Monday, 21 October 2013

ADVICE WHEN PAYING YOUR NEXT BILL: My friend Fiona just posted this on her Facebook: Unbelievable! Just received renewal from AA.. £124 for home start and roadside.. Same cover online with AA £90 and RAC £79.99.. So phoned AA and surprise surprise they have reduced my payment to £82!!!
So for all of you who ignore renewals and just pay up let this be a lesson to you!!! How true this is. Up to last month I was paying 94 Euros for an all in deal on my fixed line phone, this I've been paying over the last 4 years, the other day I enquired about a cheaper deal and got the exact same for 45 Eros, and the same happened with Orange on my IPhone cheaper deal including almost the same as before again saving me over 40 Euros per month. So Fiona is absolutely correct always ask questions to your suppliers, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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