Tuesday, 29 October 2013

This email made me laugh: Gary45@hotmail.com Tue 29/10/2013 14:48 Just been looking at the blog (you know the one) he’s now pasting and posting your posts. He’s that crazy he’s claiming 55,000 people are reading his blog , that’s more than all the radio stations, both English and Spanish on the Costas combined have on their Facebook but not one of the 55,000 wished him well whilst he was in hospital..Someone telling porkpies here I suspect. I stand corrected he had ONE message. If he’s wondering who is reading his blog. It’s me, it gives us all a great laugh every day. I should have sent him a get well message so he would have had two at least; I see his other poster and partner didn’t even send a get well soon tut tut So here it is. Get well and I’m sure now some of your 55,000 followers will follow my example. Glad your feeling better: Gary


  1. Thanks Gary, not really interested.

  2. Is this guy crazy. He now claims he has the most successful English blog in Spain!!! Unlike you who cleverly promotes your blog spot on your Facebook he has nothing to promote on, so all these thousands just arrived. Here is a test for him. tell him to run a quiz and ask how many of his followers can answer this question. Where is Marbella?. He should get at least 5% which is, according to him 3,000 answers. If he got 100 I'd be surprised.