Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Watching the brother’s, identical twins Professor Ray Powles CBE and Professor Trevor Powles CBE receive their life time achievement awards for their outstanding work in the field on cancer research from Prime Minster David Cameron made me angry. No, not because they so deservedly received this award (they are among many of my heroes) but angry thinking of those who post regularly on Facebook criticising main stream medicine by quoting rubbish and their self acclaimed expert facts that: ‘The reason medical science , doctors reject alternative medicine is that the chemical companies would lose billions of dollars’!. THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT WITH NO SUBSTANCE IN FACT I FEEL IT WOULD BE FAIR TO SAY THAT 99% PRESENT OF THESE ‘EXPERTS ALSO PUT THEMSELVES FORWARD AS CONSPIRACY EXPERTS!. Since I announced I was going into hospital for surgery on my colon I had many emails and messages advising me NOT to have surgery but to self cure by using natural medicines including herbal remedies, drinking water, aloha vera juice, plant extract, ginger, lemon water Juice from the JubJub tree etc etc ( All these herbal remedies might be good for you as part of your natural diet and in some cases might work on assisting to heal certain illnesses but when I hear the rubbish from the anti medical fraternity it really makes me furious. Are they saying that I shouldn’t have had anti bionics or painkillers, are they saying the woman in the same hospital shouldn’t have had open heart surgery but should of had some juice from a tree in Tonga or the man in the next room shouldn’t have had his appendix out followed by a course of intervenes pain killers.. You lot remind of anti medical science are VERY DANGEROUS and remind me of Scientologists’ and other cults who say that a blood transfusion in wrong and G-D alone will cure. Well here’s news for you; G-d gave each of us a brain to use and doctors, nurses and medical science have used that brain. So please anyone suffering an illness that could be serious please use your doctor as FIRST point of call and of course eat healthy, but do not IGNORE medical science. Professor Ray and Trevor Powerls say they are close to beating more cancers. Remember that there have been millions of cancer suffers lives saved including prostate, bowel, lung, and breast cancers to name but a few but there are so many more cures to be found and that’s why its so important to support cancer charities etc. Millions men women and children have been saved by are doctors around the world and all I can add to my rant this morning is G-D bless them

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