Saturday, 23 May 2015



Ireland has said YES to same sex marriage. Ireland has the greatest rugby team in the world. Ireland has the greatest rock band in the world. the video below was shot live last week on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, so I'll let him introduce them....Amazing!!

Wherever we've gone, we've made an impact. Irish people like Tomá¡s O'Daly developed the sugar industry in Puerto Rico. In the US, Irish Americans dominate the police and fire services, and half of all American presidents have had Irish ancestry (and we also built the White House). In Mexico, meanwhile, Zorro himself, William Lamport, was an Irishman - born in 1615 in county Wexford.

While we influenced the world by going there, we also influenced it by staying where we are - through the arts. In painting and music we've done all right, but it is the written word where we've had a disproportionate influence. In poetry, Seamus Heaney's verses about bogs and frogs have earned him international fame and the Nobel Prize, while Samuel Beckett's minimalist plays are as popular in France as Jerry Lewis.

OOOPS I almost forgot Mrs Browns Boys that have swept the UK BAFTA Awards every year since it was first screened.

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