Thursday, 10 October 2013

Firstly let me report I'm home from hospital and feeling good! Maybe this video company might not be the ideal choice for your wedding especially if your Jewish!!! Picked this story up intoday UK press : 'Not a very attractive bride at all': Newlywed's horror at anti-Semitic rant caught on cameraman's video during Jewish wedding he was recording. A newlywed couple say they are heartbroken after sitting down to watch their wedding video and hearing the cameraman calling the bride 'unattractive' and going on a series of anti-Semitic rants. Anthony Aurelius also said: 'I don't think I blame Hitler' and branded guests 'f****** cows' in an unedited film he sent to Jewish husband and wife Stan and Claudia Gocman. The videographer was paid to record their ceremony at a London synagogue and a reception at a plush hotel, but was unaware his vile and foul-mouthed remarks were picked up on a microphone.
He was heard telling his assistant: 'Not a very attractive bride at all. 'Some of the Jewish women are very beautiful to look at But I can tell you, they'd be right fucking cows. Very fucking snooty, they'd be a pain in the arse'. He also called Jews as 'the meanest people in the world', adding 'there's 'not a lot of niceness about them is there?' And he even blasted the couple for choosing his cheaper 'bronze deal' rather than a more expensive package. Stan, 28 and Claudia, 27, who live in Edgware, north London, say the video had completely ruined their memories of the wedding. It came to them after they were sent the wrong video, of a different couple. Nine months later the correct one arrived, but it was such poor quality they agreed to pay extra for the unedited version. After returning from their honeymoon in South Africa and Mauritius the couple sat down to watch the film and were horrified to find the soundtrack littered with derogatory comments about the bride and her Jewish guests. Mrs Gocman said: 'It's completely anti-Semitic and ignorant. 'We didn't want anything fancy or worthy of an Oscar, just a documentation of the day. 'At first, I was really upset but then I was furious. I think he's a disgusting little man. I can't even stand to watch the video, it makes me so angry.' In an email to the videographerm his wife said the video had 'completely ruined the memories of our day.' Mr Aurelius wrote a grovelling hand-written letter ( SEE BELOW) and a subsequent e-mail to Mrs Gocman, and refunded their money. 'I am very sorry for offending you and possibly your family also. You did not deserve this. I am ashamed, in honesty,' he said. 'I have felt awful about this and did not know what to say, in truth. 'We know, in truth, very little about what went on in the war. To be deeply honest, I respect your strength as a culture from coming back from this. 'I am trying to walk a good life, but in this instance I failed very badly in God's eyes. 'I need to grow up here it seems and pay more attention to developing my character. This has taught me a lot to grow up in terms of not just my actions, but what I say.' Mr Aurelius was unavailable for comment, and he appears to have shut down his business. The grovelling letter:


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