Sunday, 14 August 2016

Israel could wipe out Gaza within a few hours. Israel have never cared for public opinion. There are those who called them savages, there are those who believe they shoot and kill Palestinians as target practice. So why don't they just bomb Gaza and end the whole situation. I'll tell you why, because they care, they care to the point that when they go on a bombing mission into Gaza pinpointing exactly where Hamas are firing their rockets from, they ALWAYS drop leaflets well in advance warning the Palestinians who live in the area to evacuate until the IDF have done their job . As an English army general pointed out NO other country would do that and NO other country ever has.

Israel has for many years held nuclear weaponry and have never used it, you need to ask yourself why? The world trusts Israel that's why. There has NEVER been questions ask of Israel. Israel and Russia, United States, China, North Korea, India Pakistan, France, United Kingdom. All are capable of a Nuclear attack. If I were you it would be North Korea and China I would fear most.

The latest cycle of Palestinian violence against Israeli civilians began in fall 2015, and has been ongoing. 39 Israelis and 2 Americans have been killed. This violence includes unruly riots, shootings, stabbings, car rammings, hurled IED’s and rock attacks that are taking place throughout the country.

The IDF and its troops continue to work tirelessly with its partners in the Defense Establishment to protect themselves and ensure security for Israel’s civilians, in accordance with government directives.

Terror attacks by the numbers:

147 Stabbings
51 Shootings
30 Car Rammings
1 Suicide Bombing

How many unprovoked attacks have Israel made into Gaza in that same period. Answer ZERO! How many countries would tolerate this behavior by Hamas?

Here's an interesting question: If Hamas had the same fire power of Israel would they not obliterate the country as its part of their mandate to do?

A question is often asked: Why does ISIS not attack Israel? One ridiculous answer that keeps reoccurring that they along with the US support those savages.
Read this and maybe there is a clue. Israel through their advanced satellite systems could pinpoint every ISIS savage and evaporate them is seconds.

Finally remember this: If Israel ever lost a war there would be NO Israel!! End of

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