Tuesday, 19 May 2015


I was delighted to read these eight suspects are being hunted by police for their part in the Downing Street post-election riot which saw officers injured and a World War Two memorial defaced. These pack of no good thugs inked 'Fuck Tory Scum' in red paint on the monument to the women of World War Two in a sickening display of contempt on the 70th anniversary weekend of VE Day.

Unfortunately social media brain dead no goods supported their action and they do this by hiding behind false names terrified they would be also caught and jailed. The thugs in this picture also hid, but hid behind masks. They are nothing more than drug taking hypocritical bullies who the British society could do well without. These are the sort of creatures Russel Brand attract. By the way were has this failed comedian, that you Facebook 'revolutionists' so admired? Yep, he like the likes of George Galloway have simply vanished! All they turned out to be in the end were a pack of losers.

So what to do with these thugs, bullies, hypocrites? Do what Prince Harry suggests; 'National Service' send them to Syria to Iraq etc , watch them cry for their mummies as real men fight to free the world of the vermin that's spreading like a cancer and whilst they fight the enemy (ISIS) that should give them a small taste what men and women who fought for our freedom during WW11 went through.

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