Sunday, 21 August 2016

You lot really all got it wrong Sally . YET AGAIN !!!!

The Headline reads: Celtic fans show their support for Palestinians. But do they? Now look again, there is a tell tale sign right under your noses or should I say under the small group of imported protesters (couple of hundred out of 30,000 that leaves 29.800 not protesting!) Do you see the word RESPECT ? Sure you do! Is the penny dropping you morons. Yes, of course GEORGE GALLOWAY'S RESPECT PARTY. has shipped in a load of thugs distributed the Palestinian flags and the rest I'm sure you can work out.

A footnote They were booed by the real fans.

It really gets me why you lot do not do any research. Is it not embarrassing that you keep getting it so wrong ? Here's a tip: Google the subject that your trying to post before posting it. .

You lot are so blinded with hatred towards Jews that the real threat to the worlds future you are blind to preferring to run a posting on a pack of idiots waving a flag supporting a country they have never been to. So for those of you who want to know whats going on outside your world of hatred try this for size:

CIVIL WAR IN SWEDEN: Muslim ‘refugees’ are wreaking havoc in Sweden, setting cars ablaze for the 8th night in row

Just before midnight police were alerted of nine car fires in the city. Several cars were set ablaze, but exactly how many cars that have been consumed by fire, is still unclear. At one of the places also a garage and a waste disposal room had been set ablaze.

– It goes without saying that when you get so many reports of fires in several places at the same time, one can not arrive as quickly as one would otherwise, said police spokesperson, Anna Göransson.

Monday was the eighth night.

Muslims riot in Germany.



Israel is not involved in terrorizing Europe so the Israel hate mob couldn't give a shit and that folks is the long and short of it I'm afraid to say.

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