Sunday, 24 May 2015


I left the house early this morning to attend prayers as its the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, a celebration on the sixth of Sivan to celebrate Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. It is a time I reflected on my first 12 amazing months in the extraordinary world of Real Estate.
Never in a million years did I ever think I could or would do anything other than broadcasting never mind become successful in a world I knew little about and in such a short time. The clients I've met and sold have become friends. I look forward to every day raising to meet new challenges whether it is to find a million Euro villa or a hundred thousand apartment it makes no difference to me. There is no bigger thrill than seeing the reaction of a new client when I take them to a property that I believe fulfills their criteria.

Getting back to today. A few weeks ago I sold a stunning duplex apartment to a wonderful guy and his beautiful wife, whilst I was out at the synagogue he arrived up at my home to pick up a set of golf clubs I was storing for him and handed Wendy this outstanding poem which he commissioned and framed I just have to share it with you.

Firstly the photo of the framed poem and then the transcribed version with makes it easier to read. Id like to dedicate this poem to the handful of losers who seemed to continue to knock me by stating that my career was over and I would never raise again. How wrong can you lot be??

This poem was commissioned by Mr JXXXXX FXXXXX May 2015

When we first spoke, Maurice Boland, you thought me a pain
But we gave it a go anyway and then met up in Spain
One successful afternoon later, and I’m the proud owner
Of a beautiful apartment based in West Estepona
The whole process was easy, and hats off to you
Bromley Estates best salesman, on month number two.
I’m pleased you left Dublin with a hope and a prayer.
Bought a club from James Hunt and moved to Marbella.
You brought Talk Radio to the masses, made everyone think
About politics, current affairs and your jumpers in pink.
Interviewing the famous, fabulous and those in the know
It all happened out there on your Talk Radio Show.
You’ve dealt with nice people, some with bites worse than bark
And some belonging in cages, next door in the Safari Park.
From disco to night clubs, to radio and on to property sales
You’re forever one of those decent, charming, upstanding males.
Always busy, when you’re not flogging nice houses and flats
You’re on the line passionately blogging and rousing ex pats
About good things and misdemeanours, showing folk the way
Except in your GPS-less car, in which you get lost all day.
We send good wishes to you, Wendy, three sons and all your kin
Maurice, you rock with your personality and your storytelling.
You made something that could be difficult, easy and behind us
The only difficult thing was me, of this you’ll always remind us!
The Faulkner family offer thanks and praises too many to list,
To the nicest, genuine, warm and kind hearted property ‘specialist.’
Copywrite: 2015


Five days with Maurice.....

Well. we had a holiday of a lifetime with our friendly agent Maurice who made it feel like a marriage of 3 !!!

With Len taking over as organiser and getting us to appointments on time and Nikki as personal answer phone, and both of us as parking, driving and direction guides, it was certainly an experience

We expected fully inclusive guided tours of apartments but as a nice addition we got a stand up comic performance every day and the entertainment value was outstanding.

Cold calling took on a new level when Maurice took Len knocking on peoples doors to see if they wanted to sell using the only Spanish they knew " se vende! Se vende !!"

To cap it all, after 5 days of intensive tours, including going back to xxxxxxx and El xxxxxx every single day, he left the best to the very last, as after a last minute search he found a completely new listing, after we had already offered elsewhere, but it sure was worth it.

Now we are worried why they accepted our first offer so quickly and probably could have gone in cheaper !!

Maurice, Len would also like to point out that he thought you adopted a very clever sales tactic by wearing him out into making a decision by placing him on the back seat with windows that don't open and ineffective air con.

Anyway, all at Bromley should be grateful you have your very own " Irish Jackie Mason " to keep you motivated and we feel very lucky to have gained a new friend who we hope to see frequently when we come over , but not every day although we love you..

Whatever the commission rate is, it should be doubled as we almost bought 3 !

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