Saturday, 29 April 2017

Jeremy Corbyn, one of politics greatest losers has dipped to a new low, even his closes followers have spoken out against their leader (those that are left that is) as they urge him to cut links with Palestine charity after it hosts anti-Semitic speaker who accuses Jews of exploiting the Holocaust.

A charity supported by Jeremy Corbyn hosted an anti-Semitic speaker who has accused Jews of exploiting the Holocaust and called Zionism 'parallel to Nazism'.
The lump of scum known as Tom Suarez promoted his book on Israel at an event in Portsmouth organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, of which the Labour leader is a patron.
The talk was meant to be held at another venue but had to be moved to a new location after a 'concerned' local Tory MP spoke to the police.

Tom Suarez previously spoke at SOAS where he made comments which breached the International Definition of Antisemitism.
'His message is one of hatred and he should be shunned for his repulsive views.
'It comes as no surprise whatsoever that instead of rejecting him, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has embraced him and organised events at which he speaks

'This should be enough for its prominent patrons, including Jeremy Corbyn, to sever their links with the organisation.'

But of course this loser Corbyn not only hasn't severed his links with this anti Semite organisation but SUPPORTS THEM!!! What a lump of shit this Labour leader is...

My Message to Jeremy Corbyn: Look at these photos of what the Nazi did to 6 million Jews and when your sitting next to your 'special' guest Tom Suarez remember his words " Jews are exploiting the Holocaust"


Anti Semite Jeremy Corbyn digs a deeper hole to bury himself in....Jewish activistswere evicted hosted by a Labour MP at Parliament this week after they asked 'disruptive questions', MailOnline can reveal.

The hated scum Mark Hendrick, MP for Preston, chaired the pro-Palestinian event which was organised by the controversial Palestine Return Centre (PRC). The group has been accused of links with Hamas, though a spokesman denied this.
The main speaker at Tuesday's event – which was held to discuss Israeli conduct in Jerusalem – was Kamal Hawwash of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, who used his speech to accuse Israel of being 'an expert at inciting hatred'.
At a previous Labour event, he said he considered a man who knifed two Israeli men to death, and injured a woman and toddler, a 'martyr' carrying out an 'act of revenge'. If people found his actions 'unacceptable', he said, 'that's up to them'.
The Jewish activists listened quietly to the speeches but then strongly challenged the presentations during the question-and-answer session. The coward Mr Hendrick summoned police armed with machine guns to eject them, leaving them 'shaken and upset'.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

One of the most important fighting forces in the world.
So where are the billions of dollars raised by several children's charities worldwide for the underprivileged children of Gaza go ????. Well its been proved that there are now 300 millionaires in Hamas skimmed from charity money for Palestinian Children. In fact Hamas is stealing so much they now cant pay for electricity. Have a look at this it will sicken you.

Peace means everything to Israel as women of Israel rally Palestinian women and march for peace.....Only in Israel NEVER in Gaza will you find love like this...Did d
someone mention genocide!!!! What idiots they must feel now.
Muslim, Jewish Women have spent the last two weeks marching for peace and even marched outside the Israeli President's residence. This is being blacked out from mainstream media because war makes money and the powers that be profit from war, they don't want people to see this. Also today there is a live stream conference organized by these women, its called Women Wage Peace,

Sunday, 23 April 2017


The Palestinians will pay blood money to Hannah Bladon’s killer. How should Britain respond?With the PA set to pay a monthly salary of up to £2,500 to the terrorist who murdered a young British woman, the UK must take the lead in opposing Palestinian terror.

This is the young British tourist Hannah Bladon who was stabbed to death in Jerusalem on Good Friday by a Palestinian. Her crime? She was simply a tourist. If this had taken place last Friday in Paris, London or Germany. The headlines would scream: 'Terrorist murders innocent bystander.' But this is Israel so the world press couldn't give a fuck while the anti Zionist blame the English women for being there!

But this gets a whole lot worse:..

While Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas is busy getting ready for his trip to the United States next month, where he will plead for financial aid for the PA, his Ministry of Finance is busy doing the paperwork to start paying a monthly salary to Palestinian terrorist Jamil Tamimi.

Why is Tamimi suddenly joining the PA payroll? Last week he murdered British citizen Hannah Bladon in Jerusalem, and for this the PA will be rewarding him with a monthly salary, that eventually will reach £2,500.

According to Palestinian law, any Palestinian terrorist imprisoned for “resisting the occupation” receives a high monthly salary. According to Palestinian Authority practice, “resisting the occupation” includes every violent terror attack by Palestinians including stabbings, shootings and car rammings.

Murdering woman, children and babies will guarantee a Palestinian terrorist prisoner a salary for as long as he is in prison.

The most notorious terrorist prisoner of all, terrorist Abdallah Barghouti, responsible for the murder of 67 civilians by building bombs for suicide bombers, has already received from the PA nearly £200,000.

His bombs blew up the Sbarro pizza shop, Sheffield Club in Tel Aviv, Moment Café in Jerusalem, the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall, the Hebrew University Café and a No. 4 bus in Tel Aviv.

Today there are approximately 6,500 Palestinian terrorist prisoners on the PA payroll. The PA rewards them every month for terrorism, and this generous arrangement cost the PA budget more than £100million in 2016 alone, according to the PA’s publicised budget.

Which bring us to the newest beneficiary of Palestinian Authority generosity with donor countries money, Jamil Tamimi, who murdered Hannah Bladon

He approached her on a Jerusalem train and stabbing her repeatedly until she died, turning him into a Palestinian Authority hero.

Even though the PA intends to reward it terrorists for killing Israelis and not British citizens, since the terrorist assumed Hannah was and Israeli, even though it turned out she was British, since his intentions were honorable and he will be rewarded.


Mahmoud Abbas, who is about to be welcomed by the new US administration as if he is a serious peace partner, is the person responsible for financially rewarding the terrorists.

With terror by Muslims worldwide being treated everywhere as a most serious international problem, it is shocking that Abbas, who financially rewards his Palestinian murderers be welcomed in Western countries.

If the international community wants its war on terror to be taken seriously, Mahmoud Abbas must be told: Rewarding terror makes you a terrorist; stop paying salaries to terrorist or you will be treated as a terrorist. If Palestinian terror is ever to be uprooted, the international community, especial the leaders of the democratic countries, must isolate and ostracise the PA leadership until it stop acting like a terror organisation.

What can Britain do?

With the PA about to pay a salary to a terrorist who murdered a young British woman, this is a good opportunity for Britain to take the lead in fighting Palestinian terror.

If Britain is to ignore that Mahmoud Abbas is rewarding the murderer of a British citizen, and accept him as a legitimate leader, it will be an insult to every British citizen. The British government should announce that funding terror is an act of terror, and that PA leaders, including Abbas the one primarily responsible for PA terror funding, will henceforth, be prohibited entry into the UK.

Only when until Abbas announces that the PA has stopped paying salaries for terror should the doors be open to him again.

If Britain is willing to take the lead at this critical juncture, many lives, of both Israelis and Palestinians, will be saved in the future.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Hamas continue to siphone of millions of dollars donated by charities.

Millions of pounds donated by British and other European charities to help the Palestinian poor were unwittingly diverted to fund terror and support the families of suicide bombers, Israeli prosecutors claimed yesterday.

Ahmed Salatna, 43, a Hamas activist from the West Bank town of Jenin, was remanded in custody by a military court charged with distributing €9m (£6.2m) for such purposes over the past nine years. The recipients are alleged to have included the family of a young man who blew himself up at the Sbarro pizza restaurant in Jerusalem in August 2001, killing 15 people and wounding 107. Hamas and Islamic Jihad acknowledged responsibility.

Gaza NOW boasts over 300 multi millionairs! Odd me thinks I though this was the biggest prison in the world.

Hamas try to blame the Palestinian leadership for taxing fuel for electricity etc saying they can't afford to pay as the Hamas leadership spend millions on luxury homes and cars!

Hamas try to blame Israel for restricting fuel supplies entering Gaza, bullshit! If this is so why not enter Gaza through Egypt?

Friday, 21 April 2017

Thankfully the anti Semites haven't yet blamed Israel for the lack of electricity in Gaza. So before they do let's get the facts straight!

Diesel fuel tax cripples electricity supply

Hamas have appealed to Ramallah on Monday to lift an onerous fuel tax which it said would force the Gaza power plant to shut down on Tuesday for the third day in a row.

Lack of funds has left the Strip’s two million residents with only four to six hours of electricity per day, according to the Gaza Electricity Distribution Company.

“We were surprised by the decision of the government [Abbas the Palestinian leader ] to fully reimpose the taxes on the price of fuel used for operating the power plant,” the Gaza Energy Authority said on its web page.

The Hamas leadership added that it “appealed” to Ramallah to waive the taxes. It further charged that under Abbas's orders they had delayed projects that would help resolve the electricity problem in Gaza.

A similar electricity crisis in December was resolved by tax-free donations from Qatar and Turkey that ran out last week. The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah is no longer willing to allow the plant to operate on taxfree fuel.

A similar electricity crisis in December was resolved by tax-free donations from Qatar and Turkey that ran out last week. The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah is no longer willing to allow the plant to operate on taxfree fuel

A Gaza Electricity Distribution Company spokesman said it costs NIS 2 million daily to run the plant at half capacity and NIS 4m.

daily at full capacity. Maher al-Tabbaa of the Gaza Chamber of Commerce said that half that sum goes to pay taxes.

Both Turkey and Qatar have stopped donations as Hamas continue to siphon off the donations to fud the construction of tunnels

The power plant shutdown further deepens the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Reduction in electricity compromises the operation of the desalinization plants that provide clean drinking water and make it difficult for hospitals to provide life-saving medical services.

About 27 MW of power are imported from Egypt and 125MW from Israel. The plant can generate 110 MW when operating at full capacity. Israel runs 10 electrical lines into Gaza and coordinates the amount of fuel entering the Strip based largely on the amount requested by the Palestinian Authority.

According to the Ma’an News Agency, Palestinikan spokesman Yousif al-Mahmoud has said that the PA spent NIS 40m. a month for Israeli electricity and NIS 7m. for electricity from Egypt. He said that Hamas had collected NIS 100m. in fees that could be used to pay for the fuel instead of funding their personal needs!

The PA-imposed taxes on diesel fuel have only increased the acrimony between Fatah and Hamas, which has ruled Gaza since it ousted Fatah in a bloody coup in 2007.

It follows a Palestinian authority decision to cut salaries of Gaza civil servants, while leaving the salaries of West Bank government employees intact.

A Fatah-led delegation is expected to travel to Gaza later this month to discuss reunification efforts.

A bunch of convicted “Palestinian” murderers/terrorists in Israeli prisons are on a mass hunger strike. I cannot understand why Israel would not want to treat those butchers with the basic rudiments of decency and respect that people deserve, and just accommodate their preference not to eat anything indefinitely. I would just let them conduct their hunger strike. I cannot understand the mindset of disrupting such a hunger strike. Leave them alone nobody gives a shit about this scum!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Sad news for all the losers who followed this loser. Hes about to get the worst defeating any Labour party leader has had in history. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Labour came in third place.

Jeremy Corbyn is a clown, an anti Semite and the worst political leader the UK have ever produced, in fact I'd go as far to say , he is even worse than Michael Foot and that's saying a lot!!!

Labour exodus continues as at least SEVEN MPs rule out standing again with Brexit champion Gisela Stuart the latest to quit Parliament
Exodus of Labour MPs continued on Wednesday night after Gisela Stuart quit
She confirmed she would quit Parliament and becomes the seventh MP to do so
Ms Stuart, 61, said she will use the election to bring an end to her 20-year career

Ever notice how Losers attract losers. What a fucking joke this excuse for a man is! Jeremy Corbyn you are a desgrace !

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Over 100 slaughtered by a car bomb in Syria today , many of them women and children as they were fleeing from terrorists. Yet again the scum anti Semites Social media sites say nothing. Not a word as Israel is not involved. Not yet, that is, but it won't be long before some mentally retarded conspiracy site can find away to blame the Jews.

What really desgusts me is these low lifer pretend they care about life. Let me point out to these weirdo's it's Israel who have set up field hospitals to help the dying and injured and by doing so gave an open book to the conspirators to say "see, Israel are helping ISIS by treating the wounded. So based on that Israel must back ISIS! Sad, but there you have it, these sickos really believe these off the wall conspiracy theories or as most educated people know them as: 'comic books'

Friday, 14 April 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Young British woman is stabbed to death 'by a Palestinian man' in Israel
A British woman in her 20s has died after being stabbed in Jerusalem
The Attack happened near the Old City where Christians are marking Good Friday
And guess who made this savage attack? You got it Police say they have arrested a Palestinian man, 57.

Last week Christians were massacred last week as they prayed in church, again by Arab Islamic fundamentalists

I'm amazed no ones tried to blame the gassing of the innocent children in Syria on Israel.

The scumbag Assad is now trying to cover up his dusgusting murderers deeds by saying. The gassing was fabricated, the children arn'tin fact dead but are actors! What sub human that man is.

Israel the ONLY peaceful country in the Middle East. Whitest the Arab member of the UN continue to bang on about boycotts, genoicide, apartheid. They are getting no where. NO ONE IS LISTENING.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

500 children with their parents are lying dead in Syria, murdered by Arabs, murdered by their own people. Chemical weapons which they deny having, have killed hundreds today in Syria, an Arab country, ruled by Arabs.
Every month at the United Nations these Arab countries including Syria and their allies, condemn Israel for treating Arabs in Samaria and Judea differently and with not giving them equal rights.

Israel immediately dispatched their medical teams to help Syrian doctors deal with this mass slaughter. Ask yourself what Muslim country did the same. Simple question and a simple answer: none

Today Islamic terrorists slaughtered 21 Egyptians as the prayed in church they wounded hundreds more. Their crime? They were Christians!

Yesterday an Islamic fundamentalist drove a lorry into innocent men women and children in Oslo killing and maiming.

Two weeks ago a Islamic convert drove a car at high speed along the pavement on Westminster bridge killing and maiming all in his way.

So who has acted against these acts of barbarianism ? Just one man Donald Trump! This is something Obama should of done years ago but refused to do anything.

The Only Facebooks, Blog Sites etc who refused to condemn the mass killings are all anti Semites who are on the search to blame the Jews.They all blame Israel for genocide. !!! They don't even know the meaning of the word. The Middle East is a tinderbox and more Arab countries are turning to Israel for support in defeating this terror.

These poor uneducated losers continued to believe Palestinian propaganda . Please let me show you morons what you have been led to believe

in this video, you can see Pallywood productions, when the dead start moving and God praise resurrected from the dead

The following scene of a "funeral" procession was caught on tape by an overhead Israeli drone. It shows the "corpse" falling off the stretcher as he is carried to his "funeral" only to get up and climb back on!


Now how about the truth....Who's killing Palestinians???.