Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Stephen Fry Out There Series 1 Episode 1 BBC Documentary [14/Oct/2013]

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  1. This was just posted on my Facebook re the Stephen Fry documentary by a Steve Cartlidge: Stephen Fry shouldn't have tv space on gays the world do not accept them they are a minority and the bible clearly says sodemy buggery is an abomination before God and many more biblical verses against gayism what is his programme about to make him feel better.
    MY REPLY: Steve, God created the earth and man, are you saying that gays are not born gay that they catch it like a disease?. What a pathetic and sad statement you have just posted and so anti G-D.If you do love G-d then remember the commandment 'Love Thy Neighbour' I didn't see anything about 'If he's not gay that is'! love ALL people. I couldn't agree with one word you have jsu posted in fact may I suggest you go live in Uganda I'm sure Simon Lacoda and his buddies would welcome you.