Sunday, 7 August 2016

Many times I tried to point out that the poor poor Gaza strip is in fact a lot richer than you might think in fact I quoted that 300 millionaires live and work there. I WAS WRONG, SORRY. the truth is far from that in fact the number tops 1,500 millionaires!!! the majority happen to be Hamas members. Well, Well Well!!! This reported has infuriated the Palestinians especially Abbas the Palestinian leader. We all know where the money is coming from and its not from hard work!

The Palestinian Authority, the world's welfare state, is having another internecine feud between the Hamas militias which control Gaza and the Fatah militias which control the West Bank.

One of Gaza's 5 star luxury hotels where I'm sure the Mother Theresa of Gaza hangs out. Bless her.

BIG MISTAKE: Fatah, which controls the official Palestinian Authority apparatus has let slip a little fact about life in horribly oppressed and besieged Gaza. It's full of welfare millionaires.

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction went on the offensive Thursday, claiming that Hamas in Gaza is corrupt and "doesn't represent the Palestinian people." WOW! Are you reading what I'm reading???

The Fatah spokesman claimed that 1,700 millionaires among Hamas members, hinting that the terror group imposes steep taxes on its citizens for goods entering from Egypt and Israel, and that this money finds its way into Hamas officials' pockets!!! add to that 600 multi million airs that live among the poor citizens and we come up with a figure of around 200,000! and those are the ones we know about. We also know that millions are made out of smuggling which for obvious reasons is not declared income!! So a conservative figure for the super rich in Gaza tops 200,000!

I hope LORA LUCERO is reading this and if she is she's possibly packing her bags after reading that Hamas, her friends as she told me, are lining their pockets with charity money meant for the poor children of Gaza!

That's the number of millionaires in Hamas, not the total number of millionaires in Gaza. We still don't know what the total number is.

A report in 2012 claimed that there were 600. There clearly are a lot more than that based on a statement from Fatah. It's conceivable that the Fatah spokesman was including Hamas leaders living abroad, but that's still too big a discrepancy. An unknown PA diplomat claimed that there were 1,200 millionaires in Gaza last year.

Considering that much of the economy in the West Bank and Gaza consists of foreign aid, black marketeering and corruption, there's probably no way to be sure. Getting the picture you morons?

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, whose son lost his monopoly on imported cigarettes when Hamas took over Gaza, charged that, “800 millionaires and 1,600 near-millionaires control the tunnels at the expense of both Egyptian and Palestinian national interests."

The Palestine Pulse claimed that the tunnels had created over 1,000 new millionaires. And that's the tunnels alone, it doesn't account for Gaza's extensive construction industry, its luxury hotels and all the rest of it.

Meanwhile anti-Israel activists claim that Gaza is a concentration camp. Apparently it's a concentration camp with luxury five-star hotels.

Lets do a little Jewlery shopping after all living in Gaza its nice to wear gold.

Dear Dear me the poor Anti Israel mob are having an awful day. But I'm sure they will be desperately hunting around some conspiracy theorists sites desperately looking for some sort of Anti Israeli hate propaganda. How about this. Israelis eat children or Israelis remove body parts from little Palestinian children to use for them selves. Come on surely you can find this somewhere. I promise you will feel a lot better than you feel just now after reading the report above. Have a good day...

Time for a trip to a Gaza Gym. Need a work out after suffering all day...

Finally time for dinner in Gaza.

Now it's time to Jump in my Audi R8 for the ride home. Did I just say Audi R8? Yes i did, this car rents for $895.00 a day in Gaza!!!. Hamas wants you to think they have no roads or decent cars, just camels and old clunkers, but that is not true. In fact, there are plenty of websites, in English, where you can book a car and driver so you never have to get lost while in Gaza. Oh, and by the way, “hiring a driver” is what is known in the rest of the world as a Chauffeur. There are more than 120.000 thousand luxury cars in Gaza today with that number set triple in the next few months.

Here s a picture of the docks in Gaza. Try counting how many new Audi's R8 you can spot each one costing between $165,000 for the basic to over $200,000 for the convertible model!!!!

Imagine what the next flotilla would think if this sight greeted then when they land in Gaza

Living in this concentration camp is so hard on us poor Palestinians.

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