Tuesday, 22 October 2013

LOOKS LIKE MUM WAS ALWAY RIGHT!!! For all you who claim to be health food experts here's something that might just come as a shock to you: Christoffer van Tulleken is an infectious diseases doctor at University College London Hospitals, and an MRC research fellow at University College London recommends a much simpler alternative he says: Forget those trendy probiotic drinks - just eat more PORRIDGE! We're always being told to increase the 'friendly bacteria' in our gut. In fact he says 'The fat and sugar found in some probiotic preparations can have negative health effects.' The idea that there could be one simple drink with one simple bug in it that could make us all feel better is farcical!!! Once fed, bacteria can perform all their functions and release beneficial compounds into your blood stream. Fresh green veg and oats have many beneficial effects on health, especially, as Dr van Tulleken's experiment showed, because they feed gut bacteria
For most of us, it's the prebiotics in the food we eat which has the major effect on the health of your gut and the bacteria in it. The reason food may be good or bad for you is because it changes the populations of bacteria and the chemicals they produce BOTTOM LINE PUT ALL THIS YUPPIE FOOD ASIDE AND EAT MORE PORRIDGE!!

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