Friday, 1 November 2013

Disgraceful: Parading in full German Nazi SS costume in Asda heavily tattooed thug showed no shame as he wandered aisles with baby in trolley • Polish-born shopper who lost family members in the Nazi gas chambers said she wanted to make sure the man was evicted. Manager of the Cambridge branch asked middle-aged man to leave A man was evicted from an Asda store yesterday after enraging shoppers as he wandered through the aisles dressed as a Nazi. The man, who appeared to be pushing a baby in a trolley at the Cambridge branch, was confronted by angry customers, riled by his offensive get up. Dressed in a formal black military coat, with a black cap and unistakable red armband emblazoned with a swastika, the man resembled a member of the Nazi SS - the brutal armed wing of Hitler's Nazi party. Shoppers were horrified when they spotted a man dressed as Hitler doing his shop in the Beehive branch of Asda in Cambridge Claiming responsibility for the stunt on Twitter, Paul Dutton from Cambridge, wrote under the name Operation Fail Safe: 'I wear a black SS armband in Asda twice a week for past three years. 'I've shopped in Asda since the place was opened twice a week, this is how Asda repay me for my loyalty.' He said he had wanted to hand out cards promoting his website, which explains the reasons for his fascination with Adolf Hitler.
Mr Dutton appeared in the aisles of Asda in Cambridge at 2pm yesterday. Several customers complained to staff prompting the manager to ask him to leave the store. Police were also called to reports of 'nuisance behaviour' but the Nazi-fanatic had left and they said they were not treating the incident as a crime. One report yesterday said Mr Dutton had been seen before in the same supermarket with THREE others dressed in Nazi outfits. Polish-born shopper Rosina Rusin, 60, of Cambridge, said 'mouths were falling open' when they saw the sinister outfit. She said: 'I was waiting in a queue when a lady came up and she was really quite distressed about it. 'People's mouths were falling open. You are not going to come out like that unless you want to draw attention to yourself. 'I wanted to make sure he was evicted. My grandmother's family were annihilated in the gas chambers and I thought "Here is this bloke parading about". 'One lady was very upset - she was close to crying. 'A young man told me that there are four of them that go in there dressed like that quite often. 'Apparently he said "I do not see why I have offended anyone". I have never realised how clownish the uniform is until I saw him masquerading about.' Another shopped claimed she saw a swatiska tattooed on the man's hand. Marisa Baker, 38, said: 'We had come from Toys 'R' Us and I thought it was a Salvation Army person at first. 'But then I saw the tattoo on his neck and a swastika on his hand. It's not what you want to see, especially as there's children around.' Neil Doron, 40, of Cambridge, said: 'He was just standing there in all that gear. It's not very nice. At first I thought it was just a guy in costume. 'I do not think people should have that on at any time of year because of what it stands for. It's not nice for people in Cambridge.' A Cambridgeshire police spokeswoman said: 'Literally he wasn't doing anything he was just standing in a uniform. He was asked to leave and he did. 'By the time we got there he had already gone. I guess we would have just given him some words of advice but there is not enough here for it to be considered a crime. 'It was reported to us by two members of the public who both said that he was standing outside the store. 'He didn't say anything, he didn't shout, he was just standing there and was eventually asked to leave.' An Asda spokeswoman said: 'We had a number of customer complaints so we asked him to leave the store.'

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