Saturday, 12 October 2013

Here is a copy of an email that I have sent to the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Dear Sirs, Whilst in hospital last week recovering from surgery and observing the outstanding and dedicate work by the medical and nursing staff got me thinking of an email I received some time ago advertising your march to boycott Israeli goods and the more I thought about it the angrier It made me. How dare you and your supporters call for a boycott without considering the dangers you could happen as a result of you naive actions: Are you blind to the advancement in medical science thanks to life saving drugs developed in Israel? Do you not know that:  Israel is a leader in Biotechnology Development Biotechnology brings with it a future of innovation and improvements in medicine and health care. Three Nobel prizes recently awarded to Israeli scientists were in the field of biotechnology. Science fiction writers’ dream of organs regrown in labs to replace damaged once is getting closer to realization through control of stem cell growth and differentiation.  Israeli medical developments are used in the best operating rooms across the world In hospitals and clinics around the world you can see Israel’s impact on the medical field: electronic devices for computerized tests, pills with video cameras inside to view the intestines, flexible yet resistant artery support for treating heart disease (coronary stent), breast cancer exams that don’t require use of radiation, and a long list of cutting-edge drugs such as Copaxone used to treat Parkinson’s Disease. In addition, a collaboration between Israel’s high tech skills and medical needs has led to the development of software that monitors and manages diseases in hospitals to minimize human error.  Israel – a leader in cancer survival rate in the western world According to world data, Israel is among the leading countries in cancer survival rates  Israel developed a drug that delays Alzheimer’s and helps Parkinson’s patients The new drug, developed by Teva, is the result of work by R&D personnel together with researchers from the Technion in Haifa. Development of the drug took 16 years and over 100 million dollars. Today, Teva is one of the leading companies in the world in drug development and production.  Two out of three common Multiple Sclerosis drug treatments were developed in Israel Between 1996-1998, the FDA approved Copaxone and Rebif, two of the three existing drug treatments for Multiple Sclerosis, both of which were developed in the Weizmann Institute.  Israel developed a revolutionary pill for diagnosing diseases of the digestive system In 1998, the Israeli company Given Imagining, developed the PillCam for examining the esophagus and digestive tract. PillCam is a patient-friendly video recording pill that can be swallowed and allows doctors to examine the digestive system.The camera increases exam effectiveness by 25% compared with traditional exams. In 2003, Given Imaging received the European Union Grand Prix award, for “Invention with the highest impact on human life”. Young children with breathing problems will soon be sleeping more soundly, thanks to a new Israeli device called the Child Hood. This innovation replaces the inhalation mask with an improved drug delivery system that provides relief for child and parent. Please tell anxious mothers that they shouldn't use this device because of your passionate cause. These are just a few examples of how people have benefited medically from the Israeli know-how you wish to block. Boycotts often affect research and if this is not enough to convince you to stop immediately your actions perhaps the following just might........... World Health Organisation reports an Increase in Palestinians Treated in Israeli Hospitals 219,464 Palestinian patients received medical treatment in Israeli hospitals during 2012 – 21,270 of them children. These numbers include companions accompanying the patients to Israel. The numbers show a dramatic increase in Palestinians receiving treatment from Israeli medical professionals. 197,713 Palestinians received medical treatment in Israel in 2011, and 144,838 in 2008. Syrian Civil War: What started this year as a trickle is now a steady flow of Syrians, scores of civilians and fighters wounded in the civil war and being brought across the Golan frontline into Israel for treatment in Israeli hospitals - a country with which Syria is formally still at war. If you wish to remove this hope of a better quality of life to these people, go ahead and boycott Israel but remember the result of your actions could see a result of the danger or even death to millions around the world who benefit from Israeli developments in medical science. As an afterthought bare this in mind: If an ambulance is called to anyone of your family where a life threatening procedure is necessary STOP and make sure the drugs the par medicates are about to use are NOT developed in Israel!!!! Why not do what the youth of The World Jewish Relief Fund is doing by raising thousands in aid for the 3 million Syrians refuges rather than increasing hatred towards Israel this is negative and you achieve nothing. I await your reply Maurice Boland Spain

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  1. Maurice;I enjoyed reading your article.well done!!You didn't mention the Eminent international known scientist Stephen Hawkings which uses advanced Technology to communicate with the outside world which in turn his ideas were used by Nasa.his instruments are a direct result of an ISRAELI Invention even mr Hawkings is a known ANTI SEMI.keep up the good work Maurice.Shalom.David Ronnen. Israel