Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Boland Show-C M of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo Part2/2

It's hard to believe but it was back on the 30th July , 3 months ago, that I had an exclusive interviewed the chief minister of Gibraltar the Hon Fabian Picardo, it was only few days after the row between the Spanish and Gibraltar governments on the fishing rights which eventually turned into somewhat of a farce with the Spanish border police stopping  every one of 10,000 vehicles leaving Gibraltar for the mainland causing six-hour traffic jams!! 3 months on the row continues with the Gibraltar Government reporting every Spanish incursion into its territorial waters to the UN, in the latest chapter in a growing feud between the two powers. So I thought for those of you who missed it or might like to hear it again here is part two of the interview part one is now posted on my Facebook

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