Friday, 12 August 2016

The poor anti Israel mop are having a terrible time, with the collapse of BDS worldwide, being outlawed in most countries, with the Israeli economy booming. and now sour grapes by the Arabs because yet again the Israelis are winning medals in Rio.

Rio: Crowd boos Egyptian Judoka for refusing to shake Israeli's hand following defeat

Judo star Or Sasson defeated Egyptian opponent Islam el-Shehaby in the +100 kg division Friday afternoon at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Following his defeat, however, el-Shehaby refused to shake hands with the Israeli which led to booing from the crowd.

As he attempted to leave the mat the referee called him back where he gave a half hearty bow and yet again was booed as he left the arena.

How disregardful is this and how it has backfired: The Lebanese Olympic delegation was reprimanded by the International Olympic Committee following a shocking incident in which they refused to let the Israeli delegation board their bus to the opening ceremonies. How sad is that???

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