Saturday, 10 February 2018

This is why the world leaders love this tiny country a size no more than some of the city's of larger countries. Israel will NOT be bullied.


Yes sir, Iran one of the most dangerous countries with a population of 80 million . Israel population 8 million.

Israel blow the shit of Iran's military base in Syria where the rocket was fired from leaving only rubble.

Iranian commander says Iran can "create a hell for the Zionist regime." Israel said it had sent its jets into Syria after shooting down an Iranian drone flying over Israeli territory.

Lesson for Iran: 'Don't Fuck With Israel... BIG MISTAKE!!!!'


Northern Israel suffered terribly in 2006 war and residents know the Hezbollah threat but locals set out to enjoy the weekend after F-16 crash and sirens.

We should all thank the almighty that the brave pilots ejected and survived..


Friday, 9 February 2018

Lora Lucero no matter how hard I've looked I couldn't find one word of condemnation for these senseless murders. My question to you is: If this was a Palestinian who was stabbed to death by an Israeli would you have posted your usual hatred towards Israel?

This is one of the reasons I'm disgusted by you and proof that your plight to be looked on as some kind of Mother Teresa will always fail.

And another...

And another....

and this.....

Lora why not spread this news of how Israeli and Palestinians working together instead of your usual hatred.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

What part of this does Lora A. Lucero and her followers don't understand? Yet they say they support Palestinians and the BDS movement. In short I think this tells you a lot about her and those who blindly follow her.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

A message to all the scum known as Holocaust deniers

Listen and realize what fucking uneducated pack of morons you are, you w who have probably never set foot outside UK but yet count yourselves as Middle East experts !!!!! What a fucking laugh..

The Hamas terror group has been redoubling its efforts to restore the cross-border offensive tunnels that were destroyed by Israel.

This is truly disgusting and proves without doubt that Hamas is stealing the cement and other materials being delivered to the coastal Palestinian territory, as part of an international rebuilding effort, The Gaza leaders have simply been diverted the housing material to build the murderess tunnels of death.

Hamas infiltrated a large international aid organization operating in Gaza and redirected tens of millions of dollars – 60 percent – of the organization’s budget to its “military” wing, the Shin Bet.

he World Vision organization, which operates in 100 countries and employs 46,000 people, fell victim to a complex Hamas takeover scheme, a senior Shin Bet source said, adding that Hamas’s armed wing stole $7.2 million a year from the budget which amounts to billions of stolen aid dollars, which was supposed to pay for food, humanitarian assistance, and aid programs for disabled children, and channeled the funds to buy weapons, build attack tunnels, and to other preparations for war with Israel.

I know of a certain american woman who claims Hamas leaders are among her friends and she says she supports them...Now let me think who can that be!!!!

Friday, 26 January 2018

Trump triumphs in Davos 2018. It's been just 12 months since he took of as President of the Unity States and his promises are coming good. Over that time the stock market has boomed, GDP growth has improved and unemployment is at an almost 17-year low . All this is going to come much to the displeasure to those losers who thought he wouldn't last a year.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Israel may shut down its embassy in Dublin

Dublin placed on potential closure list of seven. Israel is considering closing its embassy in Ireland as part of a cost-cutting plan.

Irish foreign Minister Simon Coveney arrived in Israel on Monday for a three day visit. says he hope to persuade Israel not to call a closure to it Embassy in Ireland.

Earlier this month, the Israeli foreign ministry announced that following budget negotiations with the finance ministry it planned to close seven diplomatic missions over the next three years. Israel’s 100 remaining missions would receive an overall budget increase of about $50 million (€41 million) to compensate for the loss of the seven offices.

The statement said it had not yet decided which missions to close, with a committee due to submit recommendations by the end of the month. A previous working document had proposed 22 mission closures and severe job cuts.

A spokesman for the Israeli embassy in Dublin said in a statement that no decision had been made “regarding the identity of the Israeli missions that might be closed”.

The spokesman said in the course of 2018 the foreign ministry would compile a list of recommendations and submit it to Mr Netanyahu.

“Only after the prime minister’s approval will we know which missions might be affected

So lets look at Ireland's relationship with Israel: During her formative years, Israel received significant support in Ireland. Having experienced religious persecution themselves, the Irish identified with Jews. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case, according to Professor James Bowen of the National University of Ireland at Cork.

So who is Professor Bowen and i there any bias in his statements??? Surprise, surprise look what I found and its shocking:
Bowen, who serves as national chairman of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC). IPSC does not see itself as merely an interested party trying to support both sides. The group and its national chairman have taken a prominent role in promoting the Boycott-Divestment-and-Sanction (BDS) movement in Ireland against Israel. In fact, Irish academics have been particularly adamant in their efforts to have Israeli academic institutions boycotted.

In a letter to the Irish Times dated September 16, 2006, 61 Irish professors signed a petition urging academic institutions throughout the world to adopt a policy of boycotting Israeli institutions of higher education.

The IPSC does not even make a show of being even-handed. When asked by the Jerusalem Post about Hamas’s charter and inflammatory language, including calls for the extermination of Jews in Israel, Bowen dismissed even the possibility of his group’s considering a boycott of Palestinian academic institutions as well.

“The accusation of genocide against Hamas is libelous. The responsibility for ending the conflict lies with the aggressor. Israel is the aggressor,” he said.

The IPSC’s hypocrisy was pointed out by Alexander Yakobson, a lecturer in history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. “It is obvious that there is no universal norm [in the call for boycott], only discrimination,” he said. “The petitioners don’t call for a boycott of academic institutions in every country with whose policies they disagree. They don’t demand a boycott of the Sudan or of China, which has tremendous academic ties to Europe. And they don’t want to boycott the United States or Britain over Iraq. There is no universal norm; they’re just anti-Israel.”

More significantly, he said, the IPSC professors “don’t demand of any Palestinian academic even to disavow terror.” Yakobson found this especially curious in the face of sanctions imposed by Europe. “Even when Europe imposed sanctions on the Hamas government, it did not impose them on Palestinian universities. Nobody has even suggested doing this,” he said.

Yakobson’s conclusion was to suggest that the Jewish state and her supporters contact the IPSC “to ask what it is about Israel that upsets them.”

One thing I've noticed that Israel haters , anti Semites, Trump and May knockers are all losers and they constantly back losers. True they chose, Corbyn to win the election. Loss! They Chose Clinton to win the presidential race. Loss! They back BDS. Fail. Need I say more.


New York Times headline: Government Shutdown Ends After 3 Days of Recriminations.

Congress brought an end to a three-day government shutdown on Monday as Senate Democrats buckled under pressure to adopt a short-term spending bill to fund government operations without first addressing the fate of young undocumented immigrants.

The House quickly approved the measure — which will fund the government through Feb. 8 and extend funding for the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program for six years — and President Trump signed it on Monday night.


Sure, it did manage to convince a few second-rate artists and angry has-been rock stars from gracing the shores of Israel with their washed-up presence but in return for this, it has inadvertently turned any apolitical artist who does choose to perform in Israel into a high-profile friend of its cause. Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Radiohead – y’know, the real rock stars of the world – even if they don’t want to get involved, still support Israel by simply showing up.

While Radiohead are focusing on bringing their music to the people, Brian Eno, Devendra Banhart and Vanessa Paradis are picking sides in a political conflict they, let’s face it, probably know nothing about and canceling concerts because of it – which is kind of sad since these obscure artists could use all the exposure they can get, right? Cultural boycotts are just one example of how BDS exposes the world to what the anti-Israel sentiment is all about. It’s not about helping the Palestinians, it’s about hurting Israel and weakening it to nothing. Even if it means bringing harm to its own people and economy, the BDS movement is hell-bent on the obliteration of Israel and each time it rolls out one of its desperate schemes, the more the world sees BDS for what it truly is.

For years, BDS fought tooth and nail to get the Israeli-operated SodaStream factory moved out of the West Bank. Come 2015, its grand master plan came into fruition. But you know what else happened? The 500 Palestinian workers employed by the factory lost their jobs.

The people of Palestine are truly suffering and their only hope out of this miserable chapter in their history is by reaching a peace accord with Israel.

Yet BDS continues to draw Palestinians away from the negotiating table by giving them false hope about their future.

The truth is, BDS doesn’t really care about Palestinians.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

I'm amazed just how dumb some people are, let's take the anti Zionist Lora Lucero for a start, she has just reported on her ridicules blog Why Gaza that she can not believe President Trump decided to cut funding to the U.N. agency that supports Palestinian refugees from $350 million in 2017 to $60 million.

She says and I quote: "I’m standing with UNRWA. I’m condemning this US Administration. My members of Congress are going to hear loud and clear “restore the funding for Palestinian refugees NOW!

Is this woman fucking SERIOUS??? is she BLIND???? or just fucking STUPID????

Lets start with this. July 2017: The Palestinian Islamist group Hamas has been declared a terrorist organisation by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Judges in the European Union’s most senior court ruled that the group should remain on an EU-wide blacklist and referred the case back to a lower court. What country on earth would fund a terror organisation other than the possibility of Iran???

August 2017: Hamas' new leader in the Gaza Strip said Monday his group has repaired relations with Iran after a five-year rift and is using its newfound financial and military aid to gear up for new hostilities with Israel. Does Ms Lucero refuse to believe this ????

Ms Lucero, if you read nothing else I suggest you read this. It just might open your eyes as to why President Trump has rightfully cut funding to Gaza: A serious indictment of Hamas shows the abuse of aid funds intended for the needy residents of the besieged Gaza Strip. The highly publicized accusation was posted to send a clear message to the Palestinians that even as they were suffering deprivation and poverty, Hamas was partying at their expense. The report read, "The egotistical Hamas terror organization has robbed millions of dollars of funds that are meant for the needy of Gaza from international organizations. Hamas prospers at the expense of the residents of the Strip and uses donations meant for them to finance terror. How long will the world and the Gazan people ignore this?"

Back in 2016 a headline in the New York Post reported . How your tax dollars are funding Hamas’ next terror war

The arrest of Mohammad el-Halabi, the manager of Gaza operations of World Vision, a Christian charity operating in 100 countries around the world. According to authorities, Halabi funneled $50 million of World Vision funds to Hamas. This unfortunately is only the tip of the iceberg.

So Ms Lucero open your fucking eyes and stop asking stupid questions i.e Why Has America cut it's funding to the Palestinians??? Would you expect him to keep funding terror organisations like Hamas??? next you'll be crying crocodile tears because the US don't fund ISIS.

Ms Lucero be warned about another terror group who want to slaughter every living soul in Israel, Jew , Christian and Muslim just like Hamas have declared. Watch this .....

What a coincidence: Aleppo is where thousands of Palestinians are now been starved and slaughtered. The Palestinians no one seems to care about, as I've said many times; if Israel is not involved and hatred towards them cant be spread then Palestinians don't matter and that dear friends is a disgrace.

Most of you know more about me than I do (So it seems if you believe most of the bullshit written about me!!!) So most of you know little about my amazing parents Doctors Stanley and Hazel Boland. Here's a little incite to my mother..

My mum and Grandfather.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

For the first time I'm delighted to be able to prove without question that those that say they care about the Palestinians are nothing more than Jew haters who couldn't give a damn about Palestinians but just use them as a excuse to share their hatred towards Jews.

So you ask prove it I hear you cry. Read both these reports showing the suffering of Palestinians and then look at all the hate Israeli sites you will not see one word about them.

Lets start with the latest.

1. GAZA: EGYPTIAN FIRE KILLS PALESTINIANS AT SEA: The Egyptian navy opened fire on a Palestinian fishermen at sea and killing one, the Gaza Health Ministry said on Saturday.
Egyptian naval forces have previously opened fire on Gazans they accused of crossing the maritime border. Egypt, citing security concerns, maintain tight restrictions on the passage of Palestinians through their borders with the enclave. Egypt keeps its boarder tightly shut to Palestinians keeping them locked in Gaza. Their only open boarder and work is in Israel.

Egyptian naval forces seized Palestinian fishing boats, arrested nine fishermen off Gaza coast on Friday.

2. Egyptian authorities are demolishing hundreds of Palestinian houses along its impoverished border with the Gaza Strip to create a security buffer zone.

The Egyptian authorities are demolishing hundreds of houses along its impoverished border with the Gaza Strip to create a buffer zone that will slow the flow of weapons and militants between the two territories.

Army officials told residents in the eastern Rafah area to evacuate their homes on Tuesday. They later confirmed that they planned to empty more than 800 houses – home to about 10,000 Palestinians.

The question you need to ask yourself would you have reported it if Israel had done this...Laura etc

Monday, 8 January 2018

As if needed but here's more proof for the suckers who continue to read and believe the conspiracy theorist, who haven't a clue , most have never been to Israel, about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict...It laughable reading their point of views so full of inaccuracies, most of it made up rubbish.

So here in a non Jew a Non Israeli and historian ...He tells the truth and that and that alone is why conspiracy theorists reject him.

Listen and learn...

Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Donald Trump threatens to cut off US aid to Palestine...Great fucking news

This is not some obscure conspiracy theorist report the is from the Press Association January 3rd 2018 read it!!! ( Lora A. Lucero here is a reality check for you from me)

Donald Trump say he will cut off US aid money to the Palestinian Authority.

The President asked why the US should make "any of these massive future payments" when the Palestinians are "no longer willing to talk peace".

Mr Trump, in a pair of tweets, said the US pays "the Palestinians HUNDRED OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year and get no appreciation or respect."

"They don't even want to negotiate a long overdue ... peace treaty with Israel," he wrote.

Mr Trump infuriated Palestinians and Muslims across the Middle East when he announced late last year that the US would consider Jerusalem the capital of Israel and move its embassy there, upending decades of US policy and igniting protests.

While the Palestinians have not closed the door to a potential deal with Israel, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said the announcement had destroyed Mr Trump's credibility as a Mideast peace broker, calling the decision "a declaration of withdrawal from the role it has played in the peace process".

Tuesday's tweets mark a tacit admission by Mr Trump that his decision to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has thrown a spanner into his administration's plans to restart the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, which he had dubbed "the ultimate deal".

Mr Trump tasked son-in-law Jared Kushner to restart the effort, and brought his former attorney, Jason Greenblatt, into the White House to lead the negotiations.

Mr Trump's Mideast peace team had held meetings with Israeli, Palestinian and Arab leaders for nearly a year ahead of an expected peace proposal.

But by recognising Israel's claim to Jerusalem, Mr Trump was seen by the Palestinians as siding with Israel on the most sensitive issue in the conflict. The Palestinians seek east Jerusalem - which Israel captured in 1967 - for their capital.

Mr Trump said his decision merely recognised the reality that Jerusalem already serves as Israel's capital and wasn't meant to prejudge the final borders of the city.

In his tweets, M Trump argued his decision had taken "Jerusalem, the toughest part of the negotiation, off the table, but Israel, for that, would have had to pay more".


Saturday, 30 December 2017

Not a lot more to say....

A message to all the losers out there: Can you imagine if this was a rabbi???? You would be posting him on your social media before i could say anti Semite!!!

After hearing this those who think the Palestinians in Gaza worst enemy is Israel will think again....Wont you Lora Lucero. This report will come as a real shock to all those who have been duped by Palestinian propaganda. Please note the speaker is an Arab !!!!!

Thursday, 28 December 2017


Property boom in Costa del Sol
In Marbella, the figure was 3,196 an 8.2% increase.

By Laurence Dollimore (News Editor) - PUBLISHED - 26 Dec, 2017 @ 10:00 LAST UPDATED: 22 Dec, 2017 @ 14:48

MALAGA city and Marbella are benefitting the most from the property recovery, new figures have shown.

According to Fomento, in Malaga a total of 5,289 homes were sold up to September this year, a 33% on the same period last year.

In Marbella, the figure was 3,196 an 8.2% increase.

While Estepona sold less homes (2,121), its sales increased the most, by 33.4%. In Estepona Meanwhile, Mijas sold 2,097 units, a 13.1% increase while in Benalmádena 1,639 more units (+ 5.1%).

Fuengirola sold 1,388 homes, a 20.9% increase, while Torremolinos sold 1,332, a 3.8% increase.

It is the third consecutive year of strong growth for the Costa.

Some 93.9% of sales were second-hand, as new housing is still scarce.

Foreign buyers also continued to dominate, accounting for 34.4% of sales in Malaga and 67% in Andalucia.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

I salute one of the worlds greatest statesman the president of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

These are questions when you know the answers I think you'll agree with me.

1. What Arab Leader send greetings on Christian Holidays?

2. Looking forward to some moron answering this: When did the IDF ever slaughter a Palestinian?

3. Where in the the Middle East can Jews, Christians and Muslims live in peace together . I'll help you here with the answer...ISRAEL

4. Name a country in the Middle East that contributes a 5th of what Israel contributes to the world in medical science, technology, medicines. Israel has more Nobel Prizes winners than most countries in the world.

5. Winners and achievers love and admire Israel, losers on the other hand hate Israel as they like the Nazis are eaten up with jealousy.

And for Muslims for Ramadan. Could you imagine an Arab leader send Hanukkah wishes to Jew???


Sunday, 17 December 2017

DID IT AGAIN.........

Sales Executive Of The Year 2017

Adding to 2015 and 2016 Sales Executive Of The Year. So achieved in my first 3 years. All this after changing the direction of my life totally It only proves if your determent to pick yourself up , stop moaning that life has dealt me a bad card and get on with it....IT CAN BE DONE!!!!

Friday, 27 October 2017

How do I, an American living in Gaza, know it’s an “open air prison?. This is a quote from a women called Lora A. Lucero who is a self styled community journalist, climate change educator, land use attorney, city planner, community gardener, mother and grandmother. Who's sole ambition in life seems to be recognized as the new Mother Theresa!

So let me go back to the headline on her ridiculous blog that I certainly will give no credence or exposure here. Why? I hear you ask. because its probably the most biased. one sided bit of thrash I have ever read and this woman calls herself a Journalist.

How do I, an American living in Gaza, know it’s an “open air prison?


Prisoners are kept locked up all day!
Life is rough in the prison just have a look at one of the cell blocks
This is one of the ultra modern Spas the poor prisoners have at their disposal when they are let out of their cells!
Oooops there's that cell block again.Looks dark and dingy?
The cell block lobby
The Prisoners are starving and allowed very little fruit. As you can see the market shelves are empty!
Mercedes dealer in Gaza. This is only affordable by the prison guards who are of course Hamas members!
Shame, supermarket shelves in the prison are empty
One of Gaza's shopping centers. Rough life there me thinks
Surely this is not a water park in the open air prison?
A street in Gaza open air prison prison!

Lora about time you got fucking real and expose the truth and while your at it ask the question : 'How come there are 1,500 multi millionaires living in Gaza?

Finally here is a jaw dropping photograph of the port in Gaza . You might have noticed a few Porsche's waiting do go on sale in Gaza!

This is possibly the saddest pictorial of all comprised by a Palestinian. Poor imprisoned people!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Marbella's financial growth can be described in one word.....Phenomenal!!!

Investment into our tiny town reaches billions...New Hotels...The off plan property market is in it's self a Phenomena. ...Bromley Estates continue to record the best months results of all time.

So where are the market now and why is Bromley Estates succeeding? Has Brexit hurt our sale figures? All I can personally say is my biggest sale of all time was to an English family and it happened this month, October!!! also I sold to a Swiss, German and Irish clients.

So why is Marbella continuing to attract such outstanding property sales records. Easy answer? Weather, ease of flights, a city without any major crime (Cant remember the last murder in Marbella and that in itself is a claim very few city's can make)

It wasn’t more than five years ago – in the midst of the international financial crisis – that Spain’s contracting economy signalled a painful recession. The turnaround came some four years, when the country tentatively returned to growth and job-creation started to flow again, soon accelerating into healthy growth figures of around 3% annual expansion in economic output – or GDP

Christopher Clover has been writing about Marbella property for 47 years.

It is fascinating to see yet another property market cycle commencing in Marbella and the Costa del Sol in general, known for decades as the California of Europe. Marbella is unquestionably the most sophisticated city on the Coast and one of the highest quality environments of the entire Mediterranean Basin.

Residential tourism, that is, tourism based on the purchase and occupancy of second or retirement homes, is one of the many important factors behind the evolution of southern Spain’s most famous stretch of coastline over the last 70 years.

The first 2 quarters of 2017 show a substantial increase in volume of residential sales over 2016’s figures for the same time period. Together, Marbella, Benahavís and Estepona show an increase of almost 14% over the same period in 2016, with Estepona on its own showing the greatest increase in sales volume with an incredible 37%.

These are excellent indicators of the continuous steady growth of the property market in the greater Marbella area.

Purchases off-plan or under construction not included in official statistics
Officially, “sales” do not occur until the title deeds (escrituras) are issued. The sales of hundreds of properties off-plan or under construction during recent years are consequently not included in the official statistics of the year in question but at the same time, represent an integral part of an analysis of market activity.

Prices are going up again
According to data published on March 8, 2017 by the Spanish Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas, the price of private (unsubsidised) housing rose in Spain by 4.7% on average in 2016, which represents the third consecutive annual increase following six years of decreases and the highest rise since 2007.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Cutting out the Palestinian propaganda bullshit and learning the reality.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The recognized liar Andrew GB Pink, who writes to himself under he name Tommy J, continues to make a fucking idiot of himself and believes that by printing lies about Jews and Israel can be defended by saying 'Not My Words'. s few months ago a Check has shown Zero readership of his sick so called Circus blog. So why should I really spend time exposing this mans disgusting lies. I'm simply building the case to have his blog removed as I did his Facebook (which is back again and the ugliest thing on it AT THE MOMENT) is his photograph.

Does he not understand the disrespect to the 6 million Jews that were gassed , burnt and executed by the Nazis??? How dare he run this gutter headline lie.

Israeli President: Time to admit that Israel is a sick society, the Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinians is worse than Nazis – news

This is pure fabrication which a minute or two research would have showen

Consider the source. Baroness Jenny Tonge is a longtime critic of Israel. As has pointed out, Tonge posted an article in January 2017 on her Facebook feed in which Israeli President Reuven Rivlin is quoted as saying it’s “Time to admit that Israel is a sick society,the Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinians is worse than Nazis.” That article comes from a Dubai-based website called AWD News and is FALSE.

One of the most trusted Internet debunking website says AWD “doesn’t have more than a nodding acquaintance with facts, instead playing on nationalistic fantasy and conspiracy theory to create alarming (and thus clickable and shareable) stories.”

I honestly can not believe anyone on Earth actually believes what AWD posts but i'm obviously wrong because this idiot does.

So you now know AWD is based in an Arab country. In fact the the internet fact-checking website Snopes describes AWD News as a site that “doesn’t have more than a nodding acquaintance with facts, instead playing on nationalistic fantasy and conspiracy theory to create alarming (and thus clickable and shareable) stories”. Recent AWD News articles have claimed “Israelis orchestrated Ukraine’s unrest” (June 6, 2016), “Israeli intelligence is (aiding) ISIS to capture... Baghdad” (August 30, 2016) and “Mossad has close ties with ISIS” (August 31, 2016).

On December 20, 2016, AWD posted a completely fabricated story, “reporting” that Israel’s Defense Minister (they even got his name wrong, citing the previous Defense Minister instead) supposedly threatened to bomb Pakistan with nuclear missiles if Pakistan joined the fight against ISIS in Syria. The fabricated report soon had real-world consequences.

Instead of these morons fail to check out the false reports (Its so easy to go into or even noticing the name of his Israeli equivalent was incorrect) Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khawaja Asif tweeted a combative message about the fake story: “Israeli (defense minister) threatens nuclear retaliation presuming (Pakistan) role in Syria against Daesh (ISIS). Israel forgets Pakistan is a Nuclear State too.” It was only after Israel’s Government pointed out the story was “totally fictitious” that Minister Asif backed down, acknowledging the story was false, and issuing a more peaceable tweet instead, assuring Israelis “We desire to coexist in peace, both in our region and beyond.”

Fake news about the Jewish state has a long history. One of the most pernicious lies is that Israel, not Arab terrorists, was behind the terror attacks on September 11, 2001. In 2011, the ADL wrote “In the ten years since the... attacks... conspiracy theories surrounding the attacks have become an entrenched propaganda industry.”

Also in 2011 a Pew Poll noted that the vast majority to respondents in majority-Muslim nations they surveyed believed in the conspiracy theories blaming Israel for the attack. Fewer than a third believed that Arab terrorists conducted the assault, and the number of people inclined to believe conspiracy theories, often blaming Jews and Israel, had grown in the previous five years.

Other bizarre fake stories about Israel have flourished online in Muslim countries. In 2011, when a series of deadly shark attacks off Egypt’s coast left one woman dead and several injured, South Sinai Governor Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha suggested Israel might be behind the attacks, in order to harm Egyptian tourism. A few months later, Saudi officials caught a vulture that was tagged with a leg bracelet identifying it as part of a Tel Aviv University study of bird migration patterns. Saudi officials refused to release the vulture; local media speculated the tracking bracelet might be part of a “Zionist plot”.

In Arab and other Middle Eastern media, Israel in recent years has been accused of orchestrating the 2015 attacks on Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, of poisoning wells, of plotting to divide up Egypt, of helping to found ISIS. In 2013 The Economist magazine noted “conspiracy theorists have grown ever more strident since the coup” in Egypt in July of that year.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Some of the sickest people om earth are conspiracy theorists, they spend their days making up the most ridicules and in most cases dangerous stories and are followed by the brain dead losers who believe their theories without research or question. One of these a losers is a liar called Andrew GB Pink who is now under investigation for threatening my family by a statement he made about me being under threat by very dangerous people.

Conspiracy theorist have spent their disgusting expert opinions on trying to prove Sir Cliff Richard is a pedophile. What sort of low life scum are those people. There is not a shred if evidence and yet they try to tell us they know better than the police.

Now its Edward Heaths turn to come under their dirty microscopes. Perhaps these sickos should read this. .......


HEADLINE: False claims of provincial police chief obsessed with proving Ted Heath was a paedophile: Mike Veale has spent £1.4million and failed to come up with a shred of evidence

police chief Mike Veale decided to use the power of the internet to combat criticism of his high-profile investigation into alleged sex crimes by Sir Edward Heath.

It was December 2 last year, and Wiltshire’s top copper was facing widespread public ridicule over reports that several key witnesses in his controversial £1.4 million inquiry, Operation Conifer, were discredited fantasists.

Some, a newspaper had just claimed, were oddballs propagating an obviously fake conspiracy theory that the former PM belonged to a paedophile network behind satanic orgies at which small children were stabbed to death in rural churches.

>One, for example, claims he was abused as a teenager in Heath’s garden between 1990 and 1992. Yet the garden was protected around the clock by police and monitored by an extensive CCTV system. Another says Heath abused him in his Mayfair flat in 1961, claiming the property was filled with yachting gear, In fact, Heath didn’t take up the sport until 1963.

The report, meanwhile, is loaded with cant and obfuscation, automatically describing anyone who made any claim whatsoever about Sir Edward as a ‘victim’.

People whose claims are shown to be false have been re-categorised not as fantasists or liars seeking compensation (as at least two ‘victims’ already have) but as ‘people who have reported alleged abuse by Sir Edward’.

Amid such platitudes, the report shows Veale’s team has ploughed through £1.4 million of public money (at a time when crime in Wiltshire is rising by 10 per cent a year and violent crime by 19 per cent), spending £34,542 on air tickets and car hire, and £556 on books about the former PM.

Astonishingly, £2,000 was spent hiring a psychologist called Elly Hanson, a specialist in a condition associated with satanic sexual abuse, to offer advice about two complainants. Ms Hanson is also a member of the independent panel that oversaw Operation Conifer (although she denies the payment affected her independence).

For all this spending, Veale had a surprisingly loose grip on major details of his investigation.

Asked at the press conference that launched the report whether any complainants in the seven remaining cases were convicted criminals, he replied: ‘I don’t know.’ It emerged hours later that one is actually a jailed paedophile.

But perhaps no one should have been surprised. For this is one ‘top cop’ whose public pronouncements deserve to be taken with a pinch of salt.

These conspiracy theorists social media pages are full of underage sex reports , photographs of nude women and above all Pedophiless. What does this tell us????

Monday, 9 October 2017

Its a miracle.....No one has blamed Israel for the Las Vegas shootings. Maybe people are coming to their senses...... on the other hand...

Friday, 29 September 2017


Palestinian delegates in shock, as UN Watch brings surprise guest speaker—Palestinian Mosab Hassan Yousef—to expose PLO lies. Watch heads turn & eyes bulge!

The truth at last and it comes from a Hamas Palestinian member. The lies that have been going on for years from anti Semites and Israeli haters wiped out is just over 3 minutes. Now look agt the faces of the liars. Now look at yours.

This for you Lora A. Lucero!

Friday, 22 September 2017

One might wonder what would those anti Semites and Israeli haters do without conspiracy theorists? Where would they find their hate messages against the Jewish hate? One lying moron was so desperate to feed his addiction of hate for Israel he had to go back to 2013 to find a BDS article about the clown Roger Waters. So I imagine this article in one of UK's most respected news blogs UK Media Watch will thankfully shut him up once and for all.

BDS is failing: a continuing series documenting Israeli success. (Sept. 2017)

>Despite the continuous amplification of BDS in the British media, the movement to boycott Israel has had no discernible impact on Israel’s economy, and each month we see more and more examples of Israeli success and BDS fails. Here’s the latest installment in our ongoing series of posts documenting this dynamic.

The next time someone tells you BDS merely wants to end the occupation, remember the words of the movement’s leader, Omar Barghouti: (see video below)

Berlin is now the third German city, after Munich and Frankfurt, to declare plans to stymie such activities.

Müller, who has been supportive of Israel in the past, pledged Wednesday to “continue emphasizing my clear stance for Israel and against anti-Semitism and racism.”

BDS tactics of “standing with anti-Semitic signs in front of Berlin shops” are tantamount to “the intolerable methods used in the Nazi era,” he said. “We will do everything in our power to prevent the use of our venues and funds for BDS’ anti-Israel incitements” and against the annual Al-Quds Day demonstration, an anti-Israel march initiated by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomenei in 1979.

In a statement, the Wiesenthal Center applauded the mayor’s pledge to halt municipal financial and logistical support for the BDS movement. In its annual anti-Semitism tally, the center often equates BDS activity with anti-Semitism.

The University of California, Irvine put a group of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) activists on disciplinary probation for two academic years after they interrupted a speaking event.

Frankfurt City Council approved a bill on Friday that would prohibit the use of municipal funds and facilities for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions activities targeting the Jewish state.

Economic BDS Fails

Foreign investment in Israel up 7%

Investments in Israel by foreign companies totaled $12.6 billion in 2016, 7% more than in 2015, according to the Ministry of Economy and Industry Industrial Cooperation and Foreign Investments Authority. The figures show that 320 multinational companies operate in Israel, and the pace at which such companies are starting to do business in Israel has tripled from 10 a decade ago to 30 in 2016.

BDS Fails: Israeli Exports Up 6% in First Half of 2017

Despite high-profile and widely publicized campaigns to boycott Israel, the Jewish State continues to thrive.

Israeli exports rose 6 percent—to $50 billion—during the first half of 2017, according to the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute.

The jump in exports was driven by rapid growth in high-tech services and incoming tourism, the institute said. Exports of services totaled $21 billion in the first half of this year, boosted by the rising trend in exports of computer and software services, which grew 12 percent to $6.8 billion. Exports of tourist services were up 16 percent, to $3.2 billion, in the same period.

Exports in industrial sections—including drugs, chemicals, refined oil products and electronic components—grew 5 percent.

Israel expects high profits after joint committee approves medical cannabis exports

Israel stands to generate large profits from its burgeoning medical cannabis industry after a joint committee of the country’s Health and Finance ministries Aug. 13 approved a new measure allowing for international exports of the plant.

According to some reports, the state could earn up to $4 billion annually in revenue from medical cannabis exportation, an industry that Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon said has “significant economic potential for the state of Israel and will strengthen Israeli agriculture.”

Cultural and Technological BDS Fails


TLV in LDN, the largest Israeli culture festival ever made in Europe is in London, takes place in London September 7-11.

The four-day cultural celebration takes place at the Roundhouse, a cutting edge arts venue in Camden, a neighborhood in northwest London. The program showcases Tel Aviv’s creative diversity and features a mix of Israeli music, nightlife, dance, art, food and fashion.

Highlights include rhythmic dance troupe Mayumana, a digital art exhibition curated by Ori Gersht and live concert performances by Ester Rada, Marina Maximilian and Yemenite band, A-WA. Infected Mushroom, DJ Guy Gerber and Palestinian-Israeli singer-songwriter Mira Awad are also taking part.

The list goes on and on. READ IT. For those who support BDS will feel uch idiot afterwards. Mind you they are losers anyway!

Copy and paste this link into Google:


How wonderful is this? World leaders send Jewish New Year messages to Israelis and Jews. THANK YOU

Thursday, 21 September 2017

These young highly trained Israeli search and rescue team have volunteered to fly to Mexico rather than spending the most high Jewish holiday Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) in synagogue.

The Israel SAR mission commander described the situation by saying: “It is impossible to describe the scope of the disaster. Millions of people are without power, there is great confusion and distress."

n the aftermath of the lethal 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico on Tuesday, Israel is extending its support to its Latin American neighbor and sending both an IDF as well as a Mexico-based ZAKA team (Israel's primary rescue and recovery volunteer organization) to assist victims of the disaster.

The IDF aid team set out from the Nevatim airbase on Wednesday aboard a "Re'em" IAF aircraft, and among it are 70 soldiers and officers in mandatory and reserve duty, hailing from both the Israel Air Force and the Home Front Command.


With the news that Saudi Arabia continues to show love towards Israel: Bahrain’s king opposes Arab boycott of Israel
The Gulf monarch ‘absolutely’ ready to allow his citizens to visit Jewish state.

PURPLE: Countries that have never recognized Israel.
RED: Countries that have suspended or cut relations with Israel.

Pink Floyd'S Roger waters pathetic attempt to influence musicians not to perform in Israel FAILS!!!

Performers Are Flooding Israel: A is nothing more than a sign of the Cultural Boycott's Failure and makes Waters look like an idiot and them that follow him morons.
As a veritable airlift of artists is on its way to Israel, best efforts of Roger Waters and BDS appear to be in vain,


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

This is an extraordanery statisic.

There are 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world.

There are 13 million Jews

List of Jewish Nobel laureates
From Wikipedia,

The Nobel Prize is an annual, international prize first awarded in 1901 for achievements in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace. An associated prize in Economics has been awarded since 1969. Nobel Prizes have been awarded to 881 individuals, of whom 197 - 22.4% - were Jewish or people of Jewish descent.
What is extraordinary: Although Jews and people of Jewish descent comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population.
Jews or people of Jewish descent have been recipients of all six awards, including 41% of economics, 28% of medicine, 26% of physics, 19% of chemistry, 13% of literature and 9% of all peace awards.

List of Muslim Nobel laureates
From Wikipedia

Only 12 Nobel Prize laureates have been Muslims.and yet Muslims make up over 23% of the world's population.

Jews 0.2% of the world's population.....197 Nobel Prizes.

Muslims 23% of the world's population. 12 Nobel Prizes.
On the eve of Rosh Hashanah Benjamin Netanyahu Israels President tells it like it is. Israel will be the savior of our world through technology, medical science and education.


President Trump stands up to those that are threatening the world and thankfully offers an importance New Years present to Israel with his announcement about Iran , one of the worlds most dangerous threats to peace.

Israel is a very young country with its population majority under 30. So, here is their New Years message in music.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Two questions my lawyer asked and says the answer could be critical.

1. Why is the liar only critically watching the Costa Del Sol press when he lives in Costa Blanca?.

2. Why is he constantly copying and pasting stories about Jews and Israelis. but ignores every other country in the Middle East?

Monday, 18 September 2017

This is what Israel thinks of this small insignificant sect of Jews who believe Judaism Rejects Zionism.

Really? Maybe those who believe that this group of fanatics are talking on behalf of Israelis or Jews, who refuse to join the Israeli army, should watch this video and realize exactly what Israel and Jews think of them!!


Hamas agrees to end feud with rivals Fatah and agree to Palestinian elections and 'unity government' in West Bank and Gaza.

The militant group Hamas has agreed to a series of key conditions with rival movement Fatah which could signal the end of a 10-year-long feud in Palestine.

Hamas, who are on the UN terrorist list, have controlled the Gaza Strip and the West Bank since 2007.

Led by Yahya Sinwar, Hamas last night agreed to conditions by rival President Abbas, including nationwide elections which could finally end a decade old territorial split.

Hamas - who remain on the United Nations terror list - has been greatly weakened by an Isaeli and Egyptian blockade, three wars and international isolation.

Residents of Gaza's have electricity for only a few hours a day. The uneducated believe that the electricity issue i the fault of Israel, in fact its the Palestinian's president Abbas who cuts the electricity supply into Gaza because of Hamas outstanding dept. Hamas is recorded spending millions building their terror tunnels into Israel rather than paying water and electricity costs to the Palestinian authorities. In fact In recent months, Abbas has stepped up financial pressure on Hamas, including by scaling back electricity payments to Gaza, to force his rivals to cede ground.

In recent months, Abbas has stepped up financial pressure on Hamas, including by scaling back electricity payments to Gaza, to force his rivals to cede ground.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Firstly let me share a bit of astonishing news ive just received from my lawyers. I have been mentioned as Maurice Boland, MoBO or indirectly over 200 times since 2013 by this scum liar under the name of either To**y Jo**s or And*** Gord**** Ben**t Pi*** Or Cir*** Buo*.

This liar believes if its not his words but prints lies about me by someone else he's free to repost without guilt. I suggest he reads up on that law.

This liar has posted that I hadn't paid certain members of staff. This liar posted that charity's were unsatisfied with me. This liar tried to make a comparison to the dirty TV and radio personality pedophile who raped children in care and hospital (BIG mistake)

THIS WAS THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG The list goes on. But worse was last week when he actually put in writing that i was under threat by a very 'DARK' blog site. This is all I needed to proceed. I asked clearly to name the blog site so they can be investigated. He HAS NOW REFUSED.

Friday, 15 September 2017

WARNING: Someone is in for one hell of a shock!!!

You lied about my blog site been mentioned on a very 'DARK AND DANGEROUS' blog site. In fact you said it was so dangerous it frightened you. ANOTHER FUCKING LIE!!!

Your life, every day is darkened by obsessions: Your obsession of me is sad and should be ignored, that is until you start to threaten me on line sending warnings that a group of very dangerous people are now watching me. This of course now needs to be reported to the police because I asked you to email me to admit your obsession with me led you to lie. But you failed, so therefore, I can only assume that this threat comes direct from you. When will your obsession STOP? Or how long will it be before you start threatening my family, children and my grandchildren?
No Andrew, this needs to stop and stop NOW!!! The only way I can do this is by handing your posting to the police and explaining your sick behavior which has now become dangerous. Do you not understand you put in writing that some very dark people are watching me???

Luckily and thankfully my good friend has kept every derogatory posting about me you have made over the years they amount to thousands of words most of them lies. There has been some very dangerous posts on your blog. I have as you know been to my lawyers about this a few years ago but decided not to go ahead because no one is reading your blog. but when you start making up threats indicating that me and my family are in danger from a 'very dark source' I have no choice but to take action. This is where I draw the line. Your obsession with me might get you what you so desire..notoriety and this is what worries me...How far are you willing to go!!!

Your obsession with pedophiles, with nudity, pornography and hatred of Jews, HAS TWISTED YOUR VERY SICK MIND.

There are at least 15 statements by you where you say that you will never mention my name again...ANOTHER LIE!!!

You can't help yourself Andrew can you?. Your Jealousy over shadows your sad life. I haven't mentioned your biggest mistake of all , that will I believe, put you away, a lie that I'm something I'm not but yet you decided to make this statement in writing. Just how fucking stupid was that and trust me I don't want that but a huge fine and possibly a few weeks inside will stop your filthy lies.

So last time, I'm asking who are these 'Dark People' who are watching me and my family? or is it as I susspect yet andther one of your filthy lies? up to you , Ive allowed you every chance to put this threat aginst me straight!!!!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

IMPORTANT: ACCORDING TO GARY WHO TELLS ME THAT A BLOG (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) HAS POSTED THAT I HAVE BEEN THREATENED BY A 'VERY DARK AND DANGEROUS' BLOG SITE. GARY SAYS THIS POSTING ALSO REFERRED THAT THE 'DARK BLOG' WAS SO FRIGHTENING THAT THE POSTER IMMEDIATELY LEFT IT. I Made it clear to Gary that coming from where it was posted from a man so obsessed by me that he mentions me everyday (web stalking!) that perhaps this threat might be one of his made up fantasies or could it be real and as he is the only one that knows the blog site maybe the police should now get involved.

This is what he wrote: 'Now he seems to have got the attenion of the dark side of the moon well according to a dark chat room ,they were talking about his blog spot and what and who he supports. I HAVE TO SAY I got out of there pretty dam quick .you do not want to upset those guys.'

WHO ARE 'THESE GUYS' YOU ARE SO SCARED OF???' You seem to know them because you go on to say: 'They can hack with imunity,ip. no.addresses coming out of nowhere they really are the untouchables.Frightened me.'

This is extremely threatening . Please remember I have children and grandchildren and this threat, if its real and not one of his filthy lies, again needs to be at least investigated and NOT ignored.

My message to you
The helmet of an Israeli soldier and member of an aid delegation is seen as he waits for a flight to Mexico and the US to help with the devastation caused by the earthquake and hurricane.

Israel supplies South Korea and Japan with billions of dollars of Iron Dome in the wake of the North Korea threat. The announcement was made shortly after India put in an order of 3 billion dollars for the Iron Dome.

Iron Dome is a mobile all-weather air defense system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aircraft Industries. Israel has now increased the range of Iron Dome's interceptions, from the current maximum of 70 kilometres (43 mi) to 250 kilometres (160 mi) and make it more versatile so that it could intercept rockets coming from two directions simultaneously.



It was announced in the Arab Press that "Things that are happening today between Israel and the Arab world are unprecedented. Cooperation on a wide range of issues are occurring behind the scenes, more than at any time in Israeli/ Arab history"

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Israel controls the world so says the conspiracy theorists. Perhaps Israel IS the Messiah?

Lets look at the fact with thanks to the theorists , bless them.

The State of Israel has a population of approximately 8,585,000

0–14 years 27.3%
15–64 years 62.2%
65 and over 10.5%

so lets say 4 million of a working age. That's half the population on London!!!

Conspiracy Theorists have proof that.

Israel control America.

Israel control ISIS

That Israel control the world banks.

Israel control Hollywood.

Israel Killed JFK

Israel are responsible for 9/11

Israel murdered Princess Diana.

Israel are responsible for terror attacks in London, Manchester, Paris, Belgium and Barcelona.

So you see the conspiracy theorists and their hugely educated followers have it all worked out.

So Israel DOES control the world...Why they want to and how it benefited them slaughtering people in London, Manchester, Paris, Belgium, Barcelona etc i'm not sure but they know and perhaps will share it with is. Oh yes I remember one moron sorry genius saying Israel wanted world domination.....WHY? and NOW THAT HAVE, WORLD DOMINATION THAT IS, WILL THEY SLAUGHTER EVERYONE AND THEN MAKE IT AN ISLAMIC WORLD....Hold on how will this benefit the Jews. Maybe they have a deal with ISIS when they slaughter everyone they will leave the Jews, but that wont work ISIS wanted a world for Islam...Oh now I'm confused

I am going to share a little secret with you conspiracy theorists and their beloved followers but don't tell anyone.

North Korea's beloved president Kim Jong Un is having a gay love affair with Israeli hero Benjamin Netanyahu!!!

Sounds ridicules but half as ridicules as the crap above about Israels world domination.

On my Facebook I debunked every conspiracy theorists theories on why and how princess Diana was murdered in the Paris accident in fact I proved she died in a tragic accident and not one person argued with me. Im about to debunk 9/11 and JFK

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Congratulations to my friend Ángeles Muñoz who (thankfully) is back as mayor of Marbella.

I was so happy when I got the news that 'She's Back' Mind you I knew from inside information that he always had a good chance of returning.

Its all good news for Marbella after are summer months comes to a close. Again a summer without crime. Investment into our Golden Coast continue to attract big money and the Real Estate Industry successes continue to grow. Bromley Estates just recorded its biggest August on record with sales in excess of 11 million Euro!!!

Watching my friend been sworn back into office.....

Yes folks I'm a happy man.

Monday, 21 August 2017


Not sure if it gets more disgusting than this: The innocent men, women and children slaughters on the streets of Barcelona by Islamic militants haven't even been buried yet while a very sick loser has gone mad hunting hunting every site , every news report any thread of evidence that could implement Israel in this terrible crime. Not a word of sympathy from him but a burning desire of hatred towards Jews fuels his hunt to look for blame. But nothing. Not content he decided to go back to earlier this year and found a report that a small province of Barcelona was calling for a boycott against Israel but it went nowhere as the Spanish government deemed it illegal. Imagine how mentally sick you must be, imagine how much hatred you must have to take an opportunity like the slaughter in Barcelona to find a totally unrelated subject to try and link Israel. Get treatment you fucking drunk!!!!

Now learn the truth and learn to fucking reearch :

JANUARY 23, 2017 04:53: BDS in Spain, dealt a double blow to the boycott movement this past week after garnering two legal victories in municipalities in Madrid and Barcelona.

A Madrid court ruled against BDS in Barcelona annulling a decision to boycott Israel.

As way back in July 2016, Court No. 4 of Madrid issued an interlocutory writ of injunction ordering the city council to restrain from carrying out the boycott.

The court reasoned that the city council lacked the authority to pass any resolution that interferes with the conduction of foreign affairs by the Spanish government. The boycott was based on the sole discretion of the council members and not that of a “competent international body,” and as such the council could not deny collaboration with Israeli companies simply because they were “operating commercially in the Israeli occupied territories,” the court ruling said.

In addition, the court deemed every working section of the decision as “discriminatory and without any substance in the field of international law,” adding that United Nations Security Council resolutions do not provide any legal foundation to boycott Israeli institutions, companies or organizations.

A few days before the Madrid court’s ruling, Court No. 4 of Barcelona also sent out a notice annulling the boycott against Israel by the Town Hall

Now if you want to post something thats the truth look this up: 'IMAM OF DEATH' Barcelona ‘terror imam linked to horror attacks on Brussels and Madrid that killed hundreds’
Abdelbaki Es Satty is thought to have radicalised the younger members of the cell that attacked Las Ramblas and Cambrils.

Thanks Gary. Who wrote 'If this idiot want to do something he should learn research instead of looking up pornography on his computer all day!'


This is What the actual headline actually read:

Israel:If Europe doesn’t stop its boycott campaign against Israel, we will destroy this continent.

This article written by a well known anti Israel site thankful with only a few hundred sick followers.

Now lets take the same headline re written by a very sick mentally warped ant Semitic bit of shit. The question : who does he think hes fooling?


Notice the tell tail colon in the wrong place at the end of the word Jerusalem!!

Here is another example of this disgusting anti Semite trying to rewrite headlines

After the tragedy in Barcelona it was only a matter of time before this disgusting uneducated ant Semite tried to drag Israel into the slaughter:

HEAD LINE: Van crashes into a crowd of people in Barcelona Police confirm it is being treated as a ‘terrorist attack undisclosed sources are alleging that ISIS has involvement.

Here is his anti Semite rewrite

Van crashes into a crowd of people in Barcelona Police confirm it is being treated as a ‘terrorist attack undisclosed sources are alleging that ISIS(KID ON) has involvement.

Notice the added word KIDON in brackets . Kidon is a department within Israel's Mossad!!!

Women and children were lying slaughtered on the streets of Barcelona murdered by Islamic fundamentalist and yet this sicko, without showing any sympathy of the dying and injured, took seconds to try to drag Israel into the tragedy. Not stopping to think Why would Israel want to slaughter women and children in Spain???

Thank you Gary.....
Join me on a trip around Israel. One of the world most wonderful countries. Israel prays that it can live in peace with their neighbors. Whilst most Middle Eastern countries are run by brutal dictators Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East, Israel is the ONLY country in the Middle Middle East that allows ALL religions to live side by side in peace and practice and follow their believes openly and secure. Remember there are many Arab countries that wont allow JEWS to live!!! So why do some mentally deficient idiots chose not to support Israel the Jewish State. You can ask the same question to Hitler and his Nazi party: 'Why did they hate Jews, what was it about the Jews that led Germany to exterminate 6 million Jews?


Friday, 18 August 2017


AN TYPE OF HATE CRIME WHICH INCLUDES RACISM, ANTI SEMITISM, ISLAMOPHOBIA. ODIHR. Spain’s Criminal Code contains a general penalty enhancement and substantive offence provisions which includes prison sentences as well as large penalties. . The Interior Ministry’s State Secretariat of Security collects hate crime data from the Catalan Autonomousl Police, the Autonomous Basque Police, Navarre Police, National Police Force and the Civil Guard.

So be warned!!!!

As women and children lay dead in morgues throughout the city, slaughtered by Muslim Islamic extremests. One mentally deranged person, filled with such hatred towards Jews and Israel, has tried to claim he knows Israel were involved in the terror attacks that killed 13 and injured over 100 some critical. He hasn't written one word of sympathy towards any of the family' who have lost loved ones. Just hatred.

The dosser against this man is growing by the minute and will be handed over to the authorities.

This claim of Jews been involved in the slaughter is a pure anti Semitic statement made without any grounds of proof. The question that now needs to be asked 'Is he a white extremest living in Spain and should the anti terror police be informed?

Thanks Gary .

Thursday, 17 August 2017


Harrowing footage shows dozens of bodies lying on the pavement as armed police rushed to secure the area

Terror in Barcelona: Police shoot dead one suspect after THIRTEEN die and 64 are injured - including children - when white van crashes into crowds in Las Ramblas. 13 dead and dozens hurt as van drives into crowds of people in Barcelona amid reports of gunshots nearby

Local media have reported that a man named as a suspect - Driss Oukabir - has been arrested by police
One suspect is reported to have been killed after a shootout with police hours after the initial van attack
Emergency services rushed to the scene near the Las Ramblas tourist area as people are urged to stay away.


Of course the brain dead, those filled with such hatred towards humanity will try to blame Israel!!!. Not ONE of the hatred sites have reported this tragedy in Barcelona. Why? because it doesn't include Israel.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Not only iss he a threat to the world but a dangerious threat to his own people! Yes, this deluded despot Kim Jong-un is executing growing numbers of North Koreans who no longer worship him as a living GOD. Including his own uncle .

His ruthless regime is persecuting thousands who dare to practice “other religions

Kim Jong-un threatened North Korean missile attack aimed at US territory Guam “could have escalated into war very quickly”, saying US forces would know “within moments” if one was heading towards Guam, home to military bases and 160,000 people.

Thankfully the world has Donald Trump as President of USA who refused to be bullied by Jong-un in fact Trump threatened North Korea and put the fear of G-d into the North Korean leader if he even though of sending his missile towards the American enclave of Guam. I believe if it wasn't for Trump's forceful threats Jong-un would NEVER have backed down. In short the world was saved from a nuclear disaster by President Donald Trump somewhat like John F Kennedy saved the threat of world war during the Bay Of Pigs incident.

The world condemned Jong-un dangerous game of threats that is except: Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday congratulated North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on his country’s annual Liberation Day celebration amid increased tensions between Pyongyang and the United States.

In a telegram, the PA president said that the Korean people made “the greatest sacrifices for the sake of its freedom and dignity,” according to Wafa, the official Palestinian news site.