Monday, 25 May 2015

It took me a while but I've worked out why do the uneducated armchair hypocritical humanitarians continue to pick on Israel by ignoring any inhuman acts of savagery by terror groups around the world. The answer is simple and can be summed up in three words: THEY ARE COWARDS! Now how did I come to that conclusion? Simple. They are a bunch of bullies that pick on those they KNOW will never harm them i.e By name calling Israel and Israelis they know there is no chance that some Islamic nutter is going to turn up on their doorstep and slaughter their entire family and that folks is why you'll NEVER see any critical words about Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda etc. Israel is an easy target. There is another common thread and that is, they troll any news reports that are anti Israel and simply copy and paste them onto their social media outlets. Why do they do this? Simple they know nothing about Israel, Gaza etc only what they CHOOSE to read. Have they ever visited these countries? Of course not, Do they contribute donations to the poor and needy in Gaza? Of course not. In fact they do nothing. They will never give their own personal views on the situation always adding 'These are not my words'

I'll give you an example by running this headline that you'll never read on the anti Israel brigades blogs, Facebook's etc. Why? Because it simply doesn't matter to them.

ISIS slaughters 400 women and children in Palmyra: Hundreds of bodies line the streets after butchers massacre innocents, take soldiers captive and raise black flag over ancient city.

They innocent Syrians are being slaughtered by their thousands and the silence is deafening!!!!!


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