Saturday, 19 October 2013

Is terrorism now an accepted fact of life in UK. Over the years Anjem Choudary's, known as the hate preacher (see photo at the bottom of this article) , had been a guest on my radio shows mostly on the subject of Sharia law. I never agreed with any of his outspoken views and always made my feeling clear. Believe me when I tell you I had, over the years, suffered a ton of abuse for allowing him a platform on my show not any more so than from my own community. So why did I continue to invite him on and whey eventually did I kick him off. Firstly I’ve always tried to use a policy of free speech and secondly Choudary just went to far after the murder of Lee Rigby.. There was an invisible line and he simply crossed it. He’s a danger to so many young easily influenced young Muslims by guiding them down the path of hatred. Choudary yesterday admitted joining a ‘Muslim Patrol’ which threatened to enforce Sharia law. Jordan Horner, 19, (see photo) was a leading member of a vigilante mob that roamed London’s East End attacking non-Muslims in a campaign against Western culture. The gang threatened to ‘kill non-believers’ and ‘shank’ or stab them and uploaded videos to YouTube criticising people’s appearance. The ginger-haired convert, who uses the name Jamaal Uddin, admitted assaulting two men during one confrontation.
During a hearing at the Old Bailey, he also pleaded guilty to two public order offences via video link from high security Belmarsh Prison. Horner is a close associate of Choudary and was arrested outside his home earlier this year for assaulting a photographer. The outspoken thug has boasted that one of his heroes is Osama bin Laden and said British soldiers will burn in hell. He was held as part of a highly sensitive Met investigation into the self-titled Muslim Patrol, that operated in the Tower Hamlets area of East London. The intimidating mob was seen walking the streets in the early hours of the morning last December and January. One morning, Horner and others snatched cans of beers from a group of five men before emptying them in the gutter. They shouted: ‘Why are you poisoning your body? It is against Islam. This is Muslim Patrol. Kill the non believers.’ One then told another to ‘go get the shank’, meaning a knife, but as the men started to walk away, Horner threw several punches, hitting one on the jaw. At an earlier hearing a prosecutor said: ‘The victims describe the main aggressor as being ginger with a ginger beard.’ Horner also admitted threatening two couples and a man in the capital in December and January. The ‘Muslim Patrol’ sparked huge controversy when it posted a series of videos on YouTube, including one called ‘The Truth About Saturday Night’. In them they confronted members of the public, demanding they give up alcohol and that women cover themselves in a ‘Muslim area’. The hooded men filmed themselves calling white women ‘naked animals with no self-respect’ and labelled alcohol ‘evil’ as they stole it from revellers.

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