Thursday, 21 May 2015

Last week I stated my opinion on Russel Brand . I called him nothing more than a hypocritical, headline grabbing loser.
Prior to the UK election I kept reading on various losers Facebook's and blogs what a wonderful, intelligent honest man he was. Then the media in the end exposed him as an low life opportunist jumping in for the ride and then backing out and deserting all those he pretended to support as soon as he realised he'd backed a loser. What gets me is not, not one of you Brand supports have ever mentioned him on your social media since he decided to crawl under some rock and shut his big mouth. Which in the end makes you lot out to be a bunch of hypocritically losers just like him. I would have possibly respected you just a little if you at least mentioned him once since the election, but your silence was deafening.

Message to Russel Brand: Want to make fresh new headlines. Easy. turn on Israel that should give a little free publicity.

Where are Russel Brands supporters now? Where are Dirty George Galloways supporters now? Where are the Labour supporters now? Gone all gone.

Tut, Tut......

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