Sunday, 7 August 2016

Mr G 07/08/2016 10:02: Need a Sunday morning laugh Maurice? The Circus Clown has been caught out telling a big whopper on his ridiculous copy and paste blog. Not only does he continue to get his facts wrong but now he's taking to lying and I believe I have caught him out. Wait for this your going to love it. The clown claims he single handedly got a supermarket to remove unlabeled Israel goods from it shelves and then some how they found the labels stuck them back on a returned the goods!!!! Firstly , how did he know the goods were from Israel? He says they were avocados, as I write this in the fridge are 4 large avocados with no labels, there is a bag of tomatoes with NO labels and a cucumber again with NO labels they ere all bought in Mercadona. Secondly; Spain grows some of the best avocados in Europe so why would they import them? and Thirdly; Surprise Surprise: He refuses to name the supermarket.
Now this clowns pretends he is a supporter of BDS so why not name the supermarket and make sure ALL his 'followers' (me) will check the produce they buy there is properly labelled so they can refuse to buy Israeli goods?

So here is a challenge: Name the supermarket so I can check out your story. My prediction of the day: HE WON'T, YOU KNOW HE WON'T BECAUSE HE CAN'T!

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