Monday, 4 May 2015

OOOPS! The truth is being leaked out of Gaza as Palestinians in Gaza accuses Hamas of abuse, torture and murder of their own people.

The Palestinian are at last speaking out accusing Hamas of torture in prisons. according to Palestinian media.

"Once again we ask the wise people of Gaza to stop the ongoing Hamas criminality and abusive detention of our brothers before it's too late," the statement read.

The Palestinians also claimed it possessed "details about what is going on inside the detention cells of the interior security service, including names of the criminal interrogators who torture and insult our people."

According to Ma'an, the statement went on to allege that security officers and undercover agents tasked with watching innocent Palestinians and ransacking their homes.

"Those also won't escape punishment, sooner or later," Ma'an quoted the group as saying.

Hamas are know for murdering an Palestinians who speak out against them and some claim they were democratically voted into power!

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