Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Iron Dome in action. This is the reality in Israel.

Can you imagine must it be like to be young and living in Israel putting up with scum Palestinian terrorist firing rockets daily into Israel but worse are the dick heads who think its intelligent to say Israel haven't the right to either protect itself or retaliate. Israel shortly will take over Gaza and clear of the vermin known as Hamas and then and only then will a real opportunity for peace will happen..

Watch this video and ask yourself would you like a life like this....

Israel invests Millions - and I mean Millions - for the protection of Human Life: the thing that is most precious...
Measure the differences between Israel and its enemies.
The Iron Dome rocks the party!

Gaza: Blast in Hamas training camp wounds 50, including children

But these innocent Palestinian children don't matter. Why? Simply because Israel is not involved so its not worth writing about! Sad, but true.

Witnesses at the scene said that the blast took place at a training camp of Izzadin Kassam, Hamas's military wing, in the northern Gaza city of Beit Lahiya.

A doctor at Al-Awda Hospital, Baker Abu Safia, said that most of the 30 people who were brought to his hospital were women and children. He added that the hospital was in a "state of emergency" following the incident.

Hamas health ministry spokesman, Ashra al-Qudra, said that among the 50 people hurt, five were were in serious condition.

The reason for the blast is unknown, as well as to why so many children were inside a military-style base.

On May 8, the week before the incident, an ISIS-linked group calling itself "Supporters of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in Jerusalem" fired a rocket at a Izzadin Kassam base near Khan Yunis.

Next question how proud are Arabs who live in Israel. In fact how proud are Arabs who live and fight in the Israeli army against Hamas. Never hear any of this from scum like George Galloway. Jew haters would never have the guts to get up and say anything as wonderful as this...

A group of Arab soldiers in the Israeli Army (IDF) dancing after a long night and victorious fight against Hamas.

And finally a message to all you losers who fail to ever get anything correct: Israel doesn’t care what you think

If I hear one more time on Facebook, Twitter, et al that Israel’s field hospital in Nepal is somehow connected to the conflict with the Palestinians, I’m going to permanently block the person saying so on the grounds that they’re stupid.

The Israeli Army doesn’t go to Nepal to avoid the Palestinian issue. It goes because Israelis have honed emergency medicine into an art form, and because the IDF has never quite shed its founding culture of adventurousness, and, above all, because there are people out there who desperately need help.

Those who see in every good news from Israel “hasbara” (propaganda) are missing the single most important fact you can know about Israel — that it isn’t a political campaign begging for your vote. It is a nation. With two million schoolchildren, dozens of cities, its own cinema scene and a language spoken nowhere else in the world. It doesn’t go away if it loses some imaginary popularity contest. And as with any human society, it offers an endless stream of failures and successes that will let you “prove” any narrative you want.

How happy Israelis are and so proud of what they have achieved inn 60 years out of what was just dessert. and now and only now are some idiots trying to claim it was theirs. What shit heads.

Enjoy this Israeli wedding. The youth of Israel are amazing and beautiful and talented... Emjoy

So go ahead and hate Israel. Or love it. It doesn’t really matter. The reality of Israel isn’t affected by whatever story might be playing out in your imagination.


You losers have lost all your life and will continue to back the losers. You hate successes. Look how I turned my life around after a very dark period I got up I did something about it and thank G-d it's success for me . So please allow me to see if I can help you. You must start by eliminating all the negativity and jealousy of others from your inner self. Not only do you hate my success but you also are wasting so much hatred on Israel because of it's amazing successes. You even spent energy hating David Cameron and the Conservatives latest phenomenal landslide success in the British Election. You see the pastern here? You hate success and are eaten up with jealousy of others. Do something about, help yourself to be happier, rejoice in others success you will feel so much better. Trust me.

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