Friday, 1 May 2015

Interesting debate last night and thankfully Cameron has come out a clear winner. So how do I think a Labour win would affect us here in Marbella. I believe the UK pound would weaken and therefor unsettle the property boom that's happening on the Costa's. I've never believed a Labor government encouraged entrepreneurship. To me, and I'm possible wrong a Labour government was an anti capitalist government and that does none of us any good.
I was delighted to see Miliband savaged for ‘lies’ over spending and his economic record after refusing to accept that Labour borrowed too much money during its 13 years in power. All I could see was the Labour leader being repeatedly attacked by invited voters for denying that the last government had helped to plunge Britain into recession.

If I had my way I'd like to see a majority Conservative Government that will line up Boris Johnson as the next leader. This would , I believe, be greeted enthusiastically by the general British public in the same way as Prince Charles stepping aside and allowing Prince Williams succession to the throne and would sustane UK's current economic boom. A Labour government equals disaster.

My hero from last nights show...

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