's a video the world was not meant to see of poor Palestinians murdered by murdering Israelis. But wait a minute did I see the dead bodies move????

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Most of my blog readers will know I find those of you who believe in flying saucers and aliens (little green men) etc a load of rubbish but that is not to say that I don't believe there must be whole lot of undiscovered planets beyond our solar system that have not been discovered and would sustain a life of sorts.
I have always been fascinated by the history of man. My question is how intelligent were are forefathers and ancient man who have always been portrayed with a limited amount of intelligence. When you read what I have posted below It just might change your mind.

Let me start here: Though the first actual helicopter wasn’t built until the 1940s, it is believed that Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches from the late fifteenth century were the predecessor to the modern day flying machine (see above). As with many of da Vinci’s ideas, he never actually built and tested it – but his notes and drawings mapped out exactly how the device would operate.
Though Leonardo da Vinci may be most famous for his works as an artist, he actually spent quite a bit more time working on his endeavors in science and technology. Of course, his detailed sketches and distinct artistry played a large role in his inventions, and his sketchbooks later provided evidence that da Vinci had envisioned many ideas long before the technology to build them actually existed. Da Vinci's parachute on the left:

So obviously man had a higher intelligence in the 15th century than we might have given them credit for. Now let step further back in time, say 3,000 years: Decorating an Egyptian temple wall at Abydos are strange hieroglyphics which depict what appears to be modern day aircraft. This finding has caused much controversy among Egyptologists and archaeologists who are not sure what to think. How could people 2-3,000 years ago possibly have known about modern-day aircraft?

When Dr. Ruth Hover and her husband took a trip to the pyramids and temples of Egypt, they were shocked when they discovered, in the temple at Abydos, hieroglyphics depicting modern-day aircraft. She photographed a wall panel in a section where an overlaying panel with Egyptian hieroglyphics crumbled and fell, revealing an older panel beneath it. This older panel, shown above, contains images of what appear to be modern-day technology—a helicopter, a submarine, a glider, and another unknown type of aircraft (some believe resemble the Hindenburg).

Some people believe the ancients had communications with aliens from another planet, while others believe aliens from planet Nibiru are responsible.

Do you see what I see, Planes, helicopters and submarines or am I just imagining it?

The below photos display a couple of ancient trinkets that, upon first glance, were believed to be insects. But after a much closer examination, studies tend to show that these objects are similar to an airplane than any kind of insect that is known to us.

Various puzzling evidence was found in other ancient civilizations which has intensified this debate further. One of the most intriguing specimens to be found in an area covering Central America and coastal areas of South America, are these Gold trinkets! Estimated to belong to a period between 500 and 800 CE:

I wanted to make a list that tells us about the history of some of the things in life that we take for granted. We all know who invented things like the telephone and the television, but we don’t know when or how the staples of life were invented or discovered. So, here is a list of 10 things we take for granted and the history of their use. With the exception of one item (the wheel) the rest come to us from the Paleolithic era. This list is ordered from most recent to oldest.
10. The Wheel 5,000 BC. 9. Twisted Rope 17,000 BC. 8. Musical Instruments 50,000 BC 7. The Boat 60,000 BC. 6. Pigments 400,000 BC 5. Spears 400,000 BC 4. Clothing 500,000 – 100,000 BC 3. Housing 500,000 BC 2. Fire 1,000,000 BC and 1. Knife 2,500,000 – 1,400,000

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Yoav Hattab, 22 ans
Yohan Cohen, 22 ans
Philippe Braham, 40 ans
Michel Saada, 60 ans

And they're still at it. Before the bodies of those who were slaughtered on Friday are buried the scum are out in force spreading their anti-Semitic words of hatred learning nothing from the clear message that has been put out by the millions in France and throughout the world we must stop adding fuel to the terrorists fire. I'm all for free speech but it has been for far to long that this freedom has been abused!!!1

BDS advocate Greta Berlin addressing a meeting in Turkey organized by the Islamist IHH organization.

The anti-Semitism at the heart of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel was again laid bare yesterday, as prominent activists from the campaign took to social media to advance the conspiracy theory that yesterday’s terrorist attack against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was carried out by the Mossad.

Leading the charge was Greta Berlin, a spokesperson for the Free Gaza movement, an organization that has been closely involved with attempts to break Israel’s blockade against the Hamas regime in Gaza. In a Facebook posting, Berlin declared, “MOSSAD just hit the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo in a clumsy false flag designed to damage the accord between Palestine and France…Here’s hoping the French police will be able to tell a well executed hit by a well trained Israeli intelligence service and not assume the Muslims would be likely to attack France when France is their friend (sic.) Israel did tell France there would be grave consequences if they voted with Palestine. A four year old could see who is responsible for this terrible attack.”

Berlin’s colleague, Free Gaza co-founder Mary-Hughes Thompson, echoed those same views in a posting on Twitter. “#Hebdo killings indefensible. Can’t help thinking #JSIL Mossad false flag though. Killers spoke with perfect French accents. Time will tell,” she wrote. Even the International Business Times, a more mainstream publication, explicitly asked, “Charlie Hebdo Attack and Mossad Link: Is Israel Venting Its Fury for France’s Recognition of a Palestinian State?” although the offending item was quickly removed by an editor at the publication.

The term “JSIL,” which stands for “Jewish State in the Levant,” is a derogatory term for the State of Israel coined by the American anti-Semitic propagandist Max Blumenthal, which seeks to compare the Jewish state with the Islamic State terrorist organization. A number of individuals who objected to Thompson’s use of the term, as well as her endorsement of the Charlie Hebdo conspiracy theory, received a volley of abuse from her in response, including such choice phrases as “Zionist trash.”

How can the world ever find a way forward with scum like this been aloud to spread their disgusting propaganda?

Monday, 12 January 2015

This didn't take long before the propaganda machine jumped on the bandwagon, even at this time of sadness, to spread the rumors that an 'unknown source' (Unknown source, you've got to love that??) has be reported that French President Francois Hollande requested that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to join the world leaders at the solidarity March against terrorism on Sunday. Odd that when it was Abbas the Palastinian leader first said he couldn't attend because of bad weather reported Al Jazeera . Say it sounded very odd. Then he changed his mind.
Odd because the French Prime Minister Valls echoed announced to the world on Saturday outside Paris’s HyperCacher market, “ That France without Jews is not France.”
Odd because President Holland insisted in attending Synagogue with Israeli President Netanyahu on Sunday (see photo)

Netanyahu and Hollande attend a ceremony at the Paris Grand Synagogue to the victims of the Paris attacks this week. January 11, 2014

Why do idiots continue to believe such rubbish hopping to give fuel to terror organisations like Hamas reason to continue their savage ways . Look at the photograph again taken in the synagogue on Sunday and no matter how brain dead you are ask yourself does the French President act like a man who doesn't want the Israeli Prime Minister in his country. How thick you must now feel for believing this!!! Now I wonder were the source of this ridicules rumor came from?????

Packed crowd in Paris Grande Synagogue breaks into spontaneous rendition of French national anthem after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the french President Hollande attend service for the victims on Sundays massacre in Paris,

Sunday, 11 January 2015

At a time the world comes together in solidarity against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. This idiot is invited onto a radio show to give his conspiracy nonsense points of view..It would be laughable on a comedy show and in many ways you could think of him as a clown, a dangerous clown no less!

Please notice He wears a teardrop tattoo under his left eye which he says he got the tattoo to show he was crying about an unjust world.
Simply put, Ken:Bullshit! The teardrop tattoo is a gang sign used in prisons and among criminals to tell people they have killed somebody

I’ve heard some rubbish in my life as a broadcaster but nothing as ridicules as an interview that I was sent last week (thank you Philip) when a conspiracy theorist called Ken O’Keefe was a guest on a radio show talking about the slaughter in Paris . This idiot started off by saying it’s more than lightly a False Flag i.e describes covert operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them. With that in mind It wasn’t long before he dragged Israel into the interview, which of course was expected by the interviewer and O’Keefe and knowing the host and his political views, why wasn’t I surprised??? So I decided to do a little research on this so called conspiracy theorist and these are a few facts to share with you.
The following is taken from Lee Kaplin’s Blog. Lee is an investigative journalist, foreign policy, Israel, Iraq, the Middle East, Homeland Security and the War on Terror:

Press TV which is Iran run TV station banned from most countries in Europe the home of George Galloway (why am I not surprised) and guess what the home of this Ken O’Keefe, an ISM apparatchik and member of the Gaza Flotilla. O’Keefe is a cheap two bit hustler who was dishonourably discharged from the marines after Desert Storm and has a criminal record---the perfect kind of guy to be a pro-Hamas and pro-Palestinian activist.
For unknown reasons Press TV see it fit to have him on as an expert and analyst to discuss the situation in Syria. Right off, O'Keefe began telling viewers that the United States was in alliance with Al Qaeda (a CIA concoction he claimed) and that US support for removing Bashar Assad. would invite World War III with the Russians. This was of course just one example of this clown's ignorance when in comes to geopolitical affairs.
The Russians withdrew all their forces and closed their military base in Latakia so as not to go to war for the Syrian tin pot dictator.
On Hamas , whose charter calls for wiping out all the Jews in the world. Ken became a loyal partner, becoming as anti-Semitic as the worst of the Hamas "activists". While raising money for the Flotilla he was accused of embezzling funds for himself that caught the attention of another ISM anti-Semite, Greta Berlin who called him on it. O’ Keefe was arrested in the UK under suspicion of embezzling funds. Of course he denied this on Press TV during our "debate" saying it was an internet tale but when I pointed out Greta Berlin had told everyone about it he admitted that indeed he had had the run-in with her. When Greta Berlin brought up his misuse of funds he pulled out his penis and waved it at her.

He wears a teardrop tattoo under his left eye which he says he got the tattoo to show he was crying about an unjust world. Simply put, Ken: Bullshit!

The teardrop tattoo is a gang sign used in prisons and among criminals like Ken to tell people he has killed somebody (possibly while a marine in Desert Storm as he isn't half as tough as he thinks he is). Ken got the tattoo after the war to show people what a bad dude he is. The man is an idiot.

JOKE: So this is the man who was invited on a radio show to give his views on the Paris atrocities. Unfortunately ignorant of the true facts a few listeners might just believe him.

Friday, 9 January 2015


Hundreds of Muslims in Sweden celebrate Paris terrorist attack on a FB page declaring, “Islam will take over the world”

"Allah longs for a genocide of Swedes.” “I hope they come to Sweden o execute half the population,”

Algerian Islamists: 'Strike Jews' in celebration of Paris attack
Dozens attend Algiers rally celebrating deadly Jewish grocery store siege in which at least four were killed.

While the ‘Palestinians’ are celebrating the Paris terror attack, the Israeli PM is sending condolences on behalf of Israel

NOT BEFORE FUCKING TIME.........Arab leaders have been swift to denounce the Charlie Hebdo massacre, describing it as a perversion of Islamic values. Within the condemnations, however, lay a range of nuances, reflecting different ideologies, allegiances and anxieties across the one region that has suffered more from jihadist violence than any other.

I'm ashamed to say I ever allowed this low life on my radio show. It's time that he was arrested and not allowed to voice hatred on the streets on UK.

Three Islamic jihadists were dead tonight after special forces brought an end to more than two days of slaughter which have left at least 17 dead and spread terror across France. Said (bottom right) and Cherif Kouachi, the brothers who had assassinated 12 people at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, died in a blaze of gunfire (right) at a printworks near Paris where they had been holed up with one hostage, who survived. Moments later, dozens of commandos (left) stormed a Jewish grocery 25 miles away in east Paris where accomplice Amedey Coulibaly was threatening to kill a number of terrified people including women and children. The 32-year-old, responsible for the death of a woman police officer on Thursday, was also 'neutralised' in the assault. But tonight his girlfriend Hayat Boumeddiene (bottom left) - described as 'armed and dangerous' is on the run. Tragically, four hostages were killed while another five were badly wounded.

French President Hollande say: "Attack on kosher store was 'anti-Semitic."

The leaders of Germany, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Ukraine also said they would attend the Paris rally on Sunday
European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said they would attend the rally as well, accompanied by EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini.


PIERS MORGAN: If I can accept that the Paris murderers aren't real Muslims why won't the MUSLIM world say so too?

‘Sooner or later, liberal Europe must fight back’

BREAKING NEWS Islamic terror group Boko Haram slaughter up to 2,000 people IN THE LAST TWO DAYS as they raze 16 villages to the ground in raids across north-east Nigeria that have forced thousands to flee their homes

Abu Hamza was tonight jailed for life by a New York judge who branded him ‘evil’ and said she never wanted him to be released.
The hate cleric nodded his head and pursed his lips as Judge Katherine Forrest told him he was ‘barbaric’ and that he had shown no remorse or sympathy to his victims..
Judge Forrest said that a life sentence was the only option as she could never conceive of a time when he would not be a danger to the public - even 20 years from now.
Scroll down for video

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

If there was ever a song more prevalent to the troubled world we live in today this is the one I would pick.Start loving numskulls hate has failed!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Egypt begins to pave path for expansion of buffer zone, doubling its depth from 500 meters to 1 kilometer.

Egypt is set to begin expanding its buffer zone with Gaza on Sunday, preparing for the evacuation and destruction of at least 1200 houses, according to an Egyptian security source.

The buffer zone would be doubled from 500 meters to one kilometer, according to the source quoted by the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency. The owners of the homes will be reimbursed, added the source.

According to the report, Gen. Sayed Harhour, governor of the region, said that "the government will provide vehicles for free to move furniture for families to move anywhere they want." Last month, Harhour told Ahram Online that the cost of finishing the first phase of the buffer zone – reaching 500 meters - would cost as much as $70 million (500m. Egyptian pounds), after they pay compensation to the residents of the remaining 837 homes.
The only way out now, as the Egyptians keep the Gazians prisoners, is through Israel who borders remain open for Palestinians who work in Israel and for the flow of food and medicine that are delivered weekly into Gaza from Israel. Israel also allows Palestinians fee medical care.

Well, Well Well. So Gaza is a prison. Gaza has only 300 multi millionaires making fortunes out of the property boom in Gaza. So how are the 'poor' Palestinians affording all this property? Now, I wonder.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Just read this headline in the British press. This alone shows you how much the Palestinians and Abbas leadership want peace with Israel.

Outrage after Palestinian political party posts mocked up image online showing huge piles of skulls with Jewish stars of David on them
The picture was posted online by party of Palestinian Authority President
Fatah Central Committee disavowed social media image. The words alongside the image read: 'lingering on your skulls'
Spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister described the image as 'despicable.'

Palestinian statehood bid fails at UN Security Council as US and Australia vote against and 5 countries abstaining. Which shows a true picture of how the world feels at last. Instead of reading Palestinian propaganda and worst believing it!


Thirty-seven Palestinian children have been prevented by Hamas from visiting Israel on a trip organised by peace activists.
Hamas said they would have had to visit "settlements and occupied towns".
The children, aged between 12 and 15 and accompanied by five adults, were turned back at the Erez crossing.
The visit, organised by kibbutz leaders, the charity Candle for Peace and Arab-Israeli officials, would have taken the children to Arab towns in Israel, southern areas targeted by militants' rockets in the conflict, a mixed-race school and the beach in Tel Aviv


Egyptian troops kill Palestinian youth infiltrating from Gaza

Cairo has been clamping down on its Sinai frontier with Gaza, seeing a security threat in the Islamist Hamas-controlled enclave.

Egyptian army shot dead a Palestinian youth as he tried to cross illegally from the Gaza Strip on Friday, Palestinian and Egyptian sources said.

Cairo has been clamping down on its Sinai frontier with Gaza, seeing a security threat in the Islamist Hamas-controlled enclave. But violence seldom flares up there.

Palestinian medical officials and residents in southern Gaza said the dead youth was shot by Egyptian border troops as he tried to slip across the border with three other youths.

An Egyptian army spokesman did not immediately return calls for comment. But Sinai police sources confirmed that Egyptian troops opened fire on a group of Palestinian youths who were trying to cross the border. Three were arrested inside Egypt and the fourth, shot, remained on the Palestinian side, they said.

The three youths taken into Egyptian custody said they came for cigarettes to sell back in Gaza, the police sources said. They were brutally beaten and imprisoned. This is a daily occurrence by the Egyptian army, a Palestinian spokesman said.

So what have we learnt from this? That no one really cares about shootings of Palestinians or the brutality carried out against them in prisons unless it's by an Israeli. The boarder is closed from Gaza into Egypt. NO ARAB COUNTRY SUPPORTS GAZA AND WILL NOT UNTIL HAMAS ARE TOPPLED

Friday, 2 January 2015

What a wonderful holiday period I've jut had, one of the best in a long long time. My grandkids have just flown back from a trip to Ireland. So looking forward to a long weekend with them, although I have clients on Sunday, shouldn't complain, after all its my grand adventure. I couldn't have chosen a better way to finish 2014 than with a sale! I'm really looking forward to 2015. Above is one of those a selfies of Bradley, Jayden, Joanne and Daniel Boland...Blessed with a beautiful family

Thursday, 1 January 2015

So the year 2014 has finally come to an end and before the clock strike twelve I’m going to take a short journey back throughout the year. If you would like to join me please read on.

January 2014: Waking up on the first day of the New Year allowed me to reflect on the year gone by, a year when I finally hung up my headphones after 28 years and bid farewell to the life I loved in broadcasting. Lying in bed that morning the first January 2014 I began to wonder whet the New Year had in store for me? Like the years gone past it seems that my life continued to be full of surprises and certainly unpredictable the biggest question that lay ahead for me in 2014 was ‘what was I going to do with my life now?’ One thing certain was I wasn’t going to sit back and simply do nothing, that was out of the question, it wasn’t in my nature to start pottering around the garden or take up painting are bowels etc but I wondered at my age would it be possible to challenge myself and turn my life around, to reinvent myself, but how and doing what was the big question the lay ahead of me.

During 2013 I was diagnosed with diverticulitis a digestive conditions that affect the large intestine (colon). In diverticular disease, small bulges or pockets (diverticula) develop in the lining of the intestine. Diverticulitis is when these pockets become inflamed or infected.
Symptoms of diverticular disease include: lower abdominal pain. Those that know me know I’m a hopeless hypochondriac so the thought of getting anything more serious than a cold was for me next thing to death. The disease can be controlled by anti-biotics but in some cases surgery is needed and that is what happened to me. I had a small part (10cms) of my colon removed and after a while thankfully I had a full recover all seemed to be back to normal. Early in 2014 I had a full medical check up to make sure everything was as it should be, heart good, blood good, lungs etc good, ooops what this they found on my bladder?? A pinhead size spot was detected. So folks I needed it off so 2014 more or less started off with yet another surgical procedure. Thankfully all was okay so full steam ahead health wise.

Now back to the nagging question; what to do with my life now? To tell you the truth I was slowly climbing up the walls with boredom and started to doubt myself as to the possibility of ever finding work again at my age. I started to write a blog on my life story which I found very therapeutic. I really didn't think anyone would be interested but over 35,000 have read it so far with some very encouraging comments add to that I've had interest from two publishers , one in Ireland and one in Canada! Besides the writing I was was beginning to become depressed, this was a characteristic that was very unlike me and it was worrying as I know what depression can lead to. I’m not the type of person ever to accept defeat I've always found a way to pick myself up (somehow) brush myself down and get on with it. So what to do? After all the only trade I knew, if you can call it that, was broadcasting.

Although I had now stepped well out of the lime light It seemed I was still in demand charity wise, which I found very flattering but decided that I should take a back seat for a while ,whilst I concentrated on trying to reinvent myself. This sitting on the fence didnt last very long before I was persuaded in July to host a charity for Children with cancer and in November Cudeca that together brought over 60,000 Euro to my charity fundraising 2014.

Hosting various events in Marbella this year including Children With Cancer. The photograph on the left shows me being joined on stage by Marbella's brilliant Mayor Angeles Munoz

I remember sitting on my terrace on a stunning April day with pen and paper intending to make a list of how I intended to reinvent myself. That sheet of paper remained empty for most of the afternoon except for one word 'PROPERTY'. Over the years I often thought if I had to do something else other than broadcasting what would it be and the world of real estate always held a great interest for me. I have over the years bought and sold many homes and after revamping them many had been photographed for various glossy magazines. In fact, thinking about it now, the only real money i ever made wasn't in my clubs, radio or television but it was in buying and selling property, so I must have had, at least, a little talent in doing so. Maybe, just maybe, I thought, this might be an option, at least to investigate. Knowing some of the owners of the biggest and most successful real estate companies in Marbella I started to investigate the possibility of a life changing career in the world of Real Estate. I set up meetings with a number of these companies to investigate any possibility that a future in real estate might have for me? Thankfully most of the owners came to the same conclusion that the type of personality I had would be excellent with connecting with potential clients, after all they told me, connecting with people is a top priority for a successful career as a Realtor.
After a lot of encouragement from my wife Wendy and my sons (who all had a lot of successes in real estate) I finally took the plunge and accepted the offer of a sales executive position with Bromley Estates one of the big three agencies in Marbella.

The head office of Bromley Real Estate Marbella

From the start I loved what I was doing I just couldn’t believe after 28 years on radio and television in, a world I loved, I would ever find an alternative career that I to would equally love and enjoy the same excitement . But I had and within the second month I had won the accolade of Sales Man Of The Month. What I loved about the job was meeting people from all walks of life from countries throughout the world finding out about who they were and taking on the challenge somewhat like a TV game show to ‘Find The Correct Property.’ It felt like I took to it like a duck to water. I suppose I was slightly less conventional to most of the top professionals that worked in Bromley and my way of sales was far from the rule book but thankfully it seemed to work. I think senior management decided to ‘just let him get on with it as what ever he's doing, and god knows what that is, seems to be working!

Another important highlight for me in 2014 occurred one afternoon when I received a telephone call informing me that I was to be the recipient of the Red Cross of Spain's highest award The Bronze Medal in recognition for my work for charity over the past 28 years. The award ceremony was held in the Congress Hall of Marbella in front of a large audience including dignitaries from the Marbella Town Hall, family and friends also present were a large contingent from television and the Spanish and English press. I was surprised to learn that not only was I one of only four to receive the medal in 2014 but I was informed that I was the first English man to receive such an award in Spain, in my acceptation speech I quickly pointed out that I was in fact IRISH, which received a raptures applause from the audience. The host pointed out that the medal was in recognition for the years of fundraising and the millions raised for various charities including Cudeca cancer care hospice (the first in Spain) Age Concern, Children In Need, Debra, The Emily Ash Fund, Fire Aid etc etc.

On the left is the Director General of Red Cross Spain and my stunning wife Wendy.

It was a year that my youngest nephew Stanley Rojack qualified as a doctor. I saw TWO of my cousins been nominated for film awards. Tim Boland who has been nominated for best original music score for A Band Called Death at this year’s Cinema Awards in New York (Tim is the recipient of a cinema award for his music score in Stomp The Yard). Andrew Freedman who has been nominated in this years BAFTA's for the movie Kelly&Victor which he co-produced. Congratulations to them both.

2014 was a year of so much unrest in the world with new heights of savagery performed bt terrorist groups like ISIS , Boka Haram and Hezbollah. The wars in Africa and the Middle East continued to rage. We saw war yet agin in Israel triggered by Gaza's terrorist leader Hamas raining rockets into Israel. . A new frightening word became prominent in 2014 and that was Ebola, a virus disease that was killing thousands in West Africa and threatening to spread throughout the world if not curtailed. We read the news that weeks after the search for a Malaysian plane carrying 239 people went missing without trace. The search still continues for Malaysian Flight 370 in the southern Indian Ocean." Nine months after the plane took off, there is no trace of it or any of the passengers.

A great loss to Marbella and personal friend of mine Mark Rich died suddenly during 2014. I spent many happy evenings dinning with Mark at his stunning home in Marbella when he visited from his main base in Switzerland (see photo below) . Mark will be greatly missed especially by the many charities worldwide he supported although The Mark Rich foundation, which gave away millions annually, will continue to function.

RIP 2014: We saw the loss of a number of my favorite celebrities taking to the big stage in the sky, including: Robin Williams 63, Joan Rivers 81, Joe Cocker 70, Roger Lloyd-Pack 69 (Trigger in Only Fools and Horses) Rik Mayall 56, Bob Hoskins, Mickey Rooney 91, Richard Attenborough 90, film producer/actor Philip Seymour Hoffman 46, Kate O'Mara 74, Lauren Bacall 89, Bobby Womack 70, Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers 74, Acker Bilk 85, BBC DJ Mike Smith 59, Alvin Stardust 72, Billie Whitelaw 82, Jeremy Lloyd 84, Shirley Temple 85, Peaches Geldof 25, Lynda Bellingham 66.

Among the many crazy things i did in 2014 this must top the list! Yes folks The Ice Bucket Challenge. Doing the dirty dead in this photo is Wendy's partner Karen and boy did she take great pleasure in doing it, so she said afterwords.....

I can tell you now, I don't know what was worse, the ice cold water or the rocks of ice taking lumps out of my scalp!

Or how about this. Halloween 2014 me as an Arab. That might be going a bit to far??????

2014 we saw thousands of videos being posted onto Facebooks, some of them upsetting some very funny. This has to be my favorite of the year.....Lesson to be learnt here. 'Don't argue with the kid, you will never win!'

My favorite song of 2014: Has to be Ed Sheeran: Thinking Out Loud.

My favorite TV Show 2014: Being a TV addict the choice of my top TV shows is never easy (I watch any old rubbish as you'll see) . I love News programs and documentaries, especially Wild Life shows etc I loved Downton Abby and Mrs Browns Boys. I love Celebrity Juice and 8 out of Ten Cats Does Countdown. I'm ashamed to say I'm an ardent Eastender fan (sad!) followed by X Factor (getting boring, Britain and America's Got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing, Graham Norton and wait for it.... I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!! I hear you saying; 'I need to get a life!'

So what have I learnt from 2014? Well the biggest lesson has to be; 'Never think it's to late.' No matter what age you are there is a way, if your really determent you will find the way. Say to yourself or write it down. 'Never give up. There is work out there, you need to find it and you will if you really want to'
The other important lesson was advice that was given to me in early 2014 re critics. Firstly you must ignore them, remove them off your social media sites i.e Facebook, Blogs and Twitter etc. You must realize these are just jealous underachievers in their own lives and reading your successes reminds them of their failings in life. NEVER rise to the bait, they know your weaknesses and they will continue to use them as bait, NEVER answer their criticisms, NEVER go back to their sites. These people are normally universal failures who feed off any weaknesses, political or personal they know you might have. Like I did in 2014 block them out, they are ignored by anyone who's half way intelligent. Instead of being angered by them take it as a compliment that all they have to write about is you!!!



I pray now that 2015 will see the turning point towards a peaceful year, a year when the world of terror will begin to diminish, a world of enemies beginning to lay down their arms , a world of understanding and respect for one another. A world where we learn to coexist.

I wish each and everyone friend or foe a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2015.