Saturday, 27 August 2016

Mr G 08.54 27/08/2016

Good morning . Let me start off by saying I am being accused of being you! So if you don't mind I will move into your mansion and I will need the keys of your new Mercedes.

Enough said. You will love this again report by the clown.

This photo is a lie, this is not Brazil! It is in fact Japan!

THE LIE: Tsunami Hits Brazil !!! Mainstream Media Totally Ignoring !! Huge Tsunami Hits Brazils Coastline – YouTube. why no media coverage , ask yourself this, is it our fault .


THE TRUTH: Two days ago, a YouTube Channel called That is Impossible published a video with images suggesting that a tsunami hit Brazil – and that the international media deliberately ignored it. The video’s narrator, as well as thousands of commenters, discussed how large media corporations chose not to relay news that unequivocally shows the effects of climate change. The tsunami has gone onto become the most searched term for Brazil in the last 24 hours.

The thing is, the huge wave is not a tsunami.

This is a phenomenon quite common along the Brazilian coast and even has a funny name: Ressaca De Mar (literally “sea hangover”). Instead of a tsunami, it’s a dangerous undertow. This is characteristic of winters in Southern and Southeastern Brazil, and it happens due to atmospheric changes and the arrival of cold spells. Although it’s far from a real tsunami, it does indeed frequently leave a trail of destruction.

Of course, the real explanation is not nearly as much fun as a global media conspiracy to hide a Brazilian tsunami. But hey, at least you learned a new word in Portuguese, Ressaca. Yet again these idiots not only believe these lies but spread the 'truth' to those morons who want to read their rubbish!!!!


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