Tuesday, 30 June 2015

If Israel ever lost a war there would be NO Israel:

Watch this movie of brave airmen fighting to save Israel.....

BREAKING NEWS: Former PM Ehud Barak: "Israeli Defense Forces could defeat ISIS in a matter of two days!"

Former Prime Minister and Defense minister Ehud Barak was interviewed by Russian media outlet RT on Friday. He stated that it is his belief that the Islamic State "is not strong" and with an appropriate response, it would be possible to suppress and destroy ISIS within a matter of days.

"I think that ISIS is successful to a certain extent because they are not facing a concentrated effort to destroy the organization," said Barak, adding "Technically they aren't that strong- they are made up of only about 30-40 thousand people."

"Basically, what they faced in Ramadi (a town in central Iraq that was occupied by ISIS) and elsewhere in Iraq are armies that don't want to fight. When an army doesn't want to fight, you don't need much experience to win," said Barak.

"ISIS has never fought a real battle," he added.

Islamic State militants said they had taken full control of Ramadi in May in the biggest defeat for the Baghdad government since last summer.

I repeat Barak's words that I believe are the solution that lies a head for the eradication of every so called ISIS fighter: " They have never fought a real battle"
For fuck sake what is the world waiting for???
Apocalypse Now... Israeli-style: Stunning pictures show military helicopters flying over the Mediterranean at sunset to stop flotilla of foreign activists reaching Gaza

In scenes reminiscent of the war film Apocalypse Now, the aircraft are shown against a stunning backdrop of red skies opposite the port of Ashdod in Israel. In the 1979 classic, US helicopters are filmed roaring across the skies in a similar setting in war-torn Vietnam. Earlier, Israel's navy intercepted a Swedish vessel attempting to breach a naval blockade of the Gaza Strip and brought it to an Israeli port, where it said the foreign activists would be questioned before they are sent back to their home countries.

Take the food to Syria where thousands of Palestinians are starving. NO ONE IS STARVING IN GAZA. ISRAEL SUPPLY 200 TONS OF FOOD PER WEEK!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Any anti Semite reading this should hang their head in shame. Israel are not a threat to are very future ISIS are but you chose to be silent. I know why its fear, fear they will come and get you just like they have done in Tunis.

Since a new 'Flotilla' left for Gaza I've been writing that surely this is a huge mistake and simply provocation. Maritime law will NOT allow any ship threatening to break a blockade even if the ships are in international waters. My question is ; Why is this so called humanitarian ship not sailing to Syria where 25,000 Palestinians are starving to death? Now the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has made the same observation when he said yesterday to Gaza flotilla: 'Surely you got lost and meant to help the Syrians being butchered?'


An Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson reports that this morning after careful deliberation and exhaustive diplomatic efforts, Israeli naval forces boarded and searched the flotilla Marianne av Göteborg, preventing the vessel from entering the Gaza Strip.

According to the IDF, Israeli security forces boarded the vessel without incident after passengers made it clear after numerous diplomatic communiques that they would not acquiesce to the army's demands to redirect away from the Gaza Strip. The vessel was being escorted to Ashdod and was expected to arrive later on Tuesday.

Here's a question: Why didn't the 'Flotilla enter through Egyptian waters where Egypt not only has a blockaid on Gaza but only a month ago destroyed hundreds of homes on the boarder with Egypt (which is tightly shut) for security reasons.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Fifi Geldof, whose sister Peaches died of a heroin overdose last year at the age of 25, was a guest at a fundraising event this week for a charity that specialises in treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. But she was horrified when former addict Russell Brand gave a speech in which he made jokes about drug abuse.
Just four days after Russell Brand was told to ‘F*** off back to Miliband’ as he prepared to address Left-wing protesters on an anti-austerity march, the self-styled revolutionary has upset Bob Geldof’s daughter Fifi.
Fifi, whose sister Peaches died of a heroin overdose last year at the age of 25, was a guest at a fundraising event this week for a charity that specialises in treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Israel is vibrant country, the youth, tomorrows future, live life to the full but have ALL served in or still serving in the military. Have a look at these youngsters and ask yourself: 'Will they EVER allow ANYONE to TAKE their land....Are yo Crazy!!!

Ever met an Israeli girl? If you had you will learn they are passionate about their country and the thought that some murdering terrorist group like Hamas would have a chance of kicking them out is simply laughable.

A SIMPLE LESSON leave Israel alone and they wont hurt you!! Fuck with them , then bang bang your dead...Your choice.

MORE NEWS IN SUPPORT OF ISRAEL IN TODAY'S UK INDEPENDENT: Boycott of Tel Aviv feis shows the face of real bigotry:

Meanwhile, there is one country in the area where it is safe to be a woman, or be gay, where it is safe to be a dissenter.
Let's be clear, Israel is the only beacon of 21st-century civilisation in a region where medieval savagery holds sway.
And yet, bafflingly, that is the country we choose to demonise.
Well done, activists.
You've shamed yourselves yet again.

The now Jewish writer goes on to say: We live in a culture where virtually all prejudice has been prohibited.

Sexism is wrong. Racism is evil. Homophobia will see you in court. Islamophobia is not just wrong, but also brings its own potential death sentence.
All cultures, we are told, are equal. But some are less equal than others.
Thus, it's perfectly acceptable to sneer at America, and it is positively de rigeur to libel Israel as a genocidal, Nazi, apartheid state that is, as Vincent Browne disgracefully claimed, a 'cancer' in the Middle East.
The ongoing BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement has been loud and shrill in their calls for a complete boycott of individual Israelis, regardless of their own political affiliation.
The latest example of this racist profiling comes with the news that Israel's first Irish dancing festival is now the latest target of the BDS bullies.
An Irish dancing school, the Carey Academy, was hoping to hold the feis in Tel Aviv in August, but it was instantly trolled by the usual worthies who were quick to accuse them of "being on the wrong side of history. Don't shame our name."
According to the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign: "The Israeli state has made it clear that it sees cultural events like this as a propaganda tool to whitewash, or in this case 'greenwash', its apartheid policies, its brutal military occupation, and its regular attacks on the people of Palestine."
This is classic deflection and conflation.
Israel is not, by any standard, an 'apartheid' state, no matter how many times this slur is repeated. Israeli Arabs sit in the Knesset, hold high office, and proudly represent the country in sports, science and medicine.
The campaigners know that when it comes to informing people who don't really care one way or the other, using such inflammatory devices as "apartheid" provides a shortcut for people who don't have the time or the inclination to actually educate themselves on the issue.
The Palestinians have always had an aura of revolutionary chic about them, and it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that the organiser of this disgraceful attempt at cultural oppression, Amanda Crawford, poses with an AK-47 in her Twitter profile picture.
How very daring! How brave!
How pathetic.
No doubt this Crawford woman thinks she is being daring as she proudly poses with an assault rifle, but it hardly strengthens the idea that she is involved in a peaceful protest.
To the eternal credit of the Carey School, it didn't immediately buckle in the face of such unsolicited harassment.
Instead, it issued a rebuttal which stated: Running a feis in Israel does not mean we support or are involved with the Israeli government or any extremist groups," while one of the judges of the contest asked: "Once we go down that road, where do we stop?"
That's a good question, but one that provides its own answer - these campaigns will end only when Israel ceases to exist.
You don't have to be a student of Nazi Germany to shudder whenever people talk of blanket boycotts of anything involving Jews.
Will these activists stoop to painting the Star of David on shops that stock Israeli goods?
After all, in a moment of almost supreme absurdity, the town of Kinvara in Galway (where else? I hear you ask) last year announced it was boycotting all Israeli products.
That was bad enough, but the fact that students at a local secondary school were encouraged to get involved by their own principal should have been a sackable offence.
Where are all these heroic 'human rights' activists when it comes to the actual abuses in China, Cuba, Sudan, Russia or any of the dozens of other countries that are run like virtual prison camps?
Where are all the human rights activists when Hamas openly declares its intention to kill every Jew?
More pertinently, where are the protests against Egypt, which also has a border and which treats the Palestinians abominably?
This is the eternal problem faced by those who support the BDS movement - their position is inherently flawed, illogical and inconsistent.
Interestingly, the BDS movement has been forced to claim censorship in Canada, where they risk being placed on a register of hate groups.
So, a group devoted to exclusion and marginalisation of people based on their nationality is now complaining that they are being ... excluded and marginalised.
The Middle East is burning. The countries bordering Israel are succumbing to civil war, genocidal extremism and primitive savagery.
Meanwhile, there is one country in the area where it is safe to be a woman, or be gay, where it is safe to be a dissenter.
Let's be clear, Israel is the only beacon of 21st-century civilisation in a region where medieval savagery holds sway.
And yet, bafflingly, that is the country we choose to demonise.
Well done, activists.
You've shamed yourselves yet again.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

This is a real sickner for those so called Israel haters better known as anti Semites. Sorry losers but the world continues to support Israel. Why now? Because they are hoping that they will eventually destroy ISIS...

Awesome! More than 190 Actors Reject Hollywood, Sign Letter to Support Israel!

Hollywood has deservedly been labeled the epicenter of the “left coast.” It is a city full of misguided liberal actors who are too detached from mainstream Americans and traditional values.

Recently, conservative actor Jon Voight took a few pro-Hamas actors to task for their shameful comments about Israel’s efforts to defend their democracy from terrorism. And now, what began with a relatively small number of Hollywood celebrities voicing support for Israel has become almost 200 celebrity names signing on to a pro-Israel, anti-Hamas petition. Even superstars like Sylvester Stallone and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have signed on… which should be yet another reason to watch Expendables 3 this weekend!

In addition, some actors you wouldn’t expect to be on the correct side of this issue surprised us – A-Listers, such as Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, and Mayim Bialik also signed on to oppose Hamas. Great news!


We, the undersigned, are saddened by the devastating loss of life endured by Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza. We are pained by the suffering on both sides of the conflict and hope for a solution that brings peace to the region.

While we stand firm in our commitment to peace and justice, we must also stand firm against ideologies of hatred and genocide which are reflected in Hamas’ charter, Article 7 of which reads, “There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!” The son of a Hamas founder has also commented about the true nature of Hamas.

Hamas cannot be allowed to rain rockets on Israeli cities, nor can it be allowed to hold its own people hostage. Hospitals are for healing, not for hiding weapons. Schools are for learning, not for launching missiles. Children are our hope, not our human shields.

We join together in support of the democratic values we all cherish and in the hope that the healing and transformative power of the arts can be used to build bridges of peace.

Is Hollywood becoming more conservative? That’s doubtful, but at least we know there is a group of solid pro-West, anti-Hamas actors willing to speak out and voice their support for Israel’s war against terrorists.

The news keeps getting better.

BREAKING NEWS: A number of rockets fired from Gaza landed in Israel yesterday . The Israeli air force immediately respondent by sending its fighter jets to destroy the bases from which they were fired, probably innocent civilians home and today
Israel canceled all the permits allowing some 500 Gaza Palestinians to enter Israel and pray on the Temple Mount for Ramadan following a rocket attack from the coastal strip.

Now I wonder what any other country would have done. Perhaps writen a letter: 'My dear Hamas. Pretty please stop sending rockets into Israel its terrorizing not only the Israelis but also the Arab children living here. Thank you. Much love xx '


Sickening new ISIS video shows caged prisoners lowered into a swimming pool and drowned, shot in a car with an RPG and blown up with explosive-filled 'necklaces'

Drowning their innocent prisoners with no hope of escape.

A new game Pot Shot; filling a car full of innocent men then using a bazooka blow it up. not all die immediately but who cares their injuries will soon let the die a horrific death.

Finally this is like firework fun!!! Savages at work. Try to imagine the fear, the pure terror these men must feel seconds before the necklaces around their necks blow their heads off!!!!

Just for good measure remember this Jordanian pilot that ISIS burnt for lunch??? Thought you forgot as you seemed to not mentioned it.

You know in many ways I wish Israel was involved then you losers would give all the publicity it deserves. But unfortunately its continues copy and paste copy and paste!!!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


This a photograph of the coward running for his car as crowds cheered him one yelling: "Fuck off back to Millaband"

An angry mob of left-wing protesters turned on self-styled revolutionary Russell Brand as he joined them on an anti-austerity march.
The millionaire comedian had to be held back in the VIP area on Parliament Square as a group screamed 'f*** off back to Miliband' - a reference to his backing of Labour at the general election.
The group also called him a 'turncoat' for telling fans to vote for Mr Miliband's party while demanding an anti-capitalist revolution in Britain.
Brand, 40, was targeted as he prepared to speak to thousands of people who marched from central London on Saturday in opposition to Government cuts.

Can you lot of Brand fans not now see what a loser this guy is and is attempting to kick start his failing career. Next he'll be picking on Israel!

Mind you Charlotte Church didn't fair much better.

Singer Charlotte Church told the laughing crowed that she hopes his 'd*** falls off' in a row over the NHS.
The star, who also spoke at the anti-austerity rally in London, where she claimed that the Tory Government planned to sell off hospitals and schools.
Benjamin, whose Twitter handle is @screw labour, wrote: 'Just ruptured another testicle laughing at Charlotte Church.
'She said the Tories are going to sell off the schools and hospitals. Bless'
Miss Church, who has called austerity 'unethical, unfair and unnecessary', responded with: 'Keep laughing and hopefully your d*** will fall off.

Now watch your hero being put in his place:

Fuck off back to Miliband' Brand is heckled at march Turncoat! The moment anti-austerity protesters turned on millionaire comedian Russell Brand and told him to 'fuck off back to Miliband' (before he was spotted running off to a waiting car) Comedian targeted by angry mob ahead of speech to 25,000-strong crowd Group were angry about his demand for revolution while backing Labour One screamed: 'You’re a turncoat, Brand. F*** off back to Miliband' Star admitted in speech it was his fault that the Tories beat Labour in May Brand was then seen sprinting off down the street to a waiting car.

Monday, 22 June 2015



Sunday, 21 June 2015

Now that I'm finished my housekeeping, may I wish all those who still have fathers or remember them on this Fathers Day Happy Fathers Day....

This is my dad Dr Stanley Boland riding his hunter Crystabell as he did every Saturday afternoon.

MY DAD.....
Realising it's Fathers Day, got me thinking about my dad, Dr Stan. He died much to young, early 60's, after suffering cancer, in fact the main
reason I dedicated so much time fund raising to help build the Cudeca Cancer Hospice was in memory of my father. Unfortunately he didn't live long enough to see the family settle in Marbella or long enough to hear me on radio or on TV. He never knew his great grandchildren who he would have adored.
What sort a man was my dad? He was a much loved family doctor, he was fun loving and enjoyed partying, he had an amazing sense of humor and I hardly ever saw him in a bad mood. . He loved animals and his horse Crystabelle and the dogs Sammy and Bennjy. , in fact he loved life and boy did he live it to the maximum. He was a good dad he only wanted the best for myself, my sisters and my brother. He never stood in the way of anything we wanted to do even when I left school at fifteen because I wanted to be a rock drummer with my band The Kingbees. He had his faults, I've picked up a few of them, but I miss him .
Being a Sunday and having some time on my hands to do some internet housekeeping, I started to spend a little time reading so called 'friends' Facebook's and blogs especially those that are full of negativity and pure nastiness and quickly began to realise that these particular 'friends' (now deleted) all had a common thread running through them and that is SADNESS and possibly LONELINESS and craving to be a 'somebody', to be respected and possibly even loved. They are mostly elderly and have limited intelligence and that is shown in the fact they hardly ever write their own posts but simply copy and paste. They seem so full of hatred of others and jump on them as soon as they are in trouble hoping their exposure will make it worse for them. These poor souls are deluded and I can write from experience.

As most of you know I went through a dark period during 2010 but shortly after and much to the disapproval of my few critics I picked myself up, raised my head and got on with my life!!! But there were still a few out there who hated this and found it hard to come to terms with the way I turned my life around, in short all they wanted to see was me finished off for once and for all. Why? I have know idea, perhaps I was a reminder of everything they wanted to be themselves. They hunted the press and the internet looking for anything negative about me and then celebrate by posting it on their social media outlets hoping to finally destroy me. Well, the sad thing for them is, they failed and to this day 5 years on two of them continue banging on about me on on their Facebook's and blogs making idiots of themselves! Should I take it as a compliment that they are infatuated by my every move and every word, after all they believe I love publicity and you know what they say 'No publicity is bad etc etc'. The answer is I don't care anymore I have become anesthetized by their name calling

My conclusion is that they are lonely and should be pitied rather than hated, They obviously have no family and if they do they never mention them on their posts, all they do in scare the press looking for anything that covers hatred and sex, They never personally write anything by using this get out clause: 'Not my words' never a good word about anybody or anything. They latch onto losers like Russell Brand and George Galloway ( I see Brand hunting publicity again yesterday, this time its the anti-austerity march he's used as a platform)

The message is: I love my life now, I love my wife, my children, my grandchildren, my family and friends. I love my home and my dog and enjoy everyday that throws up new challenges for me. I feel blessed . So that's it. Have a good Sunday.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Now is the time to get real!.

Now is the time I will show respect to you if you sincerely believe Israel should be boycotted. Watch the video below as it will instruct you step by step how to boycott Israel. On the other hand, if your just some low class trouble maker, just hunting through anti propaganda against Israel, simply copying and pasting to frightened or to ignorant to post your own point of view . I'll see you back here later..

So here you go...

And here is another good reason you should consider NOT boycotting Israel...

You copy and paste propaganda stating that there is apartheid in Israel but do you really know? Have you ever visited Israel or just follow what is said like a little puppy dog. Look and learn.

And Finally...

BREAKING NEWS: Michael Douglas was presented with the $1million Genesis Prize - known as the 'Jewish Nobel Prize' - in Jerusalem, Israel on Thursday.
The actor's wife Catherine Zeta-Jones was right by his side as he received the prestigious honour, and despite the hurdles in their 14 year marriage, the couple looked stronger than ever.
Before the 70-year-old received the prize from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he posed on the red carpet with Catherine and their two children, 14-year-old son Dylan and daughter Carys, 12.


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Many years ago I interviewed an Islamic fundamentalist who really scared the life out of me when I asked him what could we do to bring every lasting peace to this earth we live on. He said that this could never happen until the world comes under Sharia Law , and it will he assured me telling me to have no doubt about that. he went onto say: "We will eventually out number every other religion and race in the world, we will destroy and slaughter all unbelievers and please remember." Then adding this chilling words: "We embrace death the same as you embrace life, so you can never ever threaten us!"

That was about 10 years ago and all we need to look at exactly his predictions coming true as ISIS continue to slaughter thousands as they march across the middle east. The only hope most Arabs are praying for is that Israel will get involved and wipe this vermin out.

But just wait one moment read back those chilling words " We embrace DEATH the same way as you embrace LIFE" Haven't I heard that some where else lately? Oh yes TODAY........From the peace loving leaders of the Palestinians in Gaza. God help those innocent people....

Here are some of the comments after today's video was released:

Michael Burns · Top Commenter · David Crockett, Austin TX
They love death as long as it's other people's death. That's why the leaders hide in underground bunkers while the civilians stand on roof tops.

Sylvia Hertz Kaplan · CUNY Kingsborough

Arnon Rahav · Top Commenter · Rishon LeZion
If you love death so much why do you complain when the Israelis kill you? (this ones my favorite)

Velock Johnson · Works at Self-Employed
They are a bunch of coward,fighting from hospitals ,schools and their so call holy place.

Walter Hughes · Top Commenter · Everett, Washington
They love death, then nuke the murdering bastard's. (love this one too)

Henry D Ruprecht · University of Northern Iowa
If Hamas loves death like Jews love life, there is an easy solution to satisfying both sides. (and finally Top of the Pops)

The growth and love for Israel continues to spread throughout the world.

Christians United for Israel, an association through which churches and individuals can show support for Israel, is launching in the United Kingdom.

The new organisation aims to ignite Christian support for Israel, believing that Great Britain will be blessed by blessing Israel and aspiring to act as a Christian voice in support of the Jewish people. The new UK ministry, which has its launch event in June, has been birthed out of the highly successful American organisation, which was founded by John Hagee in 2006. Christians United for Israel, USA has recently reached 2 million members.

Des Starritt, Executive Director of Christians United for Israel UK says, “Many Christians in the UK support Israel, but sadly too few fully realise the significance of Israel today. We believe that now is the time to rally Christians to stand with the Jewish people and act as a united voice in supporting Israel.”

The creation of the new organisation follows a concerning rise in anti-Semitism in the UK and Europe. In February, a UK Parliamentary report called for action against anti-Semitism across the country. Meanwhile, the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the UK reached a 30 year high in 2014 according to the Community Security Trust. This comes after an increase in attacks against Jewish people and property in Europe, including the terror attacks this year in Paris and Copenhagen.

“The recent rise in anti-Semitism must challenge Christians to rethink their attitude towards Israel,” says Mr Starritt, “The Church has opportunity to express God’s love to the Jewish people, and we must not remain silent at a time when hostility towards them is increasing. Jews are a valued part of British society and Christians can effectively express this by actively building good relationships with the Jewish community.”

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Marbella, always Marbella!

For foreigners who are not willing to spend less than two million euros, the Costa del Sol resort has not lost its appeal

Seven years after the town was rocked by the property permit corruption scandal known as Operation Malaya, which led to the arrests of the mayor, her deputy and a host of other well-known figures, the situation in Marbella has not only returned to normal but there are also now signs of optimism that demonstrate the strength of “a first-class international brand” resort.

And real estate agents harbor no doubts.

"Marbella is known worldwide as a top-class destination, and its consolidated and quality markets have weathered the crisis better than in other places across Spain and other countries, in the sense that there have been fewer price reductions and more movement of properties,"

And the press are agreeing:

Marbella set to boom again this summer! SPAIN’S most glamorous resort is set to enjoy another record breaking summer as tourists, celebrities and investors continue arriving in their Marbelladroves.

The combination of a superb microclimate, a dash of designer brands and a constant stream of celebrities, from Hollywood A-listers to reality show wannabes, means that Marbella can pretty much ignore the political bun fighting that is going on in Spain and get on with the serious business of having a good time and making money.

Marbella: Welcome to the good life!

It’s not all tourists and celebs, however. The past 12 months have seen the luxury residential property market show real growth.

Peak season comes early as tourists head for June sunshine
The sector expects more than two million overnight stays in Costa hotels this month, a record for June and an increase of 4.3 per cent compared with the same month in 2014. June no longer has any reason to be seen as the poor relative of the peak months of the summer. The forecast for tourism figures on the Costa del Sol this month show that it is becoming almost as popular for holidays as July and August.
According to the regional government’s Tourism Department, tourists are expected to spend 2,040,000 nights in hotels in Malaga province this month. This is not only the first time the two million barrier has been broken in June but it is also an increase of 4.3 per cent on the same month last year. Property sales on the Costa particulary Marbella looks like hitting all time highs since the recession back 2007/8.

Marbella keeps its luxury image and encouraging property sales. Marbella still retains its image as a top-class destination and is known worldwide.

Seven years after the town was hit by the property permit corruption scandal known as Operation Malaya, which led to the arrests of the mayor, her deputy and a host of other well-known figures, the situation in Marbella has not only returned to normal but there are also now signs that Marbella is once again becoming a first class international resort.

Marbella is attracting hundreds of wealthy Russians, Qataris and Kuwaitis who are not willing to pay less than €2 million for a house. There are opportunities for middle-class Spaniards in residential areas such as Nueva Andalucia, near Puerto Banus.


But Marbella and the Costa is not only about million dollar homes, we have apartments from 100,000 Euro all the way up to 12 million. Bromley being one of the largest estate agents on the Costa cover the whole of the Costa del Sol and not just work, like many agents in just one area, allowing a much wider choice and varying prices. It true to say what every you might see in another Estate Agents website we will also have it listed, so when you come to visit it's so much easier to have just one estate agent to look after you rather than be toured by half a dozen agents.

Call me on 00 34 646 247 996 or email me maurice@bromleyestatesmarbella.com

Friday, 12 June 2015


WATCH: The shocking truth of anti-Israel hate in Ireland. Ami Horowitz goes undercover and discovers the Irish businesses that ban Israeli products -- and you won't believe what countries they are totally okay with!

Most of you are probably left open mouthed by now, to shocked to begin to try to understand the abominable behavior of some of these Irish shopkeepers......So let me put this disgusting behavior into some kind of prescriptive:

The store owners in the video say that they would never stock any Israeli goods as support for the boycott against Israel stating their reasoning being Israelis human rights record against the Palestinians. OK, OK I'll go along with that, after all they feel that they are humanitarians and that's their point of view and under normal circumstances I would a respect that without having to agree. That is until I hear them agreeing to stock goods from Iran, Sudan and North Korea. Hold on one minute did I not hear the reason for boycotting Israel goods was on human rights grounds. What the fuck!!!!
So you guys in the above video let me make a few points that might just make you look like the fucking idiots you are:

IRAN: According to official sources, Iranian authorities executed at least 270 prisoners as of October 2013, though the real number is thought to be much higher. In 2012, Iran carried out more than 544 executions, second in number only to China, according to Amnesty International, which reported that at least 63 executions were carried out in public. Crimes punishable by death include murder, rape, trafficking and possessing drugs, armed robbery, espionage, sodomy, adultery, and apostasy. Most of those executed were convicted of drug-related offenses following flawed trials in revolutionary courts.
On October 2, a local news website reported that authorities executed a child offender on murder charges close to the southwestern town of Kazeroun. It is believed that dozens of child offenders (individuals under 18 when they allegedly committed the crime) are currently on death row in Iran’s prisons. Iranian law allows capital punishment for persons who have reached puberty, defined as 9 for girls and 15 for boys http://www.hrw.org/world-report/2014/country-chapters/iran

SUDAN: The conflict has been described by Mukesh Kapila, United Nations (UN) coordinator for Sudan, as ETHNIC CLEANSING, as Black Arab militias carry out systematic massacres of tribes people in the Darfur region. According to Kapila, "The government has a close knowledge of what's going on - and can influence the Arab militia." The UN estimates that 300,000 civilians in the Darfur region have been killed.
Between 23–26 October, Sudanese government troops attacked villages near the southern town of Aweil, killing 93 men and enslaving 85 women and children. Then, on 2 November, the Sudanese military attacked villages near the town of Nyamlell, carrying off another 113 women and children. A Kenyan aide worker was also abducted, and has not been seen since.[citation needed]
What's Sudanese slavery like? One 11-year-old Christian boy told me about his first days in captivity: "I was told to be a Muslim several times, and I refused, which is why they cut off my finger." Twelve-year-old Alokor Ngor Deng was taken as a slave in 1993. She has not seen her mother since the slave raiders sold the two to different masters. Thirteen-year-old Akon was seized by Sudanese military while in her village five years ago. She was gang-raped by six government soldiers, and witnessed seven executions before being sold to a Sudanese Arab.
Many freed slaves bore signs of beatings, burnings and other tortures. More than three-quarters of formerly enslaved women and girls reported rapes.  http://www.amnestyusa.org/our-work/countries/africa/sudan.

NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong-Un’s succession as North Korea’s supreme leader after the death of his father, Kim Jong-Il, has had no positive impact on the country’s dire human rights record. More than 200,000 North Koreans, including children, are imprisoned in camps where many perish from forced labor, inadequate food, and abuse by guards. Arbitrary arrest, lack of due process, and torture are pervasive problems. There is no independent media, functioning civil society, or religious freedom. Government policies have continually subjected North Koreans to food shortages and famine. Human Rights Watch is pressing for a UN commission of inquiry to investigate possible crimes against humanity in North Korea   http://www.voanews.com/content/un-condemns-north-korea-human-rights-violations/2697311.html

I wonder if any of those shopkeepers even know that 1,6 million Arabs live and work in Israel so by boycotting Israel goods many come from factories were they work will see those they pertain to support out of jobs!!!

Boycotting Israel is bigotry, plain and simple. It’s an attempt to economically strangle the only Jewish state in the world.

This economic war on Israel is just the latest attempt to destroy the Jewish state. Israel’s enemies have tried massacres, war, and terrorism. Now, they are trying economic and cultural strangulation and sanctions — what they call "BDS".

The hate behind boycotting Israel is no secret. Even the founder of BDS, Omar Barghouti, admits the end goal of the BDS movement is not peace — it’s the destruction of the state of Israel as a Jewish state.

To fight these hateful extremists, please take action. Enter your email and stand up for Israel against this campaign of hate.


Christians and Jews gather in Belfast last night for celebration of Israel, filling the Great Hall, Stormont. Kol ha kavod to Brian Silvester and his team at ICEJ Ireland branch. Guest speakers Ian Paisley Jun, Yiftah Curiel from the Israeli embassy, David Parsons from ICEJ Jerusalem office, host David McIlveen MLA. Wonderful music from Isobel and Jerry, and the Shalom dance team


My love for the royals continues to grow.

Mazel Tov says Prince William!

Prince William shares a joke with Lionel Richie at the Jewish Care reception.
Mazal Tov! Prince William praises British Jews at charity dinner...and charms 101-year-old Dolly with a kiss! Prince William attended 25th anniversary dinner for Jewish welfare charity. The party for Jewish Care was at Alexandra Palace in north London. Charity supports 70,000 people each week through social services.

The Prince, whose late mother and father Prince Charles supported the cause when they attended a similar dinner in 1984, said: ‘This common thread through history – of caring for one another and generosity of time and money – is something many sectors of British society can be rightly proud of.

‘But you in this room deserve particular praise,’ he told the 1,500 guests at the dinner.
‘I know that Jewish Care is viewed as a leader in the social care field and uses its knowledge, expertise and experience to engage in the debate on high quality care, especially in relation to dementia.’

Your Holocaust Survivors Centre is a second home for many people who were liberated 70 years ago from those evil places.
‘All of you in this room, in some way, play your part in making all this happen through this outstanding organisation.
'Through your generosity and commitment, I am sure Jewish Care will continue to thrive and grow for the next 25 years.’

The charity supports 70,000 people every week, through over 70 health and social care services, including 10 care homes, six community and day centres, three centres for people living with dementia as well as mental heath services and independent living apartments.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


As France joins countries throughout the world refusing to boycott Israel. Spain passes law of return for Sephardic Jews.

Half a millennium after expelling its Jews Spain passed a law granting the right of citizenship to their progeny, known collectively as Sephardim, on Thursday afternoon.

In 1492 the Jews of the Iberian peninsula were presented with a choice, convert of accept exile. Those who left migrated to North Africa and the Middle East while many of those who stayed became underground Jews, hiding their religion under the guise of devout Catholics.

The bill was deemed a “historic rehabilitation” by Foreign Minister Manuel Garcia Margallo and Justice Minister Rafael Catala, who were both present in the legislature when the bill, which has been in the works for three years finally passed.

"This says a lot about what we were in the past and what we are today and [that] the Spaniards want to be in the future an open, diverse and tolerant Spain,” Telam Mundo reported Catala as saying.

The bill will be officially enacted in October, when the Jewish community will be able to begin vetting the lineage of applicants for the government.

“We are happy to live this historic moment,” David Hatchwell Altaras, the the president of the Jewish community of Madrid and vice president of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain, told the Jerusalem Post.

“While the Law is not perfect it is a great gesture and it is a step in the right direction for a better and deeper relationship between Spain and its Jews. It shows what the new Spain is all about.”

In an official statement, the FCJE said that Thursday began a “new stage in the history of the relationship between Spain and the Jewish World; a new period of encounter, dialogue and harmony.”

Contrary to what one might think, the descendants of those expelled not harbored feelings of hatred or resentment but rather the contrary, they cultivated a deep love for the land they were from and intense loyalty to tradition and language received of their elders,” the group said.

Prospective citizens would also have to prove their ancestry and show that they have a basic knowledge of Spain and its culture and will be required to visit the country at least once and according to reports, will be required to pay an application fee of one hundred Euros.

In an interview with the Post earlier this week, Hatchwell said that he believed that the law would be a boon for Sephardi Jews facing rising anti-Semitism in Turkey and Venezuela.

Turkish Jews have expressed concerns over anti-Semitic sentiments expressed both in their country’s media and by national politicians, while Venezuela’s government has come under criticism by Jewish groups for not only failing to combat anti-Semitism but actually promoting it in some cases.

Spanish, and therefore European, citizenship could provide a measure of safety for Jews in both communities, Hatchwell said.

Last month The New York Times reported that “thousands of Sephardi Jews in Turkey who trace their ancestry to Spain... are now applying for Spanish citizenship.”

The Spanish Embassy in Ankara replied with a statement that “no applications have yet been processed,” the Daily Sabah, a Turkish newspaper, reported.

The new law is a “positive act which may provide a very small measure, perhaps symbolic, of comfort to the descendants of those viciously kicked out of Spain or brutally and forcibly disconnected from the Jewish people,” commented Ashley Perry, a Sephardic Jew and a former advisor to erstwhile Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman.

Together with MK Robert Ilatov, Perry is currently working to establish a Knesset lobby for the rights of the descendents of the so-called conversos, Spanish and Portuguese Jews who were coerced into converting.

"The Spanish law should provide the impetus for Israel and the Jewish world to do our part in repairing the historic injustice of the Spanish Inquisition and Expulsion and reconnect with the descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish communities which were forcibly and cruelly ripped from us,” said Ilatov.

“This will be one of the main goals of our Knesset Lobby.”

Asked about the lobby, Hatchwell stated that “anything that can help Spanish people wanting to reconnect with their origins is something positive to me.”

According to Perry, the purpose of the lobby will be to examine all of the issues surrounding such people, who he estimates may number in the tens of millions worldwide.

There are a few hundred who are converting and making aliyah every year but there are still many issues,” he explained.

While not one of the goals of the nascent lobby, Perry said that he personally would like to push for an Israeli law along the lines of that just passed by Spain.

We should take the Spanish and Portuguese laws and create a law in Israel modeled on them where people who can demonstrate ancestry and commitment to the Jewish people…should be welcomed back to Israel and the Jewish people.”

There are many such people who are interested in reconnecting with their past, he said, citing the example of the Falasha Mura, the descendants of Ethiopian Jews forcibly converted to Christianity. In their case, they were brought to Israel and allowed to study in conversion courses before returning to their people.

Michael Freund, the founder of Shavei Israel, an organization that works with the descendents of anusim in several countries likewise called for Israel to learn from Spain.

I think that the decision by Spain should be a wake up call for the Israeli government to embark on a new strategic approach and to reach out to bnei anusim,” he said.

A growing number of [them] are looking to strengthen their Jewish identity and reclaim their Jewish roots and return to our people. it is vital that Israel take steps to strengthen their connection.”


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Over 24 million have now watched this video 'BIG Boy Being Bullied' But I have a very different interpretation of this video  Firstly have a look...

Now here is the way I see it and how I can relate it to the Israeli/Palestinian crisis: The big boy is Israel and the little skinny boy is the Palestinians in fact lets call him Hamas. As you can see in the video the little kid (Hamas)attacks the big kid (Israel) for no apparent reason. He hits him and goads him on until eventually the big boy (Israel) has had enough and destroys the little kid (Hamas) with some terrible injuries, far worse than the big kid got.

Conclusion: Although it was the skinny kid (Hamas) who attacked the big kid (Israel) in the first place the whole school sympathizes with the little kid (Hamas) because of the extent of his injuries. i.e If Hamas fires rockets into Israel doing little damage and Israel respond blowing up a few houses this is looked on by being heavy handed and unfair. Get my point?

Monday, 8 June 2015

So lets get this right. You pack of losers think you should spend time and energy on boycotting Israel because you feel that they are abusing human rights? Yes? I'm correct. Good now lets move forward. You also spend most of your wasted days hunting through any propagandize that shows hatred towards Israel, correct? Good. Orange the telephone giant in threatening to pull out of Israel by ignoring human rights abuses throughout the Middle East just as you idiots do. Are you still using your Israel developed computers and phones? Of course you are... So lets spread a little guilt around.

Here is what you chose to ignore......

Saudi Human Rights abuses...



North Korea ....


So you pack of hypocritical losers anything to say...No I thought not. By the way there are many other countries I could add to that including countries within Africa, Nigeria etc etc. But then your not too bothered your just to focused on your hatred towards Israel.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

The uneducated, those who have never been to or study the politics of the Middle East, have absolutely know idea about the Palestinian claim that 'the Jews stole THERE land' and they want it back. All they do is read anything anti Israel and believe it to be true. So how about a little history lesson? This wont take long and will teach you exactly the situation and why those who are leading wars against Israel are ALL terrorist organisations. Interesting that last point.

So lets begin:

Did Israel steal their land?

Here are two questions I will ATTEMPT TO answer in the simplest form as many of you struggle with big words......

(1) I read all over the internet that Israelis were never in the current area we call Israel before, they just walked in and stole the land from the Palestinians.

But someone recently told me that there is evidence that the jewish people lived there continuously for 3500 years. Is that correct?

(2) Secondly, the person also told me that the inhabitants of every country that exists today displaced the previous inhabitants, thus "stealing their land" like Israel supposedly did.

Is that true? Or is there a modern country whose inhabitants have been the same for thousands of year....

It is true that there is archeological proof that Jews have lived in the region called Israel, for thousands of years. There many sites there that are documented in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) which has been in existence for thousands of years too.
Of course Jews were not the only people living there.
Christianity, which arose from Judaism, also has many historical sites there, in addition to the ones sacred to the Jews.
And then Islam arose out of Judaism and Christianity, and has its own holy sites there.
Moving forward to the 7th Century, the Holy Land, as it is known in Judaism and Christianity, changed hands back and forth between Muslims and Christians, with Jews in the middle, so to speak.
Finally Islam gained possession of Turkey, the Middle East, and northern Africa. This was called the Turkish, or Ottoman, Empire. It lasted hundreds of years, and ended in WWI. Much of the former Empire was left without its own government, and new countries had to be carved out of the former Empire. Egypt and Turkey were natural. The Saudis worked hard to create their own government so that they would not be ruled by the UN. But Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel had to be created with the help of European powers. These lands did not belong to any country after the fall of the Turkish Empire. Thus it is not true that Israel stole the land from anybody. The land was assigned as a Jewish homeland by the UN; it was provisionally named the British Mandate for Palestine, and then became independent under the name Israel. The name Palestine had not been used during the 400 year rule of the Turkish Empire, and there was no ethnicity called Palestinian. The Jews in the region did call themselves Palestinians informally, even before the fall of the Empire. But Arabs were not enthusiastic about the name until 1967.

INTERESTING POINTS HERE: The name Palestine had not been used during the 400 year rule of the Turkish Empire, and there was no ethnicity called Palestinian. The Jews in the region did call themselves Palestinians informally. So you see there was NO Arab Palestinians before 1967 they were mostly Jews who used the name Palestinians.

SO WHAT LAND SHOULD BE GIVEN BACK TO THE NEWLY NAMED PALESTINIANS? These lands did not belong to any country after the fall of the Turkish Empire. Thus it is not true that Israel stole the land from anybody. The land was assigned as a Jewish homeland by the UN; it was provisionally named the British Mandate for Palestine, and then became independent under the name Israel.

As you lot get most of your history lessons from the likes of George Galloway and Russell Brand perhaps you should address them with the same two questions.

Saturday, 6 June 2015


Hypocrite Brand's trendy tops made in Bangladesh sweatshop: Millionaire comic sells £60 sweatshirts from workers earning just 25p an hour

You half wits should feel so ashamed this morning after reading this:

Comic claims sweatshirts are 'screen printed and produced in the UK'
In fact label stitched into lining reveals they are made in Bangladesh
Factory staff described working 11-hour shifts for as little as £1.98 a day
Says profits go to good causes, so why is just £1.37 donated from £65 top?
The only 'good cause' Brand will disclose his own cafe in Shoreditch

The Claim: Brand's website says the sweatshirts are 'produced in the UK'

The liar exposed:However, a label inside the sweatshirt reads 'made in Bangladesh'

Does anyone still take this moron seriously???

Friday, 5 June 2015

HISTORY WAS MADE TODAY : South Carolina becomes first US state to take action against anti-Israel boycotts.....

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

WASHINGTON: South Carolina’s governor has signed into law a bill to stop efforts to boycott, divest and sanction Israel on Thursday afternoon, in a first for the nation on a statewide level.

The bill makes no mention of Israel directly, but prevents public entities from contracting with businesses engaging in the “boycott of a person or an entity based in or doing business with a jurisdiction with whom South Carolina can enjoy open trade.”.

Muslims in the Syrian city of Palmyra, all members of ISIS, took nine children and slaughtered all of them. The nine children were amongst twenty three other captives who were murdered, and ten of them were ritually beheaded (as Shoebat.com reported) . According to one report:

Extremists from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group executed at least 23 civilians on Friday as they advanced towards Syria’s ancient desert metropolis of Palmyra, a monitoring group said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said nine children were among the 23 shot dead by ISIS militants near the Unesco world heritage site.

“The Islamic State group executed by gunfire 23 civilians, including nine children, in the village of Amiriyeh, north of Tadmor,” Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.

Palmyra, which means City of Palms, is known in Arabic as Tadmor, or City of Dates.

Abdel Rahman said family members of government employees were among those murdered.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Let me remind those who don't know what is included in Class A drugs These include heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and LSD. If found guilty by a court of law of possessing Class A drugs you could go to prison for up to seven years and fined. If you sell Class A drugs you could receive a life imprisonment.

The dangerous thing about this scum bag is that he could influence the young and vulnerable simply because of his rock star looks and his act of being knowledgeable, anti establishment and a revolutionary (mind you he's dropped that claim). Thankfully educated adults, even some who agreed with his conning during his support of Miliband now never post anything about him on their social media outlets like blogs and Facebook's. Those ( I wont mention names here as some are still my friends) even went so far as applauding Brand saying he talks some sense and could influence the younger voter to support Labour. Well my dear friends it seems you were wrong on both counts and thankfully you have dumped him.

His latest stunt is outrageous and I hope he's arrested for inciting younger vunrable teenagers into beliving that heroin, cocaine, ecstacy are good to take etc.

Here Russell see what influencing kids can do. Go on you moron LOOK!!



Wednesday, 3 June 2015




Please click on the above link and read it is so important.

The first Birthday wish is to see peace between Jew and Arab as the Israel school program video above and below shows and hope this spreads throughout Israel.

My second wish is that those spreading hatred just to make sure the tension continues will STOP and start posting posative ways to pease replacing their hatred.

After all to hate is a lot easier than to love

I know its a lot to ask but that's my Birthday wishes.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Today is my Birthday 40 again plus IVA!!!! I'm sending this message out to those who follow my blogs but not necessarily my Facebook. It's simple a huge heart felt THANK YOU to the hundreds of messages that I have received (and still receiving) wishing me Happy Birthday.

Something odd happened to my Facebook in the early hours of this morning and I have been told that there is a good chance it was hacked, which is now being investigated. The odd thing I noticed that my mobile phone was receiving messages from about 2am I kept hearing the 'Ping' notice which alerts me to a Facebook Messages (not public comments) These are messages coming in and not on public view . The Pinging started to wake me every few minutes, so I put the phone in my dressing room, but I could still hear the messages coming in, so I got out of bed and took my phone downstairs. Sleep at last!

This morning when I got up I began to look at the messages and they were ALL Happy Birthday Greetings. Odd I thought because there were greetings (as usual) on my Facebook so why were people messaging me?. Throughout the day message after message Ping after Ping began arriving and in the last count there was 543 messages from various friends and acquaintance on the message section and so many on the comments Facebook section. These were joined by 61 emails and various phone calls throughout the day.

Unlike Facebook were you can tick the like icon to thank each Birthday greeting, messages need replying and I have tried catching up in between clients throughout the day and now this evening.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful to everyone of you and will get around to answering every message as soon as possible.

I'm flabbergasted. THANK YOU.

Monday, 1 June 2015


Egyptian historian calls for normalization with Israel

Egyptian historian Maged Farag called for normalizing relations with Israel in order to benefit economically and technologically, while saying the Palestinian struggle has caused “nothing but harm” for Egypt.

According to a report by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, Farag said in an interview aired last week on the Egyptian Mehwar TV station that Egypt could gain culturally, in trade, tourism, and from Israel’s advanced agricultural and industrial technology.

For over 70 years, the Palestinian cause has brought upon Egypt and the Egyptians nothing but harm, destruction, and expense,” said Farag, who recently visited Israel to attend a conference on Egyptian Jewry. “We should think with a scientific and open mind, with our eyes set on the future.”

Asked by the interviewer if he was serious about Egypt dropping the Palestinian cause, Farag replied, “What I’m saying is that we should pay attention to the interests of our country. There are no such things as eternal enmity or eternal love.

Most of you chose to ignore that its the Egyptian boarder with Gaza that stays firmly shut and the Egyptians more than Israel who keep the Gazian's caged in.

The main bilateral donors of Gaza were the US, Japan, Canada and five European countries (Norway, Germany, Sweden, Spain and France) Israel supply 250 tons of food and medicine weekly!!!!
Do you really want to know how sick Hamas is and how they don't give a shit about 'their' beloved people:

Militants torch Gaza water park shut down by Hamas
Forty unidentified militants storm tourist resort, tying and beating guards before setting buildings ablaze.

Gaza's aquapark attraction "Crazy Water Park" was vandalized and partially set ablaze, the seaside resort's management said.

Around 40 Hamas militants stormed the tourist resort, breaking and destroying items and setting fire to its restaurant and administration buildings.

The tourist attraction houses three swimming pools, water slides and various cafes and other facilities.

Alladein al-Araj, the attraction's director general, said in a statement that the militants also tied the hands of the guards and beat them.

He said that in addition to the resort's management offices, and restaurant, a three-storey building that includes wedding halls was also vandalized.

Describing it as "an awful attack," al-Araj said he held the attorney-general of the Hamas administration in the salient responsible, since he had issued an order in September to close the resort for three weeks.

The Crazy Water Park in Gaza burnt by Hamas Video shows the burnt facilities Gazans used to enjoy. Some Palestinians are outraged at the Hamas government for the extremism and tyranny.Human rights activists said that Hamas has recently stepped up its efforts to impose strict Islamic

"I'm astonished that there are fanatical people acting to obstruct the development of tourism in the Gaza Strip," he said.

Thankfully the Palestinians have now rebuilt the park but for how long before Hamas close it again. Hamas do not need the world to see this kind of happy activity in Gaza.


Now I know you don't want to hear it from me or any other Zionist, Jew or Christian so lets try a German in fact the German Foreign Minister who said during a visit to Gaza on Monday that any opening of the enclave's borders and economic recovery from last year's devastating war hinged mainly on ensuring no more rockets are fired at Israel. Did you hear that NO MORE ROCKETS FIRED INTO ISRAEL. Not even you lot of numskulls can interpret that as NO MORE ROCKETS FIRED INTO GAZA. or can you?

"We need local investments, and from abroad. Hence we also need the possibility to export the goods, which are being produced here (in Gaza). This can happen only by opening the borders," Frank-Walter Steinmeier told reporters.

"But the whole truth is: all this will, under most difficult circumstances, happen only when there is real certainty ... that (Gaza) is no longer a launching pad for rockets." Was the clear enough?

The region has been largely quiet since an August cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, although a rocket from Gaza struck a vacant area near the Israeli port city of Ashdod on May 26, and Israel replied with air strikes that also caused no casualties. Tut Tut according to you lot of haters that Israel should of NOT defend itself. Well perhaps your correct.