Tuesday, 5 May 2015


So Should we let a hypocritical clown like Brand tell us how to vote? Don't make me laugh when only yesterday he told fans they 'must vote Labour' on Thursday, even though he launched a one-man 'Revolution' recently, the very corner stone of which was his clarion call for none of us to vote. He was unambiguously unequivocal: 'I will never vote and I don't think you should either.' Can you not see through this clown. He's clever enough, of course, to see this is doing no harm to his fading career! But can you?

Comedian urges fans to vote Labour on Thursday to start a revolution. But am I mistaken that this piece of shit called voting a 'massive waste of time' and that he said he 'never will' Now he says You've got to vote Labour. You've got to get the Conservative Party out of government' Are you uneducated lot missing something here or is it me? The word 'Headline Grabbing' and 'Help my failing career' come to mind!

So the question is Should we let hypocritical clown like Brand tell us how to vote? Don't make me laugh! Now we know what's his main objective is.

At last Ché Brand's been exposed as a total fraud, someone whose 'Revolution' was built purely on a plinth of self-publicity designed to make him even more famous and wealthy. And whose own vote, it turns out, can be easily bought with a cheesy grin, a few cliché-d platitudes and a prime time photo-op.

When the media erupts with collective volcanic excitement over Ed Miliband's daft but utterly inconsequential Moses-style tablet stunt, you know they're absolute desperate for anything to get their gnashers into that even remotely smells of a news story.

Do you honestly believe that UK should vote in a Labour government when their leader Ed Miliband's Moses moment is ridiculed on a biblical scale: Internet memes mock Labour leader's grandiose plan for stone commandments monument in No10 garden. Hard to believe this clown has had the party's key manifesto points engraved on an 8ft tall limestone slab. True and it continues to get even funnier He wants to erect the stone in Downing Street's garden if he becomes PM following Thursday's General Election. But poor old Ed has been accused of hubris and Twitter users who have posted thousands of pictures mocking the bizarre move

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